Sunday, February 16, 2014


Tomorrow it will be more voting!
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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pinks on the Puyallup River Lure Grandson

Councilman Dan Roach is also his son's BSA Scoutmaster. All the boys were hooked after this outing! Here is grandson, Ethan, with one of his catch!

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pam speaks for the U.S. on Azerbaijani Telecision

In May of 2013 I joined 300 legislators, Members of Congress, and some business leaders from the United States in attending a US-Azerbaijan Friendship Conference in Baku, AZ. I was selected from among the 300 to represent the US on AZ national television.

My message was one of support for the friendship we have. Forty percent of our troops go through AZ on their way to Afghanistan. Today we are helping build a pipeline for the considerable petroleum and natural gas resources to go to Europe. It was a major cultural and economic event. I was proud to represent our country again on an international stage.

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Location:Baku, Azerbaijan

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Parental Notification

I have co-sponsored SB 5156, (Requiring notification to parents or guardians in cases of abortion.) Senator Don Benton is the maker of the bill and the hearing room is packed. It is an an issue that can only be heard when Republicans are in the majority. Democrats have no interest or support of this bill is about notification....the bill does not require consent but only that parents be notified about this invasive medical procedure.

I was the prime sponsor of legislation that prohibits those under 16 from getting a tattoo even if they have a parent that will give consent. In WA you can have an abortion at any age...without consent or notification.

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Location:Hearing Room 1, Olympia

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Really, Obama a Shooter?

Would someone like to critique this stance?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Roach Campaigns for Romney in Battleground Colorado

This is the trifecta of presidential elections for me. I was in Iowa and attended the FOX News first Republican Presidential Debate and observed the Iowa straw poll in August of 2011.
In August of this year I attended the National Republican Convention as an elected delegate from Washington State.
And, now I find myself in the battleground state of Colorado, visiting grand kids and working for Romney. Here we are at one of the Douglas County Romney headquarters before door belling. Tomorrow we will be watching the second presidential debate.

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Location:Castle Rock, Colorado

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Women In Zambia

Today, I had some of the most amazing meetings. Thanks to the help of MP Mulama and Albert Munanga, and others I felt very prepared. When you are prepared doors open. If you know something going in there is greater mutual respect just plain learn more! A 300 level course is always more informative than a 100 level course, but you have to earn it.

My first meeting was with the YWCA in Lukasa. These ladies are amazing. They have a plan in working for women's rights in a country that has a tradition of strongly favoring men. We talked politics and about AIDS prevention, and domestic violence prevention, etc. These are all issues that I have encountered as a State Senator. Even today, I face discrimination from my own leadership. Abuses take many forms.

Later, I met with the Women's Caucus of the Members of Parliament. It was a huge honor to have been introduced by Mr. Speaker on the opening day of the Zambian Parliament! I stood and MP's gave me a few Here-Here's. Having met some of the women MP's previously, I was asked into the women's lounge and joined by several members. I told them about the National Foundation of Women Legislators and several other things.

Hon. Dorothy Kazunga (MP), Senator Pam Roach, and Jane Mwakasungula with the Development Research Group that is hosting my visit... outside the doors of Parliament. Note the Zambian seals on the doors.

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Location:Thabo Mbeki Rd,Lusaka,Zambia