Travels With Pam

IN PROGRESS...the purpose of this page is to communicate to my grand children stories of my travels. I will start with a list and then develop the accounting. This will take a few months.

TRIP 1 Picking Up Jamie From Her L.D.S. Mission
Chile: Santiago, Valparaizo, Vina del Mar, Puerta Mont

TRIP 2 Picking Up John From His L.D.S. Mission
Brazil: Belem, Manaus, Iguazu Falls, Rio de Janerio, Sao Palo; Argentina,
: Ciudad de Este

TRIP 3 Weightlifting in Finland with Melanie; Dan and Pam Tag Along
Finland: Helsinki;
Sweden: Stockholm;
Estonia: Tallin


Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Guatemala
China (several)
East Timor, Indonesia, Singapore
Korea, (China), Thailand, Russia
Tibet (I count this as its own country)
Portugal, Spain, Gilbraltar, Morocco
Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, France, Belgium (2009)
Germany, Lischenstein, Switzerland, England(2009)

Canada, Mexico