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It Is In The Genes....And Trained By My WWII Vet Dad

It's OK for a man to shoot well in the minds of the press...but not a woman I guess. They like to go after me on this issue and ridicule me. It is women like me who pass on the genes we hope our sons have when they go to Iraq or Afghanistan. It is women like me who do not show fear...but rather...teach the Constitution as something to be cherished. I want to share this story again. It was kind of fun and I do remember it! Thanks John.

"About ten years ago I was at the Tacoma Sportsman's Club with my oldest son and two of his friends going through the standard rifle training protocols. The boys were about 16. At the same time, the club house was being used to host the annual Republican Lincoln Day celebrations.
A man and a woman approached the range on foot. The man was Richard Sanders, then and now a state Supreme Court justice and an acquaintance known to me from the 70's and 80's as a libertarian activist. The lady was Pam Roach. On invitation, she picked up a M14 rifle and fired a 10 round x-ring group offhand* at 100 meters. No prep or warm up, she just ripped them out. She represented the epitome of gun control. Both of these people have been aggressively targeted by so called "liberals" from both parties for their pro-constitution stands. Keeping them in office and electing more such people is a most worthy goal."
John Long

offhand: standing and without leaning on something that would steady your shot.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

From Friends:

(Note: Thank you to all the many people who have been so supportive while the Republicans joyfully eat their own. I had one person blog comment that I have only posted the positive comments. Actually, "anonymous," I have only received one that was negitive and it was foul and could not be posted.)

Mark Besola commented on your status:
"I echo all your other supporters! Don't let a few whiners get you down. You
do an awesome job representing our disctrict and I appreciate you immensely."

Ingrid Thomson Fuhriman commented on your status:
"Pam, you are a great lady and a real "stateswoman" looking out for the
interests of your constituents instead of playing the good old boyz (and girlz)
games. Keep up the good work."

Kevin E Vaughn commented on your status:
"I appreciate your work, keep up the good job. As a volunteer, we always don't
get a pat on the back, do we? The small voices at CPS and the Rainier School all
need you to keep hard at it. The Green River Gobblers, North West Big Game, B&C,
P&Y, NMLR and the State NWTF support you! I like your thinking out side the box.
Your path is small and untraveled. Keep the faith!"

"It is this type of in-fighting that hurts the Republican Party. Keep saying it
like it is, Pam. Frankly, if someone gets their feelings hurt while working in
politics, maybe they chose the wrong field to work in." Lewis County Rep. Party, Marty HayesGary Gardner commented on your status:

"Pam you have never been anything but gracious to me, even when we've had
spirited disagreements. The politics of personal destruction needs to
end...They need you more than you need them... hang tough!"
Gary (I'll leave this out) Olympia Lobbyist

Sharp Chedder has left a new comment on your post "From Friends:":
About ten years ago I was at the Tacoma Sportsman's Club with my oldest son and two of his friends going through the standard rifle training protocols. The boys were about 16. At the same time, the club house was being used to host the annual Republican Lincoln Day celebrations.
A man and a woman approached the range on foot. The man was Richard Sanders, then and now a state Supreme Court justice and an acquaintance known to me from the 70's and 80's as a libertarian activist. The lady was Pam Roach. On invitation, she picked up a M14 rifle and fired a 10 round x-ring group offhand at 100 meters. No prep or warm up, she just ripped them out. She represented the epitome of gun control. Both of these people have been aggressively targeted by so called "liberals" from both parties for their pro-constitution stands. Keeping them in office and electing more such people is a most worthy goal.

John Long

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "I Will Not Be Distracted":
Senator Roach,
The grassroots does have power. Independents do have voting power. I am a voter. Right now; the Republican party has some explaining to do. You do have support!

Derek Sciba commented on your status:
"Keep on keeping on, Pam!"

Jon Buss commented on your status:
"Keep up the good fight, Senator!"

You know, you have a growing base of supporters and there is little to nothing they could say at this point that will change that. You have proven yourself to the masses and the masses will speak in your behalf. Keep up the good work and know that we have your back. Let me know if there is backlash because I will publicly speak and attest to your good works. You are more than worthy of our time, attention and support.
Jan Smith

Larinda Hopkins commented on your status:
"Hmmm, When I heard the piece last night on the news my thought was "are they
afraid of what she is saying because she is right?" Hang in there!"

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "I Will Not Be Distracted":
Please run for governor!

Joni Marek commented on your status:
"You are doing a great job Pam!!! You have alot of people who appreciate all you
do for our community...."

Wanda Flesher commented on your status:
"Much of what you want to accomplish is for people throughout our state - not
just in your district. We hope other legislators will join with you to attain
what is right and good. The CPS problem has been around for a long time. By
continuous pursuit, the wrongs will be righted. "e support you 100% !!! We appreciate what you do!"

William Childress commented on your status:
"Pam, You go girl!"

Wanda Flesher commented on your status:
"Much of what you want to accomplish is for people throughout our state - not
just in your district. We hope other legislators will join with you to attain
what is right and good. The CPS problem has been around for a long time. By
continuous pursuit, the wrongs will be righted. Like the energizer bunny, we
hope you'll keep going and going and going. Your efforts are appreciated."

Beverly Read commented on your status:
"I remember similar battles in King County. Your tenacity and perseverance has
a granddaughter living with her grandparents {Stuth Case}. I'm sure your directness caused many to feel uncomfortable. "

Steven Nelson commented on your status:
"Hang in there!"

Michael Wallin commented on your status:
"We are behind you, Senator. Keep up the good fight."

Hi, Pam --(via email)
Very sorry to have heard the news report tonight about the caucus. Frustrating
and self-destructive for fellow GOP Senators to attack you like this -
especially to do it in the media like this. Hang in there!
Your friend,

Phil Marek commented on your status:
"Need more like you, Pam. Keep fighting the good fight. "

Andy Gomen commented on your status:
"you still have my vote."

Bob Sahlberg commented on your status:
"YOU go Pam!"

Tim Lott commented on your status:
"Keep up the good work! You still have my support!!!"

I'm a registered Republican and I am 100% on the side of Sen. Roach. She is the only one that knows what it is to be a Republican. You fight for our Constitutional rights, that is what she does. Catherine Courtney

Michelle McIntyre commented on your status:
"There are many of us out here who support you and don't believe the lies,
Senator Roach! Keep up the good fight!"

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "I Will Not Be Distracted":
I second the run for Governor!

Jennifer Altick Beck commented on your status:
"Behind you 100%! Believe none if it, King County liberals have no limit to
their slimy tactics."

Becky Sciba commented on your status:
"I have always admired your courage, Pam. ( I just picture you pulling up your
5'4 frame up to some big old creep and telling him what for... Just a fun
thought.) You are a gutsy gal, no question! "

Cory Sem commented on your status:
"Thank you for your good fights of faith !!!!"

Rick Peterson commented on your status:
"Stay Strong "

Gail Berry commented on your link:

Hey Pam, I just read your story yesterday in the Seattle Times, and immediately
knew something was VERY wrong with the story! Way to stand up for our
freedoms!!! I am proud to know a strong, liberty loving lady! Blessings to you
and yours! Autumn from FB

Chris Nimick commented on your status:

""Remodeling"is never easy, especially when you are tearing out the really bad
construction of people who are still around.Stand firm Pam, you speak reality,
if they dont like the form they wont like the function any better but there are
LOTS of people out here hwo are fed up and frustrated with bus as usual. Whats
more important than children who have no voice?"

Bruce sent you a message.
Subject: Rep caucas

"Join a third party as both the Demoncrats and Representmenots are soon going to
fall by the way side. EVERYONE is tired of their two party system of getting
nothing done. You will have my support which ever way you decide. Other R's will
no longer get my vote at all as they do not deserve it. Run the varmits over and
lets roll ahead."

Friday, January 29, 2010

I Will Not Be Distracted

I wanted you to know that there is some petty politics going on with some of my colleagues. Let me assure you that I will not be distracted from my representation of the values of the 31st District. It has been an honor to earn the support from the citizens of the 31st District for the past 19 years. I am looking forward to running for reelection this year.

We have important things to do in Olympia. I am leading the effort to protect the Second Amendment, save Rainier School, and reform DSHS in its CPS policies.

There are a lot of legislators down here. There are important things to do. But, my office is always open. If you have any questions please call my office (360-786-7660) or send an email. I will be home most of the weekend and my home phone is in the book.

Best wishes,

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Guns And Babies...Reader Says Grabbing Them Makes More Government

From Julie S. on my FB page:

"Because of great successes in controlling communicable diseases in recent
decades, government entities that were set up for the purpose of disease control
have looked to expand their operations into other fields--to assure their
continued long-term funding. So back in the 80's, the federal Centers for
Disease Control decided guns were a "public health" issue" Dave Kopel Freedom
1st magazine. And so the anti-gun movement began..with our tax money funding a
department intent on taking away our rights...WITH OUR OWN MONEY! So with our
own money.....we have to fund our own warriors and defenders to keep the
government from using OUR MONEY to rob us of our liberty. WTH?"

A Message From The Front

Joshua sent you a message.

Subject: Second amendment attacks

"I am writing you sitting in a wooden MWR building on a snowy night in
Afghanistan. I was not born in Washington, I was born in Texas. I serve our
nation at Fort Lewis Washington protecting the freedoms that my Forefathers gave
everything to protect. See I had been told my relative were people Like John
Adams, John Quincy Adams, Col. Burleson and men of the like. I am on my second
combat tour in 6 years of service. After my grandpa died while I was in Iraq and
my other when i came back, both WW2 vets, I knew that there are some things a
person must put before their selves. When our nation was made and the
Declaration of Independence was made our founders gave everything, family,
money, and land to make what we have today.
I feel any senator, representative or any other law maker who makes
any laws against our nation's base document... is treasonous and those officials should be impeached for their attempts to foil this great Republic. Thank you and i hope that this will bode well and just for our nations security and defense. The idea of banning weapons in our nation should be compared to the days of when Adolf Hitler banned weapons of his people as well. Every time in history people have their weapons taken away, the government not long after commit atrocities to their people. Is this the path we need to be on?

The proof of what the Nation thinks of this is summed up on this page that is a Government page!;
Here is a last bit of inspiration that i read all the time to help me in my

Joshua has shared a link with you. To view it or to reply to the message, follow
this link:

Thank YOU, Josh. Thank you for your service and for sharing your love of our Constitution. PR

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Faces Of Freedom

I have attended the Tea Parties, was on-hand at the new 2/3 vote for taxes initiative, and here at the Senate Judiciary hearing. Americans are stepping up to halt an onerous government. We must not forget our duties, our heritage, our responsibilities. Here are a few of the pictures from yesterday's hearing:

The room was packed with citizens who took off from work or laid down their retirement hobbies to be heard.

I asked how many in the audience were there to oppose the gun ban bill and all hands went up!

Citizen Merton Cooper drove out from the peninsula to testify. He comes every year. He will not sit by while Seattle liberals are on the hunt.

NRA's Brian Judy flew in from Sacramento. He holds a picture of two mini-Rugers. One is an "assault rife" and the other is a wooden stocked "range rifle." They are the same except for cosmetic differences. One of our readers said they were for guns but not assault rifles. That is Senator Kline's position! The guns are the same except for the cosmetic details. Helllllooooooooooooo! Hello... Hello....

GUNS...The Hearing Room Was Packed And The Hearing Stacked...

Thank you to all those who attended yesterday's hearing on Senator Adam Kline's bad bill to ban firearms and authorize home searches for them.

Yes, folks, the bill as it was presented to the committee also would REQUIRE law enforcement to check your home for guns. (Out the window with the 4th Amendment too!) Kline said he would amend that out of the bill...but I guess we see where he is coming from on this. He knew the search language was in the bill the day before but did not offer a substitute. Pretty scary stuff is written in the details of some of these bills!

Hundreds of people came to the hearing to protect the Second Amendment. I asked for a show of hands :o) from those wanting to kill the bill. Hundreds of hands were raised. Numbers do not matter to ideologues. After all of those people took off work or left usual activities to attend the hearing..Kline only gave the issue 30 minutes. He split that in half 15-15. He had his own thing lined-up but did not allow the opponents to "line-up" anything...which would have been the usual courtesy.

But...unless the bill is pulled from committee directly to the floor for a vote...the bill is dead. And, for those of you who watch votes, appointed Senator Randy Gordon (D), said he opposed Kline's bill.

As all PPR readers a country we do not have the luxury of stepping away from what the Founding Fathers gave us and still have a free country. We must stand to preserve those freedoms. Thanks again for those who sent emails, made calls, and came to the hearing.

Answer To Question On Alexis Stuth Bill

A reader asked in the comments if the Alexis Stuth Bill which would grant standing to relatives in certain cases would be retroactive. No. It would not be retroactive. There is a lot of work to be done. There will be a piecemeal approach to change unless the department directs employees to take another approach. Discipline to the existing law would correct most of the problems.

A question was asked: If passed into law how soon will it take affect?
If signed by the end of session (March 12th) It would take affect 60 days later.

No Horse Sense Here...

A couple of years ago I sponsored a bill into law that made it illegal to commit animal cruelty by having sex with one....Here is the same guy that "inspired" the law. Believe it or not...there were many who opposed the bill. At the time I never knew how the King County Case was resolved.

The man who made international news in 2005 after videotaping another man's fatal sex act with a horse in Enumclaw has been charged with animal cruelty in Tennessee, according to KOMO/4.

The sheriff in Columbia, Tenn., said James Michael Tait, 58, was having sex with horses, our television news partner reports. A farm owner there was also was charged with animal cruelty.

Police said four years ago Tait videotaped another man having sex with a horse on the Enumclaw farm. That man later died of internal injuries suffered during the act.

After pleading guilty to trespassing in King County, James Michael Tait received a suspended jail sentence but had to pay $778 in fines and court costs. A King County District Court judge also ordered that he serve eight hours of community service.

(It goes on.....)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Links To Senate Bills 6416 and 6417

Thanks goes to a PRR reader who has sent the links to the two Senate bills heard last week. You will have to cut and paste. Thanks all.

I have received a couple of comments that the bills do not do enough. I appreciate the comments. If enacted the new laws would not affect all cases but be an improvement over existing law.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pam Roach Stands To Protect The Second Amendment

January 24, 2010
"Trying to pull in sympathies of the tragedies that occurred recently does not address the underlying issue, which is someone being able to protect themselves in those situations," Roach said.

Assault weapons ban likely to fail

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- After 2009 ended in a hail of high-profile gun violence, Washington state's gun-control advocates are frustrated by an apparent lack of political support for an assault weapons ban, warning that the state will likely face more deadly shootings without it.

The bill comes just weeks after a spate of deadly police shootings, and proponents of the ban say those killings should force politicians to confront gun violence.

"There's more guns, a repressed economy and a lot of angry people," said Ralph Fascitelli, board chairman for state gun control group Washington Ceasefire. "You can't sweep this problem under a rug. Apparently the shooting of eight police isn't enough to confront gun violence in the state."

The bill was named in honor of 18-year-old Aaron Sullivan, who was shot and killed by a SKS 7.62-caliber rifle in Seattle in July. The legislation focuses on "military-style" assault weapons, which can fire rapidly and carry large magazines of ammunition.

Similar bans have not fared well in the state Legislature in the past, and in an election year, supporters face a battle to even get the bill out of committee.

"I will do everything I can to pass this bill this year," said Sen. Adam Kline, D-Seattle, the sponsor of the bill and chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. A hearing on the bill is scheduled for Tuesday.

Sen. Pam Roach, R-Auburn, said she is mobilizing with other lawmakers against the bill. Since it was announced, her office has received more than 1,000 e-mails asking the Senate to defeat it, Roach said. "We're going to do everything we can to make sure (Kline) doesn't diminish the Second Amendment right," she said.The National Rifle Association and the Citizen's Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms are also lobbying against it.

Alan Gottlieb, the director of the Citizen's Committee and the Second Amendment Foundation, said he is confident the bill will fail. Not many Democrats, especially those in more conservative districts, want to come out against gun rights in an election year, he said.

"It's extreme," Gottlieb said. "I am kind of surprised they put it in, because it riles up our people."

The bill could have a tough time getting out of Kline's committee, which has five Democrats and three Republicans. One of the Democrats, Sen. Jim Hargrove of Hoquiam, says he will vote no.

Gov. Chris Gregoire said she has not reviewed the bill or closely followed its process, instead choosing to focus on the group of bills that came in response to recent police shooting, including better communication between law enforcement on jail bookings and releases, a review of the bail bonds system, and enhanced benefits for survivors of officers who die in the line of duty.

Sponsors said the bill is similar to the federal assault weapons ban that expired in 2004. It would cover an array of different pistols, shotguns and rifles, including semiautomatic rifles with large ammunition magazines and pistol-grip stocks.

"We're trying to protect the police, we're trying to protect the youth and this is one step to prevent gun violence," Fascitelli said.

Owners of weapons affected by the bill would be able to keep them if they allow the local sheriff's department to inspect and make sure they are stored "safely and securely." The weapons can still be used at firing ranges.

"We're not going to take away anybody's weapon," Kline said. "There will be zero confiscation of weapons, but there will be no new weapons allowed."

The bill has been endorsed by groups such as Washington Ceasefire, the International Association of Police Chiefs, the Jewish Federation of Seattle and the United African Political Action Committee, among others. Seattle police spokesman Mark Jamieson said the department has not taken a position on the bill.

Supporters also have referenced the murder of Seattle police officer Timothy Brenton, who was shot to death in his patrol car on Halloween. Police have said they found an assault rifle at the apartment of Christopher Monfort, the man charged with killing Brenton.

Four Lakewood police officers slain in November were shot with handguns, as were two Pierce County deputies who were ambushed in December. One of the deputies later died from his injuries.

Roach, however, said such high-profile gun crimes are not about the weapons that were used, but the people using them. The crimes show the need for people to defend themselves with firearms, she said.

"Trying to pull in sympathies of the tragedies that occurred recently does not address the underlying issue, which is someone being able to protect themselves in those situations," Roach said.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Another Family Comments....

This came to my FaceBook account. Another heart wrenching account...

"The great grandchild that I raised is 8 now and 30k later I can see her maybe 2
hours a month but this is not about us adults this is about these children. DSHS
abused this child and many others. When will they be held accountable? Thanks to
Pam and the Stuths for bring this to the front. When will we listen to these

Friday, January 22, 2010

"Weapons Ban" Bill Up For Hearing On Tue.

On Tuesday, Washington's version of the federal "assault weapons ban" will be heard in Senate Judiciary at 10 AM. I will work to protect our Second Amendment!

Sen. Adam Kline (D-Leftville) will be trying to pass the same D.C. gun ban that has expired. Even the liberal Congress does not have the votes to pass it again. Washington supporters of the Constitution need to be in Olympia to show support for the rights we have as a free people.

The "Alexis Stuth Act" Making Its Way....Senate Hearing KING 5 Report

Here, Alexis Stuth, is possibly the youngest person in state history to be asked a question of the chair in Senate hearing.

(Please cut and past or go directly to KING

A highlight of my day yesterday was getting hugs from the Stuths, including little Alexis. Chairman Jim Hargrove was very positive about both bills presented.

Mary Mingig (sp), DSHS Ombudsman send testimony in favor of enacting the proposal to enforce our current law that relatives are the FIRST consideration for placement. And, Denise Revels Robinson testified in favor of relative standing (reported by KING 5).

Thank you all who attended. It was not our goal to fill the was our goal to move the bill. Sen. Hargrove is the second signature on the bill and Senator Val Stevens is the Ranking Member and follows Hargrove on the bill that I sponsored. more later. Time is short during session. Keep up the prayers.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

TVW For Hearing Coverage...Also See KING 5

If you do not get this on TV you can see this online.

"Strawberry Blond" reports for us:

TVW has their logo on the agenda.

Human Services & Corrections* - 01/21/10 3:30 pm
Full Committee
Senate Hearing Rm 1
J.A. Cherberg Building
Olympia, WA

Public Hearing:
SB 6612 - Concerning child fatality reviews in child welfare cases.
SB 6416 - Concerning relatives in dependency proceedings.
SB 6417 - Concerning the placement of children with relatives.
SB 6504 - Reducing crime victims' compensation benefits and eligibility.

Possible executive session on bills heard in committee. Other business. Copies of draft bill are available from committee staff.

Washington's Unemployment Rate Hits 9 1/2 %

This IS the story. Over 60% of the voters say this is their #1 concern.

What do I think? I agree.

Business must be allowed to make a comeback before the households will be able to feel the difference. We are not at bottom yet. The shoe has yet to drop big on the commercial real estate market.

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- Washington's unemployment rate jumped to 9.5 percent in December, the state's highest rate since 1984, state officials said Wednesday.

Dave Wallace, chief economist with the Employment Security Department, said that despite the month-to-month rise in unemployment, there was some good news: the 23,700 jobs lost in the last six months of 2009 were notably less than the 80,000 job losses in the first six months of the year.

Alexis Stuth Bill Up For A Hearing

Grandparents or other relatives who have cared for a child over one year prior to the government taking would be able to have standing in court if this bill passes.

Today, I spoke with DSHS Children's Director, Denise Revel Robinson. We discussed a concern she has about the Alexis Stuth Grandparent's Standing bill. Her point was well taken. The way the bill is currently written there is no way for the relative to prove they have been caring for the child. We will fix this with an amendment to be discussed at tomorrow's (Thursday)afternoon hearing.

It is a sign of goodwill that she called. She will be at the hearing and plans to testify in favor of the bill. TVW may make this available for viewing.

Saving Rainier School...Huge Effort Underway

Today, the Senate Ways and Means Committee was packed with people who, this session, will decide the future of our state's premiere facility for the developmentally disabled. Under the threat of closure citizens rallied.

I had a one-on-one with W&M Committee Chair, Margarita Prentice, before the hearing. We have been friends for many years. She has a son and I have a grandson with autism.

In December I hosted a meeting in Buckley to bring the community together in an effort to promote Rainier School. Every year some entity tries to go after it for closure or for a juvenile correction center, etc.

Here are my friends from the Federation of State Employees. They were part of a huge group to defend the school which includes Mayor Pat Johnson from Buckley, Friends of Rainier (a parents group), legislators and local chamber members.

"I'm about to lose 1,000 highly skilled jobs," the mayor said. "Four hundred citizens of my community (Rainier residents) are about to lose their home."

Not all citizens who are developmentally disabled should be at Rainier. But, there should be an option... and there is a growing need for care and also respite care for the families of clients who commit to a lifetime to care giving.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Name Is Pam Roach, I Am Running For Senate, And I Drive A Truck!

Someone asked about the color of the truck. It is RED. It is a farm truck that we use to haul campaign signs, bales of hay, boards, and in this case...little kids. We had just finished picking blackberries down by the orchard when we got this pic. The thicket was so high that we drove the truck up to it and picked the high parts from the bed.

It was a great victory tonight. Health care was the issue and I can not believe that the Democratic candidate in Mass. would actually campaign ON THAT ISSUE! They seemed to have no idea what the American people are thinking!

In any event, I will be driving the truck again in my reelection campaign. A truck is the thing! You can carry the yard signs with you and place them as you doorbell.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Roach Protecting The Abused

And from the base:

"John taking off his coat after he finished up his court case last night. John did a great job prosecuting 'a bad guy,' in Sadie-speak. He very dramatically asked, "Isn't it true that you punched your girlfriend in the face and gave her a black eye?" when cross-examining the accused."

It is always good to hear from my loved ones that are away. He won the case. Good job, son.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mt. Si Should Remain Open With Citizen Volunteers

Ted Gannon of the Mountaineers has it right! Why the heck close the Mt. Si hiking trails when there are MANY volunteers to help maintain them? The government would treat us all like helpless, lazy, baby-sat mini walkers...never capable of taking care of ourselves or take care of our own assets for that matter. Mt. Si belongs to all of us!

Post an on-line sign up sheet and ask the Mountaineers to coordinate a weekly clean-up effort. Have the local chamber or Rotary Club, scout troop, church group, etc., step forward at this opportunity to serve! Take donations at the trail head for the once a week trash removal. Hike at your own risk just like you do right now. (Sign a waiver if you must.) As I recall it is about 4 1/2 miles round trip. There is no ambulance to bring you down with a broken leg! The same people that would help you last year would help you this year.

Why is the government poised to take away the chance to serve? Let the people who have used it "pay back" in order to keep the trail open.

Enough of this anti-American line of thinking that only government can take care of us!

I have been up Si many times. In fact, I have a great picture of me on the haystack (the very top). The best trip was when Rep. Dan's Scout troop was going up on a Saturday in prep for a Mt. Rainier summit. Without telling him where I was going, I left two hours ahead of the guys. When Dan rounded the corner I was sitting on a rock soaking up the rays and eating my lunch! I still try to keep ahead of him!

Seattle Times Supports Eyman's Tax Protections...Again

The Seattle Times covers a mostly Democratic readership but on the issue of requiring a 2/3 majority for the legislature to enact tax increases, the state's largest newspaper takes a more global approach. (Outside Seattle I-960 passed by wide margins.) Some say management fears they are the next entity to be taxed. In any event...they got it right with the following:

Legislature should retain I-960's tax-raising threshold

Two years ago, this page supported I-960, and we still do. The situation in Olympia now is what the people had in mind when they passed it. Legislators are playing with dynamite if they repeal it.

SEATTLE TIMES EDITORIAL BOARD, Wednesday, January 13, 2010

DEMOCRATIC leaders in Olympia should not be so eager to brush aside Initiative 960, which sets the two-thirds threshold for the Legislature to raise taxes. The people have voted for a two-thirds rule three times — in 1993, 1998 and in 2007. Clearly they want it that way.

Without I-960, the Legislature can raise taxes with a simple majority of both houses and signature of the governor. I-960 raises the bar by requiring a two-thirds vote of both houses or a vote of the people. Raising taxes is not impossible — hardly that — but it is more difficult.

The state constitution protects successful initiatives for two years. During that time they can be modified with a two-thirds vote of both houses. Last month, the two years were up for I-960, which can now be brushed aside with simple majorities. But that is not what the people wanted.

I-960 has other provisions the people want. One is that Office of Financial Management must calculate the 10-year cost of every revenue-raising bill introduced. For every such bill, OFM must send out an e-mail to interested members of the public and the press of the costs, hearing dates, legislative votes and contact information for lawmakers.

This is information to make democracy better, and it will go away if I-960 does.

I-960 has another provision to improve democracy. Under the state constitution, once a law is passed, the people can collect signatures and place that law on the ballot for a vote. For example, in 2004, when the Legislature passed a charter-school law, the teachers' union collected signatures for a referendum and the voters repealed the law.

The state constitution guarantees the people's right of referendum except when the Legislature declares an emergency. I-960 says that if legislators block a public vote on a tax increase by declaring an emergency, the tax law will be on the next November's ballot, with the names in the Voter's Pamphlet of all the legislators who supported it. It would be an advisory vote only — a kind of embarrassment vote.

Two years ago, this page supported I-960, and we still do. The situation in Olympia now is what the people had in mind when they passed it. Legislators are playing with dynamite if they repeal it.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

KING TV Survey 11-23-09 Shows Gregoire At New Lows

During the last 9 days I have had meetings in my legislative district with turnouts that are like none before. I have spoken to over 300 people right here at home.

In Survey USA’s November poll, Gregoire had an unprecedented 30 point gap between her approval and disapproval rating (33% approval – 63% disapproval). That is certainly reflected in the numbers attending town meetings and in the opinions they voiced.

I would say 95% of those attending my meetings were in agreement with my positions regarding taxes and the need for responsible and accountable government. In every meeting I asked questions of the attendees. Clearly, they are unhappy with lack of upswing in the economy. I tell them that like them...I have family members who have lost jobs and are suffering from the financial strains.

When I ran for reelection in 2006 the uptake was on the D side. If you were a Democrat you were awarded a plus 5% at the polls just for party identification. Six of my Republican Senate Colleagues lost that year.

In politics the pendulum swings. And, this year there is a strong sentiment against the policies of Obama and Gregoire. I am looking forward to the "Again In Ten, Pam Roach Campaign." Regardless of the political climate I will have an opponent and I will "run scared" to win. To win you must meet or exceed your opponent's efforts in all categories of campaigning. I am already in campaign mode.

SB 6416 and SB 6417 This Thurs. at 3:30

The Alexis Stuth Bill, SB 6416 will be heard on Thursday. This bill will address standing for relatives. I am so glad to say that the bill will be addressed by the Stuth family. The department will also be at the hearing to comment in favor of the bill.

SB 6417 will also be heard. It creates a presumption that the child is able to be placed first with a family member. More later...I have another town meeting this morning. So far I have met with 260 citizens here in-district in a little over a week. Today I will be in Edgewood.

It is beautiful here on the farm. I will enjoy my drive down the Green Valley Rd. It is foggy this morning. The horses in the pastures are blanketed. The trees along the river are spindly and bare. I will drive by the deep green of the Christmas tree farms. And, await spring when we break ground with the new John Deere!

Government...Using its Power...To Push Aside The Poor

You will remember Barbara Mowery of near Colville, WA. Small town...not a lot of money...easy harvesting. The department lied about her and brought up her former husband's "possible use" of marijuana against her. (She divorced the guy 30 years ago and he has been dead 20 years.) The department said it saw the light and then argued to the judge that the 3 year-old-blond-non drug affected-girl be returned to her grandmother. The CASA disagreed. The uneducated cowboy CASA won out in court. Mowery had been threatened by the department that if she did not give up the baby they would also take her 10 year-old granddaughter. I received this from Barbara today:

As you know, the Nov 2, 2009 hearing did not succeed. The state lost to CASA in bringing back my granddaughter to me and her sister who has suffered without her. We, parents, and I, called the parents attorneys over and over again to do the appeal. They agreed to file it. The order of denial was entered on December 14, 2009. I just learned that both attorneys "joined" in the appeal and did not file it on time.

Now, I am told, the father's attorney is filing for an extension. Will the extension be approved? ...or not?

This is justice in Stevens County. A child is at stake and a one-page motion for an appeal cannot be done in a 30-day time span. The attorneys stated the appeal would be filed in time and was not.

Once again, our system is failing in Stevens County and the welfare of the child is not important. When will justice prevail? I pray the legislative bills that are going to be proposed on January 21, 2010 at 3:30 PM will be important enough to place as a priority in this state.

Ariel Is HOME

Ariel is FINALLY home. When they got here my brother-in-law asked
her where home was and she said, "right here". Her Grandma was here to see
her too. She came in and acted like she had never been gone. I`m still
having a hard time comprehending this is real. I wanted you to know she`s home
and we should be having our adoption hearing in a couple of weeks. Thank you
for everything. There are so many people that helped us through this and in
our case even some from the dept. itself. We are hoping and praying for the
same outcome for the Willards.
Stacy T.

Stop Government Takings Listing

I have received many comments from people who have both state or national organizations that aim to stop government takings from good families (yes, as opposed to the bad ones!). Note: I did not say "perfect" families as there are none.

Most of theses posts are accompanied by comments too long to publish. Blogspot does not allow me to edit comments...I can't make them shorter.

Please Google to find the many worthy groups out there. It would be nice to have someone step forward to nationally organize.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Help To Haiti...Key Call Made Today

I received a visit today from a campus friend. It was a hurried visit because he had an appointment to make.

"I have $2 million dollars worth of medicine for Haiti. Can the L.D.S. Church help get it there?"

"I am sure the church is already helping. Let me make contact," I said, and placed a quick call.

"Hi, Gordon, " I said. I have a good friend in my office who is looking for some help. Can I put you on speaker?"

We explained the situation and Gordon said: "The church has already been in Haiti. We have a truck in Umatilla right now that will be at our Kent, WA distribution center tomorrow (Fri.) and leave for the return to Umatilla Friday night. From there the medicine would go to Salt Lake City and be flown to Haiti. We put the Kent LDS Distribution Center in touch with the medicine contact and got out of the way.

The right people, networking, will get the job done. Stories like this are happening right now all over America...all over the developed world.

Sarah Palin And The Question Of The Future

So, tonight I was watching Sarah Palin on "Hannity" in her new position as a FOX commentator. She impressed executives at FOX with her "best selling book of 2009" Going Rouge, so now she is taking a stab at a new gig. And...apparently keeping her hat in the ring.

She was pretty much in campaign mode but I think has a few months to develop some depth in her answers.

Speaking of answers..while being interviewed by Glenn Beck it was evident she did not have a favorite American Founder...That is one of the questions that candidates are taught to anticipate (at least those outside of Seattle).

I have a degree in history so I suppose I have studied quite a few Founders. My favorite? John Adams. Why? He defended British Captain Prescott at trial after the Boston Massacre. Adams was a man who stood for the rule of law even when it was politically incorrect! I named a son after my favorite Founder: John Adams Roach...also a lawyer.

As if to be a constant shadow, when I switched channels there was Tina Fey in character as Liz Lemon on 30 Rock (one of my favorite shows). Palin has a couple of years to turn the tables on her most effective nemesis. The only way to do that is to be a successful commentator.

Roach Quiets Eyman...Something Kline and Fairley Long To Do

Here I have done what no one else can claim. While speaking at the filing of the new initiative on Monday...I managed to put Tim Eyman to sleep!

Lies Should Be Prosecuted

This whole thing reminds me of an Ibsen novel.

Here is a letter from a family that I have been following. PRR Readers are like all true Americans...we want our government telling the truth in court and we think people in agencies (CPS or CASAs) who lie in court should lose their jobs and be punished through perjury laws. Right now, in CPS, agents are not being held accountable and, therefore, they continue the lying. I have been told by the highest levels at DSHS that people who lie will not be tolerated. I took that to mean that they would be held accountable. I have yet to see that that has been the case. The lies continue.

Dear Senator,

I get so frustrated reading on your blog because more
horrible things are being brought to the forefront about cps. It makes my
and I want so much more for things to change with cps. I am hoping for some
help to try for a bill to stop the perjury, which I am seeing mentioned more
and more. With us and others that was our main problem. No matter what the
state said in court, it was believed without any facts having been
presented. If they had to present any evidence of anything said in our case,
would never have been taken in the first place. I am so grateful she is coming
home but other families will suffer if it continues to be allowed. We had a
lot of people backing us on our case and because of that, no matter how
many times we felt like giving up someone was always there to remind us what we
were fighting for. Please let me know if you can help us to become a part
of stopping the evil system tearing the families apart. I can still picture
the day Ariel was taken and that caseworker walking away with her and smiling
an evil smile at us. I think rather than going after the state in general,
it would be a good thing to be able to hold individuals accountable for the
emotional abuse they themselves are causing for these tiny children.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010 Session Day 3

Auburn's Devanni Partridge is Miss Washington USA and she is on her way to the Miss America Pageant. Today she was honored in the Senate Chambers and visited our caucus afterwards.

Enumclaw High School's senior, Kelsy Pelletier, was my shadow today. She sat in on all of the meetings I had with lobbyists...The Jewish Federation, WA Farm Bureau, Electrical Workers, SEIU, Jim King, friends from Vancouver with an issue related to testing old gasoline for quality in emergency vehicles, etc.

I had the chance to personally thank Sen. Hargrove today in Judiciary Committee for our bills. He likes them...says there is a good chance of passage. Neither has a fiscal impact.

I had a meeting with Sen. Brown and Sen. Murray today over the ill treatment given to my intern. I think they were surprised at how callous some people can be. I am not. I see it all the time! Heck, I am often the brunt of it. One time I had a senator bend down and put his butt in my face. Now he acts like it was my fault he did it. So, mean, evil, sad...there are many types in the world. I choose to be happy. It allows me to shoulder the burdens of least for awhile.

I drove home in the rain...still dark fairly early in the evening. I think good thoughts. I have been very blessed.

Hearing On "Alexis Stuth Bill," January 21st, 3:30

During session my blog time will be short. I will have bill numbers by Thursday morning and can post in the evening when I get home.

Thanks goes to Senator Jim Hargrove, Chair of the Human Services and Corrections Committee. He has signed on as the second signature to both bills I have introduced to help families. And, he has scheduled both bills for a hearing. This is great news!

The first bill will give relatives standing in dependency cases and the other will create a presumption that family should have the child if there has been an emergency taking by the department.

A very special note of appreciation goes to my legislative aide, Brian Lohr. Without his very special expertise on the subject matter we would not be this far. Great work, Brian! it is your turn. We need you at the hearing. If you can not make it then please hotline or email your own legislators to ask for their support. No long stories...time is short for them. Ask for fairness and for the sake of families...etc. Check this blog for the bill numbers and titles. Set the date aside. More information will follow.

Social Worker Reveals The Culture In Which She Works

Brought forward from a comment:

"I've been a social worker for DCFS for over 20 years and worked in different regions. Reading the blogs and comments on here make me very sad but the problems with the department begin with line supervisors and go up the "chain of command". There are many good social workers who are often targeted by supervisors due to their own inadequacies and lack of knowledge and experience. Often supervisors are not hired for their expertise and knowledge; they are hired for who they know regardless of the outcome on staff morale and departmental policies. I have always looked at relative placements first, many times to be told by a supervisor without any placement experience to "find a foster home". I have been told to place children in newly licensed foster homes because " they haven't had any placements yet" although there is a relative willing and able to be a placement. Sometimes it's not possible to place with relatives; when that's the case we should keep looking.
My experience with management is that workplace bullying is accepted in every region. Social workers are targeted if they have more experience and knowledge than their supervisors. In my current region, workers and good supervisors have left in droves during the past two years only to be replaced by the RA's pick of the week. Supervisors are encouraged to target employees if they disagree with the RA and AAs. Until this culture in DCFS is no longer tolerated, we will continue to read about cases such as Madison's. Financial circumstances should not have any effect on whether a family member can be a good placement. We are not supposed to remove children due to poverty; why would we not place a child with "poor" relatives when there is help available for that relative? A relative's medical problems may preclude them from taking placement if they are unable to care for themselves or have severe mental health issues.
I hold little hope in that the new leaders of DCFS will address any of these problems. A targeted employee frequently has little credibility with the leaders. I've seen it happen over and over again with good social workers finally having enough and leaving the agency only to be replaced with employees with little or no experience with children. Many of the young social workers have no children of their own; no exposure to children; and only what they are taught in school and by the department. You can't replace 5, 10, or 15 years of experience working with families yet that is what has happened over the years. Until DCFS gets rid of the "good old boy" mindset and hires competent, fair and unbiased line supervisors, AAs, and region administrators, nothing will change. My hope continues to be that DCFS and their treatment of their employees will actually be fully investigated. Social workers and other employees will only speak out with the strict assurance they will not be further targeted by management.
Pam, if only you could help us."


Monday, January 11, 2010

First Day Of Session And....Lindsay Roach Wins Art Contest

Lindsay Roach, 6, won the Darington School District art contest in the K-2 division. Wow. Great going, sweetheart! Now on to state!

News of the day:

First a note to the Stuths....Senator Jim Hargrove, Chair of the Human Services and Corrections Committee has agreed to sign on in the number two spot on our two bills. I tried calling tonight but could not reach you. One bill would grant standing in court to grandparents or other relatives in custody cases. The other bill creates a presumption that the family is first for placement (that is in law now but not strong enough).

10 A.M. Tim Eyman held a press conference in the Sec. of State's office as he filed a new initiative. Democrats have already announced that they will repeal I-960 which put in a required 2/3 vote for the legislature to raise taxes. Up until 2 years after the enactment there is a 2/3 vote required to over ride an initiative. After that only a simple majority is needed. The 2 years is up and Dems will remove the I-960 requirement to raise taxes. If Eyman's new initiative passes then the 2/3 requirement will be reinstated.

Noon... Session opened and I was there for the opening of my 20th session as state senator from the 31st District.

Then off to lunch at Anthony's to join a small gathering after the swearing in of new Chief Justice Barabara Madsen. I sat next to Justice Susan Owens...turns out she used to be a trial lawyer who dealt in CPS cases. Justice Richard Sanders was there and others.

2:30 Bari Willard and her husband arrived at my senate office.

4:30 The Willards and my team met with CPS Chief Denise Revels Robinson and her team at the DSHS offices. The meeting lasted 90 minutes and was pretty incredible. They even put in this report that Bari is on dialysis twice a week and yes, has breast cancer... I think DRR had her eyes opened at least a little when her staff lied right in her presence. It was really unbelievable!

7 P.M...I was at the North Lake Tapps Middle School to receive an award for my kindergarten granddaughter. Seems in the K-2 category she won 1st Place in the Art competition. Her piece will go on to the state competition. I was there to receive the award for her in her absence. Congratulation Lindsay! You are wonderful!

CPS...How Hard Could This Possibly Be????

Read in here the reasons that CPS can use for you or against I didn't go on an out of town vacation until I was seven. The first time I was on a plane was when I was a university student...Hawaii? Mexico? have managed to make one good and one bad. Do you have stock in Cabo San Lucas?

This note from Grandma Bari:

"Two things really confused me in your blog. They were both responses from readers. One was YYYYYY which is Madison's aunt (not niece) who is a confused teenager. She stated we could not afford to take Madison on vacation. In fact we had been to Hawaii twice with Madison and will take JXXXX (Bari's grandson) soon as we have friends who own a home there and we use our frequent flyer miles so it does not cost us anything. In our adoption home study denial, they actually used that against us saying we were not financially stable enough to go on vacation.... even though it was all free.
Second was CXXXXXX.... YYYYY's mom and Madison's father's mom saying she was the mystery reader. Why would she say such awful things about her son....even if they were true?"

Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010 Session Opens With Initiative Challenge To Democrats Who Will Vote In New Taxes...

At 10 AM Monday morning there will be a new Tim Eyman initiative filed at the Sec. of State's office. I will be there.

In the fall of 2007 I-960 was passed by the voters with a 52% "yes" vote. Among other things, the measure required that the legislature must have a 2/3rd majority vote to pass tax increases. After two years the legislature can change that law with a simple majority vote. They will do that this year.

Eyman wants to have the new initiative ready to go for the Nov. 2010 ballot. That will be a nice coupling with the Democrats running for reelection who voted in the taxes. The new initiative would reinstate the 2/3 vote requirement to raise taxes.

Voters in the 31st District voted "yes" with 57%. It took the Seattle votes to pull down the election results to 52%. Outside of the liberal hub the measure was a huge winner.

I will be voting "no" on the removal of the voter's mandate in I-960. I will not be voting for new taxes.

We need to concentrate our efforts on building the economy and bringing back JOBS.

(I asked Tim if he was going to wear a gorilla suit at the filing. "No, " he said. I think I will wear a suit and tie.) And, so it is folks. Everyone will push off the blocks on the same day.

Grandma Bari's Walk...Report #2

"I will be at 14th and Jefferson in Olympia @ 2:00 not 12:00 as predicted. Had some setbacks in time today...... Thanks, Bari"

January 9th, 2010; One year exactly since I watched the heart of my granddaughter, Madison break in two. I did not think I would make it thru that day or any day since then but I have. I have found strength in friends,new and old, family, God and the many wonderful people I have met along this journey. I want to thank each and every one of you. Pam, Cheryl, Brian, The Stuths, Jan Smith and Gorilla Mum, Dave Woods etc... you have been priceless. Lisa you will never ever know what you mean to me and I know I would not be here if it were not for you. Pam Roach readers you have been wonderful support for me and have kept me on my toes fighting for not only Madison but for every child taken for the wrong reasons who has a capable, loving relative to care for them.
The weather was nice today, actually a good day for walking. No rain, and the sun came out and smiled on me. I walked thru parts of the "big city" that opened my eyes. I have never experienced some of the things I saw today and feel so lucky to have lived the life I have even though there have been heartbreaks along the way. I passed two families living on the streets with small children. It broke my heart to see them and also angered me to think of the hundreds of thousands of dollars in our state being wasted by DSHS on cases like Madison when there are families in real need of some assistance. Doesn't DSHS stand for Department of Social and Health Services? Should they not be providing service instead of heartbreak? As I was sitting changing my shoes and socks in a "street house" as the woman called it, she asked me for my wet shoes and socks. She did not care if they were wet or even if they fit her.... she said they were better than what she had. I gave them to her and I left with tears in my eyes. I realize maybe some people chose to live this way, however, I believe in my heart that the two mothers I met desperately wanted help.
Tomorrow more walking, meeting people and experiencing our beautiful state. I hope I walk by a church sometime, I will miss services at home tomorrow. Orcas Island has a wonderful Community Church and we have been so blessed by the people there. I work there in the evenings with the children. We house the community food bank which we donate to as much as we can. We are not rich by any means, but time and effort are also valuable assets.
Monday I will be at the corner of 14th AVE and JEFFERSON at noon to finish the last leg of my journey to the Capitol Building. I would love as many people to walk with me as are willing. We need to send the message that DSHS is not working in the best interests of our children and things need to change!!!
My final thoughts tonight are family. A lot of mud slinging has been done surrounding this case and many others I assume. Both our family and Madison's deceased father and his family love Madison with all our hearts. We only want what is best for Madison. We differ in our thoughts of what that is now, but we didn't before DSHS got involved. If DSHS had not lied, I am sure we all would be in Mexico together and Madison would be enjoying her entire loving family as she well deserves. Remember, we all as families love our children unconditionally. DSHS is the entity that is providing grief. We need to fight DSHS not each other.

To my dear grandson, Jayden. Grandma so loved your phone call today and I am so happy you went to the beach with Papa... Grandma will be home soon....

Love to you all, Bari

Casey Johnson...Heiress With A Drug Habit...And A Little Adopted Girl do we suppose that the single twenty-something Casey Johnson, disowned heiress, adpoted a little blue-eyed girl?

Casey...early onset diabetic, single, cokehead, alcoholic, with undetermined sexuality, terrible relations with her own family members...How did she adopt a perfect little girl? Who the hell gave this person a child?

Thanks To CPS...Family Sparks Fly

OK...I think there has been enough of the arguing.

Please allow me to reset the story line.

The state of WA lied to the mother. She signed termination papers because she and her parents believed CPS when told that if she signed the papers that Madison (Lilly) would be adopted by Grandma Bari.

Hello. The state lied...grabbed the child...and put her in the home of a non-relative for adoption. They lied to the mother and they lied repeatedly about the grandparents. That is the point of this blog account. Many children are being killed under CPS watch...and many are being wrongly taken from families. Remember that the original issue here was stealing Madison and giving her to a single under 30 woman who became a foster adopt "parent" to get a very specific child: blond, blue-eyed, 3 year-old, non drug affected girl.

Again...was that right? And if it was not right should the child go back to her mother (who is doing very well) or the Grandma Bari who raised her? Or, to the great grandma whose political connections really DID save Madison from a quick out of family adoption? I am bored of the arguing. Let's address the issue.

"Again In Ten" Pam Roach Endorsed By Corrections Guild

King County Corrections Guild

Running for reelection I am proud to announce I have been endorsed by corrections officers. Over the years we have worked together on many things to make our communities safer and the jobs safer too. I look forward to a continued productive relationship.
Thanks so much!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Grandma Bari's Walk To Olympia...Report From Bari

....the weather today for the first day of walking was awful.... I already went through 4 pairs of socks and I can't tell you how many tears. They cancelled our visit and sent Madison (Lilly) to Mexico without even telling us.... I will be walking through Everett and down Aurora Avenue tomorrow... What I would really love is a big final leg on Monday to the capitol building. I have to be there for a meeting in the late afternoon and I need to get myself clean, dry and together before that meeting. I have timed myself and I walk about 4 miles per hour. So I will see how far I go tomorrow and then I will plan on a time that I will get about 4 miles from the capital building.... then maybe I can get a large number of people to go the last 4 miles with me. I know this pouring rain will discourage people but DSHS needs to know we will never give up.... Bari

Friday, January 8, 2010

Yes...Well The Plot Thickens

I don't know who sent this...but the plot thickens.

Here is another comment that I have brought forward regarding Lilly's Case:

"I know these wonderful grandparents also and would like to add that only this sweet woman {who is walking to Olympia right now PR} would call the car accident horrible. Lilys father was drunk, on drugs and racing another car when he was killed and killed others. This is public record. He also had no driver's license. If he was to have custody at all, then none of us would be hearing about Lily as she would be dead. She was with her sweet caring grandparents when the accident happened.
Lilly's deceased father (referenced in this reader comment) was raised by his grandmother because his own parents were drug addicts in and out of prison. Lilly's paternal grandfather was, of course, raised by Lilly's GGM who actually sent her son to foster care because he was so "hard to handle." Lilly is in Mexico with the paternal GGM right now. The paternal GGM is basking in the sun around a pool in Mexico while Lilly's maternal grandmother is walking a hundred miles in the rain to draw attention to the plight that DSHS has delt her family. Is there no justice? Obviously, money is not the answer to good parenting.

Maternal grandmother, Bari Willard, raised Lilly from birth. As she makes her way to Olympia walking down the back roads, she has little hope of having Lilly returned to her. This loving, humble, pre-school teacher walks in the rain. One year ago today...the state lied and took the child to give to a foster adopt (non-biological) 26 year-old single woman who put her order in for a 3 year-old, blond, pretty little girl. But, the grandmother, Mrs. Willard, called me after seeing the Stuth story on KING5.

I was compelled to try to help. I have been trying to do that for 12 months. I found out very early about a wealthy great-grandmother who had political connections and I knew then that little Lilly would not be adopted out to the foster/adopt woman. Mrs. Willard and I both called the GGM and asked her to "put in" for the GGD she had only bothered to see 3 times in 3 years. The department thought I would go away since the girl would be with "family" and why would the Senator not be satisfied with that and go away?

I have shielded the Great Grandparents by not revealing all the awful history of the family. But, this mystery reader upped the annte. Again:

"I know these wonderful grandparents (the Willards)also and would like to add that only this sweet woman would call the car accident horrible. Lillys father was drunk, on drugs and racing another car when he was killed and killed others. This is public record. He also had no driver's license. If he was to have custody at all, then none of us would be hearing about Lily as she would be dead. She was with her sweet caring grandparents when the accident happened.


120 Attend Pam Roach Town Meeting In Enumclaw


FANTASTIC TURNOUT! Message: No New Taxes...that is not the way to fix the economy.

There was seating for 60 and the chairs were filled 30 minutes prior to beginning! Thank you Enumclaw for such interest and support. The library room was filled and people stood in the hall looking in through the open doors to the meeting.

This small town in Southeast King County opted to voice their opinions rather than watch the national College Football Championship Game between Alabama and Texas!

And, thank you, Cheryl, for being there to help.

I recognized many people at the meeting and was glad to have newly elected Mayor Liz Reynolds there to say a few words. Cathy Dahlquist, school board president was there.

It was a conservative group. I asked how many viewed FOX news and 90% of the hands went up. I asked who did not want tax increases and 98% went up. More meetings on Saturday.

This has been a busy week getting ready for session. I have spent most of my time in Olympia. Today there was a South Sound combined Chamber breakfast followed by the Sentencing Guidelines Commission where we discussed the changes that will be made in law since the police murders. Monday I attended the swearing in ceremonies at two local cities. Yesterday was a leaders meeting with State School Superintendent Randy Dorn regarding the new education "Race To The Top" federal incentives. Got my hair cut....etc.... It is called gearing up for session.

Lilly's Grandmother Left On The Side Of The Road

Well, that might as well be the case.

Grandmother Bari Willard has begun her march from Anacortes to Olympia where she will be on Monday for a visit I have arranged.

Christmas was on a Friday and therefore the department did not honor her visit with "Lilly." Nor was she allowed to visit her granddaughter last Friday because it was New Years.

Today she arrived (walking) to the office in Mt. Vernon to visit Lilly. She had been given no call what-so-ever about the cancellation of this visit. It is Friday. This was the day for a visit.

"Oh, Lilly isn't here," said the social worker. "She is in Mexico with her grandmother." (That would be her great-grandmother.)

Not even a courtesy call from CPS. Nice people, aren't they? Grandma was in tears. There is absolutely no consideration for this woman. They lie about her and vilify her and ignore her. What do YOU think about this?

The following is an unaltered comment I thought I would bring forward. My comments are in parenthesis. The reader writes:

"What about the other Grandparents?Her fathers parents,a lot of untrue things are being said. (Lilly's paternal grandfather is a several times convicted felon with prison time and drug problems and has never been a consideration for placement.) For one she saw her father more than a few times he was a good father and would have most likely won custody he was to be in court the day he was put to rest. (Hello...he was, as you put it, laid to rest. He died in a terrible car accident. How can he possible care for the child...are you OK out there?)She is in a very fine home where she is loved and happy. (She was in a very fine home where she was loved and happy before the state lied and took her.) Talk to the other paternal grandparents lets here their side!"(Those are the felons. They are in frequent contact with Lilly as a matter of fact. That is a fact that if it were true of the maternal grandparents would be used against them. It has not been a problem at all for the state in their placement of Lilly with the GGPs who parented the felon...oh big deal huh? Randy Hart and company?

Friday, January 1, 2010

A Letter To Us From "Lilly's" Grandmother

Dear Pam Roach Readers;

I am "Lily's" grandmother and would like to respond to some of the comments posted on this blog.

"Lily" is not a child that has behavioral problems. Her mother lived with us while she was pregnant. My husband and I helped name her, (she is named after the elementary school my husband works at) and we were in the labor room and finally the operating room when she was born. She was handed directly to us and had been entirely with us until January 9th, 2009. The day she was taken it is said that she was hysterical. Our first visit the next week she shouted "I was lost but now I am found again". When we had to leave her that day she screamed for 57 minutes until she finally banged her head into the foster's woman's car door frame so hard she was almost unconscious. To recall the events that have happened this last year is so painful that I cannot even start to tell you things she has said. "Lily" had the best of care with us, social workers used us as an example, and I still currently teach parenting classes. "Lily's" parents are not screwballs as stated. Our daughter is doing very well, works full time, does no alcohol or drugs, and has her own home. She is currently in appeal court to get "Lily" back since she was lied to that we were already approved to adopt her and that it was " as good as done"."Lily"s father, whom she only saw a few times, died when she was just a few months old in a terrible car accident.
"Lily" was taught sign language, water babies skills, and was learning to play the piano when she was taken. "Lily" is an exceptionally beautiful, mature, well behaved child. I work with hundreds of children her age and she was in the top 5 percent of children in her age range. Of course I sound prejudice, which I am, however others are not and I have hundreds of comments and letters from people who cannot believe that this has happened to us.
As far as our healthcare, we work for the public school system and have wonderful health care. However, insurance will not pay for the same tests or unnecessary tests time and time again. I have now had 5 physicals in 2009 and now a mammogram. My father was 96 when he died....My grandfather, 106. I plan on following in their footsteps. I also have had 7 background checks and signed many blank release of information forms for this latest home study. Who has 5 physicals, complete blood tests, mammograms, 7 background checks and signs blank release forms for an adoption? All tests, physicals, background checks and mammogram came back perfect! DSHS then tells us I have breast cancer.
Does anyone remember what DSHS told "Lily" the day they took her away? They wanted her to go into the DSHS office to open Christmas presents they had gotten her. There was never any presents and they took her away from us and the only family she had ever known and put her in a foster home. "Lily" remembers. When we celebrated Christmas at the DSHS office this year (heartbreaking) she did not want to open anything at first. She thought it was a trick..... What wonderful things they are teaching our babies...

(I offer this space for any other comments from family or DSHS. Pam)

Happy Political Anniversary And New Year

Twenty-three years ago on New Year's Eve, I received a phone call from then Senator Kent Pullen (R-47). Just days before session...he called to ask me if I would be his legislative aide. I will never forget that call.

I was a mother of five and a political activist...and organizer.

I remember being asked to speak before a small group at the Maple Valley Library. Kent had preceded me with his remarks and then left. I got up to speak. I really have only one mode...passion. I speak with passion because I have confidence and conviction. Inside there is a sense of fearlessness. My mother says I have always been that way.

Following Kent's lead when I was done...I left! (I don't do that now.) And there was Pullen outside the door. He had been listening to what I was saying. It was his first introduction to who I was.

A couple of years after that I went for a 4 1/2 year stint with the U.S. Post Office. My husband had been riffed at the old Auburn Globe News (1980) and I worked as a night-shift employee (part-time flex)to keep us going. I held a teaching credential but a job in hand is what I took. It meant I went in at 1 AM and stayed mostly 8 hours a night and did it five or six days a week. While there I became a union steward. I came home to five children. The youngest was 6 weeks old when I went to work. Two of those years I was a window clerk...selling stamps and such. I wanted the night shift (sorting mail by hand) so I could be home with my children during the day. But I had no choice in going to days.

Jim left newspaper advertising and got on with the post office. We were on our own. No one helping us and we needed stability.

And then something happened. I felt there was something more for me to do. I wanted to work with youth and make a difference. I wanted to get back to my community activities. I had been working all the overtime I could. The money was needed. But, there was something else for me in life. I quit the post office. It was late 1985.

I called Kent Pullen. We had spoken only once in my years at the post office when he came to buy stamps. I told him I was leaving the post office and asked him what I could do to get back into politics. He offered me a small lobbying job for Citizen Taxpayer Association an educational 501 C4. I would go down to Olympia during session and lobby for taxpayers. And, I would be paid. "No," I said. I am not looking to be paid. I am a volunteer. That was a Friday.

By Monday I couldn't call him fast enough. "Yes," I said. "Yes, I would love to lobby for a citizen's group!" It took a day to have it dawn on me. I was going to actually be paid for something I loved to do.

Kent and I worked over the phone on many issues. Over the years we were to make a big impact on South King County. I was able to learn from an honest and brilliant elected official. Kent had a PhD. in chemistry and was the WA State Chess Champion. Even after he left competition he remained ranked for years. He worked twice as hard as any of his colleagues and was twice as smart. He was never their favorite. But, the people kept him in office for over 30 years.

I had fun working on local issues and getting a taste of Olympia with CTA. I still had the desire to work with young people and did so at church. Then on New Year's Eve 1986 Kent called and asked me to be his legislative aide.

Former State Senator and King County Councilman Kent Pullen died in office at age 61 on April 14, 2003.