Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Name Is Pam Roach, I Am Running For Senate, And I Drive A Truck!

Someone asked about the color of the truck. It is RED. It is a farm truck that we use to haul campaign signs, bales of hay, boards, and in this case...little kids. We had just finished picking blackberries down by the orchard when we got this pic. The thicket was so high that we drove the truck up to it and picked the high parts from the bed.

It was a great victory tonight. Health care was the issue and I can not believe that the Democratic candidate in Mass. would actually campaign ON THAT ISSUE! They seemed to have no idea what the American people are thinking!

In any event, I will be driving the truck again in my reelection campaign. A truck is the thing! You can carry the yard signs with you and place them as you doorbell.


Anonymous said...

We have a truck also! Can we sigh anyones yard?

Anonymous said...

What? No rifle in the back window like they do in Texas? Girl, you are slipping!

gorillamum said...

I love it! Great post. You are right, the Dems have no idea what the American people really want. We all want health care for everyone, but it has to be done in the best interest of the people as well as the economy. Like they say, "you can't have your cake and eat it to!" Please, do tell what color is the truck?