Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010 Session Day 3

Auburn's Devanni Partridge is Miss Washington USA and she is on her way to the Miss America Pageant. Today she was honored in the Senate Chambers and visited our caucus afterwards.

Enumclaw High School's senior, Kelsy Pelletier, was my shadow today. She sat in on all of the meetings I had with lobbyists...The Jewish Federation, WA Farm Bureau, Electrical Workers, SEIU, Jim King, friends from Vancouver with an issue related to testing old gasoline for quality in emergency vehicles, etc.

I had the chance to personally thank Sen. Hargrove today in Judiciary Committee for our bills. He likes them...says there is a good chance of passage. Neither has a fiscal impact.

I had a meeting with Sen. Brown and Sen. Murray today over the ill treatment given to my intern. I think they were surprised at how callous some people can be. I am not. I see it all the time! Heck, I am often the brunt of it. One time I had a senator bend down and put his butt in my face. Now he acts like it was my fault he did it. So, mean, evil, sad...there are many types in the world. I choose to be happy. It allows me to shoulder the burdens of least for awhile.

I drove home in the rain...still dark fairly early in the evening. I think good thoughts. I have been very blessed.

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Anonymous said...

We have all ben blessed, we have you!