Sunday, January 31, 2010

It Is In The Genes....And Trained By My WWII Vet Dad

It's OK for a man to shoot well in the minds of the press...but not a woman I guess. They like to go after me on this issue and ridicule me. It is women like me who pass on the genes we hope our sons have when they go to Iraq or Afghanistan. It is women like me who do not show fear...but rather...teach the Constitution as something to be cherished. I want to share this story again. It was kind of fun and I do remember it! Thanks John.

"About ten years ago I was at the Tacoma Sportsman's Club with my oldest son and two of his friends going through the standard rifle training protocols. The boys were about 16. At the same time, the club house was being used to host the annual Republican Lincoln Day celebrations.
A man and a woman approached the range on foot. The man was Richard Sanders, then and now a state Supreme Court justice and an acquaintance known to me from the 70's and 80's as a libertarian activist. The lady was Pam Roach. On invitation, she picked up a M14 rifle and fired a 10 round x-ring group offhand* at 100 meters. No prep or warm up, she just ripped them out. She represented the epitome of gun control. Both of these people have been aggressively targeted by so called "liberals" from both parties for their pro-constitution stands. Keeping them in office and electing more such people is a most worthy goal."
John Long

offhand: standing and without leaning on something that would steady your shot.

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Anonymous said...

Pam Roach you are a very good person and you do have a lot of people behind you. In one of your comments it was suggested that you run for Governor and I don't know if that is an option for you but I think it is a wonderful idea and so do other people that I know, we would all vote for you. It is time for a change.Just think about it. What better way to get some of the things done that you want to accomplish in this state. Anyway you go get em, you deserve not to be treated like this. We are behind you 100% even if we are not in you district. God Bless You Pam Roach.
Grandma in Vancouver