Friday, January 8, 2010

Lilly's Grandmother Left On The Side Of The Road

Well, that might as well be the case.

Grandmother Bari Willard has begun her march from Anacortes to Olympia where she will be on Monday for a visit I have arranged.

Christmas was on a Friday and therefore the department did not honor her visit with "Lilly." Nor was she allowed to visit her granddaughter last Friday because it was New Years.

Today she arrived (walking) to the office in Mt. Vernon to visit Lilly. She had been given no call what-so-ever about the cancellation of this visit. It is Friday. This was the day for a visit.

"Oh, Lilly isn't here," said the social worker. "She is in Mexico with her grandmother." (That would be her great-grandmother.)

Not even a courtesy call from CPS. Nice people, aren't they? Grandma was in tears. There is absolutely no consideration for this woman. They lie about her and vilify her and ignore her. What do YOU think about this?

The following is an unaltered comment I thought I would bring forward. My comments are in parenthesis. The reader writes:

"What about the other Grandparents?Her fathers parents,a lot of untrue things are being said. (Lilly's paternal grandfather is a several times convicted felon with prison time and drug problems and has never been a consideration for placement.) For one she saw her father more than a few times he was a good father and would have most likely won custody he was to be in court the day he was put to rest. (Hello...he was, as you put it, laid to rest. He died in a terrible car accident. How can he possible care for the child...are you OK out there?)She is in a very fine home where she is loved and happy. (She was in a very fine home where she was loved and happy before the state lied and took her.) Talk to the other paternal grandparents lets here their side!"(Those are the felons. They are in frequent contact with Lilly as a matter of fact. That is a fact that if it were true of the maternal grandparents would be used against them. It has not been a problem at all for the state in their placement of Lilly with the GGPs who parented the felon...oh big deal huh? Randy Hart and company?


strawberryblonde said...

Well, the dept. is definitely NOT interested in Lily's mental well being or her being nurtured by the grandparents who raised her to this point.

Even I am angry that they don't have the time to make a phone call in advance and let people believe that they will see the children they love only to be left with empty arms.

It is no wonder people get desperate! When they do act out, "see, we told you they weren't viable options for placement".

Anonymous said...

Well I think that this is just horrible and shows that they absolutly have nt heart at all. These people do not do what is in the " Best Interest of the Child" it truly is what is in their own best interest "Money". It is all about the money.I would love to talk to Lily's Grandmother if she would like to call me. I still say we all need to band together.I will pray for her.

Anonymous said...

I think that CPS is rotten to the core. Not only are they cruel to this grandmother but what about the child? Do they really believe that this is in the best interest of the child? Not only are they rude they are cruel. I wouldn't have CPS watch my dogs or my pet ant! They would forget to feed them and then say it was my fault because I bugged them so much they forgot. I have met this grandmother and grandfather and I can tell you they are wonderful people. This is infuriating.

Do NO Harm said...

I am so SORRY Lilly's Grandmother. You don't deserve this AWFUL treatment! And neither does Lilly. CPS owes you all an apology and they need to fix what they have done. IF anyone in that department had an ounce of integrity they would send Lilly home.

Know that you are NOT alone and this is happening elsewhere. Here in California they do VERY similar things. In fact, I often wonder if they have a class on how to NOT work "in the best interest of the child".

It isn't right that you all have to go through so much pain. NONE of us should. When all we wanted was to care for our own blood. I use to think that these people would have a DIFFICULT time sleeping at night, now I am sure that they are rotten to the core and sleep much better than I do.

We are GOOD people and we love our family. You are a GOOD Grandma for fighting so hard and so long.

Don't give up, it is ALWAYS darkest before the dawn. An appellate attorney once told me that it is "TOUGH to be at the spearpoint of change". Your story is out there and it IS helping change things. One of the reasons they get away with this is because MOST people are unaware, well that is changing.

I pray things change for the better soon and Lilly is home with you.
If you ever want to talk, I am here for you. I am just a mom to five children, married to a good man, who loves my 3 year-old nephew enough to keep fighting. ;)

Anonymous said...

This case with Lilly is one that will prove whether or not things are changing. She was taken based on LIES!! Who cares about whether or not her father would have had her in his care. And I mean no disrespect to the deceased. It`s not how things happened. She was in the same home for 3 years. THAT`S what`s important here not what may have happened when she was a few months old. I don`t think anyone would dispute the fact that the GGP`s love her too. But they can`t possibly have the same bond that the Willards have with her. Lilly needs to go home where she belongs and begin the healing process. I can`t begin to imagine how hurt Lilly is. I hope the media gets involved with this case. I think the public would be outraged.

Anonymous said...

I know these wonderful grandparents also and would like to add that only this sweet woman would call the car accident horrible. Lilys father was drunk, on drugs and racing another car when he was killed and killed others. This is public record. He also had no driver's license. If he was to have custody at all, then none of us would be hearing about Lily as she would be dead. She was with her sweet caring grandparents when the accident happened.

tia said...

this is MADISON'S aunt and none of you have any idea what she has gone through or what bari and andy have done to us. we would ask for months to see her and they would say "oh not today" and they would do this for the longest time and we had to find out on our own that Madison was taken by CPS, we didnt see her for a year because of them, do you think that is right either? cause i sure dont. and you have no right to say that my family are felons because her family is much worse, none of you have no idea about our family or what has happened with Madison, do you people believe everything you see on the internet? because you people need to get your facts straight before you go talking crap. Madison is in a well taken care of home where she is loved and is happy, im pretty sure she is where she needs to be and she does not need to be with Bari where she is not taken care of well enough, where they dont have money to support her or anything. all of you people need to shut your mouths and stay out of this, my niece is a very well taken care of supported young girl and she will grow up and go far and you will see she was where she needed to be all along not with Bari and her family. And talking crap about my older brother is unnecessary you dont know him and you dont know how he was to her, he loved his daughter and his death was a terrible thing and saying if she was with him she would be dead too thats is a complete terrible thing to be said and very wrong, because he took care of her and loved her like a real parent should, unlike her mother who got her taken away in the first place. If we are such bad people how come Bari's children have lived with us and we have treated her like they were our own, this is way out of control and you all need to shut your mouths and get your story straight and here both sides of the story before you post another comment saying crap that is not true and uncalled for. thank you and i would appreciate to not see any more of this BS on here.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tia..... your comments, language, spelling, hatred in your voice and curse words tell me EXACTLY how you were raised. I can certainly see why the Willard's had no contact with your family. Please study hard, get an education and break your family cycle.