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Pam Roach Quotes Scripture

I thought the notion deserved its own headline!

Dear Readers,

A comment to the previous blog needs to be corrected. In reference to the very wealthy great-grandparents a reader writes:

"It really proves the old saying that money is the root of all evil."

I am not a scriptorian but I got some schooling along the way. The "old saying" is actually from the New Testament and reads:
For the love of money is the root of evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves though with many arrows. (I Timothy 6:10)

There is nothing wrong with having money. It can be a great blessing to many people. It is the LOVE of money that is the soul killer.

Let me add however:

"And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God." (Matthew 19:24)
It isn't just the money, it is what it does to the thinking of the person who has it. Some tend to rationalize a situation and convince themselves that what they are doing is right. And, with that self permission they move forward. Situation ethics is as convenient for government as some who are wealthy. It is another enabler of power that should, when used as an influence in child custody cases, be restrained.

Lilly With Grandparents...Right Now...As I Write...

In the sunshine, in a public park, in Mt. Vernon, WA...a little girl and her good grandparents are meeting for an hour. Some state worker intrusively looks on to monitor the preschool teacher though she is a felon. In seven months...this will be the seventh hour of "visitation" allowed by the state.

Please take a moment to contemplate how it must feel to have the state take a child based on a false report...a report that the department is currently redoing.

PJTV...U.S. Congressmen Stand Up For Honduran Democracy

Please cut and past if this does not work for you. Thanks. ED

The U.S. Abandons And Covertly Attacks HN

"In his attempt to rule by mere brute power, Manuel Zelaya has brought strife to Honduras, and it is therefore particularly strange to see the man who currently occupies the American President's Office urge the lawful government of Honduras, and its lawful courts to submit to that brute."

> Kathleen Moore
> The Official Legal Challenge
> To North American Union

Getting It Right ?...Or Making It Wrong ? The International Press In Honduras

"The actions from American and European governments against the present government installed in Honduras by constitutional succession are decisively influenced by the way the news and images are manipulated abroad."
Dairos Las Americas 7-30-09

The Obama administration has known the truth about Honduras and has almost gleefully encouraged the leftists. And, as though working in tandem, the international press has purposefully reported inaccurately about Zalaya's removal. Rep. Connie Mack (R-FLA) is like the information police and will spar with America's leftists now that he has been to Honduras.

Comment From "Diario Las Americas" 7-30-09

Inside Honduras:
"It is disgraceful that the information is not balanced, because to this are due the actions, more than opinions, of the “international community” which is determined by governments that, in one way or another, are influenced by the interventionist policies of Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, with vast ramifications in other countries around the region. All of them, of course, coordinated or subordinated to instructions from Fidel Castro."

From Bill In Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Meanwhile, the U.S. Department of State, Spain, Arias, et al call for Zelayas' return, with immunity to continue serving as President. And continue doing nasty things like cancelling Micheletti team members visas.

Zelaya is with a 3000 strong militia in the mountains of Nicaragua, preparing for his revolutionary re-entry.

U.S. Rep. Connie Mack Visits Honduras

I have been receiving information about Honduras from good people there trying to get the word out.

The United States continues to back the Marxist! The U.S. has taken away the visas of Honduran officials who went to the U.S. to lobby their position. The U.S. Ambassador is known in Honduras as a Zalaya friend and supporter. Zalaya is in the mountains between Nicaragua and Honduras trying to reenter the country.

The following was printed in the American Thinker:

"The Obama team waited until just after the visiting Republican House Congressional team, under ranking Western Hemisphere chair Connie Mack (R-FLA), had just departed Honduran airspace late on Sunday to commence its latest round of Chavez-pleasing activities to give the increasingly unpopular and clownish Zalaya proof of their allegiance to him and his ALBA bloc that he has been demanding before returning to Washington. Mack has stated that based on Congressional review, there was no coup, military or non military, in Honduras and that Zalaya must not be reinstated as president. The Republicans state that the Micheletti administration are not golpistas*. As the only U.S. Congressman to visit inside Honduras in the last month, Mack late Tuesday declared as "wrong" the "punishment" by the Obama team against lawful Hondurans who seek to maintain their democratic charter, the Honduran constitution and laws."

(*Golpistas...are worse than plotters of a coup..they take on a veneer of military dictatorial fascism with a venue of total criminality and lawless, venal anti-democratic behaviors void of rule of law. PR)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lilly Will Cry On Friday....

Lilly will see her grandparents for one hour at Lions Park in Mt. Vernon where her visit will be. This is the same park that the grandmother helped build. She was the Lion's "Member of the Year" for her service.

Toward the end of the "supervised visit" Lilly will start to cry. There is no comfort for these tears. And what a slam to have "supervised" visits for these good people who raised her until age three when the department took her because of a faulty report filed by a person who had promised Lilly to someone else.

Last week, Lilly tried hiding under the swing to keep from having to leave. Lilly wants to go home with her grandparents. She cries when she is forced to leave. "She'll eventually 'get over it'" is how the adults involved in this theft view it. Self preservation will help harden her...the human mind will begin to protect her...she will run out of the ability to feel sad at the loss of her GPs.

In the home study on Lilly's grandparents there was nothing in it that, by law, would give CPS the authority to take Lilly...but they did anyway. The grandparents (the Willards) were told there would be a quick adoption and it would be all over in six weeks. They called me. Their own State Senator refused to help them. I spoke with him personally while we were on the floor of the Senate.

I found out that Lilly had great-grandparents on the father's side and I called them. They are politically influential and wealthy. I knew that they could keep this child from being adopted out. I was right about that. But, they have decided they want the child for themselves.

By the way...CPS should have contacted the GGPs when they decided to take Lilly in the first place but didn't. CPS does not look for relatives when they have someone who wants what they can deliver.

I told Susan Dreyfus that I thought Lilly would do fine with either the GGPs or the GPs. "The question is not where the child would do the best. The question is: Having lacked any legal cause for taking the child, where should she now be placed?"

(Please see previous PRR on "Values Clarification." Sometimes it is called "Situation Ethics." This is a way of making decisions based on moral relativism. Decisions are based on what is believed to be best, not what is legal. Elitists love it!)

Grandma used to say: "Two wrongs don't make a right." Well, I'm a grandma many times over and now I can say it: Lying, taking, wrongly not corrected by giving this child to anyone other than the mother or the grandparents.
CPS has caused a terrible situation. The GPs have been written off. Lilly will have no contact with the good (though not wealthy or well connected) grandparents who love her and raised her as soon as the placement is complete. The department is working to place with the GGPs.

The GGPs had seen 2 month old Lilly at their grandson's funeral...and according to the GPs only twice after that. They met in a restaurant when Lilly had birthdays. So, the GGPs saw Lilly 3 times in three years. Now the GGPs have befriended the foster woman. So, when they go out of town Lilly stays with the foster woman! It is a winner take all war between relatives for this child. Apparently, there is no desire to ever have the GPs see Lilly again........Is that in the child's best interest? What happens when the GGP's leave Lilly orphaned? So angry are some in CPS that they actually advise that Lilly go with the foster woman instead of the GPs when and if Lilly is a minor when the GGPs die or are incapacitated.


(Answer: It is a power thing. It has nothing to do with fear of being sued. Remember, PRR Reader...the taxpayer pays...they couldn't care less about the costs. It is about the POWER.)

In the case of Lilly the department has never been right about ANYTHING, really.

Because the grandparents are fighting to keep the baby they raised...they are hated by everyone and every entity involved except me and the judge. The judge and I are just trying to do our jobs as we see them. CPS high-ups are trying to cover their posteriors!

I think the new director is really not happy with the way things have been. She is willing to address these situations with adjustments to the law.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Why Am I Writing So Much About Honduras?

Number 10: I know many "real" people in Honduras and PRR readers can hear directly from them.

Number 9: My friends in Honduras have asked me to help inform America about what is happening since the press has slanted coverage and they feel abandoned by the United States.

Number 8: I am interested in what happens in Honduras and I choose the subjects of the blog.

Number 7: We need to protect this democracy not help destroy it!

Number 6: Americans need to know what is happening in their hemisphere because even this very poor country IS important to us. (Think the good: bananas, coffee, cigars; the bad: it is part of the drug trade route and; the ugly: its democracy is being threatened by Castro, Ortega, Chavez and the Obama Administration).

Number 5: Americans need to know that Chavez backed Manuel Zalaya was constitutionally removed and not taken out in a military coup.

Number 4: I speak up for democracy and the rule of law whether that is in the US or other countries.

Number 3: The actions of the Obama administration have supported Zalaya and you should know about that!

Number 2: If we lose another democracy in the Americas...I will look myself in the mirror and know I tried to warn Americans.

Number 1: I want to keep democracy in Honduras.

U.S. Ambassador Closes In On Hondurans Who Travel To Spread The Truth

Two more letters from Honduras. Maria, Bill, and Vivian (previous entry) do not know eachother.

Ms. Roach: I am sending you the article of which I sent the site yesterday. It is very good. However, things do not seem to be so good today here in Honduras. U.S. visas were cancelled to some persons in the present government. It is unfair. They did that at the request of Zelaya. It is unbelievable, since he asked in public media. Besides, the U.S. ambassador to Honduras , Mr. Hugo Llorens, Cuban American and a personal friend of Zelaya has threatened many people , businessmen and government officials. This is only diplomatic pressure, I know, but it is not correct, specially at this time when the "talks" are still pending. No one who does not live here can have any idea of all the corruption...millions and millions have been ilegally used by Zelaya and his administration, even in his wife's office.
It is clear it is not a Coup, the international community just does not want to understand, despite it being clear. Why are they all afraid to accept our truth, our fight for honesty and democracy?
All that keeps us going is FAITH.

And Cancels Diplomatic Visas of current Honduran Officials.
The U.S. State Department announced today that they had cancelled four U.S. Visas today for Hondurans who were members of the Micheletti Government, and announced that others were "being reviewed".

Zelaya had called on Washington to do this in recent days.

The move may appeal to certain segments of world population, but will hardly improve relations with Hondurans, about 90% of whom support the Micheletti administration.

Meanwhile, Zelaya announces that he'll enter Honduras somewhere in the remote mountainous area of Nicaragua, apparantly with visions of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara in mind.

I don't know how this strikes you, but if you feel anything like I do, it's time to raise your voice to Congress and the State Department.

From Tegucigalpa


P.S. All OK here today. We were in the center this morning, and everything seemed normal

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

News From The Inside On Honduras

Dear Pam:
First of all I would like to THANK YOU for that superb article about Honduras and all the help and support.
Still, I am so overwhelmed to see what’s going on!!!!
How come the Dpt. of State started to cancel diplomatic visas and are threatening to cancel the visa to all the people that went to the states to explain what was really happening!
4 republican senators are in our country and are very surprised to see and learn the real truth!

I am very sorry to write this note, I had high hopes that the world will begin to understand the truth and who the real heroes are!!!
Maybe I just don’t understand politics and double speech anymore!

I really don’t understand how people truly believe that by getting Zelaya back all our problems will be solved!!! Huge mistake....just like Hugo Chavez, when he was forced to go back to Venezuela, the swear in front of the cross that he wont reform the constitution...and next day he had the constituent formed!!!

Mr. Zelaya gave a clear example of how he always thought that he was above the law, how he used innocent people to protect him, how he call the people to destroy properties “from the rich” (as he call them) ...what he did in Nicaragua trying to cross the border, without listening to the USA, the OEA and the whole world...its NOT NEWS TO US...that was he's everyday behavior....FOR GOD SAKE ...CANT ANYONE SEE THIS!!!!
Best regards,

Charles "Charlie" Roach Is Getting Ready For His Entrance

In our incredible string of three '09 babies we are about to have a boy.

I started this blog last year at this time to cover Melanie Roach in the Beijing Olympics. Melanie came in 6th place in women's weightlifting. One year later we will mark the anniversary with little Charlie. For now, it is really warm and Melanie is feeling the heat again! Actually, Mel, it was this hot in Beijing as I recall. We are with you now, too!

PS. The note in the comments is from my daughter-in-law in Germany. If they had had a boy they were going to name him Charlie...hence the good natured comments. I keep telling her it is OK to have two Charlies in the family! My dad would be honored. And, I love the name! The comment may be a hint that Capt. John and family have not ruled out another child! Hmmmm, I will reread the comment....

Pam Roach To Make Presentation On CPS Issues At National Convention

There will be more on this as we get closer to the date. But, I am hoping there will be good news to report when I travel back east to deliver the message. I am trying to choose a color for YOUTUBE.

FOX News And Wall Street Journal "Get It Right" On Honduras

My article (see previous PRR) published in the Seattle Times preceded the reporting by FOX and now the Wall Street Journal regarding the truth of what is happening in Honduras. The following WSJ article dated 7-27-09 is written by the new president, duly instituted, and with whom we should send our support:
One of America’s most loyal Latin American allies—Honduras—has been in the midst of a constitutional crisis that threatens its democracy. Sadly, key undisputed facts regarding the crisis have often been ignored by America’s leaders, at least during the earliest days of the crisis.

In recent days, the rhetoric from allies of former President Manuel Zelaya has also dominated media reporting in the U.S. The worst distortion is the repetition of the false statement that Mr. Zelaya was removed from office by the military and for being a “reformer.” The truth is that he was removed by a democratically elected civilian government because the independent judicial and legislative branches of our government found that he had violated our laws and constitution.

Let’s review some fundamental facts that cannot be disputed:

• The Supreme Court, by a 15-0 vote, found that Mr. Zelaya had acted illegally by proceeding with an unconstitutional “referendum,” and it ordered the Armed Forces to arrest him. The military executed the arrest order of the Supreme Court because it was the appropriate agency to do so under Honduran law.

• Eight of the 15 votes on the Supreme Court were cast by members of Mr. Zelaya’s own Liberal Party. Strange that the pro-Zelaya propagandists who talk about the rule of law forget to mention the unanimous Supreme Court decision with a majority from Mr. Zelaya’s own party. Thus, Mr. Zelaya’s arrest was at the instigation of Honduran’s constitutional and civilian authorities—not the military.

• The Honduran Congress voted overwhelmingly in support of removing Mr. Zelaya. The vote included a majority of members of Mr. Zelaya’s Liberal Party.

• Independent government and religious leaders and institutions—including the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, the Administrative Law Tribunal, the independent Human Rights Ombudsman, four-out-of-five political parties, the two major presidential candidates of the Liberal and National Parties, and Honduras’s Catholic Cardinal—all agreed that Mr. Zelaya had acted illegally.

• The constitution expressly states in Article 239 that any president who seeks to amend the constitution and extend his term is automatically disqualified and is no longer president. There is no express provision for an impeachment process in the Honduran constitution. But the Supreme Court’s unanimous decision affirmed that Mr. Zelaya was attempting to extend his term with his illegal referendum. Thus, at the time of his arrest he was no longer—as a matter of law, as far as the Supreme Court was concerned—president of Honduras.

• Days before his arrest, Mr. Zelaya had his chief of staff illegally withdraw millions of dollars in cash from the Central Bank of Honduras.

• A day or so before his arrest, Mr. Zelaya led a violent mob to overrun an Air Force base to seize referendum ballots that had been shipped into Honduras by Hugo Ch├ívez’s Venezuelan government.

• I succeeded Mr. Zelaya under the Honduran constitution’s order of succession (our vice president had resigned before all of this began so that he could run for president). This is and has always been an entirely civilian government. The military was ordered by an entirely civilian Supreme Court to arrest Mr. Zelaya. His removal was ordered by an entirely civilian and elected Congress. To suggest that Mr. Zelaya was ousted by means of a military coup is demonstrably false.

Regarding the decision to expel Mr. Zelaya from the country the evening of June 28 without a trial, reasonable people can believe the situation could have been handled differently. But it is also necessary to understand the decision in the context of genuine fear of Mr. Zelaya’s proven willingness to violate the law and to engage in mob-led violence.

The way forward is to work with Costa Rican President Oscar Arias. He is proposing ways to ensure that Mr. Zelaya complies with Honduras’s laws and its constitution and allows the people of Honduras to elect a new president in the regularly scheduled Nov. 29 elections (or perhaps earlier, if the date is moved up as President Arias has suggested and as Honduran law allows).

If all parties reach agreement to allow Mr. Zelaya to return to Honduras—a big “if”—we believe that he cannot be trusted to comply with the law and therefore it is our position that he must be prosecuted with full due process.

President Arias’s proposal for a moratorium on prosecution of all parties may be considered, but our Supreme Court has indicated that such a proposal presents serious legal problems under our constitution.

Like America, our constitutional democracy has three co-equal and independent branches of government—a fact that Mr. Zelaya ignored when he openly defied the positions of both the Supreme Court and Congress. But we are ready to continue discussions once the Supreme Court, the attorney general and Congress analyze President Arias’s proposal. That proposal has been turned over to them so that they can review provisions that impact their legal authority. Once we know their legal positions we will proceed accordingly.

The Honduran people must have confidence that their Congress is a co-equal branch of government. They must be assured that the rule of law in Honduras applies to everyone, even their president, and that their Supreme Court’s orders will not be dismissed and swept aside by other nations as inconvenient obstacles.

Meanwhile, the other elements of the Arias proposal, especially the establishment of a Truth Commission to make findings of fact and international enforcement mechanisms to ensure Mr. Zelaya complies with the agreement, are worthy of serious consideration.

Mr. Zelaya’s irresponsible attempt on Friday afternoon to cross the border into Honduras before President Arias has obtained agreement from all parties—an attempt that U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appropriately described as “reckless”—was just another example of why Mr. Zelaya cannot be trusted to keep his word.

Regardless of what happens, the worst thing the U.S. can do is to impose economic sanctions that would primarily hurt the poorest people in Honduras. Rather than impose sanctions, the U.S. should continue the wise policies of Mrs. Clinton. She is supporting President Arias’s efforts to mediate the issues. The goal is a peaceful solution that is consistent with Honduran law in a civil society where even the president is not above the law.

Mr. Micheletti, previously the president of the Honduran Congress, became president of Honduras upon the departure of Manuel Zelaya. He is a member of the Liberal Party, the same party as Mr. Zelaya.

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10 Ways You Know It Is REALLY Hot Outside!

Number 10: Weather tops the local news.

Number 9: When touched, keys left on the dashboard burn your hand!

Number 8: Your pregnant daughter-in-law hugs a big sack of ice during dinner.

Number 7: You break out the fan you didn't know you had.

Number 6: You stay home from your granddaughter's last soccer game...that wasn't called because of heat.

Number 5: On the kitchen counter, the Hershey bars you bought for s'mores have melted.

Number 4: The phone doesn't is too hot to talk with me :o)

Number 3: Lacking a swimming walk out the door and pour a pitcher of water over your clothes.

Number 2: A constituent calls to tell you his well has run dry..... AND.....

The NUMBER 1 reason you know it is too warm .....Your husband volunteers to run the he can be in the air conditioned car.

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Lilly's Mother Comments On Blog

Here for the first time...Lilly's' MOTHER speaks out.
"I am writing for one of the first times ever. I am Lilly's mother or "terminated mother" as the AG calls me. This day in court brought a smile to our family's face for the first time in many, many long months. Yes I am appealing my rights. I was lied to in court and promised my child, Lilly, would go to my parents, who had raised her from birth. Lilly is their world as much as she is mine. We love her. Pam thank you so much for following this. IT NEEDS TO BE SOLVED. THEY ARE TEARING APART FAMILIES." (Lilly's Mom)

STATUS: Standing has been granted by the court to Lilly's maternal grandparents and also to the deceased father's grandparents (Lilly's great-grandparents) who stepped in to regain family placement after the maternal grandparents lost the child because of a bunch of lies in a home study. (The home study called them thieves who lived in a home without heating.) The child was removed from the grandparents because of this study.

DSHS tells young mothers when they are asked. "Yes, you terminate your rights and your mom can adopt her! You can have the chance to get an education and you know your child will be better with the parents who raised you. This way everyone is happy...and you will be able to even see your child grow and develop." ETC.

DSHS and the Attorney General have no intention of giving the child back to the mother even though they used false pretenses to get her into the system and lined up for adoption. There are a lot of problems in this case. But, we need to go back to the first problem and get it corrected. Since the state lied to the mother to get the child...the mother should have the child returned to her!

Friday, July 24, 2009

DRUGS.....Venezuela to Honduras to Mexico To US

A PPR reader brought up drug trafficking through Honduras so I asked a friend in Honduras about this. The following is his answer:

"I read LA PRENSA (the national newspaper) almost every day and before the transition of power took place here in Honduras every other week there was a list of small planes with drugs that were found with the Venezuelan flag either burned, crushed, or just abandoned with the indication of drug trafficking. Who was indirectly involved? We don't know. We can only assume. (See "narco avionetas")"

(Chavez wants to continue to traffic drugs through Honduras. Most people in Honduras believe that Zalaya's son is the biggest trafficker in the country. ED)

Evelyn And Jose's Excellent Adventure...The Pres. Palace In Honduras

A Great Read!
From my Federal Way, WA friends Jose and Evelyn Castellar who are now in Honduras. One of our optometrist sites was at their farm in Belaire.

Dated: Friday, July 24th from Tegucigalpa, Honduras

This trip continues to surprise. On Tuesday Jose received a call from a good friend of ours to inform us that he had arranged for us to meet with the new First Lady of Honduras today, Friday the 24th. She is the one who can give us an allowance to bring a container filled with goods for the very needy.

We left on Thursday after clinic to take the ten-hour trip. As luck would have it the schoolteachers had taken over the bridge on the only road out of La Ceiba. (This does little for their popularity here.) Jose and I had a very important reason to get across the bridge so we followed a police car as far as we could and we did get close to the action. I got out of the car to beg a policeman to allow us through if we promised not to run over any schoolteachers. With the absolute “NO” I received, I headed back to the car when a man who looked like Billy Goat Gruff told me he could help. As Billy G. G. got into the car Jose was visibly alarmed but we drove as he directed down a rickety road and to the bank of the river. We were relieved when there were other cars trying to cross the river too. We made it across the river but only after Billy Goat Gruff and I jumped out to help direct the crossings.

On Friday morning we were to meet with the First Lady. As luck would have it Mel Zelaya chose that morning to attempt to cross into Honduras again. What a show! The new President and First Lady had to be taken to a safe non-disclosed place, as there had been bomb threats on their life and on the Casa Presidential. Our well-connected friend said he could still get us in to see the First Lady’s assistant. The roads were closed to the Casa Presidential, but he got us through the police blockades and into the Casa Presidential. We were warmly greeted and almost immediately had the opportunity to make our plea. I showed our PowerPoint presentation to the First Lady’s first lady and she brought the President’s first assistant and Attorney to meet us and view the slide show. They were both very impressed and promised that we would get the allowance to bring in two containers to Honduras. This promise comes from the two assistants, of the unrecognized by the world, Honduran interim First Lady and President. What are the chances? I for one am going forward with plans to send two containers.

We are still in Tegucigalpa as the roads to leave town are blocked by the teachers and syndicates (unions, ed). We should be able to leave tomorrow very early in the morning.

From Tegucigalpa, the heart of freedom,
Evelyn and Jose

Chavez Wants Honduran Drug Route OPEN

Eight weeks ago I was on a small transport being ferried between Cuyous Cochinos and La Cieba Honduras. For new readers...I hosted a group of optometrists to my NGO sites around Jutiapa. At that time a very large US Navy crusier was outside the small harbor. Its aim was to stem drug trafficking that has been on the rise since Mel Zalaya took office. The following article was sent to me from Honduras.

Translated and in synopsis this is an article written by an English reporter, Michael Garret.
To sum it up he says the main reason Chavez is working so hard on this is not because of potential oil reserves in Northern Honduras that he would be able to exploit, or trying to push his socialist movement on the rest of South America. The reason is because of the drug trafficking. If Zelaya is gone, the drug trafficking routes will be shut down, and right now that is how Chavez is funding his socialist movement. It is a key route where nearly all of the drugs from Columbia and Bolivia come from. It then goes to the Mexican cartels and then on to the U.S.

Would Readers Like To Respond?

When this came in as a comment I published it but thought there might be some of you who would want to respond:
I know I'm generalizing but if the "grandparents" couldnt get parenting right the first time (as parents) and their "kids" as adults ended up in the system why do we want to give these people a chance to screw up a new generation? (From an anonymous PRR reader)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Roach To Propose Legislation For Grandparent "Standing" In Court

Thousands of dollars down the line, Lilly's grandparents were granted standing in the case of their granddaughter whom they raised from birth.

I am presenting legislation to DSHS Sec. Susan Dreyfus that, if passed, would give immediate standing to relatives such as grandparents. It is absolutely outrageous that the department and the attorneys for the AG have worked so hard to keep grandparents out of court in custody cases.

I want to thank my legislative aide, Brian Lohr, for his help in preparing this legislation. He has been closely working with me, my constituents, and other interested parties to create a folder of proposals. Brian is an attorney who has worked in the field representing parents and other relatives. We are all so blessed to have him!

Court Standing Granted To Lilly's Grandparents....ALL Of Them!

Today, Lilly's grandparents (who raised her until age 3 when she was taken) were granted their Motion to Intervene and now have standing in the case. They can be heard in court on all decisions relating to the child and they can petition the court for adoption. With standing they may also petition the court for other placement decisions, visitation, and other matters. They are officially a party to the case. (Cost for standing without my legislation: $25,000+)

The great-grandparents were also granted a Motion to Intervene. And, they will undoubtedly also petition for adoption as they have been encouraged by the department to do so. (Cost: $25,000+)

Today's round of applause:

Congratulations to the grandparents who have been lied about and thrown into a situation that never would have happened if the department had followed the law.

Congratulations to the great-grandparents without whose intervention Lilly would already have been adopted by the foster-adopt single woman on the waiting list for a blond three-year old girl. And, finally,

Congratulations to CPS without whose involvement a boat load of people would not have the billable hours to submit.

Note: This is the case where the young mother was told her daughter would be adopted by her parents if she terminated her parental rights. She did that. Then when the state moved in to give this toddler to the foster women the mother also petitioned to get the child back! That is on appeal. Least I forget,

Congratulations to the taxpayers who whether they know it or not paid for four attorneys at the mother's court hearing as on appeal she was entitled to a panel of attorneys.

Guess The Gender...Guess The Age

As just mentioned, I received a phone call today. A grandfather is desperate to get his grandchild. The father is unknown (and therefore out of the picture) and the mother has some drug problems that she is working out. The grandfather is employed though not wealthy. He is a man without criminal record... and he loves and wants to care for the "baby," his grandchild.

Quiz time for readers:

Based on what we have learned:

What is the gender of the child?
And, what is the age of the child?
PS...Now that he has stepped forward to care for the child...CPS has told him he can no longer have any conversations with his daughter! Here They Come!!! They will hunker down and do anything they can to keep the child. They will exhaust all

CPS Stikes Again...Arrogance In The Raw

From a caller this morning:

"When I complained to a supervisor about the fact that my granddaughter had been offered to me and in the span of 3 hrs, taken away again, he was very condescending in his tone reminding me I had no rights in the case. I had stated earlier I wanted to just cooperate with the department but was beginning to feel I needed a lawyer. He invited me to get one and...
'file a third party action to get the child... or give the money to charity; it would do as much good.'
He minimized the trauma I felt from being a parent again one minute and then not being one in the span of three hours based on his arbitrary decision."

(Who can point out where the state was wrong? And, anyone heard this before?)

Glenn Beck On Honduras....My Gosh!!! Has He Been Reading My Blog???

(Please cut and paste)

3 Minute Video From Honduras To America

PLEASE VIEW THIS YOUTUBE VIDEO AND THEN FOLLOW THE LINK TO THE GLENN BECK MESSAGE. (After seeing the Beck piece I will definately work harder to sell tickets to his event!)

From Honduran journalist who is up against Obama and Chavez in trying to get the word out:


I am sending you the video created to explain what happened in Honduras to the international community. We have the English and Spanish versions (see below). It was made to last no more than 3 minutes to get the message across without losing the viewers' attention. The English version has incredible results, becoming the most-viewed video related to the Honduran Crisis.

Please cut and paste

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hondurans Peacefully March To Retain Their Democracy

"This is today's peaceful demonstration in favor of democracy and constitutional law in Tegucigalpa. Not primarily in favor of Micheletti, nor in opposition to Zelaya, but in favor of democracy and constitutional law, which has been upheld in this country by the impeachment of a corrupt president. White and blue were the suggested colors for the group, peacefulness was demanded, and the group responded. There was no violence, nor acrimony. I'm proud of my brothers and sisters!" (From friends in Tegucigalpa)

It looks like the United States lead pressures on Honduras may be breaking this poor, freedom loving people. They peacefully and constitutionally removed President Mel Zalaya from office. Zalaya quickly went to the UN and OAS and with the backing of Chavez and the Obama administration, the removal was labeled a coup.

This is one of those rare, rare times when so many reports come in from all over the county (Honduras) that you are able to see what the press does to a story. WOW. And, the winners are those on the left...led by Obama and Chavez. While our nation is tied up in the health care debate, we are working to put a despot in the making back into power. Lose another country to the left in Central America?

To date the San Jose Agreement that is being negotiated has not been signed. Zalaya will not agree to the terms of the return. Hondurans have had $300 million in funding from the US stopped. Honduras are standing up against world opinion based on biased reporting.

We should all be praying that Honduras retains its democracy. And, we should all have our eyes opened to see what Obama will do to have a "feel good" relationship with Chavez and Castro. He would sell Honduras to show the leftists that he likes them. This guy would sell his mother if it gained him another step to the left.

Values Clarification Strategy...A Lesson Of The '70s

Values Clarification In The Classroom

The goal was to make people more rational. It was to let young children see that there were ways of thinking different than that of their parents. It was to change the values, through logic, in American thinking. The values of the Judeo-Christian ethics were now passe.


There are 6 people in a life raft and they have been floating for days. They only have enough food for five more days if everyone is to eat. With the water current running as it is, the captain says it will be 2 weeks before they hit Obama Island and will be saved. On the boat there are:

1. an old lady who is weak,
2. the captain with navigational skills,
3. a priest (there is ALWAYS a religious guy in these "games"),
4. a 20 year-old B. Spears type who whines alot but may eventually be useful for the propagation of the species,
5. a middle aged used car salesman, and
6. Obama himself.

Which four people should be tossed overboard so the others have a chance at living? You are told that there are no right or wrong answers.

These types of "values" games give rise to thinking that allows people to step away from the law. They feel they know better than the law and have the moral high ground to make decisions outside of the law.

WHAT??? Yes...there are some who think going beyond the law to move children around not for cause but for the child's "own good" is a justifiable activity. They believe that government should be able to take a child from one environment and move him/her to another based on what may be better for the child. Removal for greener pastures is not part of our law. (Hello...there is always a better place for a child. I can make an argument that ANY particular home is not as good as another. And, government does it all the time as justification for moving children.)

Take little 3 year-old Lilly's case. She was with financially strapped grandparents. Once Lilly was removed from the foster parents (I take many kudos here) she was placed with the greats. The department thinks she is better off with rich, but much older, great-grandparents. There was not legal reason to take Lilly from her grandparents. There was never any claim of abuse. But, "richer is better" according to the department. This is a "values clarification" decision.

This is the thinking of someone who has no problem going beyond the rule of law and is willing to believe that people working for the government, unaccountable as they are, are somehow better able to decide where children should be.
This is why we have keep government restrained in its actions with the people!

The "government must know best" thinking is certainly not one of American origins! We remove children who are in danger. Yes. But, the states have gone far beyond that with the powers that have been entrusted to them.

BLOOMBERG Gets it Right...And Obama Undermines Democracy In The Americas

By Joshua Goodman

July 21 (Bloomberg) -- Senator Jim DeMint delayed confirmation of President Barack Obama’s nominee for the top U.S. diplomatic post for Latin America over dissatisfaction with the administration’s handling of the Honduran political crisis.

In a letter dated today, the South Carolina Republican asked Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry, a Massachusetts Democrat, to postpone voting to confirm Arturo Valenzuela as assistant secretary of state for Western Hemisphere affairs until the committee’s next business meeting.

DeMint also asked Kerry to temporarily block the nomination of Thomas Shannon, who currently occupies that post, as ambassador to Brazil.

A copy of the letter was obtained by Bloomberg News.

Obama “rushed to side” with Cuba’s Fidel Castro and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in calling the June 28 overthrow of Honduran President Manuel Zelaya a coup “before getting the facts,” DeMint said in an e-mailed statement. “Now it’s clear that the people of Honduras were defending the rule of law.”

(There is more as the article continues to mention to tell the truth.) article...thank goodness!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What American Investors In Honduras Are Saying

Here is what fellow Americans are thinking and doing in Honduras. This comes from American investors on the island of Roatan. I would like to pass this along.

From Coxen Hole, Roatan:
"There are a few of us that have a meeting with Hugo Llorens tomorrow afternoon in Tegucigalpa. Thanks for your support and wish us luck tomorrow!"

July 20, 2009

The Honorable Hugo Llorens,
U.S. Embassy
Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Dear Mr. Ambassador:

As a foreign investor here in Honduras, I am compelled to write you about
the stance of the U.S. government regarding the transition of authority in
Honduras. I am concerned that the policy goals of the U.S. government
diverge radically from the interests of American investors here in Honduras
and from American interests in the region. These policies adversely affect
Hondurans from every walk of life.

In short, if Zelaya is allowed to return to power with Chavez supporting
him, we see NO future for American investment here and all of the
investments made here by both private citizens and the US government over
the last decades will have been wasted.

We implore you to stand and protect our interests as well as those of the
majority of Hondurans that support this action. Specifically, we ask that

1. Publically work to have Washington recognize the new government of
President Micheletti Bain.

2. Publicize the clear and obvious involvement of known communists and
enemies of the United States, Hugo Chavez and Daniel Ortega in attempting to
destroy democracy in Honduras, as they are doing in their countries.

3. Publicize the abundant information regarding Zelaya's unprecedented
corruption and criminal activity.

4. Stop threatening Honduras business people and politicians that their
US Visas will be rescinded if they don't support the US position.

5. Lift the travel warning for the Bay Islands immediately, and the rest
of the Honduras as soon as possible.

6. Travel to Roatan to meet with the American investment community early
next week to explain the US position.

Please know that we deeply concerned about the pathetic response of the US
Government to what has happened in our adopted home, and that we are ready
and proud to stand with the majority of Hondurans in defending democracy.


Paradise Computers, S.A.
Roatan's #1 Technology Provider Since 1997
Mango Tree Center
Coxen Hole, Roatan

F-22 Debate And Press Editorial In A Straight News Story

There is currently a debate in the US Senate over the continuation of funding for the F-22 stealth jet pictured in the masthead of this blog. The "Raptor" is the 5th generation fighter. Sec. Gates and Sen. McCain want to end the program in favor of putting $1.5 in another jet. I thought you would like to know what it looks like. Up front it is even better!

Later Today:

OUTCOME IN THE SENATE...The Senate voted Tuesday to halt production of the Air Force's missile-eluding F-22 Raptor fighter jets in a high-stakes showdown over President Barack Obama's efforts to shift defense spending to a new generation of smaller F-35 Joint Strike Fighters.

The 58-40 vote reflected an all-out lobbying campaign by the administration, which had to overcome resistance from lawmakers confronted with the potential losses of defense-related jobs if the F-22 program was terminated.

(Oh, I was all about money. Those greedy bastards who wanted to keep jobs in their districts! Well is a very cynical press that reports a story that way. There are plenty of people out there that believe the F-22 needs to be a complete fleet before production ends. Those people have America's best interest in mind. But, the press doesn't mention that. They lull the readers back to sleep with such explanations. PR...Executive Board Member/Joint Select Committee On Military And Veterans Affairs

Monday, July 20, 2009

Private Message To A Reader:

A trip to Washington DC to see a Member of Congress other than your own seems a waste of time and money. The members will be on recess soon and you could have seen one here at home. Keep your eye on the ball! Work the issue of your own grandchild... then try to save the grandchildren of others. Even through your frustrations you must rise to the occasion and think out every thing you do.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

From An American In Honduras...Sunday Night, 7-19-09

Just received:

"Hugo Chavez has sent more troops to the border between Nicaragua and Honduras, people are marching in the streets, the public schools have been closed for weeks, Costa Rica has just insulted the interim president here, the government clinics are closed.

The government clinics were closed by the syndicates (unions), as were the public schools. I have been receiving many patients in serious need of medical care beyond my capability and medicines, which I do not have, as we are the only open clinic for miles right now. It is sad to see the real interest of the unions at such a critical time. It is overwhelmingly obvious that their concern is not the sick or the children."

(The United States (Obama) could stop this. All he has to do is recognize the constitutional removal of Mel Zalaya. This is moving toward bloodshed. Obama is going to sacrifice the poor and innocent Hondurans so he can give away Central America. PR)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Comments On Pam Roach "Honduras" Op-Ed In Seattle Times

From the Seattle Times comment section:

Several computers containing the results of the referendum Zelaya wanted to conduct are seized at the Presidential Palace.The National Directors of Criminal Investigation seized various computers from the Presidential Palace that had recorded the supposed results of the referendum to reform the constitution that the deposed leader, Manuel Zelaya, was planning to conduct on July 28, the day he was removed from office.

From my Facebook wall:

"I read your column in Saturday's Times. Good for you. Thank God somebody is
telling the truth about what is happening down there. Pam, thank you so much
for having the courage to tell the truth and taking a stand. Behind you 100

From my email:
One from Americans in Honduras
Superb article! Thanks so much for speaking the truth!

One from an American in WA State
Wow, ten for ten in the comments section. Excellent editorial. I bet it goes national.

And, one from an Honduran in Honduras

Thanks so much Pam for helping the truth to come out.
The people and the new government will hold on here, that is for sure.

God Bless you,

C. {name removed by me}

I responded to C.:
Thank you all for holding on. The stability of the region depends on your actions.
God Bless You All!

Seattle Times Publishes Pam Roach On Honduras Crisis

Please cut and past to view article as it appears in the Seattle Times today. Or, view the following as I submitted it. Thanks, Pam
(Please cut and paste.)

PS. And, thank you for the Seattle Times for hosting this article and allowing the truth to be published.

Honduras Constitutionally Removes Marxist Leader FINAL 7/14/09
Special to the Seattle Times
Pam Roach

Sunday, June 28, the freedom loving people of Honduras did what they were proud to do. They constitutionally removed from office their elected president and Marxist despot in the making, Jose Manuel (Mel) Zalaya Rosalas.

For several months a showdown brewed when Zalaya announced he would hold an illegal election. If passed, the fine print would have allowed an unconstitutional extension of his four-year term ending in January of 2010. The United States, according to Honduran nationals and US Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Florida) appeared to unconditionally embrace Mr. Zelaya’s plans.

The Honduran Supreme Court, the Administrative Courts, the Attorney General, the Commissioner for Human Rights, the Electoral Tribunal, and the National Congress (a majority of which are members of Zalaya’s own party) all declared the referendum to be illegal.

Working closely with Marxist Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, Zalaya’s attempt to take control of Honduras was foiled when Honduran officials removed him from office through constitutional process. Other Chavez proteges -- in Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua -- have been successful in refusing to accept checks on their power, making use of mobs and seeking to undermine institutions.

Zalaya’s own party controls Congress. They voted him out but not before Zalaya fired the commanding general for following orders of the Supreme Court and refusing to administer the election. When the general was fired other military leaders walked in support of the general. The Supreme Court ordered reinstatement because the firing was without cause.

Hondurans expected the praise of the world for peacefully removing a man who had violated the tenants of the constitution he was sworn to uphold. With the help of leftist Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez a quick media blitz sent out information that a military coup had occurred. Zalaya was hurriedly flown to the United States where the Obama administration, which did not lack knowledge of the events, gladly received Zalaya and supported his quick endorsements from the United Nations and the Organization of American States.

Honduran nationals have gone to email to stem the tide of misinformation. Hondurans, US charity workers, and ex-patriots are blitzing the facts. Only this weekend small segments of the media have picked up the truth.

Yes, the military removed Zalaya from his palace during early morning hours. But, that occurred after his constitutional removal. Zalaya would hardly have gone on his own. The military has not taken control in Honduras. It acted under the legal direction of elected officials who were responding to their duty to protect Honduran freedom and democracy.

While Hondurans fight to save constitutional government, Nicaragua has sent troops to the border and over 800 Venezuelans were placed in Honduras to help Zalaya with his attempted election coup. More have arrived.

I have been to Honduras many times with humanitarian relief. While there last month, my good friend, Teresa, emailed, “Please, we don’t want this to happen to us. Chavez is ruling Latin America!”

Zalaya has been bad for Hondurans. Without a word he ceded traditional fishing grounds in the devastatingly poor Mosquite area to Nicaragua. Honduran fishing boats were seized by Nicaraguan military. Crime is up and drug trafficking has sky-rocketed. Even before the attempted election coup Teresa said, “The people do not support him anymore.”

Hondurans are waging an information battle. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has asked that Zalaya not try to return to Honduras at this time. The president of the Honduran Congress is acting president and will have Zalaya tried for treason if he reenters.

The United States should support strengthening the rule of law and democracy in Latin America rather than joining a Marxist band wagon. Hopefully, Clinton may now see that.

State Senator Pam Roach -R- Auburn, recently returned from Honduras where she heads the humanitarian efforts of La Escuela de Esperanza (School of Hope), a non-profit organization she founded.

Friday, July 17, 2009

A Reader Comments On Federal Money As A Motivator To Take Kids...I Comment Back

PRR Reader Writes:

"Laws do need to be changed! What we really need to address is Congress in Washington D.C., and put a STOP to the federal funding that goes to DSHS for EVERY child they keep in foster care. DSHS doesn't get federal funding if that child remains with a family member. Last year alone Washington State received roughly fifteen million dollars in federal funding. That doesn't include the social security DSHS files for these kids as well. If the federal funding was in place to support family members over foster care, you would see a lot more of these kids and families preserved. It's no wonder children in foster care has increased 350% since this federal bill was passed in 1998. This bill was passed to HELP the children! NOT to help a corrupt state agency supplement their spending habits with OUR children!"

My Comment: Money is not the real motivator. $15 million is chump change in the big picture. SSI is also a chunk of change. part it is about the industry that surrounds the agency...counseling for the mothers (usually it is the mother with a drug issue no matter how small)...counseling for the children (they are so traumatised by the removal and placement with strangers that they now need it!), the CASA program, the money and jobs associated with free attorneys for the young and often indigent mother and boyfriend, the workers who drive the child to and from visits, the court clerks, bailiffs and judges, etc. But, there is one very highly placed DSHS person who agrees with me. Money is not the issue.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

FOX New's Glenn Beck...In Seattle, Sept. 26th

Please go to to order your tickets.

In the comment section at the bottem...mention you want to sit in the Pam Roach section.
(please cut and paste)

Evergreen Freedom Foundation is the sponsor of the Glenn Beck visit. Beck will be in town from noon to 5 PM on Saturday, Sept. 26th.

He will fill SAFECO Field. Get your tickets soon.

(Question: Can you tell me who will receive the $45,000 paid to SAFECO Field for use of the stadium?)

DSHS Get It Wrong?...DSHS Doesn't Care And Is Not Held Accountable

Any normal person who commits a wrong will apologize and try to make it right. And, the law will back up that sense of decency. It has been that way for thousands of years. In fact, the "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," is part of the Judeo-Christian ethic that is embodied in our secular law.

But, the legislature and past governors have decided that the law is not something that we will apply to the illegal government taking of children. The law is there. The legislative intent is there. But, the system will not follow the law. It will certainly not punish itself...only protect and guard the unrestrained powers it has. Unrestrained...because no one...not the Attorney General...not the head of DSHS...nor the governor...will hold the Department of Social and Health Services accountable to the law! And, neither will the legislature!
A bill with sanctions for those within government who steal children would never pass our state legislature!

Makes you wonder what trade offs are being made to have everyone turn a cold cheek. A lot of friends are making money...getting free kids...I guess.

Even in the rare case where the Office of Risk Management pays out claims to wronged families...nothing changes within the bureaucracy to make it follow the law! Bureaucrats are not in business to give up power. Power is a real turn on for some people.

Baby Hannah Arrived This Morning In Enumclaw, WA

Update. Hannah arrived at 4 this morning..20" and 7 lbs 1 oz. We are thrilled that everyone is doing well. I am babysitting 5 grandkids right now! What a beautiful day for fun.

Tomorrow we are having a Princess Party...! Yes, and our very special guests will be the Stuths and their wonderful granddaughter. We will have fun. And we will celebrate the liberation of at least one that CPS and the system went after!

DATED MUCH EARLIER THIS MORNING....Well, we put the plan into action. The call was made just after midnight to Dan. He is 5 minutes away from Dave's house. Dan arrived. Dave and his wife then drove to the hospital. Husband Jim showered and out the door he went to relieve Dan. Jim will be at the house when the older kids get up in the morning.

Hannah is coming tonight! I emailed family in Germany and Qatar. They are up right now. I have grandkids here tonight so I will be sound asleep when all this happens :o)

Sin #4... At DSHS In Lilly's Case

Oops, I missed at least one.

#4 DSHS is required by law to seek placement with a relative if they remove a child from a home. In Lilly's case they did not do that!

DSHS put Lilly right with a under 30 single woman who signed up for a free child! They denied this child her legal right to stay with family. They denied the extended family the legal right to keep her.

I was the one who called the AG to inform them that the great-grandparents even existed. I was told about them from the maternal grandparents. DSHS never even asked! They broke the law...again.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The SINS of DSHS...Against Lilly...Her Family...And All Of Us

There are many outcomes of the department's illegal actions. Let's just look at how they have torn this little family apart:

First Lie: CPS told the mother that if she terminated her rights to Lilly then her parents could adopt her.

This was the first rouse. It was tried in the Stuth Case. The Stuth's came to me in February of 2008. The department told them that if their daughter terminated her parental rights then they would be able to adopt their granddaughter. The Stuths saw this only as a way to speed up the taking. They were right. Their daughter did not terminate allowing for more time to save her daughter from the state. Do not trust the department. Once you terminate they swoop in and place the child immediately with a pre-selected foster-adopt. The child had been promised to someone else! They ask for termination so they can make an easy take!

Second Lie: CPS wrote an in-home study full of lies and never saying one good thing about the grandparents. They lied to a judge...essentially!

This study was the basis of the taking! This totally biased study was done after a 20 minute visit to the home. CPS never asked the grandparents anything about all the bad things they planned to report. No explanations, not one rebuttal allowed. (And, with no standing the grandparents must lawyer-up to stop the machine!) If the GPs had rights to rebuttal they could have removed the claim that they had stolen a computer from Swedish Hospital. (I never could figure out how anyone could do that in the first place. I keep coming up with the visual of a wheel chair and the grandpa bundled up with a blanket and white wig....)

Third Sin: There was never a claim or accusation that the child was in any danger, physical, sexual, emotional, nothing...Lilly was taken without legal cause!
She was taken by a false report that never even claimed that the child was in danger! It is hard to elaborate on that one! They wanted this taking done quickly. How many other babies have been stolen this way? We need to know. Sec. Susan Dreyfus should be asking some questions.

Lilly Is With Her Paternal Great-Grandparents

Lilly will NOT be adopted by a foster adopt single woman as is so often the scenario with CPS. I like to think I had something to do with that.

Lilly will go either to her maternal grandparents who raised her from birth to age 3 before the department illegally took her from her family...

or, she will go to her paternal great-grandparents who are caring for her at this time...

or, there is an outside chance that she will go back to her mother who was tricked into terminating her rights by the department.

One week ago Friday, July 3, 2009, we found out that Lilly was learning to spell her "new" last name...the name of the great-grandparents. Last week the department told the greats that placement did not necessarily mean permanency with them. The department told them that, in my opinion, to project the appearance of fairness. In reality...the department has decided to give the child to the great-grandparents! But, they have to take it step-by-step to avoid further criticism.

The first home study, that was full of lies, was the reason that the child was taken from the grandparents.
Since the department has acknowledged that the first home study on the grandparents was flawed..."the opinions of mankind" (that is taken from the Declaration of Independence) force them to at least finish the second home study before they assign the child.

Hello...the fact that a new home study was ordered...and that they took the child because of the first home study... opens the government to liability. If they do the right thing and return the child to the grandparents or the mother, then taxpayers will have to pay less in the end. This family and child have been harmed by the department's actions.

I called DSHS Sec. Susan Dreyfus to tell her I thought it was down-right cruel of the department to be doing another in-home study of the maternal grandparents, get their hopes up after having been lied about in the first report...only to have them learn that the new in-home study was just another sham. Our conversation lasted one hour.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Update On Lilly

There is so much to write that I will do it tonight. Please check this weekend. I have talked with DSHS Sec. Susan Dreyfus several times. Pray for her courage to do what is right. She needs to make the right decision based on the law. See you soon.

(Note; I have been asked to write an op ed. So I will be working on that tonight too.
Enjoy the day! There is NOTHING like a warm, sunny day in the Pacific Northwest. We are harvesting in the garden and set up a badminton net in the big backyard. Hannah is not here yet.

"This is N7KIS.
Come in Hannah.
This is N7KIS..come in Hannah...over."

KING 5 Talks With Governor Gregoire Over Poca Case

Thank you KING5 and Susannah Frame!

(Please see for video)

Video: Independent reviewer finds many cracks in child welfare system
Larger screenE-mail this clip

An independent reviewer looking into the case of the 4-year-old foster child nicknamed Poca has identified potential problems throughout the child welfare system that led to the child being in limbo her entire life.

Governor Gregoire ordered the review, led by Dr. Benjamin de Haan, one day after the KING 5 Investigators asked her several tough questions about the case in May.

Poca has spent her entire life in foster care; all but a few months of it with foster parents in Snohomish County. She was abruptly and controversially taken away from them two months ago.

In the 10-page preliminary report, Dr. de Haan writes, "Poca should have had a permanent home a long time ago."

Susan Dreyfus, the new Secretary of the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS), appointed by the governor, met with KING 5 to discuss the report.

"I was pleased that in such a short time frame they were able to look at the case, figure out what they thought were the big issues that we're going to need to address at a systems level, and again, we're going to learn from this case and keep improving the system as we go," she said.

The report identifies some of the problems that led to Poca without a permanent home her entire life.

Dr. de Haan further says social worker turnover was a factor – there have been 10 on the case.

He cites a lack of competent, goal-oriented case supervision at DSHS – even for a brief time – played a role.

He also found a lack of sustained, clear direction in the case plan for Poca.

Over the years, the child's plan bounced all over the place.

Poca was born weighing just over 2 pounds. She was critically ill and remained in intensive care for 3 months.

After that she lived with her biological parents for a few weeks.

CPS removed her, and placed her in foster care after her father tested positive for meth. The mother had a prior baby die after testing positive for meth at birth.

Shortly after, the state placed Poca with new foster parents, Dick and Amy Langley, who agreed to be an adoptive option for the baby.

The Langleys raised her for 3-and-a-half years until CPS found them guilty of neglecting one of their other children.

Poca was moved to another foster home because of that.

A judge ordered her back to the Langleys after a day.

Then the state tried to move her to an aunt's home. That transition failed when the state realized she lived with a convicted criminal.

Afterward the plan was to transition her back to her birthparents. That fell apart when the parents had another child removed from CPS after it was discovered they had violated their safety plan for the boy.

The Langleys were cleared by an appeals judge of the neglect finding, which led them to believe Poca could remain in a stable home.

But she was removed anyway. State social workers and the child’s court appointed advocate told a judge the Langleys were trouble makers and meddlers who were getting in the way of reunifying Poca with her biological family.

Two months ago, she was placed in yet another home: family friends of the birthparents.

Poca was taken from her foster home with the Langleys.
"From my standpoint, are there things we can learn from this case? Yes. Will we? Yes. But right now I just want permanency for this little girl," said Secretary Dreyfus.

The review also says Poca was let down by the Attorney General’s Office. Three times over the years DSHS asked the AG’s office to file papers to legally terminate the parent's rights so Poca could be adopted.All three times, they wouldn't do it.

“I’m disappointed in the (legal) representation in this case,” said Dreyfus. "I'm also disappointed in terms of the representation in terms of not filing three different times, when it was sought. But I don't want to blame the Attorney General's Office for this because there's plenty of blame to go around on this case, starting with us."

Secretary Dreyfus tells us she checks on Poca’s well being every week and that the child is doing well in the new placement.

The AG's office has finally filed the paperwork to terminate parental rights.

A more in-depth report on Poca's case from Dr. de Haan and an Independent Review Committee, is due to the governor next month.

As for her former foster parents, the Langleys, they want to adopt Poca if she becomes legally free from her birthparents.

Despite court filings by the Assistant Attorney General on the case, recommending Poca never be placed back with them, Secretary Dreyfus tells us the Langleys are definitely being considered as an adoption resource. She was unaware of the court filing but assured us she would look into it.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Monday, July 6, 2009

Marin County, CA To Look For Possible Government Corruption In Child Services

State orders audit of Marin family court
Gary Klien
Posted: 07/01/2009 06:58:10 PM PDT

Prodded by Sen. Mark Leno and other lawmakers, the state Joint Legislative Audit Committee voted Wednesday to investigate the family courts in Marin and Sacramento counties. The audit will focus on the use, and potential misuse, of court-appointed specialists in family-law disputes, such as mediators, investigators and therapists.

Critics say such appointees can form incestuous and incompetent networks more concerned with generating fees than helping children through painful custody fights.

"It becomes a service mill, a cottage industry of sorts," Leno said in an interview Wednesday. "Maybe state law needs to be changed."

Marin and Sacramento counties were chosen for the audit because of the number of litigants reporting problems and filing complaints, said Ali Bay, a spokeswoman for Leno. But any changes recommended by the auditors could inspire new statewide legislation.

The audit is expected to take four months and cost about $160,000. The start date has not been determined.

Leno said that because of the state budget crisis, the audit committee - which consists of seven assembly members and seven senators - could only approve two audits Wednesday. Six were under consideration, he said.

Leno, a Democrat representing Marin and parts of San Francisco and Sonoma County, said the committee voted unanimously for the family court audit, demonstrating the widespread doubts about the system.

"People are concerned the health and well-being of children might be at risk," Leno said. "I've had mothers and fathers in tears in my office, telling me their sad stories. Minimally, we have to look into this and see what the truth is."
The audit was approved two months after Marin Superior Court issued a report extolling its efforts to increase public confidence in its family-law division. The changes followed a turbulent decade for the family court, whose critics launched a fierce but unsuccessful recall campaign against several judges and a former district attorney.

To improve the system, the court announced, officials cleared a backlog of 1,500 stalled family law cases; translated legal forms and instructions in Spanish; conducted a public survey on court performance; and established a special twice-monthly calendar to help litigants who are representing themselves, according to the report.

But the report still didn't address the core issue of the mediators and other specialists appointed to advise the courts, said Kathleen Russell of the Center for Judicial Excellence, a Marin watchdog organization.

"Needless to say, we're thrilled that we had such unanimous support from the committee for the audit request," Russell said. "We spent 17 months working with legislators to educate them about the problems. It's really the end of a long journey, but we'll be working with the auditors as well."

The state auditors are expected to investigate how court appointees are selected, how they are trained and evaluated, how their fees are established, and how complaints against them are resolved, among other issues.

Judge Verna Adams, a former divorce lawyer who is Marin's presiding judge, said she welcomes the audit because it could clear the record and instill more confidence in the court.

"We're happy to have this happen," Adams said. "We really would welcome a well-designed, professional review of our family law procedures.

"We're confident that we're following the law. If they want to do an audit of best practices, Marin is the best place for them to be."

Contact Gary Klien via e-mail at

Hondurans Follow Their Constitution To Oust Marxist

I asked an American residing in Tegucigalpa, Honduras if the removal of Manuel "Mel" Zalaya was constitutional. The following was the answer:

"They acted in a legal fashion according to the Constitution. They had a basis for taking him out of office; however, the problem is the way that he was actually “ousted” on Sunday, June 28, leaves some question in the minds of anyone. The military was ONLY involved in removing him from his residence and the country; they were NOT in power here. Power was constitutionally given to the next-in-line after the president. For this reason, the government here insists this was not your old-fashioned military coup. But, since it was the military involved in the ousting (not the police), the appearance has caused problems for the media and everyone else, and rightly so. The basis for removing him, though, was a legal procedure with the courts ordering the military to remove him. The reason they give for removing (rather than arresting) him is because of the chaos that would have ensued. There is not a jail that would have been adequate to keep Mr. Zelaya in; he does have supporters, of course, and they really felt it would be a much more dangerous situation to have him here and one that really was not possible.

Are these reasons good enough to justify the military’s involvement in his removal? I don’t know. How we have wished they could go back and change a few of the ways the did things, but the showdown was coming for awhile. On June 25, Mr. Zelaya, with a group of supporters, went to the Air Force base here to reclaim the ballot boxes/ballots that had been confiscated. It was peaceful because the military simply let him do what he wanted to do, but it was a wild display of defiance and unwillingness to abide by the regulations put on him by the courts, Congress and election officials. None of these things have been explained to the average American although the U.S. government must be aware of his actions. It was on T.V. for all of us to see here, and it was quite the scene. The defiance towards the courts and other institutions here has been going on for awhile. The problem, as well, is the counsel he continually received from Venezuela. He didn’t listen to the counsel given here. The U.S. ambassador here worked hard to help the situation not come to a head on Sunday, but it just seems that Mr. Zelaya finally pushed too many buttons.

It is so difficult, we know, for our government to respond to what looks like an old-fashioned coup, but it was not as the military did not control this country. They followed the orders of the courts, removed the president, and a new president (next in line) was reinstated. We hope & pray that somehow the US can help Honduras work through this in a way that will be best for the present and future of this country … Even better would be that all countries, including Venezuela, leave Honduras to solve their own problems. We realize, though, that Venezuela will not do that while others (including our own country) may … then, there will not be anyone to come to Honduras’ defense when we need it, and we may just be swept up by Mr. Chavez using Mr. Zelaya. This is the danger that looms. We hope that the OAS will see this and begin to condemn the threats that have been made by Mr. Chavez which go directly against the OAS policy of non-intervention. Honduras needs many changes, but they do not need to be included in the list of countries under Mr. Chavez. That would change the very fabric of this country. Although Honduras is poor and struggles with so many things, they have liberties that they don’t realize they have until they are taken away. And, the majority of the population is not in favor of such a change (probably about 80%, although it is impossible to have some kind of official number)."

(This answer is in line with everything I have heard. And yet, with US backing the United Nations and the Organization of American States is backing the Marxist the Hondurans have constitutionally removed.)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

This Sunday's Highlights

* Woke up to a gun shot. King County police killed a moose on our frontage. It had been hit by a car. Female.

* Finished, To Have and Have Not... by Hemingway. A short read...makes me want to write. I am nearing a subject.

* Took out the down...ACDC very loud (in honor of Captain John who plays "Highway to Hell")

* Solved the problem of helping a Honduran doctor in Guatemala, from the US, on a Sunday

* And now..."Desperate Housewives"

Zelaya's Plane Circles Honduran Runway, Can't Land

Zelaya's plane circles Honduran runway, can't land
26 minutes ago

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras — Ousted President Manuel Zelaya was kept from landing at the main Honduras airport Sunday because the runway was blocked by groups of soldiers with military vehicles, some of them lined up against a crowd of thousands outside. His Venezuelan pilot circled around the airport and decided not to risk a crash.

(Please note: "Venezuelan pilot" ...Chavez is doing everything he can to help his friend become a dictator. Why can't Dr. Edna use her ticket to fly into Honduras????...I bet she has been bumped (for 3 days) because there are others coming in to help Mel.)

In Tears...Freedom and Friends...The Two Things That Can Move You

No kidding. I am near tears about the potential loss of a democracy in Honduras. I will focus my efforts on what I can do to help. Right now...that is getting the doctor back to her country. She just made contact. We are going to send a car to her if she can get to the border.

Yeah. I'm Afraid...And The United States Is Supporting A Dictator..Several.

Just in from Honduras, Sunday 2:45 PM
This is from a contact:

"Thanks for your prayers and concern. Mel Zelaya (ex-president of Honduras) was redirected to El Salvador. In the press conference afterwards, the interim president of Honduras explained that this was done to avoid confrontation and loss of life here. He has repeated several times that Mel Zelaya will be arrested once he sets foot in Honduras (which could cause, of course, chaos). As well, Nicaraguan troops are moving towards the Honduras border. The president explained that they are small groups but that they are moving towards the border. He also said that he believes the troop movement is intended to place psychological pressure and continue to keep Honduras subjected to uncertainty and fear (which paralyzes the country, of course). He asked President Ortega (of Nicaragua) to respect the no-intervention policy of the OAS. Of course, Honduras is counting on the OAS and the U.S. to speak out against Ortega’s actions as well as the threats that have been made by Chavez as both go against the no-intervention policy."

Honduran Drama And Helping My Honduran Dr. Friend

Good friend Dr. Edna helping me deliver things to a school in Honduras last year. Now she needs my help! And...I will help her!

I am receiving emails from Honduras from my own friends both Honduran and American...and from the friends of others that are, likewise, in Honduras. They are desperate to get the word in the American press regarding what is really happening.

My Friend, Dr. Edna, Can't Get Back To Honduras!

Dr. Edna is one of my good friends and is a Honduran doctor. She just got her license and does not yet have a job. It was my hope to have her work at a new clinic near La Cieba.

Edna left Honduras and now can't get back in. She flew to Guatemala City (yes, I have been there) and for 3 days she has been unable to get a plane to Tegucigalpa. She has a ticket! No service for her and many others.

I called a wonderful friend, Mary Frenter, from SW Washington State. She has a ministry in Honduras just across the border from Guatemala. Dr. Edna is six months pregnant and now has only $10 USD...and is in Guatemala. Mary and I are going to get Edna back to Honduras and help her. If the doctor can just get a bus into Honduras...Mary's orphanage will house the doctor and put her to work. I will stake much of this and am happy to do so. This whole thing may change the location of my clinic!

US Supports Marxist In Honduras

From an American living in Honduras. He has been there 20 years.

"When Hurricane Mitch hit Honduras in 1998, there was an outpouring of
international concern. It seems that the international community does not
yet understand the severe implications of the Zelaya-Chavez alliance. The
concern has only been about the "coup," as it has been seen, and not so much
about the danger the former government represented to the people of Honduras
nor the tremendous effect sanctions, etc., are going to have on the people.
The danger is more than that of Hurricane Mitch. If Mr. Zelaya returns,
there will, most likely, be many, many lives lost (no lives have been lost
yet). As well, the whole system here will be turned upside-down.
Unfortunately, it may be too late for the OAS to realize what they haven't
up until now."

This is a small portion of the message. It is really amazing how fast the Obama administration moved in to support the Marxist, Mel Zelaya. Honduras is a democratic country. Zelaya was over riding the constitution to conduct an unconstitutional election that was aimed at extending his constitutional 4 year term. The Honduran Supreme Court and national Congress said NO to his actions. And Zelaya was removed from office. Yes, he was whisked away at 3 AM and flown out of the country. But, he was constitutionally removed! The head of Congress (from Mel's OWN Party is now at the head of state.) Democracy is not what Zelaya and his friends from Venezuela and Cuba want. Now we have the US government rushing in to defend the despotic acts of Mel Zelaya.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Independence Day 2009...A Parade, Grand Kids, Fireworks, and Food

Independence Day will be celebrated with a drive down Enumclaw's city center in my 1991 red jeep. The top is off, the windows out, and patriotic music is in the CD player. In the morning a couple of the grand kids will join Jim and me on the parade route to celebrate. Later in the day the family will gather for a BBQ and fireworks.

One of the highlights will be stopping by the Stuths. It will be the first time our grand daughters will meet. Lots of little girls..dressed in red, white, and blue. This is America. I pray we will perfect our freedoms.

Come On...Sing It Now!! " Every limo boy and girl..all around the limbo world..."

Poca's limbo song is one story. The people that come to me tell a story of the state taking their grandkids practically in the dead of night, without warning. Then in a month CPS starts termination proceedings. Why do some families get help and others (I'm talking grandparents with NO drug problems or record of abuse/neglect) get the full pocketbook of the state to take? (Link to a new KING 5 Poca story)

It really is mind boggling how CPS can give some biological parents YEARS to get their acts together and then for others...steal for adoption in a matter of 24 hours. We should have an explanation for this.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pam Roach Exoneration In Print

Tri-City Herald
Wed. July 1, 2009

- An October 2008 complaint alleging Sen. Pam Roach, R-Auburn, violated ethics laws by releasing confidential information about someone who made a complaint against her was dismissed.

Roach reportedly had been trying to help grandparents of a child who had been placed in foster care and posting about the situation in her personal, non-legislative blog. The foster mother complained that Roach had slandered her and made personal attacks in the blog. The foster mother also claimed personal information about her had been revealed, although Roach never said her name.

The board found that while Roach had used her office to advocate for the grandparents in court and with the Department of Social and Health Services, her actions didn’t violate state laws. The board also found that disclosure of any of the foster mother’s personal information did not violate ethics laws.

(Dear Readers: This was in regards to the foster woman in the Stuth Case. We won this one and I now have some wonderful friends in the Stuths and their family. We are family!)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lilly In Limbo...DSHS Should Do What Is Right...RETURN HER TO HER GRANDPARENTS

Short version...CPS has decided Lilly will go with either the maternal grandparents or the paternal great-grandparents. The foster woman has been a sore loser...but that is another story. Her actions show she is not yet ready to parent. Read on for the full story.

Detailed version...In the first place, CPS had promised that if Lilly's teen mother agreed to terminate her parental rights then her child would be adopted by the grandparents. (It was a set-up. I believe they never intended that Lilly be adopted by her grandparents. Termination was just a way to "get the kid.")

After the termination CPS filed a bogus in home study lying about the grandparents and never relating any of the good things about this couple who raised Lilly since birth. There was never any accusation of abuse. CPS accused the grandparents of stealing a computer that was actually given to them by DSHS as they, themselves, were foster providers. There were other lies and many things they were NEVER given the chance to explain.

Based on this unfair and fallacious report...the child was taken. My God...even if they took the that reason to have their grandchild taken from them? Felons keep their kids all the time and these people were never convicted of anything...ever. In fact, they are wonderful members of their community and have several community awards. None of that was in the report. (Please see previous PRR.)

This child was taken based on the home study. This is a home study that is now being redone. It was so bad that it is being redone! So, in the meantime the department is placing Lilly with her paternal great-grandmother and she is being taught how to write her "new name". CPS has no intention of reading the second report!

I give the great-grandmother some credit. She, thankfully, rushed in as a relative wanting the child in order to keep the department from adopting her out. CPS was on a fast track to take Lilly. This action by the GGM put the breaks on the taking. (The department now moves very quickly to take and redistribute kids.)

There were two huge wrongs committed by the department:

1. Lying by saying that with termination the child would go to the grandparents, and

2. Taking the child based on the lies in a report. (They know it was a bad study and that is why they are doing another one.)

The department needs to do right by this family.

DSHS needs to return the child to her grandparents who raised her from birth and provided love and shelter and organic food. The grandparents don't have a lot of money but that is not a reason for taking children (or is it?).

Thankfully, while CPS was fast tracking the foster adopt... the wealthy paternal grand-mother entered the picture to keep the department from adopting Lilly out to an unmarried, 27 year-old foster woman who signed up to get a free child.

Probably thinking it would please me that the child would at least stay with family...CPS removed Lilly from the foster woman and placed her with the great-grandparents. The greats now want the child and can offer her love and all that money can buy.

Rich Great-Grandma or Poor Grandparents...

Each would offer love and be devoted to the child. The department is looking at what is "best for the child." The child would be fine in either house. The department should be looking at what is the right thing to do by the law! They took a child without cause! That needs to be corrected and the only way that can happen is to give the child back.

At this point they are not considering how they stole this child from the grandparents and have no sense of remorse for the unfounded taking. The reason the child was taken from the grandparents in the first place was because of a "poor home study." Never, never was any abuse of any kind charged! The social worker made up terrible things about the grandparents, presumably so the child could be transferred to a pre-selected, 27 year-old, single, foster woman. THE RIGHT THING IS TO RETURN THE CHILD TO THE GRANDPARENTS.

If the great-grandparents love this child they will give some financial aide to her until the grandparents rebuild their finances. This is a tough economy. But money should never be a determining factor in placing kids. Especially since there was no reason to take Lilly in the first place!