Thursday, July 23, 2009

Roach To Propose Legislation For Grandparent "Standing" In Court

Thousands of dollars down the line, Lilly's grandparents were granted standing in the case of their granddaughter whom they raised from birth.

I am presenting legislation to DSHS Sec. Susan Dreyfus that, if passed, would give immediate standing to relatives such as grandparents. It is absolutely outrageous that the department and the attorneys for the AG have worked so hard to keep grandparents out of court in custody cases.

I want to thank my legislative aide, Brian Lohr, for his help in preparing this legislation. He has been closely working with me, my constituents, and other interested parties to create a folder of proposals. Brian is an attorney who has worked in the field representing parents and other relatives. We are all so blessed to have him!


Anonymous said...

Where do we start and how do we help?

Anonymous said...

Why can't CPS be made to pay legal fees when they lose? They would litigate a lot less if they had to.

Anonymous said...

I know I'm generalizing but if the "grandparents" couldnt get parenting right the first time (as parents) and their "kids" as adults ended up in the system why do we want to give these people a chance to screw up a new generation ?

Anonymous said...

To the person who is generalizing, I personally refuse to be responsible for any Adult, even if it is my adult child. I stood up for my grandson because he is a child, and had no control over his life, My adult child does and if they choose drugs (or what ever reason) over there own child, the loving , caring, concerned family members should have legal right to care and protect the children.

I bet you are a foster parent, and are afraid you will lose your foster care money or want to adopt. Dont't be bitter, there are plenty of children who do not have relatives who want them and hopefully the system will quit placing children who have relatives who want them, with a foster parent that wants to adopt, it is not fair to the child nor the future parent. I hope you never face our issue and you child picks the right crowd.

I have never been so heart broken, I love my child and it is a horrible choice we are forced to make.