Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hondurans Peacefully March To Retain Their Democracy

"This is today's peaceful demonstration in favor of democracy and constitutional law in Tegucigalpa. Not primarily in favor of Micheletti, nor in opposition to Zelaya, but in favor of democracy and constitutional law, which has been upheld in this country by the impeachment of a corrupt president. White and blue were the suggested colors for the group, peacefulness was demanded, and the group responded. There was no violence, nor acrimony. I'm proud of my brothers and sisters!" (From friends in Tegucigalpa)

It looks like the United States lead pressures on Honduras may be breaking this poor, freedom loving people. They peacefully and constitutionally removed President Mel Zalaya from office. Zalaya quickly went to the UN and OAS and with the backing of Chavez and the Obama administration, the removal was labeled a coup.

This is one of those rare, rare times when so many reports come in from all over the county (Honduras) that you are able to see what the press does to a story. WOW. And, the winners are those on the left...led by Obama and Chavez. While our nation is tied up in the health care debate, we are working to put a despot in the making back into power. Lose another country to the left in Central America?

To date the San Jose Agreement that is being negotiated has not been signed. Zalaya will not agree to the terms of the return. Hondurans have had $300 million in funding from the US stopped. Honduras are standing up against world opinion based on biased reporting.

We should all be praying that Honduras retains its democracy. And, we should all have our eyes opened to see what Obama will do to have a "feel good" relationship with Chavez and Castro. He would sell Honduras to show the leftists that he likes them. This guy would sell his mother if it gained him another step to the left.


Al said...

Dear Pam,

Thank you so much for this posting. It has been very difficult for us Americans living in Honduras to get the truth out. I will forward your posting to everyone I can, please do the same.

Thanks again for your help,


Viva Honduras

Andrew and Harmony Storms said...

Thank you so much for this. I am a US Citizen/Honduran resident living in Honduras and I have been deeply saddened on the reporting of this story in the US Media. Especially now when there has been so much time to get the facts correct. It makes me wonder what Obama's administration's real intentions are.

Diane said...

Finally, a voice of reason. So there are a few people listening to citizens of Honduras. Thank you.