Sunday, July 19, 2009

From An American In Honduras...Sunday Night, 7-19-09

Just received:

"Hugo Chavez has sent more troops to the border between Nicaragua and Honduras, people are marching in the streets, the public schools have been closed for weeks, Costa Rica has just insulted the interim president here, the government clinics are closed.

The government clinics were closed by the syndicates (unions), as were the public schools. I have been receiving many patients in serious need of medical care beyond my capability and medicines, which I do not have, as we are the only open clinic for miles right now. It is sad to see the real interest of the unions at such a critical time. It is overwhelmingly obvious that their concern is not the sick or the children."

(The United States (Obama) could stop this. All he has to do is recognize the constitutional removal of Mel Zalaya. This is moving toward bloodshed. Obama is going to sacrifice the poor and innocent Hondurans so he can give away Central America. PR)

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Anonymous said...

I am just dumbfounded at the thrust of events transpiring in our world. I am even more shocked at the US involvement in most of it. What has happened to our country.
Well, I am thinking you need to run for gov next term. Any later than that there will be no hope for slowing down or stopping this mess.