Tuesday, July 28, 2009

News From The Inside On Honduras

Dear Pam:
First of all I would like to THANK YOU for that superb article about Honduras and all the help and support.
Still, I am so overwhelmed to see what’s going on!!!!
How come the Dpt. of State started to cancel diplomatic visas and are threatening to cancel the visa to all the people that went to the states to explain what was really happening!
4 republican senators are in our country and are very surprised to see and learn the real truth!

I am very sorry to write this note, I had high hopes that the world will begin to understand the truth and who the real heroes are!!!
Maybe I just don’t understand politics and double speech anymore!

I really don’t understand how people truly believe that by getting Zelaya back all our problems will be solved!!! Huge mistake....just like Hugo Chavez, when he was forced to go back to Venezuela, the swear in front of the cross that he wont reform the constitution...and next day he had the constituent formed!!!

Mr. Zelaya gave a clear example of how he always thought that he was above the law, how he used innocent people to protect him, how he call the people to destroy properties “from the rich” (as he call them) ...what he did in Nicaragua trying to cross the border, without listening to the USA, the OEA and the whole world...its NOT NEWS TO US...that was he's everyday behavior....FOR GOD SAKE ...CANT ANYONE SEE THIS!!!!
Best regards,

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