Friday, July 3, 2009

Come On...Sing It Now!! " Every limo boy and girl..all around the limbo world..."

Poca's limbo song is one story. The people that come to me tell a story of the state taking their grandkids practically in the dead of night, without warning. Then in a month CPS starts termination proceedings. Why do some families get help and others (I'm talking grandparents with NO drug problems or record of abuse/neglect) get the full pocketbook of the state to take? (Link to a new KING 5 Poca story)

It really is mind boggling how CPS can give some biological parents YEARS to get their acts together and then for others...steal for adoption in a matter of 24 hours. We should have an explanation for this.


Anonymous said...

Senator Roach,

Please remember that poor parents are subjected to different rules. If a parent argues with a school principal over resources classes; I can tell you that at least one set of parents had their child grabbed from school on a court order (many years ago). I can assure you that there was no intentional neglect or "imminent danger". So, just because a grandparent doesn't have a record or possible does simply means that a parent argues with the wrong person and that the school principal had way to much power to force this mother to conform to his wishes.

Anonymous said...

An idea from King 5 blog:

"OK" there is no reason that I can see why a state lottery can't be brought about specifically designed to support family preservation. The argument, of course, is to challenge the financial disparity that exists in federal funding and to make up for that disparity through lottery. If they can use the lottery to pay for bonds on a new stadium, they can darn sure use a lottery system to pay for family preservation programs.
Therefore, to start a new lotto ticket, that would begin by contacting your legislators requesting a bill that would specifically target lotto money for that endeavor. It would appear that all the lotto money goes into one fund by RCW but I wouldn't want that money to get blended all in together with all the other money. It is too easy to use the money for other things like they do with our social security.
So, lets get the ball rolling on that. Write your legislator and request a new ticket and deposit source.

Stacy Trussell said...

I have complained to the Snohomish county prosecuting attorney about our case and at least got a response back saying it was being turned over to the criminal investigation department. Anyone knowing they have legitimate complaints about c.p.s. please email