Thursday, July 23, 2009

CPS Stikes Again...Arrogance In The Raw

From a caller this morning:

"When I complained to a supervisor about the fact that my granddaughter had been offered to me and in the span of 3 hrs, taken away again, he was very condescending in his tone reminding me I had no rights in the case. I had stated earlier I wanted to just cooperate with the department but was beginning to feel I needed a lawyer. He invited me to get one and...
'file a third party action to get the child... or give the money to charity; it would do as much good.'
He minimized the trauma I felt from being a parent again one minute and then not being one in the span of three hours based on his arbitrary decision."

(Who can point out where the state was wrong? And, anyone heard this before?)


Anonymous said...

Sounds real familiar to me - a broken record to extended family. I am researching the statistics on extended families. There is no manual that governs those statistics. There is no accountability. I don't believe there is any truth to the statistics they provide. Very tainted.

Anonymous said...

Point out where they were wrong? I'm trying to figure out where they were ever right! Sounds like business as usual for those bastards. Is this party in your district?