Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Why Am I Writing So Much About Honduras?

Number 10: I know many "real" people in Honduras and PRR readers can hear directly from them.

Number 9: My friends in Honduras have asked me to help inform America about what is happening since the press has slanted coverage and they feel abandoned by the United States.

Number 8: I am interested in what happens in Honduras and I choose the subjects of the blog.

Number 7: We need to protect this democracy not help destroy it!

Number 6: Americans need to know what is happening in their hemisphere because even this very poor country IS important to us. (Think the good: bananas, coffee, cigars; the bad: it is part of the drug trade route and; the ugly: its democracy is being threatened by Castro, Ortega, Chavez and the Obama Administration).

Number 5: Americans need to know that Chavez backed Manuel Zalaya was constitutionally removed and not taken out in a military coup.

Number 4: I speak up for democracy and the rule of law whether that is in the US or other countries.

Number 3: The actions of the Obama administration have supported Zalaya and you should know about that!

Number 2: If we lose another democracy in the Americas...I will look myself in the mirror and know I tried to warn Americans.

Number 1: I want to keep democracy in Honduras.

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safariman said...

Excellent job,Pam. You're doing a great job on getting the Real Honduran News on line.

An excellent review of their weekend visit was given by GOP Reps Bilbray and Mack on Capitol Hill. Details can be found on their website, paste the following link into your browser.

Thank you, and keep up the good work.

From Tegucigalpa