Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Charles "Charlie" Roach Is Getting Ready For His Entrance

In our incredible string of three '09 babies we are about to have a boy.

I started this blog last year at this time to cover Melanie Roach in the Beijing Olympics. Melanie came in 6th place in women's weightlifting. One year later we will mark the anniversary with little Charlie. For now, it is really warm and Melanie is feeling the heat again! Actually, Mel, it was this hot in Beijing as I recall. We are with you now, too!

PS. The note in the comments is from my daughter-in-law in Germany. If they had had a boy they were going to name him Charlie...hence the good natured comments. I keep telling her it is OK to have two Charlies in the family! My dad would be honored. And, I love the name! The comment may be a hint that Capt. John and family have not ruled out another child! Hmmmm, I will reread the comment....

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Anonymous said...

Name stealers! Tell Dan and Mel that we've noticed there is a Charlie in every class. :) (Actually, that is true. It is beginning to be a very popular name. Your dad's influence is widespread!)