Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lilly In Limbo...DSHS Should Do What Is Right...RETURN HER TO HER GRANDPARENTS

Short version...CPS has decided Lilly will go with either the maternal grandparents or the paternal great-grandparents. The foster woman has been a sore loser...but that is another story. Her actions show she is not yet ready to parent. Read on for the full story.

Detailed version...In the first place, CPS had promised that if Lilly's teen mother agreed to terminate her parental rights then her child would be adopted by the grandparents. (It was a set-up. I believe they never intended that Lilly be adopted by her grandparents. Termination was just a way to "get the kid.")

After the termination CPS filed a bogus in home study lying about the grandparents and never relating any of the good things about this couple who raised Lilly since birth. There was never any accusation of abuse. CPS accused the grandparents of stealing a computer that was actually given to them by DSHS as they, themselves, were foster providers. There were other lies and many things they were NEVER given the chance to explain.

Based on this unfair and fallacious report...the child was taken. My God...even if they took the that reason to have their grandchild taken from them? Felons keep their kids all the time and these people were never convicted of anything...ever. In fact, they are wonderful members of their community and have several community awards. None of that was in the report. (Please see previous PRR.)

This child was taken based on the home study. This is a home study that is now being redone. It was so bad that it is being redone! So, in the meantime the department is placing Lilly with her paternal great-grandmother and she is being taught how to write her "new name". CPS has no intention of reading the second report!

I give the great-grandmother some credit. She, thankfully, rushed in as a relative wanting the child in order to keep the department from adopting her out. CPS was on a fast track to take Lilly. This action by the GGM put the breaks on the taking. (The department now moves very quickly to take and redistribute kids.)

There were two huge wrongs committed by the department:

1. Lying by saying that with termination the child would go to the grandparents, and

2. Taking the child based on the lies in a report. (They know it was a bad study and that is why they are doing another one.)

The department needs to do right by this family.

DSHS needs to return the child to her grandparents who raised her from birth and provided love and shelter and organic food. The grandparents don't have a lot of money but that is not a reason for taking children (or is it?).

Thankfully, while CPS was fast tracking the foster adopt... the wealthy paternal grand-mother entered the picture to keep the department from adopting Lilly out to an unmarried, 27 year-old foster woman who signed up to get a free child.

Probably thinking it would please me that the child would at least stay with family...CPS removed Lilly from the foster woman and placed her with the great-grandparents. The greats now want the child and can offer her love and all that money can buy.

Rich Great-Grandma or Poor Grandparents...

Each would offer love and be devoted to the child. The department is looking at what is "best for the child." The child would be fine in either house. The department should be looking at what is the right thing to do by the law! They took a child without cause! That needs to be corrected and the only way that can happen is to give the child back.

At this point they are not considering how they stole this child from the grandparents and have no sense of remorse for the unfounded taking. The reason the child was taken from the grandparents in the first place was because of a "poor home study." Never, never was any abuse of any kind charged! The social worker made up terrible things about the grandparents, presumably so the child could be transferred to a pre-selected, 27 year-old, single, foster woman. THE RIGHT THING IS TO RETURN THE CHILD TO THE GRANDPARENTS.

If the great-grandparents love this child they will give some financial aide to her until the grandparents rebuild their finances. This is a tough economy. But money should never be a determining factor in placing kids. Especially since there was no reason to take Lilly in the first place!


Anonymous said...

Give her to family!!! My god how hard is it? But do tell more about the foster....they all sound about the same.

Anonymous said...

Not only do these use the promise of placing with family to get easy termination, they also are promising open adoptions that never come through. I get letters quite frequently about this. Right now the only thing in Washington that makes the open adoption enforceable is a $500 fine. Foster adopts just pay it and keep on denying people what was promised. Nobody should ever fall for either one of these tactics.
Jan Smith

Stacy Trussell said...

Lilly`s story is almost identical to ours. When other things didn`t work in our case, the most recent accusation is that our 23 year old daughter who was going through a relative home study for a 5 year old relative, said all kinds of horrible things about me to the home study lady. My daughter signed a release for our attorney to get those records and IMAGINE THIS. Nothing my daughter wrote was bad. All that was bad was what the person doing the home study wrote. This person even said that my daughter said I was a sociopath. We will get through this and get "Alexis" back. They will not win!!

Stacy Trussell said...

The 5 year old is also where the caseworker wanted him. We went to many visits and on several occasions this child had bruises on his upper arm. His grandfather asked how he got them and he said the foster dad got mad and grabbed him. This little boy has started sellf harm, he`s ripped up sheets and it states in paperwork I have from a family meeting that "he has very violent behaviors". During that meeting, the foster mom said although she is very attached to him and would hate to see him go, she felt it best he were with family. The caseworker was planning on transitioning him to my daughters and within a week was fired and this other caseworker came on the case. Shortly after our neice was taken. The caseworker has many friends wanting children from what I`m understanding. Very Sick!!

Anonymous said...

Senator Roach,

I firmly believe that adopting out babies/children to unmarried single women from foster care is WRONG. I firmly believe that allowing couples to adopt from foster care who REFUSE to give birth to their own children is WRONG. Allowing anybody who REFUSES TO give birth to their own babies to adopt from foster care is WRONG. They are REFUSING to sacrifice with thier own money, their own time, their own "free egg/sperm" as some ignorant people put it. It is time to STOP ADOPTION SUBSIDIES. This country is BROKE!

Anonymous said...

Since the foster to adopt became there has been huge problems. Then to add to the problems is the money attached via adoption subsidies. If you want to adopt a child you should not be paid a monthly income. If you want to adopt a child make sure you have insurance and do not rely on state medical coupons. This is out of control

Britnee-malakhi said...

All this non-sense is really starting to piss me off! I think there are more of us then there are of them.I say we stop taking there shit and start fighting back. If all us parents and grand-parents got together , we could beat them, it's time to take over the system and do things the RIGHT WAY! There is nothing to be a fraid of, we are stronger, it's time to make a STAND, AND THE TIME IS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Britnee Emberley

Anonymous said...

This is typical behavior for cps. They promise a vulnerable parent services and then set them up to fail. They deny the child their own family for the sake of money. To be politically correct they will place a child with a relative then comes the "home study" and guess what the relative fails - then its onto the money driven foster/adopt road. This is a crime. Where will we all be in 10 years when these children are teens. If we think our country is in dire straits now wait until then. This cps agency is corrupt and their actions are nazi like.

mgirl said...

My parents seem to think that they will get to adopt my son if the state can TPR. Just because he's already living there and has siblings there doesn't mean it will happen. They aren't trying to TPR my older children. This little guy is 3 years old, cute as can be with blond curly hair and blue eyes. And they want me to voluntarily give up all of my children to them! I will never give them up. They will have to fight me to the bitter end. I will ensure that my children know how much I love and want them!