Wednesday, April 29, 2009

KING 5 Details Abuse Of Children In Good Foster Homes

Susannah Frame will do a follow up story on Thursday...tomorrow. Be sure to tune in. Blog to the station and let them know how much you appreciate their coverage. There is a tremendous amount of time that goes into the research and production of these stories. I am so thankful for their interest.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sen. Arlin Spector To Run As A Democrat

Are there surprises here?

Maybe the Republicans should have left the old guy (76 or something) alone and just let him "naturally" leave office. That way the party would have had some claim on the seat when it came to replace a Republican in office.

Republicans need to think...M..A..J..O..R..I..T..Y. Instead, they get mad and chase someone out when the guy will die in office in a few years. Was it really worth letting the D's get 60 votes?

Even here in Washington State there is too much infighting.

Pam's Axiom:
The Republican party would rather have more control over a small domain than less control over a larger domain.

KING 5 Tonight...New Coverage

KONG Channel 6 at 10 PM
KING Channel 5 at 11 PM and tomorrow morning.

Please check if you can not see it on TV.

This will be very interesting to you all and a must see to follow our story line. Again, thank you to all who attending our hearing in Olympia.

Census Workers Work And Lurk

Dear PRR Readers,

It pains me to announce that there will be no chronicling of the census worker that leaves this house every morning in duty to is country. Depending on the neighborhoods this could be dangerous duty!

Sadly, we will not see these spin offs: "My Life As A Census Worker," "The Secret Life Of A Census Worker," or a potential favorite, "Confessions Of A Census Worker."

US Department of Commerce----Bureau of the Census

First established in 1790 this is the only government agency that does not share its data with any other government agency or organization for 70 years. And census enumerators (that is what is on the badge) can neither say what they are doing nor specifically, where they are going.

Aside from what they make, $17.50 and hour, I can really only say that I learned they are issued handheld computers worth about $2,500 a piece. Presumably they will be reprogrammed to be used in Iraq. Maybe they have already been in East Timor. I guess we may find out in 70 years.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Lt. Governor Brad Owen Seizes The Moment...Votes For Car Tax And Property Taxes

It isn't often that the Lt. Governor gets to break a tie. But, it happened twice this year. All, in one week!


Bill in question:
SB 5433 (Modifying the provisions of local option taxes)
If signed into law local government can impose an up to $20.00 license tab "fee." If you live in King County the math is simple. Count your cars and multiply by $20. Local government will also be allowed to impose a 7.5 cent property tax increase. There are also supplanting issues.

Story line:
24+24+1+1=50 (not 49)
Tax seeking lobbyists were all set with a vote count of 26 ayes. There are 49 elected members in the Senate so 25 is a majority. This is ALWAYS a numbers game. What the pro tax lobbyists weren't counting on was the fact that 2 Democrat Senators who had committed to vote yes...flipped! There was one absent Republican. There was one Republican who voted Yes (no kidding) to the tax increases. That all equals 24 to 24. In any tie other than on final passage the Lt. gov. has always voted. That was done last week when Owen voted correctly on an amendment that protected property rights. But, this tie was on final passage.

Republicans challenged the casting of the vote. The Lt. gov. ruled (yes, he rules on this) that it was only Senate "tradition" that kept the Lt. govs. out of final passage tie breakers, and therefore ruled it was constitutional for him to cast the deciding vote.

It has long been known that Governor Owen has been waiting to have this question settled: "Can the Lt. Gov. break a tie on final passage?" But this particular challenge to "tradition" could cost taxpayers a whole lot of money. Wrong choice of venues!

There are two sections in our State Constitution that address the Lt. Governor and his/her voting in the Senate:

Article 2, Section 10 reads:
SECTION 10 ELECTION OF OFFICERS. Each house shall elect its own officers;
and when the lieutenant governor shall not attend as president, or shall act as
governor, the senate shall choose a temporary president. When presiding, the
lieutenant governor shall have the deciding vote in case of an equal division of
the senate.

Article 2, Section 22 reads:
SECTION 22 PASSAGE OF BILLS. No bill shall become a law unless on its final
passage the vote be taken by yeas and nays, the names of the members voting for
and against the same be entered on the journal of each house, and a majority of
the members elected to each house be recorded thereon as voting in its favor.

If the Lt. gov were to be considered a member of the Senate then there would be 50 members and 26 would be the required number of votes on final passage.

I look for the liberal court to decide that the Lt. gov IS a member of the Senate when there is a tie on final passage. That would be the wrong ruling. Tradition DOES mean something to the court so maybe that will prevail. But, in this case the issue for them may be the taxes in the underlying bill. And, like in the stadium issue...they go for the money. In any event, look for an interesting and important case in the here and now of tax increases.

The record on SB 5433 shows 25 votes yea (including the Lt Gov), 24 votes nay, and 1 excused. That makes 50 and only 25 of 50, not a majority of 26 of 50, in favor.

IT IS A NUMBERS GAME. There are 9 in the Washington State Supreme Court.

Special Session Soon For WA State

At 11:55 PM I was in my car and headed home. After 14 days straight floor action...there were just a few hugs and good-byes.

On the way home I called my son's cell phone. He was in the House Republican Caucus and in hushed voice he said, "The governor's calling a special session."

When one party runs the show we are suppose to end on time to show organization, cooperation, unity and strength. that didn't happen. As if to ward off a special the budget writers specifically did not allow per diem in a special. Attendance could be pretty low!

As fewer and fewer bills are still on the calendar you become fairly familiar with the ones in dispute. Levy equalization for school funding will be one of just a few bills that the governor will enumerate. The call will be for a specific time and for the consideration of a specific list of bills. Depending on how you look at it this could reopen the debates that we thought were settled. If a bill failed, you may see it on the list. Tonight the fat lady did not sing.

Join the pool. I guess the special will be in 1 week and 5 bills will be considered.

A PRR reader has guessed 1 1/2 weeks and 3 bills. Do I see more?

Friday, April 24, 2009

CASA Training Money Removed From Budget...Any Volunteers To Train Them?

I am not sure yet how this will effect the CASA program.

But, in the Community, Trade and Economic Development (CTEDs) operating budget, found on page 45 of the agency detail budget, it says:

"5. Suspend CASA Training Funds - Pass-through funding to pay training
costs for court-appointed special advocates is suspended."

The general operating budget will be voted on tomorrow or Sunday.

All Court Appointed Special Advocates should be required to submit a Public Disclosure F-1 Statement just like all the other people working in the courts, the legislature, and city and county governments.

CASAs should all be required to have better background checks. (Do they have "histories" in other counties or states?)

CASAs should NEVER have private associations, of any kind, with the foster-adopt people with whom they work or with the attorneys that the state hires for their aid.

Complaints against CASAs must be easier to file and must be investigated and held in a CASAs record. Not all CASAs are working in the best interest of the child as we saw in the Stuth case. That CASA told the Stuths that the judge had ordered that they not see their grandchild. That was not the truth! That CASA refused to consider all qualified relatives and hid from the judge the fact of an aunt and uncle that had passed an in home study. How bad is that?!!!!

Families should be able to petition for a change of CASA when a CASA is hostile and threatening to the biological family or foster provider.

Most CASA volunteers do a fine job. But, they do need to be trained before entering the system.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

CHRONICLES OF A CENSUS WORKER Chapter One: "Jim Takes To The Streets"

Out of nowhere husband, Jim, announces he is a census worker!

Across the country senior citizens are taking to the streets en masse. I have not the slightest how long this gig will last but this morning he got up, packed his lunch, and was out the door.

Facts: $17.50 an hour. They pay you for the time you are in transit to and from your home to the job locations...and they pay mileage!

I will let you know how this goes. Today was the training.

KING 5 To Cover Hearing ... Latest On Little Lily

KING 5 will air coverage of material from last week's hearing. Please view on Tuesday, April 28th at 10 and 11 PM.

I will let you know more as I learn about it. Just found out this afternoon.

I am hearing some things are happening in Stevens County as a result of Prosecutor Tim Rasmussen's visit here last week.

Today there was a meeting with CPS and Lily's grandparents. The meeting took place in Mt. Vernon, WA. The object of the meeting was to go over the report on the grandparents and address the contested matters. THIS KIND OF MEETING NEEDS TO TAKE PLACE BEFORE ANY MATERIAL ABOUT GRANDPARENTS IS PUT ON A JUDGE'S BENCH.

Remember...of the 120+ items reported about the grandparents....nothing good was said. (There was nothing said of all the community awards received...nothing of Grandma's two college degrees...but there was the lie about them having stolen a computer and that there was no heating in the house.) I understand that the man who wrote the report was present. Let's hope this miserable situation gets righted. A three-year-old child is suffering right now. She still fights to be back with her grandparents. Her spirit is not broken. (That, of course, is what the department wants. You know. Crush the kid through repeated visits and separations and eventually they prefer to avoid the hurt by blocking out the love they have for the grandparents.)

There was an observer in the room watching the process. We need more of this. The system needs to be open and checked.

Floor Stories...The Waning Days Of Session 2009

(Session will be over on the Sunday, April 26th)

Really Clever Of You Pam

No member can bring food on the floor and that includes drinks. Through the years I have been able to sneak a few "goodies" into my floor desk and when the President of the Senate, Lt. Gov. Brad Owen, is not looking....

So, this year I ramped it up. I bring out a diet pop holding it behind my back. When I get to my floor desk I set it in my trash can on top of all the paper that has piled in there. That way if one of the guards sees the drink, rather than asking me to remove it, I can just say it is trash! Then, when I want a drink of diet pop instead of going downstairs to the Senate Locker Room (cantina)I sneak it into the wings and have a sip. (To my detractors reading this and to others who really is diet coke. I do not drink liquor...never have.)

So, the other day Senator Omig comes over to lobby me on a bill. Eric likes to get close so he pulls up the trash can and sat down. The straw was sticking up. You know, he never said anything. And neither did I. But, I got a new coke.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

There Is A Huge Affect When Prosecutors Step Forward

(There is a need for elected prosecutors to step forward as has Stevens County Prosecutor Tim Rasmussen. I wasn't sure I had shared this editorial but want to make it part of our PPR record. I like press accounts because they are succinct.)

The Spokesman Review
March 25, 2009 in Opinion
Our View: Report on DSHS in Colville warrants review

Stevens County Prosecutor Tim Rasmussen was asked by state Rep. Joel Kretz, R-Wauconda, to look into repeated complaints about the child-protection workers in the Department of Social and Health Services office in Colville, which serves Pend Oreille, Stevens and Ferry counties. What he discovered after several months is contained in a sharply worded letter sent to the governor, attorney general and about 30 lawmakers and state workers.
The blunt report is sure to raise temperatures, but cooler heads need to focus on the substance to determine whether the allegations are accurate. Rasmussen accuses the office of a pattern of abuse in which foster children are taken from homes for questionable reasons. To accomplish this, DSHS workers in the Colville office are accused of selectively choosing doctors and counselors who were amenable to the office’s agenda.

Rasmussen was the prosecutor who worked out the plea deal in the case of Tyler DeLeon, who died of dehydration in 2005 after undergoing long-term abuse from his adoptive mother, who is serving a six-year sentence. In that case, Rasmussen was critical of the state for acting too slowly, or not at all. His just-released report often alleges that DSHS is too aggressive in removing foster children from homes. He notes a judge’s outrage at the agency for removing five children from a family and a request to remove two more for what appeared to be financial reasons. He also accuses the state of conducting sexual abuse examinations of children when no allegations have been leveled and ignoring the advice of court-appointed advocates.

The reality of Child Protective Services is that case workers can be accused of being too intrusive or too hands-off. Whether children should be removed from homes is always going to be an emotional issue. Still, criticism should be taken seriously to bring about the best balance. DSHS hasn’t had much time to look at Rasmussen’s complaints, so it has yet to offer a substantive answer. Kretz isn’t convinced that the agency’s self-evaluation is working.

It is too soon to decide whether the Colville office is in need of a serious shake-up based on these latest allegations. But the office certainly came up short in the DeLeon case, so these charges merit a close look. Plus, the agency does have an ombudsman who hasn’t shied from leveling criticism in the past. For the sake of children, the adults need to set aside hurt feelings and embark on an objective review of the allegations. And the results of that inquiry should be made public.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Federal Funding Rewards Splitting Up Families

A reader writes:

"Once again I will say that it is all about their federal IV funding. DSHS gets no money for letting relatives take the kids. Family should receive the same dollar amount."

Please take the time to comment on this issue. Thanks

First comment received:

1. 4-21 AM Thank you for all your efforts. There is absolutely no reason on this earth as to why we should be separated from two of our relatives. However, CPS ensures that this does happen. We don't know why; other, than my niece was a marketable baby. No there was no money or help when I was expressing an interest in obtaining custody. It was I who had to pay. If fact, I had no rights from the sounds of what attorney's were telling me. "I was not a party to the case"; although I believe there was a referance in a court order that stated that "there was no living relatives".

Lily Update

In response to a reader comment:
I called AG McKenna's office and he returned my call. We have had discussion on this case. I will not be reporting too much on that part of the effort. There are many people watching this case. The grandparents were at the hearing last week. I have submitted material in their defense. Hopefully, the department will find an exit strategy. This costs them nothing. It costs the family thousands. The money would certainly be better spent on dance lessons, music lessons, clothes, special diet foods, educational vacations, soccer lessons, books, tuition, etc...the family has been diminished because of the government assault.

Monday, April 20, 2009

SPECIAL PRESS UPDATE: Senate Ethics Complaint Status Report

To the press:
I currently have two roles. I am an elected State Senator and I am a blogger. Can the two co-exist? Other than voting is there a role for a senator? Does that role include studying government and working to keep it on track? Do you think I have a whistle blower case here?

Hit a Senator with an ethics complaint often enough and you can damage her...or get her unelected.

I started this blog (without any Senate help, thank you) and began chronicling the Stuth Case. I made the removing a 3 year-old from loving grandparents a public CPS saga. Eventually, the reporting was picked up by KING5 News and the child returned to her family from the unworthy foster-adopt woman. (Yes, she was unworthy even before she had her license removed by the department.)

The foster woman was very angry about my blog and demanded it be stopped in a complaint filed with the Senate Ethics Committee last fall. I never used her name. But, someone pointed out that the shoe fit.

The Ethics Committee could not see anything wrong with me having my own blog and using my right of free speech. But... determined to find SOMETHING...ANYTHING... they expanded the purview of the complaint, hired attorney Ken Wilson, and sent him out to nail me.

I have never been told what RCW or Senate Ethics Code item I may have violated. Could this expanded investigation be politically motivated? If not, the ethics committee will go after Sen. Karen Kaiser for using Senate staff to bash the Building Association of Washington in her Senate generated blog. Will the ethics committee question the staff to see if they helped Kaiser with the YouTube response to her partisan statements? Will Kaiser get her very own Mr. Wilson or just me?

Mr. Wilson's War Tactics:
Mr. Wilson has interviewed many people. But, he has not interviewed the Stuths. And, he has not been back to me to ask if I have any rebuttal. Remember Mr. Wilson...there are many people who have it in for me. The CASA who bad-mouthed me in court, the foster woman and her relatives, Cheryl Steponme, etc. might have an ax to grind. Are my rights protected by a star chamber, Mr. Wilson?

Mr. Wilson...most Americans do not like kangaroo courts. Not too long ago you interviewed a staff member and said: "Senator Roach spoke for an hour before Judge Schafer's Court.........." Where are you getting these untruths or are you spinning a yarn? I was in the courtroom and the judge invited me to read a statement that I had submitted. It was really just information. CPS did not tell the court that there was a qualified family member (an aunt) who wanted to care for the Stuth's granddaughter. I was appalled when I found out the department only informs the court about other biological placement possibilities AFTER there is a termination. This is contrary to the directives of law.

Mr Wilson... I am a very good oral reader. This whole thing took no more than 5 minutes. Why would you say I spoke for one hour? Is this something you really believe? You are an attorney. Do you think a Superior Court judge would allow me to speak any longer than she wanted to listen? Is there something wrong with my trying to counter the potential results of a rouge department? When sworn into office do I give up my rights as a citizen to help others? Why don't you ask the Stuths what they think about my help?

The Senate Ethics Committee met in executive session late last week. They tell me nothing. They have spent tens of thousands of dollars, have not asked for my response to accusations, and really have taken a very long time in hopes of finding something.

Ken...the attorney general of the State of Washington has ASKED me to submit material to the court in the Willard Case.

Is there some problem with my learning about how our government is "serving" the people? Should I stand by and watch the government ignore the current state law? it right for you to fill people with misstatements of fact in your efforts to find a hook? I spent 5 minutes, max, before the judge. But, the wait in court, the drive to the King County Courthouse, the putting this all together, the time it has taken to correct your "one hour" statement via this blog...has taken 12 or more hours.

AP Story...More Info On Proscutor Rasmussen

Bellingham Herald,
March 22, 2009

Prosecutor finds misconduct at Colville DSHS office
The Associated Press

COLVILLE, stevens county – The Stevens County prosecutor says he’s found a “pattern of misconduct” at the Colville office of the Department of Social and Health Services.
The Spokesman-Review newspaper of Spokane reported Saturday that Prosecutor Tim Rasmussen sent a sharply worded letter about the office last week to Gov. Chris Gregoire, Attorney General Rob McKenna and 30 other state employees and lawmakers.
Rasmussen accused the office of removing foster children from their caregivers without cause and of “shopping” for doctors and counselors to support its agenda. The letter included accusations that children have been subjected to forensic exams to look for evidence of sexual molestation when no allegations of abuse exist.
The Department of Social and Health Services faces misconduct accusations at its office in Stevens County.

His letter included a complaint from a doctor who said that even after he determined that a baby didn’t have methamphetamine in its system, DSHS’ Child Protective Services ordered the child be placed on a morphine drip. The result, said Dr. Barry Bacon, was that the baby became addicted.
“It is really unfortunate that this child was put through this degree of trauma at such an early age and I believe it can only be laid at the feet of the CPS workers,” Bacon wrote.
Rasmussen also noted that a judge blasted the department for removing five foster children on what the court deemed a “very questionable basis.”
“The court found that removal by the department was done primarily for financial reasons,” Rasmussen wrote. “The court noted its ‘displeasure and sense of outrage at the department having operated the way it did in removing the children,’ and speaks of the department ‘having done a grave disservice’ to the children.”
When social workers tried to remove two other foster children from that home, the judge refused and called their request “child abuse,” Rasmussen wrote.
Connie Lambert-Eckel, deputy regional administrator for the DSHS children’s administration, said the department has been working with Rasmussen on his concerns for some time, but that his letter contains new allegations that she couldn’t immediately address.
“We will be diving into these concerns very appropriately, very responsively, very quickly and very early next week,” she told the newspaper.
State Rep. Joel Kretz, R-Wauconda, said he asked Rasmussen to investigate after receiving complaints about the office.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Associated Press Covers CPS Hearing...KVI On Monday Morning

The Bellingham Herald ran the AP story and I will try to find it for our archive. (This is a bookmark for me.)

We were in session on Saturday and again today. Today we finished at 7 PM.

For those of you on the westside...please tune in KVI 570 Monday in the early AM. I will be on Kirby Wilbur's morning show and the subject is CPS.

If you can call in with SHORT comments that would be good. is impossible to tell a whole story on radio...these stories are just too long, complicated, involved...the listeners will turn off the show. So, we must be short, succinct, to the point.

*Thanks again to everyone for Thursday.
*After the hearing...Prosecutor Tim Rasmussen visited the governor's office and also visited with Attorney General Rob McKenna.
*The hearing was discussed in the Senate Republican Caucus where several spoke up on the issue.
*I learned first hand that the Senate Human Services and Corrections Chair does not talk to the press. That is one good reason there is little or no progress. The light of day is what is needed. That means you need to have the people know what the heck is going on in government. If you want change from the status quo then you have to use all the tools!
*I am now on Facebook but not really up and running yet.
*Just got my first picture of Captain John in Qatar. It is kind'a cool so I may share it with everyone.
*I was up until 2 AM last night practicing my guitar. So...I'd better get to bed...well right after "Desperate Housewives" my TV vice.


Friday, April 17, 2009

Spokane Paper Covers Hearing On CPS

Child Protective Services denounced
Lawmakers hold meeting on agency’s practices

Richard Roesler
Staff writer

Collen Beimer, of Bonney Lake, Wash., attended a meeting about Child Protective Services workers, who were called heavy- handed. “My grandbabies are gone,” she said.
(Full-size photo)

OLYMPIA – Lawmakers, parents and an Eastern Washington prosecutor on Thursday blasted state child-protection officials, saying the state is too quick to remove children from their families.

“The system is broken. The children are forgotten,” said Stevens County Prosecutor Tim Rasmussen. He said he found “a culture of deceit and deception” among Child Protective Services workers in Colville.

The standing-room-only crowd, numbering about 100, was full of parents and grandparents, some holding photographs of children. Thursday’s meeting was called by state Sen. Pam Roach, R-Auburn, who’s been critical of state officials for months in a case involving a couple’s efforts to get custody of their 3-year-old granddaughter.

“Lies are put on desks,” Roach said on the Senate floor later in the day. “Children are being hurt.”

A spokeswoman for the Department of Social and Health Services said officials take such allegations seriously. “If someone believes that any of our staff have been dishonest, falsified documents or have retaliated against families, we ask that people report this to the Children’s Administration or Office of the Family and Children’s Ombudsman,” Sherry Hill said.

“The first priority of the Children’s Administration is the safety of children,” she said. “Our goal is to keep children in their home as long as they are safe.”

Of the child abuse and neglect cases investigated, she said, fewer than 20 percent result in the children being placed in foster care. And when that does happen, Hill said, “we then work toward reunification with the family if that is possible.”

Still, it’s clear that many lawmakers are concerned. About a dozen attended. State Rep. Joel Kretz, R-Wauconda, said he’s heard an “incredible” number of complaints from credible people.

“The agency self-investigates. They write their own reports,” he said. “You can imagine what those look like.”

State Rep. Maralyn Chase, D-Edmonds, said she’s worried about reports that social workers retaliate against parents and relatives trying to keep or gain custody of children.

“I am deeply troubled at what I am finding in falsification of documents by social workers,” she said. And Kretz, Roach and Rasmussen raised concerns that social workers “target” certain children for removal from a home. That includes young kids, children who haven’t been molested, and those who come from families that weren’t involved in drugs.

“Completely untrue,” Hill said afterward. Social workers cannot remove children from a home without a superior court order, she said. (Police and some medical providers, she added, can authorize removal without a court order.)

It’s true that sometimes the workers may make mistakes or that some may violate rules, Hill said. But if so, she said, the department wants to hear about it and will investigate it.

Washington ranks third highest among states for the percentage of children placed with relatives, she said. Some 38 percent of those taken or given up by a parent live with relatives, she said, up from 30 percent nine years ago.

Rasmussen said courts need more authority to review and control child placements. He and Roach are also calling for more opening of the court and agency files involving such decisions.

“You have the power to change this and you should,” Rasmussen told lawmakers. It’s unclear, however, whether there will be any changes. Lawmakers took no action Thursday, except to urge the audience to organize and lobby the rest of the Legislature for changes. There are no bills to make changes, and this year’s legislative session is scheduled to end April 26.

As for Rasmussen’s allegations about the Colville office, DSHS defends its workers. Randy Hart, interim assistant secretary of the Children’s Administration, said recent case reviews showed that “the staff in Colville are committed to working with families and children in the community and helping them get the services they need.”

He also said the agency is investigating the allegations raised by Rasmussen. He said the prosecutor didn’t ask the Children’s Administration for any documents or records, nor ask to speak with any supervisor or manager about specific cases.

Prompted by a letter from Kretz last summer, Hart said, DSHS asked a state ombudsman to do an independent review of the Colville office. The review, he said, should be done by early May.

“Staff have been open to scrutiny,” he said, and have worked with families, foster parents and others in critical family decisions.

Richard Roesler can be reached at (360) 664-2598 or at For more news from Olympia, please see

Blackburn, Scotland...She has never been on a date and never been kissed

She has never been on a date and never been kissed. But can she sing!

She reminds you of the Julia Child of cooking fame but Susan sings. Discovered on the British version of "Idol" she has knocked the socks off the Internet world since her performance a few days ago.

When you look at Susan and hear her may be confronted with your own stereotyping. It is the oddity and curiosity of her voice vs visage that has drawn the attention. She has a beautiful voice but needs a trip to Extreme Makeover People Addition.

She really has nice features. Nice nose, smile, eyes. But, she needs serious work on her teeth. (Residing in Scotland she has socialized dentistry and you see the proof that that is a bad thing!) And, the eyebrows could be trimmed. And then there is the moustache.

The point is that society is shocked and then delighted that she is so talented. But, it is not her talent that has made her an instant interest. It is the polar extremes of appearance and talent that registers. She does not fit our desire to see something pretty along with the pretty voice.

Humans, by nature, favor in all ways...the beautiful, attractive, the accomplished. There are those that would have Susan "fixed up" and there are those that would take her as she is.

Use this sensual dichotomy to address your own biases. Get past the packaging. Thank you Susan.

As Budgets Are being Written...You Gotta See This

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hidden Agenda Of CPS Exposed At Legislative Hearing

Senators, Representatives, Stevens County Prosecutor and Citizens Fill Senate Hearing Room

I walked into the room at 12:05 and Senate Hearing Room 1 was packed! What a crowd. KING 5 was in the wings filming. Our friend Doug Stuth was there to give us great words of observation. He spoke for many! The Willards were there from Orcas Island...I met many of you who have written to the blog. Thank you all for being there. To get the message of the injustices out to the general public it will take some work and you came from all over the state to help. We must all put a shoulder to the wheel.

This was NOT a rally. It was a hearing. Think of it as a statewide, bi-partisan focus group.

I invited Rep Joel Kretz (R) and Rep. Marilyn Chase (D) to be my co-chairs.

Thank you so much for those of you who attended. I will report more as time allows. We are voting into the evening. But, I do want to impress upon you that many legislators were listening. It was a success because of you! THANK YOU TO ALL!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

5,500 Attend Tea Party

Note the cool tea bag adornment! Again...I am a trend setter for the day. Others followed.

Yes, I was there! There were 5,500 people at the largest rally we have had at the capitol in ten years! I am standing by the guitar playing guy. This was an important moment for me. Did I tell you I am taking guitar lessons?...As I type my left hand fingers are numb with callouses. I watched the artist and can tell you I know all of the chords he knows! If I could only SING!!!

DO NOT RAISE TAXES...The message was meant for lawmakers who around the country are given choices on how to write budgets and provide services. DO NOT RAISE TAXES. This amazing rally of Washingtonians delivered the message...we are spending too much of the people's money. There is a great debate in our country.... Do we stay with capitalism or do we, chained by our own debt, embrace socialism? The people do not want socialism but their leaders are marching toward it.

Who was there? Kirby Wilbur, Mike Seagle, Senators Holmquist, Stevens, Carrell, Roach, Becker, and Evergreen Freedom Foundation's Lynn Harsh (Bob Williams was attending the Spokane rally), Dan Wood of the WA State Farm Bureau, Tim Eyman and many others.

After the rally we all went quietly to the post office and humbly made our offerings. I don't drink but I imagine it was like the morning after.

Stevens Co. Prosecutor Tim Rasmussen To Attend Hearing...KING 5

Yes, Suzanna Frame of KING5 will be attending the hearing. Good friend, Doug Stuth will be there...And, I will meet Lily's grandmother for the first time.

Tonight I had dinner with Steven's County Prosecutor Tim Rasmussen and a number of legislators. Tim will participate in our hearing to be held at high noon in the Cherberg Building.

He made news across the state when he exposed CPS for their wrongdoings in Eastern Washington.

CPS told doctors that a new mother was drug affected. Doctors began medicating the newborn as if it were addicted. Turns out CPS lied about the mother.There had been no drug use. But, nonetheless, the neonate was treated as though it was addicted...the child then became addicted!~ How sick is THAT?

The trying to get this child...ended up addicting it.

High noon...Senate Hearing Rm 1....Cherberg Building...Olympia

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lily Being Traumatized By CPS...Fear Is In Her Eyes...She Is Being Repeatedly Harmed By The State Of Washington

(Here we see "Lily" trying to get away from the driver who will take her back to the foster woman. The look you see is fear. She is trying, frantically, to get away. She does not want to leave the grandparents she loves.)

It doesn't take a shrink to know when a child is traumatised. You know it when you see it.

The ages of 0 to 3 are the most formative in a child's life. The whole theory of nature vs nurture is one that supports the fact that trauma does affect the development of a child. Lily was pirated away from her grandparents at age 3 years. We know from her comments that she thinks it is her fault.

When it is time to leave her grandparents after her one hour visit she tries to escape the social worker! She screams! She kicks! She is horrified!

I can not adequately explain how harmful this is and it is at the hand of the state. And...they really don't care. Can you imagine such awful people?

At the last visit the driver and the social worker and the grandparents all recognized bruises on the little girl as being serious enough to warrant investigation.

Lily still has a rash that she did not have while with the grandparents. This is now persistent and may be caused by emotional stress, food allergy, or lack of personal cleanliness. I am going with state induced trauma. Remember, Lily was under monthly doctor's care while with the grandparents. She is pre-diabetic. She was fed organic foods and was very happy. She attended her college educated grandmother's preschool class.

No Lily cries as she is torn again and again from the family she was forced to leave after a quack of a social worker spent his time fabricating "stories" so he could justify stealing this child.

Three Shots, Three Hits


"The captain never gave up his men, " said the crew.
And the United States did not give up on the captain.

For years cruise ships loaded with civilian travelers have been directed hundreds of miles off charted routes to avoid possible pirate encounters. And the cost to shipping vessels should be noted as it is passed on to all of us. Ransoms are paid by private companies and insurance costs are high.

Protection through armed guards is a modern necessity. That is why we have armed escorts on air flights. We need to arm the vessels and then piracy will decline. Just ask an NRA member if the principle works. Hopefully, the decision of cooperation is not dependant on the impotent United Nations.

Three shots. Three hits. And, the boat was rocking! You gotta respect that. And, it was also a bulls eye for Obama.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Former Georgia Senator Speaks Out On CPS Abuses

(Thank you to a PRR reader for this link.)
Please cut and paste to view.

This speech is being given at a conservative conclave. Phyllis Schafly, who is hosting the meeting, has been an advocate for families for decades. It is interesting that this subject, exposing and correcting CPS abuses, is now a part of a conservative agenda.

So, why aren't conservatives in the Republican Party putting this in their platforms? I have to tell you that I think the very entity that conservatives so like to despise...trial lawyers...will be the ones to step forward this.

Let's be reminded that the Washington State Supreme Court will come out with it's ruling on a very important case very soon. It was a trial lawyer who took the case at no charge. I will report more on this as it come out.

Christ Braided The Whip

Dear Readers,

I am a Christian. And as such I will spend time tomorrow in a chapel worshiping the Resurrection of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

(Mr. Shore...I will be thinking of you as you observe Passover and the great story of freedom. I love the books that we share.)

There are many wonderful stories of Christ. Most are stories of examples. When we contemplate, "What would Jesus do?" we draw on His teachings for the answer.

John 2:13-16
13 And the Jews Passover was at hand, and Jesus went up to Jerusalem.
14 And found in the temple those that sold oxen and sheep and doves, and the changers of money sitting:
15 And when he had made a scourge of small cords, he drove them all out of the temple, and the sheep, and the oxen; and poured out the changers money, and overthrew the tables;
16 And said unto them that sold doves, take these things hence; make not my Father's house an house of merchandise.

I would say Christ was mad! He thought about what he would do. So, this scourging of the money changers was premeditated!

I draw from this that it is OK to aggressively go after evil. And, that it is a desirable trait to protect that which is given of families.

May there be a blessed Passover and Easter celebration of the Resurrection.

From Out Of Nowhere...Great-Grandma Arrives

(There is still a battle going on for this little girl. The state will not back off. But...)

What I like best about this woman is that she is livid angry at what is happening and has money for lawyers. Damn the torpedos! Full speed ahead! (This is my kind of grandma...a fighter who has fire power!)

Lily's father...was killed in a car accident. The paternal grandparents are "unable" to take Lily and she was being raised by the mother's parents.

But...there was yet another grandmother... a wealthy great-grandmother who loved and raised Lily's dad who has been out of the country. This is the father's grandmother and great-grandma to Lily. She is relatively young and she is hopping mad.

How could CPS steal Lily and move for a quick adoption? "What is going on here?"

This grandma is NOT HAPPY...and is Lawyering Up!!! Thank God!

Attorney General Rob McKenna called me today from his cell phone. I gave him that story. Yes, he will work on this come Monday. He knows our Grandma with the guns! He knows what happened with the Stuths.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Courtroom Drama Amounted To The AG Going After The Family With Both Guns Blazing

There was a terrible hearing in Skagit County. For days the AG's office faked strong interest in returning 3 year-old Lily to her meth troubled mother. The mother is doing well in counseling but Randy Hart told me last week that would not happen. (And, that I did believe.)

The 22 year-old mother was torn apart on the stand. She was faced with every bad thing she had ever done. She was crying during the whole thing. This is a mother that knows she has had issues...that is why she terminated her rights with the promise that her parents would raise Lily. The facts are what they are but it was a massacre.

The grandparents were blasted as well. The state intends to annihilate anyone that stands between Lily and the foster woman.

The department's AG has no intention of talking family reunification. That is not the goal. They argue for foster adoption even more vociferously than if they were the prosecution going for a murder conviction. That is because they are used to easy battles.

The "apology" letter arrives. 9/10ths bull and one tenth was half an apology. They apologised for having said the computer was stolen. They did not apologise that they had lied in court papers saying the grandparents had stolen it...or that they had wrongfully called the grandparents thieves.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

CPS Sec. Randy Hart....Never Sent The Exoneration Letter To Arrive Prior To Lily's Hearing As He Promised He Would

It took 8 days to get a letter to the grandparents...the day after the hearing. Why didn't they give the letter to the AG so they could retract the lie?
In reference to the retraction of CPS's false accusation regarding Lily's grandparents having stolen a computer which was actually given to them by another arm of this mega department.
"I will send a letter of apology to the grandparents and send a copy to correct the records before the court." Randy Hart, Sec. Of Children's Administration on April 1, 2009.

The letter was suppose to arrive before an April 9th court hearing. It needed to be at the court in time to have it entered. It was not. And, turns out there was not a lot of effort to get it there at all.

When it had not arrived by April 7th I called my friends at CPS. I figured Hart would not send the letter. "Fool me once...etc."

So, I called on Monday and was told the subordinate who was assigned the task was on vacation all last week. (How do you give an assignment to someone who isn't there anyway???)

And, get this...she was now on a two day, all expenses paid, annual CPS conference at the Seattle Convention Center. Not enough people there to carry out the commands of the director, I guess. How much time does it take to write a simple two paragraph letter in a timely manner. They have hundreds of people to do that!

One of my Senate colleagues also called about the letters. "They promised me, " said my colleague. "The letters will be hand delivered if necessary." OK.

Well, if they had wanted to be honest about the grandparents they would have done everything possible to correct this lie. They did not. They tarried. They vacationed. They did not try at all actually.

If they were interested in being honest they would have told their lawyers from the Attorney General's office and had the information corrected. They really WANTED the false information before the commissioner. I mean...what other explanation can there be for this? These are adults not high schools kids late with a term paper.

You judge a person by what they do...not by what they say.

CPS does not want their own attorney to be made aware of the situation. To do that would be like calling off the dogs! (No derogatory thoughts here...just a euphemism.)

The department promised a letter of apology to the Lily's grandparents for lying about them having stolen a computer and a copy of the letter would be sent to the court commissioner for the hearing on Wed. They made the promise on April 1st (I know...quit laughing!). I called on Monday the 6th. No letters sent. They promised the letter would be there for the hearing on Wed. It was not there in time. There was a letter sent too late. Then there was a certified letter sent to the grandparents....too late to be considered at trial where the AG just blasted them...ala Stuth Case.

New developments...Another grandmother enters the picture. Turns out she is well heeled and will attorney up.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Public Hearing "CPS Abuses"...April 16th ...High Noon... In Olympia

There will be a joint legislative hearing on "CPS Abuses" on April 16th at 11:45 in Senate Hearing Room 1 of the John Cherberg Building on the Capitol Campus.

Representative Kretz, Representative Short, Senator Pam Roach and others will be hearing from the public.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Five Children Killed By Father Under A CPS Parenting Plan

DSHS Needs A Big Dose Of "The Light Of Day"

I will not go into the details of the murders as that is for our regular news sources. And to my acquaintances in the media...bless you as you cover these kinds of things.

The father who killed himself was a known factor at the department. He had an anger problem. He was suspected of child abuse. A parenting plan was established for him. They didn't take his kids, probably, because they were too old. (The state specializes in the marketing of three-year-olds.) His five are dead. They were shot as they slept.

In the meantime, Little Lily's good and loving grandparents are awash with fears and tears. Will they ever get their little girl back?

Will the department ever get it right? Not often...they are not disciplined, there is no accountability, they lie to protect themselves from criticism. They do not want the light of day shown on their problems. They can not solve the problems themselves but by one gets to help!

Question: Senate Ethics you think it is unethical that I have an opinion and that I share it with others? If I thought this agency could be corrected I guess I would not have to say anything. But, hey guys, the legislature, the gov and the AG are just not getting it done. So, Ethics silence the answer? Just stand by and let it go...? Haven't we had enough of that?

Lily's Adoption Hearing Will Be This Wednesday

After stealing this child...CPS is rushing to adopt her out to a single working woman who put in an order for a cute, blond little know the gig.

I am told Rob McKenna's attorney is just as bad in this case as the one who worked against the law in the Stuth Case. They have absolutely no care at all about the department lying to the judge. They have their marching orders.

I contend that the AG is legal counsel to DSHS. (OK, everyone agrees.) That does not just mean that they are to defend the state against means they are the legal advisor. They should be advising CPS to follow the law and place with families first.

The AG should want truth before the judge. The state has lied about another set of grandparents. This is about justice. Dear reader...that is NOT how this is viewed by your government.

House With No Heat? That's What CPS Claims. What do You Think?

The social worker put a report on the judge's desk, never having been to the home mind you...saying there is no heat in Grandma and Grandpa's home.

It defies logic to think that a building inspector would allow occupancy without heating. I mean...does anyone think a house could be sold if there was no heat source? But, with CPS logic does not matter.

Wouldn't you fire a CPS worker who so obviously lied about something like this and placed this lie on a judge's desk? Wouldn't you fire a supervisor who let something like this go unquestioned? I mean...what kind of supervisor...knowing we are talking about thwarting the law (it is the law that says we must place with biological relatives first) would not correct this lie?

Of course there is heating in this home. There is a wood stove and electric base board heating. Check out the home:

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Grandma And Lily...Last Visit?

"On Friday, during our visit, Lily and I were in the middle of singing Puff the Magic Dragon, her favorite song, when she put her arms around me, kissed me, hugged me and said: 'Grandma, when will they let me come home? I love you sooooo much. I have been good for them. Can't I come home with you today?

Honestly, I do not know how much more of this I can take...and for them to say it is in the best interest of the child..."

This I received from Grandma. Just like the Stuths, these grandparents received glowing reports until it was decided that the child would go to someone else. This someone was on a waiting list for a child. I guess Lilly fit the order.

The grandparents have a lovely home. Grandma teaches the three-year-old's preschool class. Grandma has many community awards including "Lion of the Year" for Mt. Vernon, WA. There are many out and out lies in the report that is written by Myron Egbers who had never been in their home on Orcus Island when he wrote that there was no heat in the dwelling. The likes of you will burn in hell, Myron. Is there a bonus in it for you? Do you know the foster woman on the side? Hurrying to do the dirty work? Get it done before it gets out?)

Randy Hart. You Said You Would Correct The Record....You Haven't.

The clock is ticking and a family...a in the offing. And yet, no response from Hunter Goodman of the AG's office or Randy Hart the new head of CPS.

Over a week ago CPS Sec. Randy Hart acknowledged that CPS got it wrong. His employees wrote in a report that Grandma and Grandpa had stolen a computer from Swedish Hospital. That report now sits...uncorrected ...on a judge's desk in Skagit County.

Hart admitted that the department had been wrong and told me that there would be a letter of apology sent to the Willards and a correction sent to the judge.

The trial is WEDNESDAY and the department has yet to correct its purposeful lies. too? You don't tell the truth? There were witnesses on my end you know. You said you would send the correction letter. You took a list of points I had for you and you said you would "check." The truth is not with your workers, Mr. Hart.

Remember. Everything CPS hears from their social workers they believe. Anything they hear from others (like me) they do not believe. (Reminds me of the world I live in, politics can be an ugly, lying proposition.) Actually...I think they do believe that their workers are wrong. The department heads just want to transfer "ownership" of a child so badly that they perpetuate the lies to get the kid. It is pretty damn hard to read this situation any other way.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Million...Billion...Trillion? There Is A Difference!

A supporter sends this verbal graphic:

"Ronald Reagan had the best explanation of the difference between a million, billion and trillion that I have ever heard:

'A MILLION dollars is a stack of $1,000 bills 4 inches tall.

A BILLION dollars is a stack of $1,000 bills the length of a football field (120 yards) high.

A TRILLION dollars is a stack of $1,000 bills 54 miles high.'"

Friday, April 3, 2009

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Liar In The Lair About The Hair

The back of Lily's haircut in January 2 days before she was stolen.
Whoever commented in your blog did not know a thing about her hair. It is very fine and manageable. (Message sent to my email. ED)

(This was sent by the community award winning grandmother. Notice how neat the kitchen is. See how clean she keeps her granddaughter. Do you think this house has no heating? The lying social worker reported to the judge that the family had no heating in their house. The report is still on the judge's desk.)

DSHS Person X had reported Lily's hair was course, not matted. Come to think about it I don't know of ANY child that has course hair. Person are just totally full of it!

Today I Attended The Ultrasound Debut Of Grandchild #13 put that in writing and it really sounds like a LOT of grand kids!

While Rep. Roach was debating the final House transportation bill I went with his family to the ultrasound viewing! Ethan (7), Drew (6) and Camille (4) were on hand for the event.

At 40 weeks gestation we could see the four chambers of the heart as it was beating. There were spooky eye holes in the skull. The spine was normal. And the feet each had five toes. Each bone was checked. And, yes, there was something else! It is a boy!

Bear with me on this..dear readers! Three are coming this year and I will mention each as they arrive. Preview: May 15th, Captain John's ? (they want to be surprised); David's wife a girl on July 15th; Dan's wife a boy on August 15th. Dates subject to change!

National Autism Awareness Day In The WA State Senate

To my grandson, Drew.
We all love you very much.
You humble us and make us thankful for our blessings.
Yes, you can be loud at times. We learn to be with you as you are learning to be with us. We will never stop trying.

Today, I introduced a Senate Resolution to mark Autism Awareness Day. As the maker of the resolution I spoke. I talked about my grandson, Drew, and what the signs of autism are. I wanted to let our TVW audience know more in hopes of early intervention for other young children.

A special thanks goes to my colleagues who spoke and the ones who thanked me for my words.It is times like these when any semblance of partisanship is dropped, and I am most proud of the people with whom I serve.

Thank you Senator Karen Keiser (D) 33rd District. As chair of the committee on health care your message was strong and it needed to be heard by the families of those with autism. You are a very important leader in policy decisions.

Thank you Senator Margarita Prentice (D) 11th District. Margarita is the chair of the Senate Ways and Means Committee. She is a wonderful person. Part of her character has come from her reaction to her trials. Years ago, when her own son was diagnosed with autism there was not much known about it. As a nurse she struggled to work with her son. Today he still lives with her. Everyday. Everyday she feels the depth of what all families with autism feel. She offered hope in her speech. Thank you so much.

And, thank you, Senator Phil Rockefeller(D) Bremerton. An attorney. There is no one more thoughtful than Phil. What gentle words he had for his granddaughter who suffers from Asperger's syndrome (high end autism).

At the rally in the Rotunda that followed I shared a mike with Rep. Dan Roach and Melanie Roach and many others in our community. Drew was sitting on the granite steps. He played with the same six large Legos that he takes with him where ever he goes.