Wednesday, April 29, 2009

KING 5 Details Abuse Of Children In Good Foster Homes

Susannah Frame will do a follow up story on Thursday...tomorrow. Be sure to tune in. Blog to the station and let them know how much you appreciate their coverage. There is a tremendous amount of time that goes into the research and production of these stories. I am so thankful for their interest.


debbie said...

i know another good foster family was also crucified by the state and lost their license.

Anonymous said...

sorry call my critical, call my tunnel visioned, but any foster home who lays claim to a child before termination has taken place, doesn't prepare the child that they may not be there forever but it doesn't mean they don't love them any less just that other's love them also, is NOT a good foster home. these providers need to learn their place. they are there to take care of children when family can't-they are not there to build a family for themselves. broken system top to bottom. we need to completely re-think how we care for our most vulnerable, precious, children.

Anonymous said...

special for everybody except the biological and de facto parents - just more alienation of affections by grooming the children to like their special treatment away from home. NOT a way to reunify and support healthy family time.

Just unlawful discrimination again with the support of the WA State government ... where did the funding come from for this?

Lovingfitfather said...

May is foster month. How come they don't have a family month?
Untold numbers of parents are crucified by DCFS daily!
Where is their press coverage?
It seems that if it is not relevant to the Child Welfare industrial complex or the Foster Care industrial complex it is not of much import.
What we as people do not seem to realize is that the Biological interdependent nuclear family structure is what gives society a continuum.
Once family rights are fully extinguished; then simply by default we are extinguishing our own individual rights.
So foster parents I will quote Julius Caesar "Et Tu Brute!"

Lovingfitfather said...

Here is what an honest 15 year veteran foster parent has to say: