Sunday, May 3, 2009

Where In The World Has Pam Roach Been? And More Important Things Like Teaching Children To Read


Pam bought a B. B. King T-shirt on Beale St....she was in _________.

Not enough?

Pam went to the Gibson factory and bought four guitar picks.... she was in _______.

Got it? If not...

Pam visited the resting place of the King. She was in _______and visited _________.

While I was gone I received many comments. I will start work again in the morning. I returned this afternoon and will attend an Enumclaw auction tonight to help raise money for families wanting all-day kindergarten. I voted for the bill that defines all day kindergarten as part of basic education and was the only Senate Republican to do so. School is not mandatory at that age but early education gives kids a good start.
BEST HINT ON EARLY EDUCATION: Teach your kids to read using phonics before they enter school. It worked great here. Start with the alphabet. Give the letters sounds. Study the "an" words, and the "ake" words, and the "ook" words, etc. It works!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, Pam, but more schooling and younger schooling is just more of what isn't working - they should have fun and learn real life an dlearn naturally - not sitting at desks indoors - and them start schooling about age 9 or 10.
However, I am not opposed to public help but let's call it "daycare" - which has smaller class sizes!

State Senator Pam Roach said...

My children cherished the special time I spent just with them to read and learn. You present the tray of delicious fruits and they take from it if they want to. They did. All five of my kids entered kindergarten reading and they loved it...they did not sit at desks. My arm was around them as we sat on the couch as I read and eventaully they began to read to me. It was one on one. It was their special time with mom. Try it. They'll like it. :o) PR