Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Post: Letter From Lily's Grandmother To DSHS And Copied To Me

Posted With Permission and girl's name changed to Lily

"As of today, May 26th, 2009 I have not heard a thing from anybody regarding anything. I am writing this in pure frustration.

Last Friday, our visit with Lily was beautiful because we get to see her, but awful in so many other ways. First, we were able to meet her in a park, actually Lions park. This was very bitter sweet for the three of us as Lily, Andy and I along with other Lion members raised the money and did all the work on the playground including put in the new playground equipment. As we were doing this last summer, who would have thought we would be having SUPERVISED VISITATIONS at the playground we had built for other children.

Upon seeing Lily we immediately observed a severe cut under her chin that was probably a couple of days old. It was long and deep and probably should have required a doctor to look at it at the time. Lily said it hurt but she did not see a doctor. She continues to have the rash she has had since she left our care. She had visible bruises all over her in fact the one by her elbow looked just like a hand had grabbed her. Again, I am a teacher and know how bumps happen, but these all raised questions in my mind. She never had ANYTHING while in our care over 3 years.

When I asked if she had seen her great grandmother, she said "No, she does not have time for me, she went away on a big airplane".

Tomorrow is supposed to be a placement hearing at the Skagit County Courthouse at 9:30am. However, we were to have a pre-placement meeting two weeks ago that they cancelled the day before it was to happen. I was told it would be re-scheduled BEFORE she was moved. So, I have no idea what is going on and apparently {Great Grandma} is on vacation again.

We have been waiting since April the 8th on 3 motions to be decided on in the courts. To date, we have spent almost $15,000.00 in legal costs and still have never been heard by a judge. This is incredible. We have a new attorney, Alisa Maples, whom I have talked to for months and really believe she has a wonderful heart and will serve Lily well. We meet with her on June 5th.

As far as DSHS goes, they promised we would hear no later than 10 days after they got my paperwork. My faxed response went in on April 28th, 2009 and my hand delivered response went to them on May 8th. But as of today, almost a month later, nothing from the adoption unit about a new home study.

In the last 4 1/2 months since Lily has been out of our care we have been devastated. However, during that time I have received a promotion at work from Lead Teacher to Lead Teacher and Educational Coordinator for the school. Andy and I have put in countless hours on Lions projects including eyeglass distribution for over seas projects. We both have received more community awards and I am presently being appointed a Human Services County Council position. Today I am working on our preschool graduation for Thursday, which Lily should be participating in. Do you know what kind of torture this is to teach every day in a classroom with her empty desk? Andy is head custodian at Madison elementary where Madison was named after? (OK, so her name is not Lily. ED) We take care of many children...on a field trip whale watching.... but can't have our own granddaughter? We have no criminal history and are being treated like felons by DSHS?

As I was bringing out my red dishes this weekend for dinner, I remember the social worker coming to our home to do her party. Yes, I had three Home Interior parties at my house in Anacortes from a Social Worker at DSHS who loved our house so much, it was so lovely, well kept and decorated so nicely she wanted me to hostess her Home Interior parties. I did three parties last year for her. Do you think that will ever be brought up? Or will she be fired....

It is more than clear who is in the wrong here.... but the point is will Madison be returned home or be unhappy in limbo for the rest of her life until she can come home at 16 or so.....? Last Friday she asked me " Grandma, can you and Papa and I go to heaven and walk and talk and live with Jesus so we can live together again and be happy? You said there is no sadness or pain in heaven. We need to fly there".

So, this is what has been done in the 'BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD'"

This letter was written to a few DSHS workers and copied to me. I called the new DSHS director Susan Dreyfus and shared it with her.


Anonymous said...

Good Lord Pam, I just cried my eyes out reading this! What the hell is going on and WHY??? Who has this child? Who is abusing her? (besides DSHS). When are they going to bring her home? DSHS, have you no heart, have you no love, how do you sleep at night? Bring Lily home!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

this is all to familiar...going through the same...they make you feel dirty in someway...it has cauased alot of stress on the whole family...imagine a granmother having to have...SUPERVISED...visits...it's been since january...allways another reason...when I see no reasons...my heart breaks...my granddaughter asked;"if I'm good can I come to your home Nannu?"...how do I explain this to her...as she wispers"I love you"...afraid the foster mom will hear...

Anonymous said...

We, too are going through this after having our neice for 18 months. She is almost 3. We are meeting with a new attorney on Wednesday but what good does it do when the Judge doesn`t care about the child`s feelings? It`s always one accusation after another from the caseworker with no proof to back anything up. The caseworker has made it clear that she has an adoptive home for this little girl. We are her family and she needs us as much as we need her. We will not give up. We need as many people as possible to come to the rally for little Poca on June 2nd. This may not only help the Langleys but us as well as others fighting this horrible system that is supposed to be protecting children. Our neice was never harmed in any way with us and is now being emotionally destroyed. Please come to the rally at the Denny Juvenile Justice Center on June 2nd. King 5 will be there and you may be able to tell your story.

Do NO Harm said...

As the maternal aunt to a WONDERFUL almost 3 year-old, I feel their pain and frustration. I agree, that somehow DHHS can make you feel 'dirty' or somehow unworthy of your own kin. I have questioned my intentions and my motives and they are RIGHT! I adore my nephew and a foster family FIGHTS to keep him from us. He deserves to know his biological family. Even as an appeal is in process, they are trying to make us call my nephew by a NEW name!!!!! AND they want to change my previously unsupervised visits to SUPERVISED to be sure, I comply. I live 12 hours away and I will only get 1 1/2 hour visit with him on Friday. HOW can they do this? It really isn't in the "best interest of the child", what IF the appeal is successful, what IF we win and have our nephew returned? Do we then call him by his original name or what? Why don't they care about how HE feels instead of them wanting OWNERSHIP? God help us all.

Lovingfitfather said...

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