Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Update On Placement Of Little Lily

As we left off in the story of 3 year old "Lily," CPS had taken her for no reason whatsoever. She was not being abused or neglected by her grandparents and her young mother had terminated parental rights with the understanding that the grandparents would be granted custody.

Axiom: Never trust CPS when there is the custody of a child involved. If you have a "troubled" daughter who is willing to terminate...get the placement in writing from the department. Once there is a termination they ALWAYS change their course (declared placement intention) IF the biological relatives have no money, the child is around three, and the child is healthy. Just count on that.

The state took Lily, screaming as she was. The state lied about the grandparents (who had no money to defend themselves). The state moved very quickly to permanently place Lily with a stranger. The state never asked about the existence other biological relatives before doing this. (They knew the dad was dead so there would be no trouble from him. They like it when the dad is out of the picture. Usually he has already terminated his rights.) THIS SCENARIO IS REPEATED OVER AND OVER ACROSS THE COUNTRY.

I learned Lily had a very wealthy great-grandmother on the father's side of the family. I called and informed several in the AG's office. I predicted that the GGM would get the child and that is what is happening. She personally knows several of the political decision makers. The department is looking for a way out...if they give the child back to the grandparents then they have admitted they were wrong...if they give the child to the GGM then they have placed with a bio and are off the hook.

I am claiming victory here since the girl was removed from the young single foster woman and her partner and placed with the GGM. The child is going to be with family. The family will have to sort things out.
Axiom: The older you are the less likely you are to outlive someone who is younger and, the fewer active years you have to live. GGM 66, GM 46, Lily 3.

I am not sure how this will end up but everyone agrees that if it had not been for the wealthy and well connected GGM Lily would already be gone. We give thanks that she and her husband are in the picture and fought for their GGD. That still does not address the situation of CPS stealing the child and going after the grandparents with lies and distortions. CPS is now focused on their lack of financial abilities.

One in 10 workers in Washington State is now unemployed. Wow...that means there are a lot of kids for CPS to harvest!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update. GGM is not going to be happy with this blog entry about her financial status. No matter, Lily can live a happier life and CPS can get out of the mix.
Hopefully, Lily will be able to see her grand parents too. A loving extended family is much better than being in gaycare.

Anonymous said...

Good news
At least Lilly will out of that wretched system