Saturday, August 20, 2011

Reader Response On Target

(In 1996 KVI radio broadcaster, Mike Siegle, and I went to Wenatchee, WA. I had invited him, on air, to join me...if he came I would hold a hearing on what DSHS was doing to an entire church community. I took a strong stand against the tactics and my mind.. activities which became known as the Wenatchee Witch Hunt. The story made the Reader's Digest and national news. Our reader response mentions Wenatchee in the following comment to the last blog.)
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "DSHS Letter To All Legislators":

Well, the problem is that investigation of crimes, and the prosecution of criminals, are the province of the police and prosecutors, respectively. DSHS puts out these press releases to show how "responsive" they are, when something is detected by "the system." Of course, when the news media rather than the police or DSHS discover something it's coverup time.

The fact is, after Wenatchee we don't believe everything DSHS alleges. That laundry list of accusations against these two parents may, or may not, be backed up by any evidence. Time and again, DSHS has accused people of crimes just to shut them up. Wenatchee and case after case since have proved that beyond any doubt. And a whole line of public officials including Lowry, Locke, Gregoire et al have gone right along with the abuse of innocent children and adults, just to make the system whole.

The legislature needs to define the proper role for DSHS. It is a role that probably costs a couple hundred million less dollars every biennium. Investigating crimes is not one of those roles. Rather than going on witch hunts against people, they should focus on assisting families to maintain themselves intact, wherever possible. Making ridiculous accusations against people who are unemployed or poor, so they can be relieved of their children to facilitate adoptions, is an atrocity against the very concept of social work. When people are unfit to be parents, the police departments can investigate whether the parents have violated laws that the Legislature has determined are necessary to prohibit unlawful conduct. If they have, then the local prosecutors can charge them with crimes. Social workers, on the other hand, can work with people to better themselves.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

DSHS Letter To All Legislators

So here we learn that messages are sent on an " as-needed" basis. When KING 5 covered a number of terrible abuses we never heard a thing!!!! Where was the note after the 47 lb. 14 year-old was found? Let's open up the many, many cases of neglect by DSHS. DSHS should come clean.

Here is the letter emailed today:

These “For Your Information” messages are sent on an as-needed basis to ensure that you are aware of important or high-profile issues involving the Department of Social and Health Services.

Investigations of former foster parent abuse and neglect

Newspaper, radio and TV news media have recently covered alleged sexual and physical abuse of children adopted by former licensed foster parents, Scott and Drew Ann Hamrick of Eatonville. While licensed, five children were adopted by the Hamricks, and 12 other children were placed in the Hamrick home at various times. Below is very brief summary of the facts related to this developing incident.

On June 18, 2011, Child Protective Services was notified by the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office that two of the Hamrick’s adopted children had disclosed sexual abuse by their adoptive father, Scott Hamrick. Child Protective Services joined the Sheriff in further investigation. That same day, three of the minor adopted children (ages 17, 14 and 12) were taken into custody and placed in the care of relatives.

During the course of the investigation, additional allegations were made related to abuse by the adoptive mother (Drew Ann Hammrick). On June 30, 2011, the adoptive father committed suicide. He was a Lieutenant with the Pierce County Fire Department. He had resigned from his job just prior to taking his life. Last week the adoptive mother was charged with Tampering with a Witness (two counts), Unlawful Imprisonment (aggravated), and Criminal Mistreatment in the Fourth Degree.

There were no reports of abuse received by the department while licensed as a foster home. Child Protective Services did extensively investigate an allegation of parental abuse and neglect in 2010 which was unfounded. (Note: they should have found the adult former fosters at that time! PR) The family acknowledged during that investigation that there was conflict in the family and they did agree to voluntary services, which were provided until October 2010. During the six months of service, social workers and service providers spoke with the children at home and at school on several occasions; and no abuse was disclosed, no indications of abuse was found in the home, or that the children were not safe.

During the current investigation, two other adopted adult children have also disclosed sexual abuse by the adoptive father. Review of DSHS records is underway to determine if other children previously placed in the Hamrick foster home can be located and interviewed.

If you suspect that a child is being abused or neglected, please report the abuse to the local Child Protective Services office or the statewide phone line: 1-866-ENDHARM (1-866-363-4276).
For more information, please contact:

Sherry Hill
CA Communications Director

Friday, August 12, 2011

Jessie Jackson Here

The NFWL group is bipartisan. So...while some of us are doing the Republican things the Democrats are being visited by the liberal.

Jessie Jackson is here in the small Marriott Lounge where I am using the computer. He is using this as a meeting place for his followers. His staff has been here all day. It is a private place to hang out.

Of note is that his staff was overheard saying that they didn't really care if Obama was reelected or not.

Also of note is that Jackson started this meeting with prayer. I like that, actually. Right after that the Tea Party was identified as a problem. No, the Tea Party was not in the prayer!

Workers rights and HIV are important issues to Jackson. He is stressing four C's: Communication, Connection, Coordination, and Content within the 8 member political gathering taking place. Jackson regards Iowa as a "hot potato" and is promoting participation in the caucuses. (If you want privacy, Jessie, rent a room.) He will speak to the assembly tonight.

KOMO Radio on DSHS Today

I was interviewed by KOMO radio this afternoon. We did not talk about the firefighter who abuses foster children and then killed himself when caught. We talked about DSHS.

They asked what I would do to stop this mess at DSHS.

1. Hold the workers accountable who lie or are inept.
2. Interview the kids and ask them how they are being treated... DAHHHHH
3. Give grandparents standing in the courtroom

More to come. I will try to post the broadcast.

Iowa Debate Winners and Losers

In brief:

Pawlenty was a loser! His pettiness against Bachman a huge turn off to both women and men.
Gingrich was a loser. He had a great timeless message that he couldn't make timely. He used archaic examples which did not connect and he was seen as rude in the way he responded to his "gotcha" question. You all had gotcha questions, Newt!
Bachman was a winner. She connected with the audience and was quick on her feet. She was not quick enough on her feet to get back to the stage on time, however!
Paul was a winner even though he got angry and couldn't seem to stand up straight. He is in this to preach and warn the people. He got a spot on the stage and did just that.
Santorum was loser for whining. He ran over the time rule and the crowd was not happy about that!
Romney was a winner. He gave a list of how he would improve the economy even though the moderator said no scripted messages. Excuse me, Brett Bear (sp)...we want to know HOW someone will fix our biggest problem.
Cain was a winner. He delivered his message and had a sense of humor. No one disliked him when it was over.
Huntsman?...a loser... I could hardly remember his name to include it here. He's way too late. He was the only one asked about our cyber vulnerabilities and he has that issue right! He is not afraid to mention China and the thousands of cyber attacks against us.
Rick Perry who was not there....will be the establishment candidate. He had to be convinced to run or he would have gotten in earlier. He is being promised stuff to get in the race. We see that happening in WA State and it really never works out. Loser.

This was really a show! Contrary to political thought in Olympia...Republicans do know how to through a party! Stephens Auditorium on the campus of the University of Iowa is new and acoustically perfect.

I scoured the place for a T-shirt to buy. None. I was told the straw poll was where the political memorabilia would be. (Seems like a missed opportunity to me.) 2,600 Republicans filled every seat and they each had a 20 dollar bill that went unspent.

There were 2,000 media here including an international delegation. The world watches and waits for our election results. All countries in the world will be effected by the outcome!

My seat was in the center front in the second balcony and two rows back. It was a high perch but must have been pretty good as the the Romney campaign was taping the debate right in front of me. The reason I knew who they were is that I sat by a D.C. consultant who recognized the crew.

The place was full of electronic devices. They prohibited cameras but not cell phones??? we all had cameras because we all had phone!

People were on their blogs, email or Twitter during the whole debate. The guy next to me was receiving comments from his D.C. friends. He shared a couple with me. The D.C. types were not kind to Ron Paul. But then the D.C types (the "insiders") are critical of everyone until they jointly decide (late) who they will all decide to back. I predict that will be TX Gov. Rick Perry. The insiders have done everything they can to get him to enter. That means they have promised him money, staff, and an organization. How else would he be tempted into running when he is so far behind in each?

None of these insiders have ever run for office themselves. They are basically political piranhas getting paid well off the tough efforts of others. Theses are the losers. and, when they recruit people against there front runner they do more to help Obama than hurt him. Power has many different forms.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pam Roach Reporting From Iowa...Day Of The Debate

So, here I am in the Marriott Lounge eating a snack type breakfast. I am with Edgewood City Councilwoman Donna O'Ravez who is also attending the National Foundation of Women Legislators conference in Des Moines, Iowa.

There are six people in the room. I must have been looking over the conference agenda and didn't see him enter...but there was Mitt Romney at the table next to us. I thought it strange that there were no body guards. He was with his son and daughter-in-law. I reintroduced myself and then let him enjoy his breakfast. Donna mentioned how animated he was in his conversation and how well he interacted with his family. There was lots of laughing going on there!

Not 45 minutes later on the lounge TV has a tape of Romney at the fair grounds being confronted by a rally attendee. CNN was really quick with that!

I arrived yesterday with hoards of people descending on this town of 500,000. Des Moines is alive! The longest parade I have ever seen marched down Grand Ave from the State Capitol Building. Iowa families kicking off the Iowa State Fair, visitors to NFWL, and the nation's press are here.

Last night Ron Paul spoke to a tight crowd of 150+ here at the Marriott. The press stand was full but nothing like it will be tonight at the debate or how it will be in Ames for the straw poll.

Right up front (no pun intended) was KING 5's Robert Mak! We think of him behind the table every Sunday morning. But, he has not lost the skills! His mike was one of the first to reach Paul. Mak interviewed me also. I am sure I will see him again during the week. Tune in Sunday for a full coverage.

Ron Paul spoke on the need to get out of the United Nations, get out of the wars, get out of So. Korea and Japan, and get out of the federal reserve. He castigated the mistakes that led to our financial crisis. He said that he is different from the other candidates because he stressed the Constitution and the rule of law. He clearly states that we have too many regulations. He is sincere...honest...and is important to the debate on the 2012 presidential race.

Two months ago when I told my aide, Bob, that I would be attending the NFWL in Iowa. I said, "What in the world? Why did they pick Iowa?" I think I mentioned something about corn fields :o) Well, it will be a fun week. And Bob, who waited to tell me he is actually from Iowa.... :o) was right. It is a great place!

Auburn WA makes CNN Same TV...national news is the cow running down the streets of Auburn, WA. :o) that one of your cows?