Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pam Roach Reporting From Iowa...Day Of The Debate

So, here I am in the Marriott Lounge eating a snack type breakfast. I am with Edgewood City Councilwoman Donna O'Ravez who is also attending the National Foundation of Women Legislators conference in Des Moines, Iowa.

There are six people in the room. I must have been looking over the conference agenda and didn't see him enter...but there was Mitt Romney at the table next to us. I thought it strange that there were no body guards. He was with his son and daughter-in-law. I reintroduced myself and then let him enjoy his breakfast. Donna mentioned how animated he was in his conversation and how well he interacted with his family. There was lots of laughing going on there!

Not 45 minutes later on the lounge TV has a tape of Romney at the fair grounds being confronted by a rally attendee. CNN was really quick with that!

I arrived yesterday with hoards of people descending on this town of 500,000. Des Moines is alive! The longest parade I have ever seen marched down Grand Ave from the State Capitol Building. Iowa families kicking off the Iowa State Fair, visitors to NFWL, and the nation's press are here.

Last night Ron Paul spoke to a tight crowd of 150+ here at the Marriott. The press stand was full but nothing like it will be tonight at the debate or how it will be in Ames for the straw poll.

Right up front (no pun intended) was KING 5's Robert Mak! We think of him behind the table every Sunday morning. But, he has not lost the skills! His mike was one of the first to reach Paul. Mak interviewed me also. I am sure I will see him again during the week. Tune in Sunday for a full coverage.

Ron Paul spoke on the need to get out of the United Nations, get out of the wars, get out of So. Korea and Japan, and get out of the federal reserve. He castigated the mistakes that led to our financial crisis. He said that he is different from the other candidates because he stressed the Constitution and the rule of law. He clearly states that we have too many regulations. He is sincere...honest...and is important to the debate on the 2012 presidential race.

Two months ago when I told my aide, Bob, that I would be attending the NFWL in Iowa. I said, "What in the world? Why did they pick Iowa?" I think I mentioned something about corn fields :o) Well, it will be a fun week. And Bob, who waited to tell me he is actually from Iowa.... :o) was right. It is a great place!

Auburn WA makes CNN Same TV...national news is the cow running down the streets of Auburn, WA. :o) that one of your cows?

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Joe said...

What did you think of Romney's "corportations are people" gaff ?