Saturday, August 20, 2011

Reader Response On Target

(In 1996 KVI radio broadcaster, Mike Siegle, and I went to Wenatchee, WA. I had invited him, on air, to join me...if he came I would hold a hearing on what DSHS was doing to an entire church community. I took a strong stand against the tactics and my mind.. activities which became known as the Wenatchee Witch Hunt. The story made the Reader's Digest and national news. Our reader response mentions Wenatchee in the following comment to the last blog.)
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "DSHS Letter To All Legislators":

Well, the problem is that investigation of crimes, and the prosecution of criminals, are the province of the police and prosecutors, respectively. DSHS puts out these press releases to show how "responsive" they are, when something is detected by "the system." Of course, when the news media rather than the police or DSHS discover something it's coverup time.

The fact is, after Wenatchee we don't believe everything DSHS alleges. That laundry list of accusations against these two parents may, or may not, be backed up by any evidence. Time and again, DSHS has accused people of crimes just to shut them up. Wenatchee and case after case since have proved that beyond any doubt. And a whole line of public officials including Lowry, Locke, Gregoire et al have gone right along with the abuse of innocent children and adults, just to make the system whole.

The legislature needs to define the proper role for DSHS. It is a role that probably costs a couple hundred million less dollars every biennium. Investigating crimes is not one of those roles. Rather than going on witch hunts against people, they should focus on assisting families to maintain themselves intact, wherever possible. Making ridiculous accusations against people who are unemployed or poor, so they can be relieved of their children to facilitate adoptions, is an atrocity against the very concept of social work. When people are unfit to be parents, the police departments can investigate whether the parents have violated laws that the Legislature has determined are necessary to prohibit unlawful conduct. If they have, then the local prosecutors can charge them with crimes. Social workers, on the other hand, can work with people to better themselves.

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Cat said...

Thank-you Senator Roach for speaking up about the horrors inflicted on kids and their families. I cannot tell you how much of a relief it is to hear an elected official speak about this issue!!! King County CASA alone is taking $5,000,000 a year from the government pretending to be "independent" representatives for the child and then proudly and fraudulently admit they go with CPS 97% of the time saying on their own websites that, "all accused are guilty". Independent? Please ...

Even though I have proved CPS lies, withholding of evidence and CASA ineptitude (and lies) in court, I am told there is nothing I can do to hold these people accountable. It isn't even an embarrassment to these people whose MLK and Bellevue CPS workers have been legally proven to be liars, lazy, and too interested in their vacations and bonuses to actually care about a little girl who was torn from the only mother she knew because of their employee's lies. They do not so much as slap the wrist of these frauds and pay 6 figures a year to so-called family court "judges" who DO anything about the damage they have done (yeah “judges” of their paychecks and that $ 1 billion a year Title IV money they reap as well as the 1/3 TANF, Medicaid, and food stamps they take literally out of the mouths of babes for the adoption boards they chair).

Add to this lifelong damage of ripping this child from her home with their false allegations, about the quickie adoption done to cover up their malfeasance to a family of strangers to her who had lost their 18 month old baby to a swimming pool drowning in their unprotected backyard adult sized pool. CPS chose these unmarried adults just six months after their own neglect caused a baby's death ~ this is “CPS’ own definitions of neglect and maltreatment ~ simply because these state employees KNEW the accusations were all lies.

I have to ask, where is the justice? I wish I were making this nightmare up but it is all true ~ paid for by tax payers who have no idea of the corruption that is rotting our legal system. If there had been one apology, one remedy, or returning this child home knowing full well she was loved and safe I would not be the rabid anti-CPS activist I am and will continue to be to my last breath.

Then our governor, after allowing the taking of discretionary TANF funds for low income families in addition to the Title IV billions of Social Security given by the feds, cries and says she has to cut services to desperate low-income families ~ and the legal kidnapping has literally tripled. Because while our RCWs SAY it is illegal to take kids because of poverty, the conditions of poverty are definitions of maltreatment and neglect. Title IV mandates say, "The more children you take, the more money you make and if you return them home you LOSE any present and future funding for them." So by refusing assistance and then accusing parents of maltreatment and neglect, is a way to reap kids from their families and make sure these people keep their jobs ~ and that those CASA and CPS workers get those bonuses and millions in funding every time a child is taken.

Just as an aside while protesting last week with other damaged families in front of the King County Courthouse, a volunteer at a women's shelter came up to me and told me her opinion of the CPS workers she sees trolling the shelters and low income housing to see how many kids they can reap for Title IV dollars (quote): "There are three things these CPS workers care about and none of them involve children; lunch, vacation and THEIR sick leave, they don't care about no scared kid whose mama is sick, they just yank them from their mammas screaming and begging ..." We cried together about the even worse horrors those kids will face with the 5-7X more likely abuse they will suffer in foster care. all because they refuse to help the parent but pay literally 1000 % more to put them in foster care and generate that Title IV funding.

Cat in Seattle