Friday, August 12, 2011

KOMO Radio on DSHS Today

I was interviewed by KOMO radio this afternoon. We did not talk about the firefighter who abuses foster children and then killed himself when caught. We talked about DSHS.

They asked what I would do to stop this mess at DSHS.

1. Hold the workers accountable who lie or are inept.
2. Interview the kids and ask them how they are being treated... DAHHHHH
3. Give grandparents standing in the courtroom

More to come. I will try to post the broadcast.


Anonymous said...

I don't think you read your comments anymore, but here is some other food for thought

Anonymous said...

Dear Senator,
Cps or child services is the largest reporter of abuse to families. They do the reporting they do the investigations. They investigate themselves when something goes wrong in a foster parent home. The reunification process and secret meetings of this organization are liken to nazi erra. They terrorized friends and neighbors and the child is interrogated for many hours and several weeks and months growing into years. When a child breaks down and cries for their Mother they are not allowed to communicate with they alienate the child and parent and families of the child. The child does not know who to trust and usually does not feel comfortable in the foster care home. Foster parents are now taking the alienation reprogramming from CPS and taking steps to further alienate the child. The reunification proces is far to slow the months and years slip away and the child is traumatized to the point that they are emotinally lost in a system of intolerance to families. The reports that congress are suppose to have available to them to review these disassoicated agencies have not been sent to congress since 2007. Before the recession/depression and those reports were estimated. Congress gave some states the ability to wait until 2016 before they had to give the correct total of children these agencies were holding in foster care. The statement to AFCARS report to the Health Dept stated 293,000 entering and 293,000 exiting the system. The odds of this are a billion to one. And this while they still have 500,000 in their care. The facts are that Dependancy and Neglect laws are to loose. The terminology best of interest of the child is yield like and Axe to the child and their families. When the State agency should be reading its own psycologists reports that removal of children from their home and families is traumatizing. There will always be abuse in this world as man is from the animal kindom according to their own scientist. These actions can develop human beings into achievements that are being deverted by our present day judical system and social services. The will to learn to be different or to change thing are in the numeration of the diffrence of how children are raised. These are some of the facts that our Government of social care over looks. We as a nation can not afford what these individual agencies are doing by county and state to our people to our children. There will be so many, there will be and uprising of the youths that had to suffer and the families that suffered from these unrestrained agencies. If you think they are upset about not having jobs available wait til they start talking about what happened to them from these agencies. In my day there were very few children in foster care. Those numbers have risen not because of drugs but because these agencies make it a part of there motto and action to remove children from their homes. Real social service workers would put a family together. Where there is no shelter she would help them find a way to find living accomodation. where there is no food she would connect them with agency or church for food or clothing, where the jobs are lacking she would direct them to education or job opportunity. Nancy Schaffer was a hero trying to change things and she is gone now. We need more leaders to see through the dark veil of this agency of grief to its citizens. Paid forced adoption from biological parent is wrong and is a waste of tax payers money. If someone wants to adopt a child then they should be able to pay for it. So many of these adoptions are just for the money not for the best interst of the child. If America wants to spend money protecting its children in this new era the money should be spent in helping the family unit and in catching the perverts on the internet that hurt children.