Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Home Burglaries Up...My Suggestions To Protect Your Home

Letter from Judy and then my response...
Green Valley Road Neighbors and Friends,
Another residential break-in has occurred on Green Valley Road on the east end.
There is no other information at this time…..except this is a definite downer during the holiday season.
As before, please pass the word to your near neighbors. My e-mail list does not include everyone and everyone does not have e-mail.
Wishing Happy Holidays for all of you…and all your neighbors,
Dear Judy and friends,

I wrote down a few suggestion after Judy's email. Please pass along as you see fit. This is oriented to country living.

When you live out where we do it is extra easy to be a target. Neighbors can't see your house...people can come in and out of your property without being seen even if you are home.

Jim and I had trespassers last summer who let turkeys out of the pen several times. The birds could be lured back in with the sound of corn being shuffled around in a metal can...but, after the third release, they wandered too far.

The turkey incident prompted "no trespassing" signs for the first time in 30 years. Before that we had installed a gate at the house. "They" will now have a harder time if they try to take large items from the house. Electronics, jewelry, and cash are easy walkaways, however.


A big, outside only, barking dog
If you live within an HOA ask to have the covenants allow a front fence
However high, fence the area around the house as inconvenient as this is
Park extra cars in the driveway by the house
When gone for a day place a car in the driveway entrance so a vehicle can not get around it
Have a housesitter (my husband) when shopping (that works out well :o)
Turn the TV on when you leave
Use a timer for lights and TV especially in dark winter months
Have a gate with an over sized lock (one not easily snipped) and be sure to use it
Install alarms
Install cameras and lights at important out buildings
Store valuables in a safety deposit box or home safe
Have movement activated lights in strategic places like the barn, driveway, porches
Do not let mail or newspapers collect if you are gone for more than a day
Post a sign: "NRA member," or, "My .45 cal travels 1000 ft. per fast can you run?"
Have electronics and other items engraved with your ID
Put expensive video games in a locked cabinet
Do not discount family members as possible intruders, especially if you have some that are "questionable"
Move that hide-a-key away from the house...never stow under the door mat
Family silverware has increased in not put it in the china cabinet

In many foreign countries home windows are barred and barbed wire surrounds the home. I have seen some homes with glass shards imbedded atop 10 ft. high walls surrounding the backyards...just a thought for perspective.

What else? Install a movement activated camera that will shoot night shots. Senator Tim Shelden did this on an animal trail at his place. On the first night he got pictures of a cougar! It was fascinating, really. And, you might get a two legged predator on disk! Try positioning a camera in the driveway or on the porch. The government does this on highways or stop lights to catch violators. Take a lesson from big brother. :o)

Another one I like is...put a big dog house on your porch with a big Green Valley Meats dog bone situated by a big water dish and a thick leather leash with nothing on the end of it. Think about it.

Take care everyone! You are constantly on my mind.