Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Home Burglaries Up...My Suggestions To Protect Your Home

Letter from Judy and then my response...
Green Valley Road Neighbors and Friends,
Another residential break-in has occurred on Green Valley Road on the east end.
There is no other information at this time…..except this is a definite downer during the holiday season.
As before, please pass the word to your near neighbors. My e-mail list does not include everyone and everyone does not have e-mail.
Wishing Happy Holidays for all of you…and all your neighbors,
Dear Judy and friends,

I wrote down a few suggestion after Judy's email. Please pass along as you see fit. This is oriented to country living.

When you live out where we do it is extra easy to be a target. Neighbors can't see your house...people can come in and out of your property without being seen even if you are home.

Jim and I had trespassers last summer who let turkeys out of the pen several times. The birds could be lured back in with the sound of corn being shuffled around in a metal can...but, after the third release, they wandered too far.

The turkey incident prompted "no trespassing" signs for the first time in 30 years. Before that we had installed a gate at the house. "They" will now have a harder time if they try to take large items from the house. Electronics, jewelry, and cash are easy walkaways, however.


A big, outside only, barking dog
If you live within an HOA ask to have the covenants allow a front fence
However high, fence the area around the house as inconvenient as this is
Park extra cars in the driveway by the house
When gone for a day place a car in the driveway entrance so a vehicle can not get around it
Have a housesitter (my husband) when shopping (that works out well :o)
Turn the TV on when you leave
Use a timer for lights and TV especially in dark winter months
Have a gate with an over sized lock (one not easily snipped) and be sure to use it
Install alarms
Install cameras and lights at important out buildings
Store valuables in a safety deposit box or home safe
Have movement activated lights in strategic places like the barn, driveway, porches
Do not let mail or newspapers collect if you are gone for more than a day
Post a sign: "NRA member," or, "My .45 cal travels 1000 ft. per fast can you run?"
Have electronics and other items engraved with your ID
Put expensive video games in a locked cabinet
Do not discount family members as possible intruders, especially if you have some that are "questionable"
Move that hide-a-key away from the house...never stow under the door mat
Family silverware has increased in not put it in the china cabinet

In many foreign countries home windows are barred and barbed wire surrounds the home. I have seen some homes with glass shards imbedded atop 10 ft. high walls surrounding the backyards...just a thought for perspective.

What else? Install a movement activated camera that will shoot night shots. Senator Tim Shelden did this on an animal trail at his place. On the first night he got pictures of a cougar! It was fascinating, really. And, you might get a two legged predator on disk! Try positioning a camera in the driveway or on the porch. The government does this on highways or stop lights to catch violators. Take a lesson from big brother. :o)

Another one I like is...put a big dog house on your porch with a big Green Valley Meats dog bone situated by a big water dish and a thick leather leash with nothing on the end of it. Think about it.

Take care everyone! You are constantly on my mind.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Leaving Town

(picture taken at the Iowa Straw Poll


Pam Report Article In Courier Herald

As you know I write all of my own articles. This one was requested by the paper.

OLYMPIA REPORT: State shortfall at $2.2 billion
November 28, 2011

By Sen. Pam Roach
For The Courier-Herald

Monday morning the special legislative session got under way. As expected, the capitol grounds were filled with protesters anticipating severe budget cuts and program eliminations.

Job losses and reduction of services will occur even though the state’s revenues are up $200 million dollars from the 2009-11 budget. The reason for this is not just inflation and increased population. The largest factor is that we will not, again, have $2.4 billion in federal stimulus money to artificially pump up our revenue. Consequently, we have a $2.2 billion dollar shortfall from the previous spending level.

Statewide, this will mean another round of job losses. We have not hit bottom yet. I have been urging reforms at Child Protective Services which will allow for better service and cut spending at the same time. Here at home your legislative delegation has been working together to save operations at Rainier School.

Working with citizens, parents, and leaders, I have prepared “Rainier School: A Report to the Legislature.” This report has been distributed to legislators and makes the case that Rainier School is a positive choice for care and that it has a future, nationally, to be a premier example of community involved care for individuals with disabilities. The report may be viewed online at:

Economic recovery and oil independence Job creation and expansion of foreign trade are the most important elements of economic recovery. I have been working hard on both.

Washington state has a huge oil refinery at Anacortes. We receive more than twice as much Canadian crude oil as does any other state. And that crude comes from the oil sands of Alberta.

This month I travelled to Ft. McMurry, Alberta, to study oil sands and take part in the national debate we are having over the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline. (No taxpayer dollars are spent on my trips. I was invited by Alberta’s government to join nine other legislators from around the United States.)

Canada has the world’s third largest oil reserve. They are increasing crude production and because our federal government will not allow us to receive more, the oil is going to China. As a matter of national security, energy independence, and just keeping gas prices down, we need to move forward. Instead, the Obama administration has blocked the pipeline project. Thousands of new high-paying jobs have been ignored and our friends in the north are left wondering what in the world the American people are thinking!

I have been asked to make a national presentation on the issue. And, if you want to see some oil sand, just drop by the office.

We live in the most trade dependent state in the country. Trade means jobs. That is the point of my article printed in the American Legislative Exchange Council’s December publication. I hope to spur local efforts to seek a larger market for goods. Please see my legislative website or my personal blog,, for the article.

Through the years I have been involved in humanitarian efforts in Honduras and last week I returned from a visit that focused on a trade mission I hope to lead. On this trip I toured a major port, met with elected officials and toured a factory in preparation for leading business people there next year. (Please see my personal blog for more information.)

But this trip was unique in other ways. As our vehicle arrived in Puerto Cortez, Honduras, I saw, for the first time, the new “Clinica Medica Pam Roach.” I am deeply humbled by this. This and other efforts are helping many. Thank you to all the good people here who have helped. I love Americans. We are a very generous people.

I always want to express thank you to the voters who have elected me to represent our district in Olympia. This will be a tough year. My door is always open. My staff knows that each and every one of you is special and we will do our best to serve. You may call me on my home phone, 253-735-4210, or the Olympia office on 360-786-7660 now that we are in session.

Best wishes for a happy holiday season.

Q13 TV Pam Roach Comments On Special Session

Please see video on the Q 13 link. Here is the written text:
State Sen. Pam Roach (R-Auburn)

C.R. Douglas
Q13 Fox News political analyst

4:21 p.m. PST, November 29, 2011
When Gov. Christine Gregoire called a special 30-day session of the Legislature, she gave the lawmakers a blueprint for tackling the state's budget problems.

Indeed, she called them back to town specifically to deal with the latest financial shortfall, not extraneous issues, before the regular legislative session starts in January, when they will have all the other business of the state to worry about.

Thirty days seemed like ample time. Lawmakers were going to cut what needed to be cut and vote on the governor's sales tax increase or some other revenue source. But now it appears that none of that may actually happen.

The Senate’s chief budget writer, for one, is skeptical that legislators will finish the job.

“I don' think it's possible to write a complete budget, make the cuts we have to make, negotiate with the House and get votes for a revenue package before the holidays,” Sen. Ed Murray, D-Seattle, said.

This attitude is a surprise to many people in Olympia. There was a pretty clear expectation that this session was going to get things done.

One Republican state senator feels this could become a big waste of time.

"If the governor is going to call a special session, that plan should be worked out with her prior to convening so that this is the least expensive and less painful way to make things happen,” Sen. Pam Roach, R-Auburn, said. "And that didn't happen this special session.”

So it does seem unlikely that the budget will get done, but Murray said that doesn't mean they aren't going to make progress.

He said the more work legislators do now, the quicker they can reach an agreement early next year. But it was clear Tuesday night: From what legislators are saying, no deal is expected in Olympia before they adjourn in 28 more days.


High Point In Honduras

under construction

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

San Pedro Sula, A Factory, And Growing Fears

I left the coast and all the kids at the orphanage and went to San Pedro Sula to visit good friends and a factory.

I began to become very aware of the growing dangers in Honduras. Since part of my trip has been to prepare for a trade mission I have not wanted to write too much about the fears here. But, I must. People I love here are living in fear. (I will write without using names or identifying information as I can.)

This is a factory owned by a family that built the business from the ground up. The owner's wife gave me a beautiful tray that she had hand made. She stays at home except for her bodyguard driven trips to work each day. So she has time for hobbies.

When I arrived at the factory there were the ubiquitous armed guards at the gate. My friend had been shot in her home. She survived so now has guards at her home...which is in a gated neighborhood with an armed guard at the entrance. The last time I visited the gate guard had not yet been hired. Everyone in the neighborhood fears that their cars will be stopped and their children taken for ransom.

From the house next door, I have taken a picture from my downstairs bedroom window. Bars are on all the windows. Outside you can see the razor wire on the fence. There is an electronic gate in front of the house. You do not get out of the car until you are within the gate.

I have kept up on Honduras politics. So, it was exciting while driving in San Pedro Sula to notice the lone helicopter in the air. President Pepe Lobo was in town. I lost the great pic of the helicopter but have it somewhere. The helicopter landed in a field and a long third world motorcade complete with 25 year-old ambulance left for a meeting we were told by the guards. Everything went very fast...armed guards...Pepe Lobo was in sight. I will meet him on my next visit. In this picture they are closing the gaate after he left. I was not quick w=with the camera! Sorry.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Making Cookies For 80 Kids

If you are poor in Honduras, cookies are a rare enough thing even if you didn't live in an orphanage.

Today, Bryn and I made enough cookie dough for 1,000 sugar cookies.

I am leaving for San Pedro Sula in the morning so will miss the rolling out of the dough. I predict difficulty. It is so warm here the butter will melt down before the kids can roll them out! But, they will improvise.

I tutored a boy named David this afternoon. He is unusual because he is English speaking. Born with a sever club foot he was helped 100% by the Shriners who paid for operations over a five year period. He was in the states long enough to learn English and was young enough to forget his Spanish. I helped him with his math.

Tonight we took a "lancha" (boat) out across the lagoon. The sunset was amazing.

It was a quick but productive trip to Puerto Cortez, Omoa, and Tegucigalpita. In a later blog I will announce something from this area but I want to get the picture for you first

Monday, November 14, 2011

Pam Roach Visits Port In Puerto Cortez, Dinner With Mayor

It is warm just outside our door but I am actually cold. It turns out that the one thing that does consistently work is the air conditioner!

With a letter from the Honduran Consul in hand, my friends and I set out to tour the second largest port in the Caribbean, Puerto Cortez, Honduras. It's yearly trade volume is just shy of what is turned in Miami!

We ascended three flights of stairs to the superintendent's office where a well used power point helped the CFO present the amazing status and vision of the Honduran ports. The superintendent, a former admiral in the HN navy, was a wonderful host though not as versed in English.

Pam and the port superintendent very proud of new plans

One of many ships in port

My purpose in visiting was to learn more about the economic potential here. I was not disappointed. Near San Lorenzo, in the south, there are new iron ore reserves that are now being shipped to China. (The United States does not make steal any don't feel slighted we are not the buyer.) We learned of the new highways that are planned across the country and the development planned for each of the ports

Later in the day I visited the mayor of Omoa. A TV camera was filming the entire meeting. The mayor used my friend, Oscar, as an interpreter but speaks very good English as I learned over the dinner he hosted. He learned several languages as a waiter on a cruise ship.

The mayor will be taking delivery of a used fire truck from Arkansas later this month. Right now the town has no fire department! Fortunately, the Flamingo Hotel where we are staying is right on the water. Because, we can all take a flying leap into the sea if needed.

Pam and the mayor of Omoa had dinner at the Flamingo with staff.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hotel Flamingo

The Flamingo Hotel is on the edge of the Carribean nestled in a cove where pirates used to hide from the British. For those of you who missed it in high school geography, Belize was once British Honduras. They speak English there and we are just a one hour boat ride away. This area was the centuries old inspiration for Jack Sparrow!

Tonight I hear the locals out on the water. There is a base player somewhere near. The waves lap the shore with regularity.

We have water tonight in the second story rooms which are over the restaurant and bar. We had only trickles the first night so one improvises with bottled water. At the children's village this afternoon, the cooks worked in the dark until the power resumed. Life goes on in this tropical country. But, near the sea it moves slowly.

For this part of my trip I am with a group of five others. I am sharing a room with a young married woman who seems on a last adventure before parentage. So far, I am the only one who knows that.

Tomorrow is a work day. I hope to tour the port, something that was set up for me by the Honduran consul in San Francisco. I met with him a few weeks ago when he was in Federal Way. But, right now, I am on the second story veranda..warm and pleased at the events of the day.

Sunday At "Heart To Heart" Orphanage...Honduras

The kids loved my IPad. At one point there were 13 kids crowded around to watch and play Ninja Fruit Slicer. Everyone got two turns.

All of the children at the WA State based NGO are kids who where once hungry, abused, unwanted, deathly sick or all of the above. They are not unique. There are tens of thousands of these kids. The public schools here are very inadequate and the teachers are constantly on strike. It is impossible to get out of this situation without action on the part of good people like those at HTH.

Tegucigalpita is a village outside of Puerto Cortez. In less than 10 years Heart to Heart, under the leadership of Carson, WA resident Mary Frenter, has built a school and home for 80 of these kids of all ages. Five have significant earning disabilities.

Teachers Gary and Ashley are working here without pay. A retired USAF colonel, Gary now teaches computer science and shop. Ashley teaches the younger kids with help from some locals. They sold their home and most of their possessions and came to HTH to help these kids. They receive only a place to live and meals. And, the satisfaction that they are doing God's will. Successes at HTH are all in the God column.

God has greater sight than government, apparently.

Honduras is the second poorest country in Central America. We share the continent with the people here. They are our neighbors. We draw millions of tons of illegal drugs through this once peaceful democracy. The influx of illegal drugs and money to be made has destabilized the tranquility. Mixing intense poverty, lack of education (hope, really), and benign neglect by the Christian nation from the north has only made a bad situation worse.

Heart to Heart is an example of what Americans can do. There are 2,000 NGOs here. Few have any government grants. The sectarian and religious based non profits here are what offer the little hope that is here. The educated Hondurans are very glad to see us. They can not do it all....and we are not doing enough.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pam Roach Travels To Guatamala-Honduras Boarder

(It's true. In two days I have gone from the freeze in northern Alberta to the heat of Honduras.)

I am here in Puerto Cortez, Honduras visiting Heart to Heart, an NGO that I sometimes help through my own non-profit aimed at helping kids in Honduras.

Two American teachers were running up against their three month stay limit and needed to leave the country in order to come back in and start the three month visa over again.

We hit the road for Belize by way of Guatemala. I have done Central American boarder crossings by motor vehicle before. You get out of your car and take your passport to the check in place. The migration officer stamps your passport. There are many armed officers present. On the way back into Honduras you will have to pay a fee....believe it or not.

In the office where we were taken there was a large poster of a man described as a trafficker of children. He stole children for the sex trade. He moves them across boarders. A two by four foot banner described the trafficking crimes now so prevalent. My Spanish is good enough to have been sickened by this. I can tell you that it would be extremely easy to steal children here. Not only are they taken for sex slaves but also for body parts.

We drove over seven inch diameter rope laid out to slow traffic. A man without legs sat in a wheelchair and I thought how different it was thT a man like this would have a wheelchair as so many do not. I have seen many who move their bodies upon pieces of cardboard using their hands and arms to scoot across the busy roads.

As it turned out, Guatemala was far enough and the teachers did not have to go to Belize. That was a good thing as the weather was stormy today and it would have beebread unsafe to take the 12 ft. Launch to Belize. I always remember the boarder crossings.This is the one that put a face to the crime of trafficking children.

Pam Roach Takes Timely Visit To Canadian Oil Sands

Monday of this week the Obama administration threatened and eventually did decide to delay the decision on the Keystone Pipeline. The Keystone Project has taken more than two and a half times longer than any of the other two lines coming from the Ft. McMurray oil sands.

Reading the news was particularly interesting because I was at Ft McMurray with a small group of legislators from various parts of the country when the announcement was made to delay the decision until after the 2012 election.

Since the United States government has not allowed the construction of any new oil refineries in over 30 years, any oil we buy from Canada's vast supply (third after Saudi Arabia and Venezuela ) has to be refined at existing facilities. Washington State takes more than two times the amount of any other state. But, even Rick Perry knows that any more would be refined on Texas.

All of us were amazed that this should be such a problem for the United States. If we want to be energy independent then we need to recognize the 100 year supply that our neighbor wants to sell to us. It is a national security issue as well. And, the jobs this new pipeline would produce can not go unnoticed in out economy.

We were treated well by the Canadian government. I was honored to sit at the head table by the Speaker of the Parliament. We toured the Capitol building and had a history of the British system delivered to us. On Tuesday we were flown by government plane to see the largest reclamation area in the world...that of the open pit oil sands far north of Alberta's Capitol city of Edmonton.

We also saw the biggest trucks in the world. I will insert a picture soon. We also saw the in situ sites. Oil sands too deep to mine are heated and extracted by heating underground. The oil makes it's way to the surface. That is a very quick description.

I imagine that the U.S. Looks exceptionally foolish in turning down this opportunity. It hasn't been lost on the Chinese. They are buying.

(using the IPad there are too many errors to correct. I can't get to a computer for a few days so please excuse the next few entries.)

Monday, October 24, 2011

The 2011 Roach Baby Girl Trifecta

1. Eve Catherine was born near Ft. Meade, Md. on October 18, 20112.Lily Josephine was born October 21, 2011 and was delivered by her dad.

3. Cortney Jean was born July 12, 2011

Jim and I are very blessed, indeed. And, so are these beautiful little girls. They have accomplished and wonderful parents who will teach them gospel principles, encourage education, and lead by example.

"Dan Roach Delivers"...Lily Josephine Roach

I just love that head-line!!! Dan says he hardly had time to wash his hands! It was a perfect catch. He laid the baby on Melanie without even noticing what it was! Melanie said, "Well, what is it?"

He had to turn the baby over and look!

Lili was welcomed by 6 firefighters, two grandmas, 4 siblings (who actually slept through all this), and even a couple of neighbors who woke up with the flashing red lights! Good work son....I told you you could do it! LOL

Here is Lily, resting and totally oblivious to the event of her birth. She has delicate features, black hair, and looks like her mom. Lily weighed 7 lbs. 4 oz.

So, last Friday night I got a call a little after mid-night. It was son, Pierce County Councilman Dan Roach, not panicked :o) but sounding concerned... asking if I could come right over. The baby was coming right away and I was needed in case the other kids woke up, etc.

Melanie had, again, arranged for a home delivery with a trusted midwife...who just happened to be on vacation! The sub was on the way but it was clear she would not make in time... Everyone got there before she did!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Another Shoe To Drop On Our Economy

Washington must be a horse because it seems we have more than two shoes. And, another one is about to drop.

As I have predicted, with upcoming budget cuts there will be more state employees cut from the payroll. This is usually a very stable category of employee because they are not usually subjected to the variables of the economy. We are about to experience the blow of another iron shoe.

Associated Press
October 21, 2011

Washington state loses 18,000 jobs in September
OLYMPIA, Wash. -- Washington state recorded its first monthly job declines in more than a year Wednesday, losing more than 18,000 jobs in September largely due to deep cuts in government.

The reductions, which also included a decline in private sector positions, wiped out much of the past year's gains. The number of positions had been steadily increasing by a few thousand each month, and growth over the past year now stands at about 27,000.

The figures seemed to run counter to the jobless rate, which fell from 9.3 percent to 9.1 percent in September. The numbers are produced from two different surveys.

"It's not unusual for the surveys to generate somewhat different results, but the gap between the two September surveys is much larger than we usually see," said Greg Weeks, who leads labor market analysis at the Employment Security Department. He expects the numbers will be revised in the coming weeks.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

CNN Reporting...Selective Whines

I have been watching CNN more and more these days. While I work I keep the TV going and FOX is a staple, of course.

Comparisons are easy. CNN gave a tilted view of the recent Republican debates. Only the sole Republican "strategist" had any good call on the outcome. Liberals wanted to lift Perry and Cane and dis Romney. At FOX, a network that has seen the light on Perry's record, touted Romney as the clear winner of the debate. They mentioned the terribly rude behavior Perry rendered against Anderson Cooper and Romney. CNN ignored it in trying to lift Perry.

But, watch today. CNN is covering the death of Moammar Gadhafi. They are making a big thing about the fact it appears he was taken alive and waiting to see if he had been executed. That, they say, would reflect badly on the new leadership. The "rule of law" would not have been followed.

Who are they kidding? This is still a war! And, if America can waste Osama bin Laden without a trial then I guess CNN should lighten up on Libyans. As I remember the story...Obama, Clinton, etc. hovered around a live drone picture as our guys took out our problem. Our nation cheered!

CNN should lay off the Libyans. This is one time if Perry called something hypocritical...I would agree.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Captain John's New Love...Eve Catherine Roach

(Pictured with Miriam, 2, is Evie. Miri talks about her baby all the time.)

I spent all last week at Ft. Meade, Maryland, waiting, on duty if you will.

But, grand baby #15 was very tricky and jumped over the due date by more than a week! In something that could be planned, I was relieved by Grandma Kitty and flew home after seven days...or 40 hours before the birth. However, I had a fun wait with Sadie, Jack, and Miri.

We all walked mom around the Lincoln Memorial and then again at the Naval Academy at Annapolis a few days later, then for dinner in Georgetown. I think the thing my son liked most was that I gave them a chance to go to the show a couple of nights.

I enjoyed being on base. I love the wake up bugle, and the people, and the purpose. We are all very blessed. and, I look forward to meeting Eve as soon as I can.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

DSHS Head Resigns....!!!!Too Many Children Taken, Too Many Department Lies

OK so the real headline was "DSHS chief Dreyfus will resign."

The Spokesman Review
October 13, 2011

(She made it for 2 and 1/2 years. About par for the course. PR)

Susan Dreyfus, who has led the Washington Department of Social and Health Services through two tumultuous years of budget reductions,(and the unwarranted taking of many children, ed.) will step down at the end of the year to lead a national nonprofit social services organization.

Dreyfus will become CEO of the Milwaukee-based Families International Inc., the organization she worked for before being named by Gov. Chris Gregoire to head Washington’s largest department in May 2009.

“Her departure is a loss to our state and to my team, who have come to rely on her insight and constant drive,” Gregoire said. “I understand and respect her personal and professional decision to return home to Wisconsin and continue her work at the national level and am glad she will remain through the special legislative session to tackle yet another unimaginable challenge.”

In two years, Dreyfus said, she has implemented $2.2 billion in cuts from DSHS and reduced the department’s workforce by 14 percent as the state faced declining revenues.

“We have done all this at a time of increasing caseloads,” Dreyfus said. “This economic recession is having a real impact on this state’s budget and what it is that our state government is able to provide its citizens.”

Before she leaves at the end of the special legislative session, which begins Nov. 28, Dreyfus expects to see another $900,000 in state and federal cuts from the department that currently has an $11 billion budget for the next two years.

“This agency will have to take further reductions, and we will do our best to make sure the cuts have the least impact possible,” Dreyfus said.

However, she does not believe that lawmakers will take advantage of her lame-duck status to impose more cuts than are absolutely necessary.

“I have worked hard to build credibility with the legislators on both sides of the aisle and with the stakeholder community,” Dreyfus said. “I work my heart out for the mission of this place, and that will not change over the next couple of months.” (But, not one suggestion of legislators with concerns was ever adopted. ed)

Gregoire appointed Dreyfus DSHS secretary in May 2009. She came to Washington from Wisconsin, where she served as senior vice president and chief operating officer for the Alliance for Children and Families, part of Families International. Now she will replace the parent organization’s CEO and her personal friend, Peter Goldberg, who died in August.

In 1996, she became the first administrator for the Wisconsin Division of Children and Family Services.

Soon after coming to DSHS in 2009, Dreyfus personally handled the fallout from a 2009 incident in which a criminally committed patient of Eastern State Hospital walked away from a field trip to the Spokane County Interstate Fair.

Dreyfus appeared at a news conference at the Medical Lake facility in which she announced an investigation into the escape of Phillip Paul, who was found not guilty by reason of insanity in the 1987 killing of a 78-year-old Sunnyside, Wash., woman. Last year, Dreyfus returned to Medical Lake to announce reforms stemming from the investigation.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Pam Roach Cashes In At McD's

Today was a big one! I won a prize in McDonald's Monopoly Game. Really!

I won a KINECT for my XBox360! I had actually been thinking about buying one after trying it out with son, Dave, and his family.

Heaven knows that I have paid my dues on this. When I am on the road I swing by for a diet pop several times a day.

But possibly better than this....I have the Boardwalk piece. All I need is Park Place and I will win a million bucks!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Reign In CPS To Save

This was sent to all members of the Pierce County Legislative Coalition. Senator Regala had written us describing people in need because of budget shortages. In response to Senator Regala's concerns I have the following comment:

Dear Debbie,

First, thank you, for making sure you were at the community meeting to hear comments. And, thank you for relaying your observations. Through good and bad times I spent 18 years on the Ways and Means Committee so I have some idea of the situation.

Senator Chase and I met with you several times last session. Senator Murray had asked for suggestions to help balance the budget and Senator Chase and I had similar concerns about DSHS/CPS so were grouped together to meet with you.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars are wasted each year in taking children from parent/parents and instead of keeping the child with qualified biological families as directed by existing law, the child is placed in foster care. And, thus, a very expensive system of foster care, visitation drivers, case workers, judges, court clerks, CPS AGs, social workers, counselors, and "free attorneys," kicks into place. On top of this are the huge costs in risk management pay outs.

Some taken children (the young and cute ones) are placed in a fast track adoption program. The department, as I have personally witnessed, will often falsely testify against grandparents who sit in the back of the courtroom. Grandparents are heart broken. And, they are unable to refute lies told against them because they have no standing in the court rooms.

We can save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year by reining in CPS. Other states return 70% of taken children to families without harm to children. Washington State returns only 30% of taken children. I have personally brought forward cases to the media to expose what is occurring, without restraint, by the department. KING 5 ran a whole series on the Stuth Family from my district. The series proved to be a scathing indictment of CPS.

On the other end of the spectrum, children needlessly die in the "care" of the state. The rate is over one a month. Unbelievable, really.

Please consider the following in an effort to balance the budget, allow for funds to help save successful programs, and give citizens better government:

1. Grant grandparents standing in court.
2. When department employees lie (or should have known they were untruthful) in court, they should be fired. Each of us are currently reading about two troopers who may have lied to the court. A trooper lies and they lose their jobs. A CPS worker lies and they are essentially rewarded since they are not punished in any way.
3. Open CPS records. Expunge the names of children and families. But, the public has the right to know what is going on in this troubled agency. The light of day will root out the problems.

Let's clean this up. Money saved can be put to better use.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Reader Response On Target

(In 1996 KVI radio broadcaster, Mike Siegle, and I went to Wenatchee, WA. I had invited him, on air, to join me...if he came I would hold a hearing on what DSHS was doing to an entire church community. I took a strong stand against the tactics and my mind.. activities which became known as the Wenatchee Witch Hunt. The story made the Reader's Digest and national news. Our reader response mentions Wenatchee in the following comment to the last blog.)
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "DSHS Letter To All Legislators":

Well, the problem is that investigation of crimes, and the prosecution of criminals, are the province of the police and prosecutors, respectively. DSHS puts out these press releases to show how "responsive" they are, when something is detected by "the system." Of course, when the news media rather than the police or DSHS discover something it's coverup time.

The fact is, after Wenatchee we don't believe everything DSHS alleges. That laundry list of accusations against these two parents may, or may not, be backed up by any evidence. Time and again, DSHS has accused people of crimes just to shut them up. Wenatchee and case after case since have proved that beyond any doubt. And a whole line of public officials including Lowry, Locke, Gregoire et al have gone right along with the abuse of innocent children and adults, just to make the system whole.

The legislature needs to define the proper role for DSHS. It is a role that probably costs a couple hundred million less dollars every biennium. Investigating crimes is not one of those roles. Rather than going on witch hunts against people, they should focus on assisting families to maintain themselves intact, wherever possible. Making ridiculous accusations against people who are unemployed or poor, so they can be relieved of their children to facilitate adoptions, is an atrocity against the very concept of social work. When people are unfit to be parents, the police departments can investigate whether the parents have violated laws that the Legislature has determined are necessary to prohibit unlawful conduct. If they have, then the local prosecutors can charge them with crimes. Social workers, on the other hand, can work with people to better themselves.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

DSHS Letter To All Legislators

So here we learn that messages are sent on an " as-needed" basis. When KING 5 covered a number of terrible abuses we never heard a thing!!!! Where was the note after the 47 lb. 14 year-old was found? Let's open up the many, many cases of neglect by DSHS. DSHS should come clean.

Here is the letter emailed today:

These “For Your Information” messages are sent on an as-needed basis to ensure that you are aware of important or high-profile issues involving the Department of Social and Health Services.

Investigations of former foster parent abuse and neglect

Newspaper, radio and TV news media have recently covered alleged sexual and physical abuse of children adopted by former licensed foster parents, Scott and Drew Ann Hamrick of Eatonville. While licensed, five children were adopted by the Hamricks, and 12 other children were placed in the Hamrick home at various times. Below is very brief summary of the facts related to this developing incident.

On June 18, 2011, Child Protective Services was notified by the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office that two of the Hamrick’s adopted children had disclosed sexual abuse by their adoptive father, Scott Hamrick. Child Protective Services joined the Sheriff in further investigation. That same day, three of the minor adopted children (ages 17, 14 and 12) were taken into custody and placed in the care of relatives.

During the course of the investigation, additional allegations were made related to abuse by the adoptive mother (Drew Ann Hammrick). On June 30, 2011, the adoptive father committed suicide. He was a Lieutenant with the Pierce County Fire Department. He had resigned from his job just prior to taking his life. Last week the adoptive mother was charged with Tampering with a Witness (two counts), Unlawful Imprisonment (aggravated), and Criminal Mistreatment in the Fourth Degree.

There were no reports of abuse received by the department while licensed as a foster home. Child Protective Services did extensively investigate an allegation of parental abuse and neglect in 2010 which was unfounded. (Note: they should have found the adult former fosters at that time! PR) The family acknowledged during that investigation that there was conflict in the family and they did agree to voluntary services, which were provided until October 2010. During the six months of service, social workers and service providers spoke with the children at home and at school on several occasions; and no abuse was disclosed, no indications of abuse was found in the home, or that the children were not safe.

During the current investigation, two other adopted adult children have also disclosed sexual abuse by the adoptive father. Review of DSHS records is underway to determine if other children previously placed in the Hamrick foster home can be located and interviewed.

If you suspect that a child is being abused or neglected, please report the abuse to the local Child Protective Services office or the statewide phone line: 1-866-ENDHARM (1-866-363-4276).
For more information, please contact:

Sherry Hill
CA Communications Director

Friday, August 12, 2011

Jessie Jackson Here

The NFWL group is bipartisan. So...while some of us are doing the Republican things the Democrats are being visited by the liberal.

Jessie Jackson is here in the small Marriott Lounge where I am using the computer. He is using this as a meeting place for his followers. His staff has been here all day. It is a private place to hang out.

Of note is that his staff was overheard saying that they didn't really care if Obama was reelected or not.

Also of note is that Jackson started this meeting with prayer. I like that, actually. Right after that the Tea Party was identified as a problem. No, the Tea Party was not in the prayer!

Workers rights and HIV are important issues to Jackson. He is stressing four C's: Communication, Connection, Coordination, and Content within the 8 member political gathering taking place. Jackson regards Iowa as a "hot potato" and is promoting participation in the caucuses. (If you want privacy, Jessie, rent a room.) He will speak to the assembly tonight.

KOMO Radio on DSHS Today

I was interviewed by KOMO radio this afternoon. We did not talk about the firefighter who abuses foster children and then killed himself when caught. We talked about DSHS.

They asked what I would do to stop this mess at DSHS.

1. Hold the workers accountable who lie or are inept.
2. Interview the kids and ask them how they are being treated... DAHHHHH
3. Give grandparents standing in the courtroom

More to come. I will try to post the broadcast.

Iowa Debate Winners and Losers

In brief:

Pawlenty was a loser! His pettiness against Bachman a huge turn off to both women and men.
Gingrich was a loser. He had a great timeless message that he couldn't make timely. He used archaic examples which did not connect and he was seen as rude in the way he responded to his "gotcha" question. You all had gotcha questions, Newt!
Bachman was a winner. She connected with the audience and was quick on her feet. She was not quick enough on her feet to get back to the stage on time, however!
Paul was a winner even though he got angry and couldn't seem to stand up straight. He is in this to preach and warn the people. He got a spot on the stage and did just that.
Santorum was loser for whining. He ran over the time rule and the crowd was not happy about that!
Romney was a winner. He gave a list of how he would improve the economy even though the moderator said no scripted messages. Excuse me, Brett Bear (sp)...we want to know HOW someone will fix our biggest problem.
Cain was a winner. He delivered his message and had a sense of humor. No one disliked him when it was over.
Huntsman?...a loser... I could hardly remember his name to include it here. He's way too late. He was the only one asked about our cyber vulnerabilities and he has that issue right! He is not afraid to mention China and the thousands of cyber attacks against us.
Rick Perry who was not there....will be the establishment candidate. He had to be convinced to run or he would have gotten in earlier. He is being promised stuff to get in the race. We see that happening in WA State and it really never works out. Loser.

This was really a show! Contrary to political thought in Olympia...Republicans do know how to through a party! Stephens Auditorium on the campus of the University of Iowa is new and acoustically perfect.

I scoured the place for a T-shirt to buy. None. I was told the straw poll was where the political memorabilia would be. (Seems like a missed opportunity to me.) 2,600 Republicans filled every seat and they each had a 20 dollar bill that went unspent.

There were 2,000 media here including an international delegation. The world watches and waits for our election results. All countries in the world will be effected by the outcome!

My seat was in the center front in the second balcony and two rows back. It was a high perch but must have been pretty good as the the Romney campaign was taping the debate right in front of me. The reason I knew who they were is that I sat by a D.C. consultant who recognized the crew.

The place was full of electronic devices. They prohibited cameras but not cell phones??? we all had cameras because we all had phone!

People were on their blogs, email or Twitter during the whole debate. The guy next to me was receiving comments from his D.C. friends. He shared a couple with me. The D.C. types were not kind to Ron Paul. But then the D.C types (the "insiders") are critical of everyone until they jointly decide (late) who they will all decide to back. I predict that will be TX Gov. Rick Perry. The insiders have done everything they can to get him to enter. That means they have promised him money, staff, and an organization. How else would he be tempted into running when he is so far behind in each?

None of these insiders have ever run for office themselves. They are basically political piranhas getting paid well off the tough efforts of others. Theses are the losers. and, when they recruit people against there front runner they do more to help Obama than hurt him. Power has many different forms.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pam Roach Reporting From Iowa...Day Of The Debate

So, here I am in the Marriott Lounge eating a snack type breakfast. I am with Edgewood City Councilwoman Donna O'Ravez who is also attending the National Foundation of Women Legislators conference in Des Moines, Iowa.

There are six people in the room. I must have been looking over the conference agenda and didn't see him enter...but there was Mitt Romney at the table next to us. I thought it strange that there were no body guards. He was with his son and daughter-in-law. I reintroduced myself and then let him enjoy his breakfast. Donna mentioned how animated he was in his conversation and how well he interacted with his family. There was lots of laughing going on there!

Not 45 minutes later on the lounge TV has a tape of Romney at the fair grounds being confronted by a rally attendee. CNN was really quick with that!

I arrived yesterday with hoards of people descending on this town of 500,000. Des Moines is alive! The longest parade I have ever seen marched down Grand Ave from the State Capitol Building. Iowa families kicking off the Iowa State Fair, visitors to NFWL, and the nation's press are here.

Last night Ron Paul spoke to a tight crowd of 150+ here at the Marriott. The press stand was full but nothing like it will be tonight at the debate or how it will be in Ames for the straw poll.

Right up front (no pun intended) was KING 5's Robert Mak! We think of him behind the table every Sunday morning. But, he has not lost the skills! His mike was one of the first to reach Paul. Mak interviewed me also. I am sure I will see him again during the week. Tune in Sunday for a full coverage.

Ron Paul spoke on the need to get out of the United Nations, get out of the wars, get out of So. Korea and Japan, and get out of the federal reserve. He castigated the mistakes that led to our financial crisis. He said that he is different from the other candidates because he stressed the Constitution and the rule of law. He clearly states that we have too many regulations. He is sincere...honest...and is important to the debate on the 2012 presidential race.

Two months ago when I told my aide, Bob, that I would be attending the NFWL in Iowa. I said, "What in the world? Why did they pick Iowa?" I think I mentioned something about corn fields :o) Well, it will be a fun week. And Bob, who waited to tell me he is actually from Iowa.... :o) was right. It is a great place!

Auburn WA makes CNN Same TV...national news is the cow running down the streets of Auburn, WA. :o) that one of your cows?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dave On A Rope

I thought I would share this picture of one of my four sons. We only get one shot at life and it ought to hold some fun and excitement.

You have to make it happen. Experiences are rarely handed to you...unless you have rich parents. Dave did not have that kind of riches. But he did have good people around him. Dreams, a work ethic, and determination are picked up along the way.

Dave is a Eagle Scout, spent two years on an LDS mission to Argentina, earned an MBA, and is a married father of five.

I really like watching my grown kids. You don't have to do anything. They move on their own!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Althea Lute (1951-2011)

The last time I talked with Althea she was yelling at me.

It wasn't me, it was something happening that wasn't right. That was her way, sometimes. She had an immense amount of life's wisdom. She was a passionate person who loved her family and was so loyal to her friends. I think sometimes "conservatives" and Republican leaders (certainly) don't have the loyalty that is so evident in union leaders. When there is trouble...a friend has your back. Althea always had my back. She is a person I loved, respected, and will miss.
On the surface I am sure we were an unlikely pair. But, every so often there is a mutual respect that comes together. I will be speaking about her on Saturday night at the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists. Her picture will sit on my desk.

Mrs. Althea (Jones) Lute was born February 5, 1951, in Seattle, Washington to the union of Josh and Josephine (Robinson) Jones. Althea was preceded in death by her parents and oldest sister Hattie Mae. She accepted Christ as a child and was christened at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.
Althea attended Garfield High School; and enjoyed playing basketball and baseball. She married and had three children. In 1972 she began working the night shift at University of Washington while attending school during the day. She obtained her diploma at Seattle Central Community College, and continued her education and later earned an AA degree. While working at the UW, Althea quickly became a shop steward for Local 1488 of the Washington Federation of State Employees/AFSCME Council 28, AFL-CIO; later becoming president; After years as a Local 1488 activist, vice president and president Althea won election as WFSE/AFSCME's statewide vice president in 1992. She was the first African-American elected to hold that post. Always involved in numerous job actions and rallies, Althea managed to meet and marry John Lute, the love of her life, and to this union came one child.
Althea was later employed at Harborview Medical Center as a patient registration representative. She stepped down from this position to take a position as an organizer with WFSE/AFSCME. She eventually became organizing director and then legislative and political action field coordinator.
In 2006 Althea retired from the union and at that time she stated: "I never say Goodbye, I just say see you later."

Althea was a member of Ebenezer AME Zion Church, she grew to love the word of God. Throughout her life she displayed empathy and compassion towards children
by reaching out to help them. Althea professed faith and hope in Christ and during her final days she expressed a desire to go home to be with the Lord "where the street of the city is pure gold, as transparent glass." She departed this life, June 22, 2011, surrounded by her devoted husband and loving
family at Swedish Medical Center.

Althea leaves to treasure her memory her loving and devoted husband, John David Lute, children; Michelle Antoinette, San Diego, CA, Willie Franklin, Jr., Seattle, WA, Nathan Andre, Tukwila, and Laura Joshett, Auburn, WA, Julian David, George Lee, Jr., Israel, Francis Xavier; Seven grandchildren; Christiana Marquedda, Christopher Jr. Layonna Neiyeera, Santino Vohari, Jeremiah David Andre, LaClyra Antoinette, Kingg LaRae; and one great grand daughter; Aliciana
Marie. Four sisters: Brenda Ann, Gloria Jean, Esther Mae and Pamila Lee, all of Seattle, WA, and a host of nieces, nephews, cousins and God children.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Stuck In Colder Weather

My backyard fundraiser in July 2010. The temperature was around 92 degrees. To my right are Dino Rossi and Rob McKenna. I thought I would document a nice July day in WA for us all to remember.

One thing I did not mention at the time was the near death experience that day. I was driving the jeep across our pasture which was being used as a parking lot for the backyard picnic. The pasture is bisected by a hot wire fence with pasture grass growing up underneath it. To get the property ready for the event I had a guy weed eating under the fence line but he ran out of time and only got about 10 feet to the right of the gate in the middle. I was driving a band member up to the party and having a great time rolling over the pasture grass as only a jeep can do. Accustomed to the grass along the fence line as defining actually WHERE the fence was...I didn't see the fence and thought I was headed for the open gate. Let me fetch a picture of what happened! (picture to come)

Bonney Lake Watershed Tour
Saturday, July 9th, I attended a tour of Bonney Lake's watershed. Dan Roach also attended. Four of my grand kids came along to learn with us. We were welcomed by so many locals who opened their property for us to learn about the habitat recovery efforts.
8 Mile Hike
I have been getting ready for a long hike so Sunday I walked from the farm to Enumclaw. There was a one mile hill involved and went a little over 8 miles. It was a beautiful day for a hike. ( I think it was the only day this month thus far.)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cortney Jean Roach 7-12-11 8lbs 2 oz

Cortney is held by big sister Hannah
Cortney looks like her dad to me! We are a very blessed family. Hannah will be two next week and is being kicked out of the nest. When asked to get a pamper for the baby she runs both going and returning. Cortney sleeps. Lindsay, Samantha, Davis, and Hannah have a new little sister. Jim and I welcomed #14 and will see her when blessed at church in just a few weeks. Can't wait!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Roach Leads The Way On Newspaper Advertising

The committee on Senate policy is meeting soon to determine if my using newspaper advertising will continue to be allowed. Rep. Chris Hurst liked what I was doing so much that he followed suit.

Most legislators currently use their communication budgets on newsletters that are sent only to registered voters (good voters at that). My choice was to use newspapers and reach everyone, even non voters. Here is how the press reported it.

Politicians turning to newspaper ads
ALTERNATIVE: Newspaper ads better inform district during time of budget cuts; limitations pose problems


Last updated: July 11th, 2011 03:12 AM (PDT)

Two state lawmakers have found a novel way to spend the public money they receive for keeping their constituents up to date: Advertisements in local newspapers.

The cheaper alternative to mailing newsletters to voters is likely to catch on in a time of budget cuts, predicts Democratic Rep. Chris Hurst. He followed a fellow 31st District lawmaker, Republican Sen. Pam Roach, in buying ad space instead of postage.

It’s something city governments and school districts already do, said Hurst, of Enumclaw.

“We’re trying to communicate with people in as cost-effective a way as possible,” he said. “There are a whole ton of members that are considering it.”

Roach, of Auburn, published at least six ads in the first six months of this year using a communications budget of a little more than $8,000, which she said wouldn’t have covered even a single newsletter mailing.

But there are limits that may make it hard for others to follow.

Lawmakers who follow the advice of House or Senate administration will find the House restricts where the newspaper ads can circulate. In the Senate, a committee of leaders is considering what should be allowed.

The Facilities and Operations Committee could call for ads to be reviewed by Senate administration and published only in papers that stick to a single Senate district. That’s what the House does, which prevents the ads from appearing in larger papers such as The News Tribune.

“You’re supposed to be directing your expenditures at your constituents,” said Sen. Karen Fraser, the Thurston County Democrat who chairs the committee.

“It’s frankly to keep the peace,” House counsel Tim Sekerak explained. “If one member starts mailing partisan material into someone else’s district, we’re going to have a little border war break out.”

An exception is made if House members in the neighboring district give permission, Sekerak said.

Roach’s ads ran in three Sound Publishing weekly papers that are distributed free to homes: The Bonney Lake & Sumner Courier-Herald, the Enumclaw Courier-Herald and the Auburn Reporter.

The reach of the Auburn paper crosses political boundaries, including parts of as many as four legislative districts. Roach said that should be allowed, just as lawmakers are allowed to create radio and online news releases that can reach anyone.

“Get over it. We communicate freely and openly with every other medium. Every one of them bleed into different districts,” Roach said.

Hurst so far has run two ads in two papers: The Bonney Lake & Sumner Courier-Herald and the Enumclaw Courier-Herald.

Lawmakers are talking to the people back home in new and less expensive ways, such as inviting voters to dial in to telephone conferences.

It’s partly due to budget cuts. The 98 House members get an average of less than $20,000 for their official publications this term, less than half as much as in the 2007 term.

The Senate suspended publication spending last year before restoring more than one-third of the original $24,000 that each of its 49 members was to receive for the year. The Senate’s operations committee has yet to decide how much to spend this year.

A Visit With Mitt Romney

Romney In Washington State
This evening I attended a fundraiser for Mitt Romney in Medina. Some of the biggest Republican donors in WA politics were in attendance. In the last quarter Romney brought in more funds than all his opponents combined! And, yes, Obama will raise one billion dollars.

Romney is the only viable business person in the race having spent 25 years running Bain Consulting.

He gave a speech that covered the economy and foreign relations. I asked him about Cyber defense.

In my conversation with Mitt it told him I would be attending the FOX News Iowa debate and straw poll. I asked if he would be participating in that and he said he would. Then added: "Be sure to cheer when I say something smart." I thought that was insight into his personality. He would rather be viewed as smart than be viewed as someone who just wanted to be saying the right things.

I was on the Romney Steering Committee in '08 and will support him again.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cyber Attack On Richland National Laboratory

Son, Captain John Roach, will be leaving Germany and his next station is Fort Meade, MD. Ft. Meade is the center of Cyber Command. Cyber War is the next and greatest threat to our security. You are noticing reports like the following almost weekly.

Posted today
Seatttle Times, AP reports:

The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory at Richland is restoring its computer system this week after a cyberattack.

Spokesman Gregg Koller says when officials became aware of the sophisticated attack Friday they shut down most computer services for employees, such as email and access to the Internet.

KONA reports computer experts have been analyzing the attack and installing a security patch.

The national lab conducts scientific research, including nuclear science related to the Hanford nuclear reservation.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Casey Anthony Grows Up...Or...Headline News Reduced to Soapbox Central

I really don't know anyone who can believe the verdict in the case against Casey Anthony. Anthony's case will go down with OJ's in the textbooks.

What would the results be if the national media spent that much time on how the government can lie in the court rooms about grandparents and then steal babies from entire biological families!? In WA State it happens all the time only on the word and lies from CPS workers.

In any event...Jose Biaz and eight others of the defense team will go down in history and have all the royalties book sales can produce and the speaking circuit will bear.

Casey will put her black hair back down on her shoulders and go back to whatever she was doing. Except now she can do all that with her pockets lined with the money that will come her way.

Hey, I wonder if OJ's friends have run out of money and patience. Maybe OJ, also in Florida, would like to date Casey? That would be justice!

I would think Casey would have this all forgotten in about three weeks...but the book deals and few selected media print articles...will keep the incidents in her mind for a while.

Mr. and Mrs Anthony will soon divorce. There is no way out of that.

What I liked about the case was that there was a clear opportunity to have your day in court and with representation. That doesn't happen in legislative bodies. You never meet your accusers or have a chance at going before impartial people or anyone for that matter. They call that a Star Chamber and it is used to publicly and politically skewer someone with the aim of taking them out of office. Rather ironic that individuals charged with securing our rights should deny such rights to their members.

The national news media had plenty of stuff more worthy to broadcast than the Anthony trial. It was all about selling ad time and making a good time for themselves. And, oh yes...they did enjoy the excitement of the coverage. CNN and FOX and particularly Nancy Grace reduced Headline News to Soapbox Central, or, Comedy Central as prison inmates are laughing right now.

Can you believe how the media, almost 100%, miscalculated the whole thing? For them it is a fitting end. Maybe they are the ones who got justice. They worked the American public up into a frenzy and then crashed. This was the penalty for wasting this much time on this story.

Excuse me...I gotta go mow the lawn with 10 million other people.

Fantastic Fourth...One to Remember

Jim and I had to agree that we had one of our most enjoyable Independence Days ever. The culmination was attending a military families day at Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

My most unusual Independence Day was in Deli, East Timor at the U. S. Embassy. But the most patriotic was at JBLM.

Jim Delivers Keynote
We started the day with Jim delivering the keynote address at the Enumclaw LDS church celebration. He did a great job bringing the occasion to all age groups in the crowd. I skipped the homemade cinnamon rolls. Jim ate mine and several others.

Red Jeep My Ride In Parade
We dashed home, washed and waxed the red jeep, and drove back to Enumclaw for the most well attended parade there ever. The perfect weather had the whole town outside! Driver Jim's green John Deere hat was part of Americana in our small town. I was very warmly received and I loved waving directly to the little children on the route.

Military Hosts 4th of July Celebration
There is something about life on base and the military in general that makes a base celebration really close to the heart. There are kids and lots of people like any other gathering on the 4th. But these kids and families have been doing the sacrificing.

Jim and I stayed 6 hours. A band played behind Cowan Field, carnival rides were high above the crowd and a vast number of booths and food carts lined the walkway. There were three kids to every two adults...the average age was eleven!

On CNN this day there was coverage of Lieutenant Dan's Band. CSI New York's Gary Siniese has a band which he put together to tour for the troops. (Siniese played Lt. Dan in Forest Gump .) The band has been all over the world and the states. I had noticed on the invitation that Lt. Dan's Band would be playing and had no idea what that was. Imagine the coincidence when we figured it out!

How close did I get to Siniese? Well, I lent my "Rascal Flats" hat to his daughter to help keep the setting sun from her eyes. And, I chatted with his wife who assured me there actually are conservatives in Hollywood.

Our group included only Lt. Gov Brad Owen and his wife. As invited "VIPs" we sat center front for the presentation of each state flag and the 1st Corps Band concert. Wow! All patriotic music, grand and loud... perfect weather... thousands of America's service families from around the country...followed by the most fantastic fireworks display accompanied by Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture "with cannon"....

I thought several times of Captain John. I know he and his family enjoyed their 4th on at USAB Spangdalhum, Germany. Around the world, our military celebrated the 4th of July, even in Iraq and Afghanistan. When the blasts were the loudest I heard a troop behind me, "Yeah, tell em who we are!!!"

It was a get day.

DSHS Employee Admits To Voyeurism

It takes one to know one, as the old saying points out. So you gota appreciate the KING 5 headline:
DSHS youth sex offender counselor arrested for voyeurism.

Drew Mikkelsen, KING 5
TUMWATER, Wash. -- An Olympia man who works with juvenile sex offenders faces a sex-related criminal charge.

Tumwater police said Joshua Allen Black, 32, admitted he took pictures up a woman's skirt in a grocery store parking lot Thursday night. He did not know the woman.

Black is in the Thurston County Jail on one charge of voyeurism.

He has worked for the Department of Social and Human Services since 2002 working as a youth counselor. Some of his clients are serving time for sex offenses.

Investigators say he told them, "Okay, I did it."

The accuser, who did not want her name published, said she was surprised someone would take her picture like that but said it was more surprising to learn what the man did for a living.

“It’s a shame someone people look up to actually went and did what he advises people against,” said the 21-year-old accuser. (edited for space. PR)

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bystanders Watch As Glen Beck Is Hassled, Roach Can Relate

The following is taken from a HUFFPOST Aol News:

Glenn Beck went to Bryant Park Monday night for a showing of Alfred Hitchock's "The 39 Steps". But that was not the only showing he saw.

"It was a hostile situation," Beck described of his family's movie night; his wife, Tanya, had wine "kicked intentionally on to her back," leaving her "completely wet," he said on his radio show Tuesday morning. He further said that his wife and daughter were greeted by a man pointing his fingers and yelling "We hate conservatives here!" when they got up to use the restroom.

"If I had suggested -- and I almost did -- wow, does anybody have a rope? Because there's a tree here. You could just lynch me. And I think there would've been a couple in the crowd that would've!" The conservative radio-host recalled.
"I apologize to anybody who had their movie experience wrecked because of the people that found it so necessary to spew hatred," Beck said, "but there's nothing I can do about it."

He noted that he was "...A little surprised that nobody -- nobody -- in the crowd said 'knock it off. Just, stop. Just be cool. I don't agree with the guy, but just be cool.' "

I bring this up as a study of revised American behavior. In the past there would have been someone stepping in to halt the surly actions. We had group standards. The lack of these standards now happens in all social strata. At least, I have seen the same lack of caring and willingness to protect the innocent in the close confines of a group of legislators. They sat in their chairs and watched a man scream at a woman then stand before her, turn around, and then bend over and put his rear in her face as she was seated in a chair. I was the only one who stood up to this. Everyone else just watched. They said nothing. Thank God I am not like that.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Pam Roach Delegation Leader To Taiwan

Last month I led a delegation of national leaders to the Republic of China. I am the Washington State chair of the National Foundation of Women Legislators and am on their International Committee.

The group consisted of leader within key national non governmental groups, groups aimed at advising elected officials: National Council of State Legislators; Council of State Governments; American Legislative Exchange Council; Northeast Governor's Conference; National Mayor's Assn.; Midwest Governor's Conference; National Assn. of Counties.

There we no taxpayer dollars spent on the trip which was sponsored by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Association. The Republic of China (ROC) or Taiwan is a loyal ally of the United States. It is a shining example of democracy in Southeast Asia. Actually, it is the only example.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Roach On River Safety...Q13 Fox News

Roach on River Safety

"Want to swim, play on a river in King County? Get a life vest

King County Executive Dow Constantine signed a measure Tuesday that requires everyone who goes out on a river in the county to wear a life vest. The new law goes into effect July 1st...." (Q13 News)

I was driving home..80 degrees with the top down...along the Green Valley Road and ran into every news truck in the region. We narrowly missed having two drownings today.,0,1026042.story

Monday, June 20, 2011

Auburn's Mayor Lewis Stands Up For Veterans At National Mayor's Conference

The U. S. Conference of Mayors is a really liberal group. I suspect dues are paid based on the population of the city and the big guys get to make the major decisions in staff hiring because they own the place. It takes a small town mayor to ignite the masses in this group at its recent conference. reports that at the Conference of Mayors a resolution to Congress was proposed. It demanded the troops be brought home now and that the saved money go to social services, infrastructure, and such.

"BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the U.S. Conference of Mayors calls on the U.S. Congress to bring these war dollars home to meet vital human needs, promote job creation, rebuild our infrastructure, aid municipal and state governments, and develop a new economy based upon renewable, sustainable energy."

OpEdNews reports that the "resolution could have passed in a batch of resolutions without debate, but Mayor Pete Lewis of Auburn, WA, asked that it be pulled, resulting in a debate and vote individually on this resolution.

11:16 a.m. Pete Lewis speaks first. "I live in a military state." [Meaning we have several bases in WA....PR) "Making political statements in this forum about the war I do not believe is proper." He equates this with bashing Vietnam veterans, even as he is also claiming to recognize the need for the redirection of the funding," writes OpEdNews.

11:38 Mayor Villaraigosa of Los Angeles, CA, reads the text of an amendment that was offered in committee that apparently failed in committee. What he read "supported" troops and also urged that withdrawal be done in a manner not to "destabilize."

And then debate opened up big time. Back and forth. But the small town mayors won!

While the call for withdraw stayed in the resolution there were two "whereas" sentences added. OpEdNews, which seemed peeved at the outcome, reports that they "roughly" read:

"Whereas every member of USCM and the Americans they rep support our brave men and women in uniform and their families." And,

"Whereas the drawdown of troops should be done in a measured way that does not destabilize the region and can accelerate the transfer of regional authority to local authorities,"...

I emailed Mayor Pete Lewis and told him what a great job I thought he did.

He responded:
Viet Nam Vet - never again will we allow another generation of veterans to be abused or forgotten.

Not on my watch.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Roach To Lead Taiwan Delegation

Sen. Roach tabbed for leadership role with National Foundation for Women Legislators

Enumclaw Courier Herald
May 05 2011, 11:39 AM

State Sen. Pam Roach has been appointed to key leadership roles with the National Foundation for Women Legislators, both here and abroad.

Nominated by colleagues from states within the region during the 2010 NFWL annual conference, Roach will serve as state director for Washington.

“I am honored to represent women legislators at a national level and welcome the new challenge,” Roach said.

As state director, Roach will serve as the organization’s contact for elected women in the state and will work to support NFWL’s mission within Washington.

Roach also is chair of the organization’s International Relations Committee. Her appointment to the two posts led to her recent selection to lead a national delegation on an upcoming mission to Taiwan.

The trip takes place Saturday through May 21 and includes 20 members from various governmental organizations from around the United States. The mission is sponsored by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, based in Washington, D.C.

Roach, a longtime member of the state Senate, represents the 31st Legislative District, which includes Enumclaw, Buckley, Wilkeson, Bonney Lake and Sumner.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Honduran Friends Shot

The Guardados were here last Halloween. The good doctor, you may remember, is also the mayor of a town in Honduras. A month after returning to Honduras his clinic and car were sprayed with bullets! There were rumors that the former chief of police had put out a hit on Dr. Guardado. The doctor had called for the resignation of all law enforcement when he took office. He rehired only those that he felt were not corrupt.

A body guard was hired.

The doctor changed cars with his wife who needed the family pickup to get an air conditioner for an orphanage.

Jessie had Sophia in the truck with her. The bodyguard was riding in the back. Jessie pulled up to the store and went inside with Sophia, leaving the guard outside. Then two other trucks pulled up and three armed men jumped from each of the vehicles and opened fire. The bodyguard was killed.

Sophia was shot in the back and grazed in the head. Jessie was shot in the back with a flesh wound. It was a miracle that both survived. Jessie thought Sophia, on the ground, bleeding, and not moving...had been killed. They were taken to the hospital in La Cieba and survived. Sophia has no memory of what happened.

Turns out it wasn't the former police chief. More on the story when the bad guys are caught.

Two Keynote Addresses

From Jim Beal, "Rally was awesome and the Senator rocked... I had more folks saying "we have to move to her district so we can vote for her" ... the count was about 370 when it kicked off.... her speech was so excellent and nothing but good reviews... she was the perfect choice to start things off."

Saturday morning ... it was back to Olympia for a Second Amendment rally. I was the keynote speaker. I recapped legislation and reminded the listeners of the need to be vigilant in the protection of our Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Saturday evening ... I was in Seattle to keynote for the Vietnamese community's memorial of the Fall of Saigon. The yellow flag with three red stripes was a centerpiece of the podium. It symbolizes freedom and is the flag under which the South Vietnamese fought. Col. Sahn Pham has been a friend for almost 20 years and I was again honored to have been invited to speak. I also read a letter from Governor Gregoire which she provided at my request.

The evening was pretty cold. But, I was happy to be there and among friends who are a reminder of what some have had to endure to have freedom.

On Sunday, Jim and I hosted the Castellars and the Guradados here at the farm.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Birthday Messages

"Hi, Pam.

I received a Facebook notice that you're celebrating your birthday. Congratulations!

Just want to say I admire your strength and courage and "take no prisoner" style in the Legislature.

If half of your legislative colleagues were as tough as you we'd have far fewer problems.

You're one of a kind, Pam. God bless you for all you do for this state. Please keep fighting the good fight.

God knows we need you.

Bob H."
(Thanks, Bob. With messages like that who cares about being old!)

"Happy Birthday Pam Roach! May you have many happy returns. I want to thank you for all your help for my son Doug Stuth and his wife Anne Marie in getting their granddaughter Alexis. God Bless You!"
(I have a picture of Alexis, a couple actually, on my refrigerator. I love Alexis. In all my years as a legislator...there was nothing near that case. Thank you for remembering me!)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Activist Dave Wood Tells How To Save Money!

Dave Wood in an email to his legislator sends a message that should be sent to all legislators. There are ways to cut the budget and get better service.

From: Dave Wood
Subject: Need money Kathy?
To: (the legislator)
Date: Tuesday, March 8, 2011, 2:53 PM

Your interview on TVW said early childhood education needs the $14 million cut by the governor plus $20 million more. How about consolidating some of the 46 CPS offices around the state? The taxpayers don't need that many.

Some of us think we would be better off with none, counting on
all the sheriffs and local police agencies to protect
children like they have to protect all the rest of us.

As the sheriff of Pierce County observed after a deadly foul-up by CPS, why would anyone call CPS to report child abuse? It's criminal. Call 911.

You could lead the way. "Sacrifice" your own Shelton office of DCFS. Defund it in the budget and let south Mason be served out of Olympia and North Mason "served" out of Bremerton. That's in quotes because the Bremerton office is so bad it really should be closed, too.

I believe Sheriff Steve Boyer of Kitsap County would attest to that fact. Our Washington Families United board treasurer, Mike _____, a Shelton realtor with ___________________ and his family are victims of Shelton CPS/CWS (DCFS). He and many others would support its closure.


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pam Roach Defends Initiative Process On Comcast

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snowed In And Other Quirks Of Nature

It snowed heavily last night.

Our farm house is on a hillside above the pasture. I remember one time when I attempted to go down the hill when the snow and ice covered the long steep driveway. The pump house had been leaking water so under the snow there was a sheet of ice. It took two tow trucks to get the car off the side of the hill. :o)

Second to that in exciting descents was many winters ago. I was in my '97 Gran Prix STP, super charged, 240 hp fun car. Captain John was about 18 when he picked it out on the showroom floor. Yeah, it was an impulse buy :o) But, I am good at executive decisions :o) I know John was only thinking of me.

There was no snow. I pulled the Pontiac out of the yard onto the driveway...when about half way down I thought I saw the under belly of a snake shimmying up into the dashboard by the steering wheel...three inches from my nyloned leg!

Maybe it was a rat! In any event I got onto the Green Valley Road when the fat mouse ran across the top of the dash, full length, left to right. I just kept on driving.

Maybe this will give my political enemies a little more insight.

Reader Writes...Correct On CPS

Dear Madame Senator,

Families first is the law..Period.

Many clients have called to say that finally their children are being placed with relatives. Some 3 and 4 years after the fact.

Then you have social workers that are so resistant to placing with family. The case of which I speak was on your blog sometime in October?? The department has now requested a settlement conference.

They have spent thousands with legal representation. They have an ICPC in place that had to be court ordered after the social worker told the judge that it had already been done..They got Oregon on the phone..and guess what? It had not been done and the social worker through the AG's office just lied. HMMM..if that were you or I what do you think would happen?? Perhaps some jail time?? You know as well as I do that the truth will always reveal herself. Sometimes not so kindly. Whatever it takes.

This department is not only ruining today's families they are destroying our future. They are the abusers.

Until the culture is changed there will not be change. Until you have an equal playing field there will be no change.

What say you?


Dear Respectfully. I agree with you. I am sure the department does some good things. But, your observations are correct. In the cases that I have studied closely...this is exactly what happens. Only, the children do not always go home.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

From The Mouths Of Babes

Conversation between Mom and Grandson, Jack age 3 1/2.

Jack, holding a toy: "Mom, does this tank kill people?"
Mom: "Sometimes tanks kill people, but only if they are fighting in a war."
Jack: "Not regular people?"
Mom: "Nope. Regular people don't kill other people."
Jack: "Yeah, regular people just watch."

Third Meeting Tomorrow: Regala, Chase, Roach

There is hardly a day that goes by that I don't think of Doug, Ann Marie, and Alexis Stuth.
Tomorrow Senator Chase and I will meet again with Senator Regala to discuss DSHS/CPS and the budget. Shielded from budget cuts ("for the sake of children"), there may be nothing done to stop the industry known as CPS. The agency is a labyrinth of government and non-profit organizations all kept alive by the need to self sustain and the need to fill the demand for healthy adoptive children.

If the state would follow the law by placing with relatives there would be huge savings to taxpayers. Protectors feel there would be a collapse of the industry and job losses in the mansion of cards. Yeah. This out of control agency has too many rooms and too many "in only" doors.

Other states have shown that sending all but 30% of kids to their own qualified family members can be done without harm to kids and millions of dollars are saved. WA keeps 85% in the system. Secretary Susan Dreyfus personally told me that the number of children out of family care needs to be vastly reduced. (VASTLY was my word.) But if you reduce from 85% to 30%, the number of children taken from homes and housed with non-relatives...that would be a VAST improvement.

Eyman, Roach, and Benton...Saving The Initiative Process

By Tim Eyman (On-line letter to supporters and press)

Benton, Roach stage 'amendment filibuster' on anti-initiative bill SB 5297

Senators Don Benton (R-Vancouver) and Pam Roach (R-Auburn) are, by far, the strongest advocates for the initiative process in Olympia. And they proved it again last week when anti-initiative bill SB 5297 came up for a vote in committee. They staged an 'amendment filibuster', proposing 17 changes to the bill, each of which had to be debated and voted on by the committee. This put a bright, bright spotlight on the many legal, constitutional, and policy flaws in this idiotic legislation. It was magnificent. The Senate Republican Caucus awarded Benton the "Elephant Award", something they give to members who go over and above the call of duty.

Huge, multi-policy bills like anti-initiative bill SB 5297 are intended to give supporters just one 'tough vote', but Benton and Roach's amendments forced them to take anti-initiative votes over and over and over again. Most importantly, their amendments forced the other side to learn what was in the bill (most don't have a clue what's in the bills they're pushing). Many times, they forced Democrats to defend the indefensible. After 40 minutes of debate and discussion on just the first eight amendments, the Democrats made a motion to quash the remaining amendments and move forward with the vote. The bill received a party-line 4-3 DO PASS recommendation.

We lost that battle but we firmly believe we're winning the war. SB 5297 wilts under the bright light of scrutiny. There's another hearing on this bill tomorrow at 1:30 pm before the Senate Ways & Means committee. Since it'll cost the taxpayers $360,000 to implement a brand new bureaucracy requiring licensing and registration, photo headshots, criminal background checks, and fingerprinting for citizens who collect signatures for initiatives, we're going to ask the committee a simple question: at a time of $5 billion deficits, how can they possibly justify spending $360,000 to address a problem that testimony and history shows doesn't exist?

Please send another email to ALL legislators (they can all vote so they all need to hear from all of us) -- 'cut and paste' the list of email addresses provided below into the 'bcc' portion of an email from you (one email for the senate, one email for the house) -- and tell them "At a time of $5 billion deficits, there's no justification to spend $360,000 of taxpayers' money to address a problem that clearly doesn't exist. The initiative process is ours, not yours, LEAVE IT ALONE. Vote no on anti-initiative bills HB 1668 / SB 5297."

Friday, February 18, 2011

CPS In The 2011 Session

Yesterday Senator Maralyn Chase (D) and I met with Senator Debbie Regala (D) for the second time on issues pertaining to the budget and Child Protective Services.

Senators were asked by Senate Ways and Means Chair Ed Murray to step forward if they were interested in working on any particular part of the budget. We were given general categories from which to chose. One dealt with social services. I checked that and then put CPS in the margin.

Murray's idea was a good one. But the test of that will be in seeing what becomes of the suggestions.

Regala was chosen by Murray to meet with the only two who stepped forward on this area of the budget....Chase and Roach. We independently gravitated to this area.

I signed up because I know we can do a better job with less money!

Chase is a liberal Democrat who moved up from the House in the '10 election. I am a conservative Republican. As far as I can tell, we are in 100% agreement on CPS issues.

Chase came to her realizations the same way I did. We worked for our constituents and discovered horror stories! ...damaged families and accountability...etc. The stories we have are the same except the names are different.

Much has been covered. Stop the lying in the court rooms...get a system of accountability in place...give grandparents standing in the courts (that alone would save millions and millions though protectors of the system will argue otherwise. There is more, of course.

One Child A Month Dies Under The "Care" Of CPS (2)

2/17/11 P.I. On-line
Wash. court says siblings can't file death claims

(In this starvation case the adoptive "mother" who was vetted by DSHS got just 3 years in prison for torturing and killing a child. Read it a weep. I will call today to see if I can find out what happened to the employees involved. Ed.)

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- The adoptive siblings of a 7-year-old boy who died of starvation in the care of his adoptive mother can't sue for wrongful death, the Washington State Supreme Court ruled Thursday.

The estate of Tyler DeLeon had filed wrongful death claims against the boy's primary care physician and his psychiatrist and also alleged they were aware of the boy's injuries but failed to report them under the state's mandatory reporting law.

The high court affirmed a Spokane County Superior Court decision to dismiss a portion of the case against Dr. David Fregeau, the Rockwood Clinic, and psychiatrist Sandra Bremner-Dexter. But the Supreme Court said the doctors could be sued for failing to report the abuse.

The state Department of Social and Health Services and three employees also were sued, but the agency separately agreed to pay more than $6 million to Tyler's estate and other foster children in a 2008 settlement.

Tyler weighed only 28 pounds when he died Jan. 13, 2005, the day he turned 7.

His adoptive mother, Carole DeLeon, was sentenced to six years in prison after entering a plea to criminally mistreating Tyler and another boy in her care. She was released last year after serving half of her sentence.
The lawsuit on behalf of the boy and his adoptive siblings cites an extensive history of abuse complaints and health concerns regarding foster children at the DeLeon home, including broken bones, knocked-out teeth and withholding of food and water.

Tyler's adoptive siblings are considered second-tier beneficiaries under the state's wrongful death law, which means they can recover damages under that law only if they were dependent upon him for support. Their lawsuit against the doctors argued that they did depend upon him because DSHS provided $717 month in adoption support to Carole DeLeon for Tyler.

The doctors argued, and the Supreme Court agreed, that Tyler's estate and his adoptive siblings were not financially dependent upon them. The high court said "DSHS provided separate payments to Carole DeLeon to supplement her support of other children in her home."

"I knew that we had a tough case to make, but I thought it was worth the effort since I think not compensating Tyler or Tyler's estate for what he suffered through is just wrong," said Allen M. Ressler, a Seattle attorney representing the plaintiffs. "The legislation as written right now makes no sense to me."

Justice Gerry L. Alexander concurred with the majority opinion, signed by eight justices, on the issue of whether the siblings were qualified to bring wrongful death claims. But he dissented with his colleagues on whether the doctors could be sued for failing to report child abuse or neglect.

The majority said the mandatory reporting law doesn't explicitly provide a civil remedy against a practitioner who fails to report suspected abuse but said it was implied as a means of enforcing the reporting duty. Alexander said the conclusion contradicts what the Legislature intended, which was to make it a misdemeanor crime to report child abuse.