Monday, October 17, 2011

Captain John's New Love...Eve Catherine Roach

(Pictured with Miriam, 2, is Evie. Miri talks about her baby all the time.)

I spent all last week at Ft. Meade, Maryland, waiting, on duty if you will.

But, grand baby #15 was very tricky and jumped over the due date by more than a week! In something that could be planned, I was relieved by Grandma Kitty and flew home after seven days...or 40 hours before the birth. However, I had a fun wait with Sadie, Jack, and Miri.

We all walked mom around the Lincoln Memorial and then again at the Naval Academy at Annapolis a few days later, then for dinner in Georgetown. I think the thing my son liked most was that I gave them a chance to go to the show a couple of nights.

I enjoyed being on base. I love the wake up bugle, and the people, and the purpose. We are all very blessed. and, I look forward to meeting Eve as soon as I can.

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