Thursday, October 20, 2011

CNN Reporting...Selective Whines

I have been watching CNN more and more these days. While I work I keep the TV going and FOX is a staple, of course.

Comparisons are easy. CNN gave a tilted view of the recent Republican debates. Only the sole Republican "strategist" had any good call on the outcome. Liberals wanted to lift Perry and Cane and dis Romney. At FOX, a network that has seen the light on Perry's record, touted Romney as the clear winner of the debate. They mentioned the terribly rude behavior Perry rendered against Anderson Cooper and Romney. CNN ignored it in trying to lift Perry.

But, watch today. CNN is covering the death of Moammar Gadhafi. They are making a big thing about the fact it appears he was taken alive and waiting to see if he had been executed. That, they say, would reflect badly on the new leadership. The "rule of law" would not have been followed.

Who are they kidding? This is still a war! And, if America can waste Osama bin Laden without a trial then I guess CNN should lighten up on Libyans. As I remember the story...Obama, Clinton, etc. hovered around a live drone picture as our guys took out our problem. Our nation cheered!

CNN should lay off the Libyans. This is one time if Perry called something hypocritical...I would agree.

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