Monday, November 30, 2009

Gov. Gregoire Down In The Polls...GOP Up

In Survey USA’s latest poll, Gregoire has an unprecedented 30 point gap between her approval and disapproval rating (33% approval – 63% disapproval). See the link for the crosstabs: (cut and paste)

The tax talk has hurt her...but I think the KOMO expose on CPS took a toll as well. Attorney General Rob McKenna is holding a fundraiser among Republican precinct committee officers in King County. While it is likely that Gov. Gregoire will not run again...the Democrats really do not have much on the bench. Congressman Adam Smith would have to leave Congress to run. Doubtful. Maybe he would look at an open seat for the attorney general spot anyway.

Congressman Jay Inslee is rumored to be a Democrat candidate for governor in 2012. No one knows him. And those in eastern Washington where they ran him out of the congressional district he previously held...don't like him. In any event... Republicans need a message and leadership. They have a new high profile candidtate.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dark Day For All Of Us...Four Officers Killed

Sgt. Mark Renninger, 39,
Officer Ronald Owens, 37,
Officer Tina Griswold, 40,
Officer Gregory Richards, 42.

The entire nation is praying for the families of the four fallen Lakewood, WA police officers. I called my daughter's today to see if my son-in-law, an officer himself, had gone to Lakewood for the manhunt. I also was hoping my grandchildren were not watching the coverage that I knew was on TV. Children of cops should not have greater cause to worry.

Let us all remember the families in our prayers. There are lessons to be learned, help to be given, regulations to be reset...but for now we mourn.

If the assailant lives... the Pierce County Prosecutor will not wait to ask for the death penalty.

Please help as you can. Contributions can be sent to the Lakewood Police Independent Guild Benevolent Fund. Funds will be used in a thoughtful and appropriate manner. Contributions can be directed to:

LPIG Benevolent Fund
PO Box 99579
Lakewood, WA 98499

Checks made out to “LPIG Benevolent Fund” may also be dropped off at Lakewood
City Hall.

In My Opinion...CPS Does Not Always Follow The Law

Reader Ron writes:
"In my dealings with CPS I've only seen them responsive to two things. Court decisions and the law. They are hyper- sensitive to law suits. If laws are passed to hold them accountable they will obey." {sic}

Ron...for Pete's sake! They are successfully sued because they DO NOT always follow the law. And, for Pete's sake, Ron, they repeat their errors! The courts may, once in a while, hold then accountable but they are hardly repentant. They do sin again!

(You see only your family's case. You saw an unresponsive department that was not breaking the law. It was frustrating for you. But, there are many out there who are wronged by the department. For them a child is killed in foster care or by an evil parent. Or, their child is stolen for "gifting" to a more "desirable" adopt situation. These are not "fix it" situations. Consider yourself lucky. But open your eyes to the abuses of the system.)

A Reader Writes...

"My family has been affected by CPS. They stole my children 2 times while making fun of their foreheads saying something was wrong with them. They won't stop accusing us of all kinds of things they know aren't true. My children have been in more danger in the system then at home....etc."> (This is part of a message posted several times and with a special request that it be printed.)

Dear reader who wrote,
I appreciate the long story. There are many who have the same issues. have not identified yourself. And, I do not know if you have contacted the legislators in your own district.

Please write your legislators and cc several others. Sen. Jim Hargrove is the chair of the committee that deals with CPS issues. Copy Sen. Val Stevens who is the ranking member on the committee. Copy local press. Have someone copy read your letter before you send it.

As session draws near, I will be concentrating more on public awareness and on legislative changes. To do that I will be working with leaders and the press. I will be holding a hearing. There will be a huge rally to attend. Dear Reader, you must work hard and be concentrated in your efforts. No changes in the system will be made without great effort. There is a wall bigger than that at Dover Castle to get through. Children die in the system. Children are maimed in the system. And, there are children that should not even be in the system.

Tiger, Tiger

Tiger, tiger, burning bright,
In the forest of the night
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

William Blake, of course.

The poem casts a whole new image.

TVW Now Airing Susan Dreyfus Interview

"Inside Olympia" and the impacts of budget reductions

Austin Jenkins interview is now showing. I hope there will be a higher percentage of the CPS budget going to protecting children from truly bad people. And, I hope a higher amount will go to reunification efforts. Less money would be spent if the department would just follow the law! Quit taking kids that should be with parents or in the homes of relatives. CPS would save taxpayers millions by merely following the law. And, we would have more court time for the criminals.

Austin...interview me on this one. I promise an interesting show! :o) You can count on it!

A.L.S.B. Link

Saturday, November 28, 2009

In Re The Dependency Of A.L.S.B. June 2008 Decision Will Be Far Reaching

Dependency of A.L.S.B.

Please go to TVW WA (Washington's TV) and then go to Supreme Court. Then go to June of 2008 and look for the A.L.S.B. case.

This is a MUST for viewing.

I will work on the link for you but do not wait. I posted this a year or so ago with the link. I hope you saw it then. The decision will be far reaching! The attorney representing the Hispanic father in this case was truly great. This case should be decided very soon.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Guns, Seattle, And The Constitution

A man who carried a pistol into a West Seattle community center two weeks ago to protest Seattle's new ban on guns in public spaces on Friday filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court, saying the policy violates the U.S. and state constitutions, as well as state law.

Bob Warden addresses the media outside Southwest Community Center on Saturday November 14, 2009 in Seattle. He walked into the city-owned building, while carrying a concealed handgun, to begin his legal challenge to the City of Seattle's ban on firearms on city property. (Joshua Trujillo, Warden wants the gun ban repealed. He also wants his attorneys' fees paid for, nominal damages in the amount of "one dollar" and unspecified punitive damages against Mayor Greg Nickels to "effectively deter future Washington municipal officials from behaving with reckless or callous disregard for federally protected rights."

In late October gun rights advocates - including the Second Amendment Foundation - filed their own lawsuit against the gun ban in King County Superior Court. At that time Ruth Bowman of the Seattle City Attorney's office, said the city's policy was put in place to protect "our most vulnerable and defenseless citizens, our children."

In September Nickels announced his rule to ban guns in more than 500 Parks and Recreations Department facilities across Seattle where children and youth go - places like sports fields, playgrounds and swimming pools. Signs are posted that say firearms are prohibited as a condition of entry into the facilities.

Nickels' announcement was his latest attempt to ban firearms from city property. The mayor began efforts after a man shot and injured three people at the 2008 Folklife Festival at Seattle Center.

But an opinion issued late last year by Attorney General Rob McKenna's office said cities lack the authority to ban guns because local laws would conflict with state regulations.

In his lawsuit Warden says Nickels' policy violates the Second (the right to keep and bear arms) and Fourth (prohibition against unreasonable searches and seizures) amendments of the U.S. Constitution.

Seattle P.I. Blogs
by Chris Grygiel at November 27, 2009 12:25 p.m.

A Grandmother Writes Of CPS Keeping "Disabled" Grandson For The Money

A reader writes to us. I know CPS will read this. I hope they will look into this case of another broken family with government at the center:

"I am a grandmother in Kitsap County whose grandson is in the hands of CPS. They said they would place him in a foster home only temporarily until my 'homestudy" was completed. Afterwards, informed me that Washington does not acknowledge grandparents rights and I cannot see him, (however, I can buy stuff that they will see to it he receives they said). I am STILL waiting for the homestudy to happen which they said would take 2 months max (it's been more than that) and have caught the worker and her supervisor in many lies throughout this ordeal. My grandson has dwarfism, which I pointed out many months ago and they now have taken him to a "specialist" a few weeks ago and discovered I was indeed correct. I have seen it for a year, don't know why no one else could. He will be 2 Dec. 11th. He's a beautiful baby and I love him for all that he is and will be. Someone told me that with his "disability" he is worth even more to the system and I will probably never see him again! Please tell me this is not true!!??? There is no reason for my grandson to be with strangers right now, I passed their background check, fingerprinting, and am willing to jump thru whatever flaming hoops they want me to for my grandson. Right now, I am sitting up and begging! Please help! I will do anything except roll over and play dead for these people. My grandson belongs with family!!! And I am the only family he has that is capable and willing of taking care of him and keeping him in a safe, happy, healthy environment."

(Linda: Please contact your three legislators and ask them to help you. There is no reason at all that they can not do that. It is pure B.S. when a legislator says they can't get involved. You are not asking them to go to court for you. You are asking them to make an inquiry with CPS and with the Attorney General to remind them of the state mandate to place with families first. They have a responsibility to advocate for constituents.)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


This is number eleven for Jim and me. She was the first in a string of three this year. Germany is so far away. This picture will have to do. We are so blessed.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Roach And Dreyfus Attend DD Meeting

King County Developmental Disabilities Board has done a fantastic job bringing families together to face lawmakers and government leaders.

Last night there were 25+ legislators and state and county officials present to hear the needs of our state's most vulnerable population. There were 200+ in attendance.

I will do all I can to keep funding for this population.

Monday, November 23, 2009

From Councilwoman Mowery: Her Granddaughter Stolen By The System

This just in from Councilwoman Barbara Mowery near Spokane:

I attended court today with a broken heart and a broken spirit. My daughter who has worked so hard to stay in treatment, who has filed for divorce from the man, father, who was an influence, was told today by Judge Baker, that she is doing a great job; how wonderful she looks, and how well she is doing, but:

"She need stay this way in case she has other children in the future; that the child she has now, will be adopted. If I can also read between the lines: My daughter has no chance to get her baby back, which is why I have been fighting so hard. Although her attorney spoke up, stating that she is in a treatment center where the baby can be with her, where they can have a life together; this made no difference whatsoever to the court, especially CASA. Never mind that baby's sister and I can't have her because of CASA, Dennis Wright, who boasted in court....

The foster to adopt mom was so happy! She radiated with joy at adopting a new baby! A baby that does not belong to her; the baby's family that she sits behind in court, family trying desperately to bring her home. A good and decent family. How can CASA, Dennis Wright sleep at night? How can the foster adopt parents talk about the vacations they are going to take for 2 weeks out of state? and with our child?...

(This is the case where CPS changed its mind and wanted the child back with Barbara Mowery the grandmother. The CASA did not want that.)

A Word About Foster Parents

One of the first individuals who came to see me after our initial press in the Stuth Case was the president of the state foster parents organization.

He and his wife agreed with the things I was saying. He agrees.

Please know that there are some really great people out there who want to help children and they do it as foster parents. As in ANY group...there are those who have problems. I mention this because some of the comments to this blog should be printed but then there is a broad awful statement about ALL foster parents. I am more than happy to print about the individual cases we see in the media, for example. But let's allow that there are good people out there who are just as unhappy with the system. Thanks

Wild Hamster Takes To The Floor

Does anyone know if hamsters and mice cross breed?

I bought the whole thing for Dan's kids. The cage, the saw dust, the food, the rolling ball, and the $16 Chinese miniature hamster (1 male) from Petco.

I was told it was really young so I thought I would buy one early and keep it until Christmas. Now I have a reason to count the days!

David's kids were here yesterday and hoping to help them over a fear of animals...I took the hamster out of the cage for them to hold. It quickly got away from, fast I could hardly believe it.

This thing was like a mouse! It looked like a mouse...ran like a mouse...color of a mouse...and there was a certain desire to hit it with a broom like you would want to do with a mouse.

It ran behind a big box. Sammie (4)and Davis (2) held the flash lights while Jim and I tried to corner it and catch it without hurting it. Lindsay (5) helped us keep an eye on it. We were successful but the kids never did hold the thing.

It is in its cage running on the wheel right now. I can't believe we let it practice!

Reader Asks Why There Are No Apologies By CPS

What I don't understand is that the State is so willing to pay out million dollar settlements but still have yet to apologize to those families who have lost a relative to a foster/adopt couple needlessly and warrantless through CPS! Why? Why doesn't the State legislatures pass an amendment to apologize to families who have wrongfully lost relatives to foster/adopt couples through CPS?

Dear Reader: There are no apologies because government never admits it is wrong. A court may tell it that it is wrong, the legislature may clarify law so that it is harder for government (or individuals) to do what is wrong...but government will never admit wrongdoing. They want to keep all awards to the minimum and allow for maximum self-protection in the future.

In fact, from what I have seen, government backs up government even in court and when reasonable people knew or should have known what they were about to do was wrong. In the Stuth Case...the government, both CPS and the AG knew that little Alexis had been removed, for cause, from the foster woman the night before the case was to be over. But...the state still argued for termination and placement not with the grandparents..but with the woman with the bad past who had had Alexis removed from her fro cause. That is pretty sick, folks.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Citizen Lawyers VS Attorneys For The State

A reader writes:

It appears that the farther one goes up the chain of command then into the statute supported Office of Administrative Hearings, one must become a lawyer or bust.

Now, becoming a lawyer was never my goal although I have been accused of acting like one on occasion. My future means spending huge amounts of time in law libraries perusing and studying the law to get my grandchildren.

The problem with having to do this is there is not enough time before termination to pull this off, although I am going to try. Free attorney services will not do the work that I have the passion to do, therefore they are pointless.

Either we become lawyers or lose our families. This is why we fail, because they have the advantage in all areas and they know it.

Most families whose children are targeted for removal and placed for adoption...are poor. Should a family have money...they would be able to offer resistance. Grandparents need standing in WA State. And, the state needs to follow the law.

Where In The World Has Pam Roach Been ? #2

Windsor Castle. When the Queen is at her residence then her flag flies. This day she was not there. We had fish and chips and "mushy peas." Right...they mash the peas as we would potatoes. I do not recommend trying this at home.

Stonehenge, England this fall. This ranks up there with one of the truly impressive world sights. It is unobstructed and surrounded by green fields.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

KOMO Expose On CPS's Dead Children

Please cut and paste.

New Noon And Farm Fresh Eggs

I am enjoying life.

Last night the girls in the family saw New Moon. Everyone agreed that we liked Jacob best. He had a personality...and other attributes. Edward was very boring and had two repeated lines: "I love you and you will never see me again," and, "I can't live without you." You see where that takes you.

Coincidentally, I was sitting next to a Department of Health employee who told me my aide had called her that day. He was researching a letter I am writing about teen suicide. She recognized my voice in the dark of the theater.

I gave a speech once at a national convention on the subject of teen suicide so I know something about it from my own research. They hear about it...decide it is a good way out...and give it a try. Let's see if we have girls jumping off cliffs into cold water after this movie. I don't think boys will be revealing themselves before the vampire counsel to do themselves in.

Today we took some pride in our truly farm fresh eggs and Jim's blackberry jam as a part of breakfast. Tractor arrives Monday or Tuesday. We will be having a campaign fundraiser here at the farm next summer.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lilly's Motheer Writes To Us

Lilly's Broken Mother has left a new comment on your post "Mrs. Willard Brought Lilly's Great-Grandparents To...":

Well said Pam..I have nothing against the great grandparents but she belongs home I will fight till death to have MY yes MY child come home to the family who has raised her..All I want is to be able to be a part of my daughter's life, to watch her grow up. Thank you Pam I am totally in the dark about what's going on in the proceedings with "Lilly" they say since I am no longer a party to the case because I relinquished that I don't get to be notified. So thanks for the update I just want my daughter happy and a part of my life so I can be apart of hers....

P.S. My mother, Mrs Willard, is trying to get a rally together for Jan 9, 2010 one year from the day Lilly was taken.

Lilly's mom

(Lilly's mom was told by the state that if she relinquished custody of Lilly that the child would then be adopted by her parents who had raised her from birth. She relinquised. The state then promptly took the child and put her in a foster-adopt placement. Pretty sick. That was just one of the lies told to steal this child from a poor family.)

KOMO Tonight...Channel 4

Please see KOMO tonight at 11 PM. They are running audio trailers on radio about an investigative story that will be run tonight. They will focus on the hundreds of CPS child deaths each year. Please tune in.

Excellent coverage. Go to KOMO 4 News. But, only Cheryl can find it for me! I saw it live. One child dies a month under the "watchful" eye of the State of Washington.

Dreyfus promised accountability. Social workers were not responding to calls...even when over 400 new workers were hired. The was primarily under the watch of former Sec. Robin Arnold Williams and her sidekick Susan Stephonie. They are both gone.

To date...none of the things I have brought the the attention of the department have been rectified. and, I have heard of no consequences for deceit. I would like to know what happens when someone does not do the job they are hired to do.

Pam Roach Quotes Scripture..."Eye Of The Needle"

At the end of the previous blog I brought up something that is so esoteric it needs an explanation.

Ancient Jerusalem was surrounded by a wall. The wall, of course, was meant to keep out the bad guys. But the passage to enter the city was also so small that it was hard for good guys to enter, as well. For a camel to get through it was almost impossible. The loads were removed and the camel had to kneel and scoot through the "eye," as it was called, to get in the city. I hope that gives a visual to an often quoted but not exactly understood reference.

I think this is the second time I have quoted scripture in this blog.

"And again I say unto you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of God." Matthew 19:24

Mrs. Willard Brought Lilly's Great-Grandparents To My Attention Knowing They Would Want Her When They Saw Her

Letter I just received:

Hi Senator, We got acquainted over the phone when you were working on .... Now that I have introduced myself I wanted to comment on the case of (Lilly and her grandparents and great-grandparents.)

I have been friends with Ralph and ----------- (great-grandparents)for 32 years. After reading your blog I thought you should know a few things about them.

They were young parents which is allowing them a great grand child at a earlier time than most of us. They are physically active and not decrepit old fogy's as the blog might insinuate. They ski, hike, swim, sew and garden and much, much more. These are inspirational people who can give the child much more than money.

Ralph and ------- are both from genetic stock that enjoys longevity so it is very unlikely she will be orphaned in her youth as suggested in the blog. "Lilly" has stability now. Please take the time to meet them. I would be happy to arrange a meeting for you. I am sure you will find the child is in a safe, loving home with a good future. Thanks for your time. I appreciate your effort in our States affairs.


This letter really saddens me. Age and money are not the issues here. The state took the child from a family through a series of lies. Lilly was stable in the home of her grandparents. A whole new in-home study was ordered because the first was so full of lies. But the new study was too late for any use. The state was going to adopt out this little girl to a non-bio foster parent. (The foster woman, by the way, filed a complaint against me because I blogged about Lilly and tried to get the child placed with relatives. The Senate Ethics Committee dismissed the case but this illustrates that many people want a beautiful, perfect, blue-eyed, well behaved 4 year-old.) People will fight for the children that are in the families of others. And, they get really mad when anyone wants to take away what they have.
My position has always been that the state took the girl with lies and she should be returned.

It is not in the interest of the state to return Lilly. They would undoubtedly be sued for stealing the kid. Let's all understand that. And...let's all understand that the state needs to follow the law. Where and when does that start? Right after this case? Are we to be selective in when we start doing what is right? Doing what is right is sometimes really inconvenient. And, in this case there would be another set of grandparents (Ralph and _______) who would have their hearts broken. They have grown a little girl who has the right to stability...she certainly does. She also, like all citizens, has the expectation that the protections of the law will be with her.

I personally notified the Attorney General that Ralph and ________ are biological relatives and would take the child rather than have her in foster-adopt. I made many calls and pushed hard for the state to put Lilly with family. At that time the great-grandparents liked the grandparents. They did not want to raise another child. They had "already raised" their own, I was told, but they were certainly willing to make sure the child was not adopted out to a non-relative. In fairness to readers and to the author of the email...there were many problems with the children the great-grandparents raised. And, also with the grandson they raised. So, it is hardly fair for anyone to criticise the Willards for problems their daughter has had. I talked with Lilly's great-grandmother myself. She had been in Mexico while all the drama of the taking had occurred. I am told by the grandmother that in the child's three years the great-grandparents had only visited 3 or 4 times. Clearly, to know her was to love her.

Once the higher than me level politicians entered the picture, CPS had to place with the greats and became motivated to avoid a lawsuit. It was easy to convince the great-grandparents that the grandparents were not suitable and that they would be doing everyone a favor if they kept the child. Ralph and wife fell in love with this sweet girl. (I believe she was is so sweet because of the love and care of the Willards who raised the child as grandparents from her birth gave her.)

The issue here is that the state saw a child with poor grandparents. The state had a predetermined placement with the foster-adopt who put in an order for a blond, non-drug affected, three-year old. The state lied and took the child. The state placed her in foster-adopt and said they would do a "fast one." Mrs. Willard (grandmother) informed me there was a rich great-grandmother who was politically influential. I called the great-grandmother who was complimentary of her deceased grandson's in-laws and was appalled that the state would place the girl with a foster-adopt. Notice that besides all the lies the department told, under regional director, Randy Hart, they did not seek relative placement! They did not do that because they wanted to give the child away and saw that Lilly's family had little ability to resist. It was an easy take...wasn't it Randy? How about the person who wrote the lies? Was there even a reprimand? The department has taken the position that they "cannot return the girl." It would be too expensive to do what is right at this point. They would get sued and certain political leaders would not want the influential great-grandparents offended. These are not good reasons. CPS wrongly took this child. But, the state will argue otherwise. And, the great-grandparents have decided to fight for Lilly. They have the money and influence.

To the person who wrote the emailed letter, to the great-grandparents, to the state, and to a dear State Senator friend (someone who has fought this fight elsewhere...who I know believes the state often lies and cheats to steal kids), I have this to say:

The state of Washington needs to do what is right. They took a child through lies. They should be held accountable for the damage they have done. We do not base our laws on money and status and hurt feelings. We do have a system that counts on government accountability. Unfortunately, CPS is not accountable to anyone. They have free and seasoned attorneys who go about their work. Lilly was not abused in any way. There was no accusation of that.

Neither the great grandparents or the grandparents are perfect. Let's remind ourselves that none of us are. The state should not be involved in moving children to satisfy quotas or affect the family structure (whatever that might be) of the child. The state wanted to place Lilly with a single, under 30 woman...who attacked me (nice lady, right?). They decided that was better than a grandparent couple. It should be noted that everyone here has this child in daycare but the grandparents. That matters.

The department has managed to shove a gigantic wedge between the greats and the grands. How sad is that? But my solution would be simple. Return the child to her grandparents. And the great-grandparents, if they really love the child as they say they do, should begin to help with some of the expenses.

All of the relatives in this case are Christian people. Perhaps there should be some introspection. My senator friend is a Christian...I am a Christian though some don't like the brand. You right the wrong! You forgive! You love not hate! Have your holidays together. Have the greats occasionally take Lilly on fun trips. Let them go out to the island as often as they want. Now that they love her maybe they would be motivated to do that.

And to the writer of the email: You know, I just try to do what is right. I hope to God I stand on principle. He will judge me and I am sure you feel he will judge you. He will judge all involved. Please look up that part about the "eye of the needle" and the camel of old. It is in the Book. Go there for your answers. No...this child can not be split. But, Mrs. Willard brought the great-grandparents to my attention KNOWING that once they saw the girl they would want her. Kind of like the story of old. Isn't it? Maybe there will be an honest judge.

Dave Wood Is Pulling Through Nicely

Elaine Wolcott-Ehrhardt, WEU/Pres Reports:
Dave had a 5-way bypass and valve replacement yesterday. There were some complications but, he is out of the woods as of this morning when I spoke with his daughter. Prayers for a speedy recovery!!
I expect we will be demanding he be taking a few months time off!
I'm not to sure how that will go but Oh well! I am sure his wife will back us up on that one.
I will post more as I know more!

I will post all other updates to this entry site. PR ...I didn't know a heart had 5-ways! My gosh, Dave, only you!

11/19 Just talked to Joyce. Dave is still in ICU but will probably be in his room tomorrow. He is in quite a bit of pain and druged up. whe he would wake up he was apoligizing for not entertaining his daughters and Joyce. A good sign!!
To contact Dave:
Providence St. Peter Hospital
413 Lilly Road N.E.
Olympia, WA 98506-5166
(360) 491-9480
1-888-492-9480 (toll free)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Moon
On Friday Night...

I will be wearing my wax vampire lips as I stand in line with the women and pre-teen in our family.

This Friday night we will join the teeny-boppers and their mothers who have waited for months to finally see New Moon.

My daughter and granddaughter (now 11) have read the Twilight series. Me? Well, I read the first book. That is enough to let me know that I don't need to read the rest of them. We got our tickets weeks ago.....I will report back!

Pam Roach Buys A Deere

Today Jim and I bought a John Deere tractor! We are thrilled about this! Well...Jim should be more thrilled than me.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

CPS...Open Your Doors...Our Children Are Being Hurt Under Your Watch

It really makes me sick that we do not have the kind of open system that will allow the public to help government work correct be accountable without a citizen having to sue AFTER a child is killed or abused.


Yesterday's story about a twice convicted sex offender, Grandpa, being allowed to have placement of his preteen granddaughter has got to be up there for the "Who is the crazy one?" award. Is it the grandpa or the people that fed him the child? A second place may go to the Department of Corrections which did not keep the offender from this child.

This story should not have been buried in a Saturday paper. The fact that the parole officer warned CPS about this guy and placed anyway IS NEWS!

The fact that CPS did not do it's homework on the placement family or didn't newsworthy given the outcome and given how often this happens!

It is particularly newsworthy because of the government induced horror the little girl suffered. It is newsworthy because it cost the taxpayers $1.7 plus the court fees, plus the agency staff time, plus the lawyer fees, plus the counseling the girl will have for years, etc... and, of course, Grandpa's court fees will have to be paid. He is a third time offender. How about Granny? Do we think she knew what was going on?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

DSHS To Pay $1.5 Million To Settle Sexual Abuse Claim


AP reported in the Tacoma News Tribune today:
"DSHS and the Dept. of Corrections are paying $1.5 million to a now 14 year-old girl. The girl was emotionally, physically and sexually abused while in her grandparents' home in Okanagon County despite warnings to Child Protective Services. The girl's grandfather had twice been convicted on child-molestation charges and his parole officer told CPS he might pose a danger to the child. (Ya THINK?)

DSHS spokesman Steve Williams said the two departments decided to settle the claim to spare the family and the girl from having to relive the trauma....

And they decided to announce this case in time for Saturday news...least read of all the papers and untimely for Monday talk radio shows.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Opportunity To Help Pam Roach In Helping You

Dear Friends,

I am delighted to announce that I am running for reelection to the WA State Senate in 2010. Campaigns are $300,000 ventures. To win my next race I will need your help in any amount you can contribute.

In serving my next term I will continue to fight for open and law-abiding government, protections for taxpayers and upholding our state and federal constitutions. I AM VERY GRATEFUL FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND THE ENERGY GOD HAS GIVEN ME TO HELP DEFEND OUR FREEDOMS. Thank you in advance. Pam

"Re-Elect Pam in 2010, contribute to: Citizens for Pam Roach, P.O. Box 682 Auburn, WA 98071 or direct Paypal to

Please note the following: Maximum donation is $800 per business or individual; or $1,600 per couple. Political
contributions and Citizens for Pam Roach are not tax deductible."

Please make checks payable to Citizens for Pam Roach

(A reader has asked how the money is spent. It generally cost $10,000 for each mailing. In a highly contested race, which I have because I am in a "swing" district, there will be many mailings. Newspaper ads are over $1,000 each...every penny of expenditure is reported to the Public Disclosure Commission so it is all there for the public to see. Thanks for asking. Pam)

WA Families United's Dave Wood Hospitalized

Long time crusader for family rights, Dave Wood, suffered a heart attack and is hospitalized at St. Peters in Lacy, WA. He is expected to undergo surgery.

We love you Dave. You did such a great job in organizing Saturday's event. God speed for a quick recovery. You are one of my very favorite Democrat friends. :o)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

WFU Attendee Speaks Out On Licensing Of Parents

I think this reader is trying to let us know where government advocates are going but do not tell us. They don't dare!
Licensing of Parents

In addition to the Home Visitation program, which brings the government in control of the child before school age, Goals 2000 is being implemented through parent licensing, parent-teacher compacts, and parental report cards issued by the schools. These programs, under various names, are either in place or being proposed across the nation. Parental Licensing is still a point of controversial discussion, although legislation to pass it into law has been submitted in other states.

The government will determine who may have children and who may not. Jack C. Westman, a psychiatrist at the University of Wisconsin and author of Licensing Parents: Can We Prevent Child Abuse?, explains. “A parent license would place the responsibility on parents to be competent. The burden of proof would be on the parents to demonstrate that they are not abusing and neglecting their children rather than on the state to prove through quasi-legal proceedings that parents are unfit after they have damaged their children.” So, parents will be in the position of having to disprove a negative, and having to prove that they will not commit future acts.

As one of the most prominent advocates for parental licensing, he adds, “We must create a new paradigm in which parenthood is a privilege.” Most parents feel that being a parent is a privilege, a gift from God that gives our lives meaning and purpose. But, should it be an entitlement given to us by the government? Does this mean that some citizens will be deemed workers, and others breeders? If the government will select who may propagate and who may not, how many steps away are we from mandatory sterilization of those deemed unfit by the government, or those who do not conform to a societal ideal established by the government? Or will we allow “them” to breed to provide children to others?

David Lykken, author of Antisocial Personalities, and a strong advocate of parental licensing, calls for the immediate removal of newborns from unlicensed mothers so that they may be placed directly into foster homes and quickly adopted.''

Reader Comments On Saturday WFU Conclave

The following is the comment of an observer who attended Saturday's WA Families United meeting with Sec. Dreyfus. I was not there. I will publish other comments if they are returned in a timely manner,

I attended this meeting. The first thing secretary Dreyfus stated about children is how resilient they are. DOES THAT MEAN THEY WILL BE OKAY NO MATTER WHAT THEY ARE NEEDLESSLY PUT THROUGH?
Given CPS's long history of intentionally failing children I am skeptical. Even if Susan Dreyfus wanted to create an ethical altruistic child welfare system for Washington State there are many ominous and onerous obstacles to overcome and she could not achieve this on her own.
Tellingly I don't think much will change this is based on Washington Family United Lobbyist Dave Woods recommendation that Pam Roach should be Washington State Washington State Children Administration Assistant Secretary and it was noted that Susan Dreyfus declined. In my opinion Pam Roach if willing would have been the better choice.
There are many vested interests at work maintaining the current faulty status-quo of child welfare.
Number one is the adoption initiative and quota no doubt supported by the unnecessarily gigantonourmas foster care industry and their deep pocket well organized lobbyists. CHILDREN ARE NOT A COMMODITY.
Number two big problem is the plethora of Non-Profit organized involved charities and or service providers. Many of these institutions also are totally unaccountable and there are many politicians, Judge's,Attorney Generals,Public Defenders,CASA and or their spouses who sit on these boards. If these all of these Non-Profits were ethical or accountable and did not pay the hands that feed them this would not such a conflict of interest to "BEST INTEREST OF CHILD."
While I am on that subject "BEST INTEREST OF CHILD," I believe that all documents should read "Best Interest to Child because" this statement as most often currently applied in legal proceedings or determinations involving children need not even consider the child at all and this loose definition only helps justify the intentional failure and deliberate disinterest prevalent in family court and by Our Politicians and CPS; CHILDREN AND FAMILY'S DESERVE BETTER!

Sec. Dreyfus Attends Washington Families United

I was double booked on Saturday. The largest Veteran's Day parade west of the Mississippi is in Auburn and I always attend. There is an inspirational memorial and great parade.

At the same time, in Olympia, there was an annual meeting of Washington Families United. Jim, my parade drive/husband, and I made it to the meeting just as it was closing. What a great group of people who had come from all over the state and at least one all the way from CA.

DSHS Sec. Susan Dreyfus and the new Children's Director were at the meeting. they listened to the many stories and I believe were trying to learn what they could do better.

Most people in the room felt that Sec. Dreyfus is committed to kinship. I know that she is not only listening but is proactively looking for ways to improve the system. There is a series of bills that the department has researched and that are now on the governor's desk waiting for pre-approval before being introduced in the 2010 Session.

The major messages for Sec. Dreyfus were:

*Follow Existing Law (If they would just do that....60% of the placement problems would not be in with families!)
*Don't pick-up kids without a pick-up order.
*Don't use unsubstantiated hearsay.
*Many CASAs don't even visit the kids and yet they have so much control of the situation. That is a problem along with the drive for anonymity which will add to lack of accountability.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Moment Of Silence ....Fort Hood, TX....Home Of The Brave

Please gather your families together sometime today and take the time to grieve as a nation for the young Americans gunned down at U.S. Army Base, Ft. Hood, TX and their families also affected.

I have spent a good deal of time on bases this year. The faces are young. There are MANY children on base. Young soldiers have young families.

Pray for all of those we have lost or have been wounded around the world each day. No prayer should be said without remembering our military.

Here Is The Case Of The Spokane Dope Counselor

The man called several months ago. He decided he would talk on a professional basis to CPS to get visitation and his granddaughter.

Senator Roach.

As a follow up. I just want contact with my daughter and grandchild while they are in treatment. I don't even care if we discuss the case. CPS is just paranoid.

I have:
1. Reported this to my local senator and 1 representative
2. Spoken with the office of constituency management......they never called me back.
3. Make a complaint to DASA....they are investigating.
4. Asked the case worker to lift the "ban." She said her supervisor said to stop speaking with me.
5. Written the Spokane area response.
6. Written the Ombudsman.........takes two weeks for them to even get started they say.

Is there anything else you know of that I haven't tried? This is just crazy!

Thanks for your help in advance'


Answer: Yeah Ron. Pray. The government has your grandchild.

I have emailed Roan and given him some suggestions. I have published a comment to which I must respond: While I do not know all of the story here...the granddaughter is a toddler. A judge ordered a no contact because the daughter requested it. Now she wants to see her dad and this has not been changed.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pam Roach Apologizes....

My aide, Brian, called this evening to ask how the evening had gone at a homeowner's meeting in Buckley. I was totally aghast! I had attended a 4 PM meeting with area principals in Auburn and at 5:30 headed for home. When he called I was like: "What?? Tonight!!???" I had the Google instructions but had not put the event date on the calendar. I am terribly sorry for this. I had been to three appointments today and headed home...but since it was not on the calendar there was no way I was getting there.

I don't want to presume I can have a second chance...but if the kind people at Golden Valley Estates will give me another one...I will bring all the refreshments. Again, I am very sorry.

NOTE FROM CONSTITUENT: I was attending a meeting this evening in my community (Golden Valley Estates) where you were to be the guest of honor, - - at 7 pm, but see you were blogging from another location at 6:49. We had around 30 folks here in Buckley, who waited patiently for you until well after 8 pm. We are disappointed, to say the least.

P.S. Brian was pretty bummed out too.

County Auditors Delay Election Results

The public would like quick, fair and accurate election results. But we would also like them in a timely manner. The public has noticed that you are doing first runs at 8:05 PM on election night and then don't plan on releasing any more results until 4:30 PM the following day! What's up with that?

The taxpayers spend MILLIONS on new equipment and then get slower results???

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Reader Comments On CASAs Using Aliases...Hmm....I Wonder Why They Would Do That

Posted in October, the meeting has already occurred.

Off topic somewhat, but did you know that CASAs can use alias names? They are having a conference in Spokane on the 16th and 17th. The registration says that they can use their CASA alias names for everything but a certain section of the registration form.
Interesting. I guess they really do NOT want openness.(READER)

The CASA in Councilwoman Mowery's case involving the taking of her granddaughter sided with taking the child, recommended a restraining order against visits for Mowery, and did not take in the state law while working to keep Mowery from her biological grandchild. It was a battle between the CASA and Mowery. Even CPS sided with Mowery.

And these unelected, uncertified, non-professional people have this much power?

A Reader Asks Us About Psyc. Evaluations

"Can I get some input on psychological evaluations and results people have had? I`m hearing that it`s fairly routine that the dept. asks for evals. to be done. However, I haven`t heard a lot of good stories about the outcomes of them. I`m hoping to hear some good news."

If you have a comment on this subject please submit. PR

"To An Empire Built On Lies...The Truth Is Treason" Ron Paul

"Lovingfather" sent a very long missive. In it was a quote that I really like.

"To an empire built on lies, the truth is treason." Congressman Ron Paul.

It is 4 AM. I went to bed early over a crossword puzzle. Next year, as I campaign, I will not have the luxury... no seeing grandchildren, no travel, no sports, I am trying to bank up the important parts of my life...visits to family and the relaxations I sometimes enjoy.

But, this AM I am contemplating this quote.

It is so true. And, it is so terribly sad that this government with the support of its elected officials lacks the integrity needed to do what is right and good. A growing number do not have the will to fend off evil.

Can you even imagine a judge who goes back 30 years, to an unproven act that MAY have been committed by someone other that the person in consideration before the court...and then applies that lie as a courtroom? I see this all the time. I see it in the Senate when certain leaders pursue those they don't happen to like. I see it in CPS (though, thank God, there is hope with our new leadership). They make up a story and work fervently as though it were true. And, all the time, convincing themselves they are right and good. It is the nature of man. And, to prevent this life of lies we have moral codes and laws. Even then...evil finds its ways. The truth is made treason and war is made against truth.

It only takes one example...the system lying about the Stuths...the U. S. Government lying to back a Marxist in Honduras....cabals to take good people out of office though lies....Well, I am still in the fight! I still care.

Councilmember Mowrey's Grandchild Being Stolen By The System

When an Eastern WA City Councilmember contacted me several months ago I learned that her 3 year-old, blond, non-drug affected granddaughter had been taken from her by the state. She was told if she did not give up the 3 year-old that they would take the 11 year-old granddaughter also.

CPS started this but they could not finish it. Once the system is engaged all parts of it are moving in to take the child.

Councilmember Mowery writes a long report of yesterday's actions I will post it in parts:

Part 1

Dear Colleagues,

As you are probably aware, after a long day, Judge Baker denied that Angelina be placed with her sister and me. The AAG, Lisa Lyndon, Social worker, Crystal Wiss, Mrs. Elmore, mom of Angelina, Kris Randall, area supervisor, Connie Lambert Eckel, Region 1 director, Terry Williams, attorney for the father, Rebecca Coufal, attorney for the mother, testified in support of Angelina's placement with family, as did many others in support of Angelina, my granddaughter, coming home.

CASA, Dennis Wright, brought up "thirty-year ago" alleged marijuana use by my ex husband, deceased twenty (20) years, and found a witness of thirty years ago, (not present) who lied, allegedly stating that said ex husband and I left marijuana at her home, for safe keeping, while we went on a trip to work "out of state."

In addition, that I had stated to Cheryl Grimm, social worker that caused most of the problems, that I believed Angelina was being "poisoned" while at the department; that I had sent her to the foster to adopt home with clothing that was too large for her; had complained too many times that visitations were upsetting her, and stated that she was sick during "every" visit to the department last winter. So many lies were being told; we could not keep up! Also, foster mom stated that Angelina, at age fourteen (14) months, could not eat solid foods, i.e. cheerios...later Attorney, Rebecca Coufal asked Dennis Wright, CASA, if he remembered Angelina eating Cheerios while at the department during previous visitations; he said, "yes, Angelina ate Cheerios." The foster to adopt mom had lied in court. Does this mean that she lies all the time?

I had filed documentation from the prior foster home assessments stating that Angelina had problems while in their home. I only asked the social workers to allow Angelina to eat the same foods that I sent to the department, and to have time off when she was ill during extremely cold weather conditions.

Judge Baker and CASA stated that I had "used" powers that be, in the state to help me, which in her opinion, was not acceptable. That I had used my position as a councilmember to gain standing, and that it made no difference to the court. (Who said it made a difference?)

The AAG stated that I have a clean record, am a licensed foster parent, have raised a granddaughter for ten (10) years with no complaints/concerns; have a nice home; that Angelina was in great health at home with us; that I had only one way to defend myself in stating that my grown children had lied about any alleged drug use thirty (30) years ago and that was to state those lies as such. Yes, when Angelina came to our home, my grown children were called, told lies by Cheryl Grimm, and they retaliated. I may never get them to admit wrong doing. Yes, they were very upset! This is the "ancient history" mentioned in court records (third party intervention).

Judge Baker realized, by testimony from Terry Williams, attorney for the father, that my oldest granddaughter had been included as a party for the psych evaluation that was ordered by the social workers, Cheryl Grimm, Angelina Newport and Becky Barry.

Mr. Williams, father's attorney, and Rebecca Coufal, mother's attorney, stated that I had asked for two (2) weeks per foster agreement in order to locate an attorney so that I might have representation (while in the FTDM that took Angelina), and that was the reason in which I chose to do my own psych evaluation. Also stated, that Dr. Ashworth was employed by DSHS, and had worked for the state in the past. No one was sure.

Judge Baker stated that my current psych evaluation exhibited deceit, although the AAG stated that the word "deceit" was not used in any part of the report. Judge Baker again stated that my daughter's drug abuse problem stemmed from my past use of illegal drugs, (30) years ago, all hearsay and lies. Judge Baker stated that Angelina is very happy in the foster to adopt home, and should remain there. That reunification with mom is possible, but that a permanency plan hearing will take place on the 23rd, of this month, I believe? Also, that adoption is the primary goal. CASA mentioned "amount of time, "adoption" was included in the ISSP's but had never been accomplished.

CPS has set in motion a system geared to take children. It is almost impossible to get a child out of the system if the child/children are desirable to someone on the outside. North Eastern Washington is known for having "sitting duck" children. They are easy to take.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Where In The World Has Pam Roach Been?

Jim and I were gone for a few days....Can you guess where we were?

Pam and Granddaughter Sadie
OK...Josh suggested White Cliffs of Dover. He wins. This was a magnificent view. You have always heard of them and WOW. We toured the Cover Castle and found the underground tunnels in the cliff very interesting. The British directed many of the war efforts there. (Several wars actually...they were secret). The evacuation of Dunkirk was directed from Dover's cliffs. There was an entire communication center, hospital, and barrack in a series of tunnels.

Officer Timothy Brenton Leaves Two Young Children

Thanks to sentencing enhancements in murder cases it is an aggravating circumstance in Washington State law to kill a police officer. Aggravated First Degree Murder carries the death penalty....

Seattle Police Officer Timothy Brenton was gunned down in cold blood while sitting in his patrol car his weekend. He leaves a wife and two children; an 11 year-old daughter and a son, eight.

A Snohomish County deputy was stationed outside the family home to tell reporters that the family had "no comments." Cops look out after their own. No one wants to be disturbed during tremendous grief. When did the press start shoving mics in the faces of the bereaved anyway?

Please pray with me for the family. And, I at least, will also pray for justice. The system that Officer Brenton sought to uphold should work for the family once the killer is caught. I am one of the few on the Senate Judiciary Committee who still supports the death penalty in cases like this. The next gang-banger who even thinks about it should have to contemplate the consequences.

A Free Honduras Fights Back In International Court

International Court of Justice Press Release Oct. 29th, 2009

THE HAGUE, 29 October 2009. The Ambassador of Honduras to the Netherlands yesterday filed at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) an "Application instituting proceedings by the Republic of Honduras against the Federative Republic of Brazil".

In this document, it is stated that the "dispute between the Republic of Honduras and the Federative Republic of Brazil relates to legal questions concerning diplomatic relations and associated with the principle of non-intervention in matters which are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of any State, a principle incorporated in the Charter of the United Nations".

In particular, the document indicates that "[Mr. José Manuel Zelaya Rosales and] an indeterminate number of Honduran citizens", who have been taking refuge in the Brazilian Embassy in Honduras since 21 September 2009, "are using [its] premises . . . as a platform for political propaganda and thereby threatening the peace and internal public order of Honduras, at a time when the Honduran Government is making preparations for the presidential elections which are due to take place on 29 November 2009". It is stated that "[t]he Brazilian diplomatic staff stationed in Tegucigalpa are allowing Mr. Zelaya and his group to use the facilities, services, infrastructure and other resources in order to evade justice in Honduras".