Sunday, November 22, 2009

Citizen Lawyers VS Attorneys For The State

A reader writes:

It appears that the farther one goes up the chain of command then into the statute supported Office of Administrative Hearings, one must become a lawyer or bust.

Now, becoming a lawyer was never my goal although I have been accused of acting like one on occasion. My future means spending huge amounts of time in law libraries perusing and studying the law to get my grandchildren.

The problem with having to do this is there is not enough time before termination to pull this off, although I am going to try. Free attorney services will not do the work that I have the passion to do, therefore they are pointless.

Either we become lawyers or lose our families. This is why we fail, because they have the advantage in all areas and they know it.

Most families whose children are targeted for removal and placed for adoption...are poor. Should a family have money...they would be able to offer resistance. Grandparents need standing in WA State. And, the state needs to follow the law.


Anonymous said...

Pro se will get you no where in dependency hearings the court and cps will just say you are not credible no matter how mertiorious your motions nor how ethically you advocate. while they break all the laws and ignore the actualities.
Family court and CPS do not seek just resoloutions they seek to traffic in innocent children...
GOOGLE "Lovingfitfather"

Anonymous said...

Im not a lawyer but from what i can see I can get pretty close...I can become a CASA!!!