Monday, November 23, 2009

From Councilwoman Mowery: Her Granddaughter Stolen By The System

This just in from Councilwoman Barbara Mowery near Spokane:

I attended court today with a broken heart and a broken spirit. My daughter who has worked so hard to stay in treatment, who has filed for divorce from the man, father, who was an influence, was told today by Judge Baker, that she is doing a great job; how wonderful she looks, and how well she is doing, but:

"She need stay this way in case she has other children in the future; that the child she has now, will be adopted. If I can also read between the lines: My daughter has no chance to get her baby back, which is why I have been fighting so hard. Although her attorney spoke up, stating that she is in a treatment center where the baby can be with her, where they can have a life together; this made no difference whatsoever to the court, especially CASA. Never mind that baby's sister and I can't have her because of CASA, Dennis Wright, who boasted in court....

The foster to adopt mom was so happy! She radiated with joy at adopting a new baby! A baby that does not belong to her; the baby's family that she sits behind in court, family trying desperately to bring her home. A good and decent family. How can CASA, Dennis Wright sleep at night? How can the foster adopt parents talk about the vacations they are going to take for 2 weeks out of state? and with our child?...

(This is the case where CPS changed its mind and wanted the child back with Barbara Mowery the grandmother. The CASA did not want that.)


Anonymous said...

This is so sad. We need to put a stop to these kids being robbed of their families.
Tomorrow there is suposed to be an adoption finalized in King County ExParte court. The appeal on the TPR has not even been heard yet. A pending appeal means a child is not legally free but they parade in and adopt these kids out prematurely all the time. Why are they getting away with it? why do they think they can break the law to begin with. These are our courts that we are suposed to be able to trust.
Where does it end!
That child also has family willing and qualified to have her.

strawberryblonde said...

Keep naming the usual suspects. We'll soon see a pattern emerge.

CC Tillett said...

Every one who is in the appeals process of termination of parental rights should file a "Stay"

Dave Wood got me this information..and it came out of Phil Talmadges office.

This essentially prevents the department from adopting your child out before the necessary processes can be exhausted.

How does this happen Senator?
That the state can do this before all legal means have concluded.

CC Tillett
Washington Families United
Child and Family Advocate

Anonymous said...

How can CASA do this and get away with this. We have proof in our case that CASA falsified almost her whole testimony and we do have proof some of the things that she said were not the truth.This organization needs to be revamped completely so that they have accountability. How can this be allowed to continue on and nothing be done about it. Thank you Senator Roach for all that you do to help families.

Anonymous said...

CASA needs to be held accountable along with everyone involved with dependency's, placement decisions and termination of parental rights.
If they lie they should go to prison for no less than a year and one day and, should be fined 10 thousand dollars(would help the budget and they should pay for their incarceration). Mandatory and no good time! I know my Sherrif would love to set an example. We just need to get a law passed.
Take a bite out of child abuse and crime all at once!