Sunday, November 29, 2009

TVW Now Airing Susan Dreyfus Interview

"Inside Olympia" and the impacts of budget reductions

Austin Jenkins interview is now showing. I hope there will be a higher percentage of the CPS budget going to protecting children from truly bad people. And, I hope a higher amount will go to reunification efforts. Less money would be spent if the department would just follow the law! Quit taking kids that should be with parents or in the homes of relatives. CPS would save taxpayers millions by merely following the law. And, we would have more court time for the criminals.

Austin...interview me on this one. I promise an interesting show! :o) You can count on it!


strawberryblonde said...

Email Austin and request he interview Pam Roach at keep the dialogue regarding CPS flowing.

Anonymous said...

very informative. thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it, they are going to cut family preservation programs. She stated that FPS services are not Federally subsidized but that is not true. The size of the slice of the pie is determined by the state and is very reimbursable. There is wide latitude for determining priorities.
The general public needs to know what is going on - not just individual stories but where the state and feds are heading with families. Any sloppiness or appearance of sloppiness in regards to parenting creates risk of removal and people need to know that they are being watched. How can that information get spread to where it makes an impact?
The public does not know what the expections are and that a paradigm shift has taken place towards true statism. This is going to take many by surprise.