Friday, November 27, 2009

A Grandmother Writes Of CPS Keeping "Disabled" Grandson For The Money

A reader writes to us. I know CPS will read this. I hope they will look into this case of another broken family with government at the center:

"I am a grandmother in Kitsap County whose grandson is in the hands of CPS. They said they would place him in a foster home only temporarily until my 'homestudy" was completed. Afterwards, informed me that Washington does not acknowledge grandparents rights and I cannot see him, (however, I can buy stuff that they will see to it he receives they said). I am STILL waiting for the homestudy to happen which they said would take 2 months max (it's been more than that) and have caught the worker and her supervisor in many lies throughout this ordeal. My grandson has dwarfism, which I pointed out many months ago and they now have taken him to a "specialist" a few weeks ago and discovered I was indeed correct. I have seen it for a year, don't know why no one else could. He will be 2 Dec. 11th. He's a beautiful baby and I love him for all that he is and will be. Someone told me that with his "disability" he is worth even more to the system and I will probably never see him again! Please tell me this is not true!!??? There is no reason for my grandson to be with strangers right now, I passed their background check, fingerprinting, and am willing to jump thru whatever flaming hoops they want me to for my grandson. Right now, I am sitting up and begging! Please help! I will do anything except roll over and play dead for these people. My grandson belongs with family!!! And I am the only family he has that is capable and willing of taking care of him and keeping him in a safe, happy, healthy environment."

(Linda: Please contact your three legislators and ask them to help you. There is no reason at all that they can not do that. It is pure B.S. when a legislator says they can't get involved. You are not asking them to go to court for you. You are asking them to make an inquiry with CPS and with the Attorney General to remind them of the state mandate to place with families first. They have a responsibility to advocate for constituents.)

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Anonymous said...

I feel so sorry for you. I see a system with locked doors, and I have tried for so many months to unlock those doors, so to speak, to get my granddaughter home. It's true; the state, CASA, and the courts are taking children from their homes and in many cases, "for no reason." other than " we can do it, and get away with it." This is a hard fact to swollow. I know it hurts; it hurts bad. Pray, if you believe in God; I pray everyday and every night for intervention. Have faith of a mustard seed. Read your Bible for strength. If not for the grace of God, my strength would have gone a long time ago. I will pray for you and ask that others pray also. God Bless you and your grandson!