Thursday, November 5, 2009

Here Is The Case Of The Spokane Dope Counselor

The man called several months ago. He decided he would talk on a professional basis to CPS to get visitation and his granddaughter.

Senator Roach.

As a follow up. I just want contact with my daughter and grandchild while they are in treatment. I don't even care if we discuss the case. CPS is just paranoid.

I have:
1. Reported this to my local senator and 1 representative
2. Spoken with the office of constituency management......they never called me back.
3. Make a complaint to DASA....they are investigating.
4. Asked the case worker to lift the "ban." She said her supervisor said to stop speaking with me.
5. Written the Spokane area response.
6. Written the Ombudsman.........takes two weeks for them to even get started they say.

Is there anything else you know of that I haven't tried? This is just crazy!

Thanks for your help in advance'


Answer: Yeah Ron. Pray. The government has your grandchild.

I have emailed Roan and given him some suggestions. I have published a comment to which I must respond: While I do not know all of the story here...the granddaughter is a toddler. A judge ordered a no contact because the daughter requested it. Now she wants to see her dad and this has not been changed.


Anonymous said...

The letter is rather unclear. However, it sounds as though his daughter and granddaughter are both in drug treatment.
It is standard procedure to have a blackout period when someone enters inpatient treatment. One of the purposes is to prevent distractions that hinder recoverery.
The writer sounds like an upset control freak. Probably someone they need to break free of.

Former drug and alcohol counselor (17 years)

Anonymous said...

Yeah,and hire a good lawyer. After 2 yrs of my children being in the system and getting a termination letter, we found that my children were being molested and beat and put in the corner and if they " even moved a muscle ", had water dumped over their heads. Then they had to clean it up. It gets worse.
IRONICALLY, the termination was revoked and my children are home and the case is SUPPOSED to get closed shortly.
I read these blogs and I can't sleep. My children were put through hell and I have been diagnosed with PTSD after being falsely arrested (charges WERE dropped.) and had my children taken away for nearly 2 1/2 yrs of our lives.
No one in this system will EVER own what they have done. I have yrs of damage to unravel. My children,my beautiful children are home where they belong but they are not even remotely the same. CPS says it is " because they are trying to adjust to being back home." That explains the nightmares my son keeps having about being taken away from me. The poor behavior at school. My daughter's unbelievable tantrums.
After firing my court appointed attorney ( Who was paid for NOT doing his job and lying about me on the stand (system player) I finally had to hire a REAL lawyer who is an absolute pitbull. (thousands of dollars later and more to come.) Sadly, if it weren't for him and my daughter outing her molestor, my children would not be here with me today.
The fight is almost over and that leaves room for CPS to find some last " issues " with me and that is what is so scary.

Good luck to everybody who has been wronged. It is amazing how many citizens DON'T know what a portion of their taxes are paying for. Absolute distruction and filth and greed and paying those who are Holier than Thou. It's a sin and it is sick.
Don't think when my case closes my mouth won't be a voice against this system that has failed my family and many others. They went for my jugular and I will go for theirs. Even if it means I have to stand on the streets of Seattle and pass out flyers exposing them. For the rest of my life.
The damage is done here and this crap needs to come to a grinding halt.
Pam, I love you for your voice and for what I see in who you are. You are the greatest. Thank you for standing up for us. I was at your rally the day after my daughter disclosed. Dog tired. So glad you held that and I hope there are more to come. God bless you always,Pam.

Christy said...

It is a shame that so many children are molested and being molested under cps's watch, not to mention all of the mental and physical abuse. More trauma on top of the trauma of losing connection with family and friends.

Anonymous said...

And a GIGANTOR P.S. CPS in their own words in my 3,000 page casefile (of lies and fabrications.)outed themselves by writing a beautiful one liner... that they felt that there was some moleststion going on in the foster home where my chilren were residing.
Neighbors,even a brother~in~law, called CPS on the foster family and CPS knew this months before my daughter disclosed.I was still served to have my parental rights relinquished and the children were to be adopted to the foster family despite all the red flags. GO CPS ! Tearing down one family at a time !!!