Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lilly's Motheer Writes To Us

Lilly's Broken Mother has left a new comment on your post "Mrs. Willard Brought Lilly's Great-Grandparents To...":

Well said Pam..I have nothing against the great grandparents but she belongs home I will fight till death to have MY yes MY child come home to the family who has raised her..All I want is to be able to be a part of my daughter's life, to watch her grow up. Thank you Pam I am totally in the dark about what's going on in the proceedings with "Lilly" they say since I am no longer a party to the case because I relinquished that I don't get to be notified. So thanks for the update I just want my daughter happy and a part of my life so I can be apart of hers....

P.S. My mother, Mrs Willard, is trying to get a rally together for Jan 9, 2010 one year from the day Lilly was taken.

Lilly's mom

(Lilly's mom was told by the state that if she relinquished custody of Lilly that the child would then be adopted by her parents who had raised her from birth. She relinquised. The state then promptly took the child and put her in a foster-adopt placement. Pretty sick. That was just one of the lies told to steal this child from a poor family.)

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Anonymous said...

The department is also relentless, by use of a public defender (who will not bite the hand that feeds them), to enforce upon a parent to give up parental rights in order to receive the required services administered by state contracted service providers (who also will not bite the hand that feeds them)to regain custody of your child....a catch22. That state department has no intention of returning any child back with parents...if they can get away with it.
Our children are of monetary value to the department and its incentive driven money grubbing workers and contracted service providers including those who have invested 'their hard earned money' in all their self-serving money program schemes... and its all for the children???... its all because of our childrens' potential value to them!
Our children are their future.

Somebody quick!!! Call CPS!!!