Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"To An Empire Built On Lies...The Truth Is Treason" Ron Paul

"Lovingfather" sent a very long missive. In it was a quote that I really like.

"To an empire built on lies, the truth is treason." Congressman Ron Paul.

It is 4 AM. I went to bed early over a crossword puzzle. Next year, as I campaign, I will not have the luxury... no seeing grandchildren, no travel, no sports, etc....so I am trying to bank up the important parts of my life...visits to family and the relaxations I sometimes enjoy.

But, this AM I am contemplating this quote.

It is so true. And, it is so terribly sad that this government with the support of its elected officials lacks the integrity needed to do what is right and good. A growing number do not have the will to fend off evil.

Can you even imagine a judge who goes back 30 years, to an unproven act that MAY have been committed by someone other that the person in consideration before the court...and then applies that lie as truth...in a courtroom? I see this all the time. I see it in the Senate when certain leaders pursue those they don't happen to like. I see it in CPS (though, thank God, there is hope with our new leadership). They make up a story and work fervently as though it were true. And, all the time, convincing themselves they are right and good. It is the nature of man. And, to prevent this life of lies we have moral codes and laws. Even then...evil finds its ways. The truth is made treason and war is made against truth.

It only takes one example...the system lying about the Stuths...the U. S. Government lying to back a Marxist in Honduras....cabals to take good people out of office though lies....Well, I am still in the fight! I still care.


Anonymous said...

im with you on your statement, and if this is not addressed as a serious public matter many lives will be destroyed on the sayso of a very very foolish unwise person; inwhich, will go home and sleep confortbily with no concern on what "mess" they have created and whos' lives they have destroyed.

safariman said...

Tough to be a citizen anywhere. Sometimes, even tougher in Honduras. But the toughest of all must be being an honest and thoughtful public representative.

Coubtless appreciate it!. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Pam, What did you mean by "I see it in CPS (though, thank God, there is hope with our new leadership)"? Are you seeing anything happen, that might give the rest of some hope?

Anonymous said...

I found this from a post on another blogsite(author unknown):
Think the system is broken? Tired of hearing about money handed over to the very folks who cause the problems?

It seems as if cps and the courts loose their way in an extreme case of tunnel vision. They could only see one possibility and refused to look at any others....when the judge appears to aid and abet their prosecutorial misconduct...picture: Obstruction of justice, lying to a judge
And, perhaps more to the point, they figure they can get away with it. Why? Because they hope it could take a long time for our gov't to get around for the change.