Monday, November 2, 2009

Officer Timothy Brenton Leaves Two Young Children

Thanks to sentencing enhancements in murder cases it is an aggravating circumstance in Washington State law to kill a police officer. Aggravated First Degree Murder carries the death penalty....

Seattle Police Officer Timothy Brenton was gunned down in cold blood while sitting in his patrol car his weekend. He leaves a wife and two children; an 11 year-old daughter and a son, eight.

A Snohomish County deputy was stationed outside the family home to tell reporters that the family had "no comments." Cops look out after their own. No one wants to be disturbed during tremendous grief. When did the press start shoving mics in the faces of the bereaved anyway?

Please pray with me for the family. And, I at least, will also pray for justice. The system that Officer Brenton sought to uphold should work for the family once the killer is caught. I am one of the few on the Senate Judiciary Committee who still supports the death penalty in cases like this. The next gang-banger who even thinks about it should have to contemplate the consequences.


MB said...

I agree with you on this, Senator, and I appreciate that you have compassion for the family while insisting on a reckoning for the wanton murderer of a fine public servant. And, though we don't yet know if it is gang-related, I think most people feel about it a bit like we did when the second plane hit the WTC. We didn't KNOW it was terrorism, but we were pretty sure deep down that it was terrorism. This has the feel of someone making his bones, and though I don't think an early death is always a deterrant to people who have a fatalistic acceptance of the idea that they will not live long anyway, it can be. And if even a single potential killer is deterred, then it is worthwhile. In the end, more practically, it ensures that a person who has demonstrated the highest level of disregard for the value of human life will not be able to act on that belief in the future. That too, is worthwhile.

I can't help but think that every Halloween for the rest of their lives will be an unwelcome date, and a reminder of a father, as well as innocence lost for those two children. The thin blue line feels just that much thinner tonight.

Anonymous said...

Just like I wrote in an email to you during the session. My sister in law was murdered by a serial killer some years ago. I would have no problem putting a bullet between his eyes.
Our family struggled with the murder, the children left without a mother, the rage, the sadness, the wonder if we will regret our feelings toward the death penalty,
i can only speak for myself My answer is NOPE!