Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Reader Writes...

"My family has been affected by CPS. They stole my children 2 times while making fun of their foreheads saying something was wrong with them. They won't stop accusing us of all kinds of things they know aren't true. My children have been in more danger in the system then at home....etc."> (This is part of a message posted several times and with a special request that it be printed.)

Dear reader who wrote,
I appreciate the long story. There are many who have the same issues. have not identified yourself. And, I do not know if you have contacted the legislators in your own district.

Please write your legislators and cc several others. Sen. Jim Hargrove is the chair of the committee that deals with CPS issues. Copy Sen. Val Stevens who is the ranking member on the committee. Copy local press. Have someone copy read your letter before you send it.

As session draws near, I will be concentrating more on public awareness and on legislative changes. To do that I will be working with leaders and the press. I will be holding a hearing. There will be a huge rally to attend. Dear Reader, you must work hard and be concentrated in your efforts. No changes in the system will be made without great effort. There is a wall bigger than that at Dover Castle to get through. Children die in the system. Children are maimed in the system. And, there are children that should not even be in the system.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Senator Pam Roach, you are a godsend. I hope the parents who wrote this will soon once again be "a family".
How is it that our own government has become the predator to our children and families even in the worst of times. I can remember a time when our country stuck together through these times of hardship, and was willing to help those who had very little to survive.

Anonymous said...

When is this rally ? I will be there with bells on,again.