Tuesday, November 10, 2009

WFU Attendee Speaks Out On Licensing Of Parents

I think this reader is trying to let us know where government advocates are going but do not tell us. They don't dare!
Licensing of Parents

In addition to the Home Visitation program, which brings the government in control of the child before school age, Goals 2000 is being implemented through parent licensing, parent-teacher compacts, and parental report cards issued by the schools. These programs, under various names, are either in place or being proposed across the nation. Parental Licensing is still a point of controversial discussion, although legislation to pass it into law has been submitted in other states.

The government will determine who may have children and who may not. Jack C. Westman, a psychiatrist at the University of Wisconsin and author of Licensing Parents: Can We Prevent Child Abuse?, explains. “A parent license would place the responsibility on parents to be competent. The burden of proof would be on the parents to demonstrate that they are not abusing and neglecting their children rather than on the state to prove through quasi-legal proceedings that parents are unfit after they have damaged their children.” So, parents will be in the position of having to disprove a negative, and having to prove that they will not commit future acts.

As one of the most prominent advocates for parental licensing, he adds, “We must create a new paradigm in which parenthood is a privilege.” Most parents feel that being a parent is a privilege, a gift from God that gives our lives meaning and purpose. But, should it be an entitlement given to us by the government? Does this mean that some citizens will be deemed workers, and others breeders? If the government will select who may propagate and who may not, how many steps away are we from mandatory sterilization of those deemed unfit by the government, or those who do not conform to a societal ideal established by the government? Or will we allow “them” to breed to provide children to others?

David Lykken, author of Antisocial Personalities, and a strong advocate of parental licensing, calls for the immediate removal of newborns from unlicensed mothers so that they may be placed directly into foster homes and quickly adopted.''


Anonymous said...

Obama health care reform bill provides money for CPS and other social workers to visit families
August 12, 7:44 AMAlbany CPS and Family Court Examiner Daniel Weaver

"As I was standing in the street, as quiet as could be, a great, big ugly man came up and tied his horse to me." Nursery rhyme in It Takes a Village by Hillary Clinton.

President Obama's proposed health care reform bill will most likely lead to increased government interference in families, as well as the growth of Child Protective Services agencies. This is not a myth fostered by the far right or by conspiracy theorists. You can read it for yourself in the bill, starting at page 838.

The new Obama home visitation program, very similar to what Hillary Clinton has been wanting for years, is called a voluntary program. If I understand the wording correctly, the word voluntary applies to each of the fifty states. It does not apply to parents in states that chose to set up a home visitation program.

The home visitation portion of the proposed health care reform bill allows states to apply for federal grants to set up home visitation programs to visit expecting parents and families with pre-school children. In setting up a home visitation program, the state is required to identify "communities that are in high need of such services, especially communities with a high proportion of low-income families or a high incidence of child maltreatment..." The word community is not defined in the bill.

Any state that participates in a home visitation program must collaborate and make referrals to existing programs and agencies. Obviously, given the nature of the home visitation program, many referrals will go to Child Protective Services. Indeed, there is nothing in the bill to prohibit Child Protective Services from making the initial home visits.

The federal government will reimburse the states for 85% of expenses incurred during 2010, 80% for 2011 and 75% for 2012 and after. The federal government has budgeted 50 million dollars for this program for 2010. That amount will increase to 250 million in four years. This is in addition to any federal money that states may already be receiving for child preventive services and visitation programs that are already in place.

I have not studied the entire Obama health care reform bill, however, the section on home visitation alone is enough for me to encourage our representatives and senators to vote against it. The last thing this country needs is one more big ugly government agent saddling its quiet citizens with his horse.

Anonymous said...

Things are well on its way to this madness. Hospitals already assist CPS in finding newborns. Many times a first child for parents who have no history of abuse or neglect. I have seen it time and time again. Why do you think these birthing centers have all these electronic security systems that they attatch to a newborns ankle and locked doors needing security to let people out. Why not just screen them before they let them in? Many prisons do not have this tight of security.
People thought backyard abortions were dangerous! Backyard births will become a common reality if this is ever passed.

Divotdawg said...

Senator Roach, I am absolutely floored and honored that you found something on my blog that you deemed worthy of putting on yours. I have so much respect for you and this is a badge of honor for me. While I didn't write the article, it infuriates me nonetheless. All I want is to raise awareness and to have some small part in bringing this corrupt, out of control agency to its knees.

Thank you for including a link to my blog. It is designed to raise awareness and to help those who are fighting CPS and give support to those who lost their children permanently to this corrupt system. It's not about my ego at all. Still, thank you so much for this. It makes every second of the 16 hours each day that I devote to this worth it. Now you've made my job just a tad bit easier!

Thank you for all that you do for this cause. I can only imagine how much worse off we would be if it wasn't for people in power like you who believes in us and fights for us. It's a rare treat indeed!