Sunday, November 29, 2009

In My Opinion...CPS Does Not Always Follow The Law

Reader Ron writes:
"In my dealings with CPS I've only seen them responsive to two things. Court decisions and the law. They are hyper- sensitive to law suits. If laws are passed to hold them accountable they will obey." {sic}

Ron...for Pete's sake! They are successfully sued because they DO NOT always follow the law. And, for Pete's sake, Ron, they repeat their errors! The courts may, once in a while, hold then accountable but they are hardly repentant. They do sin again!

(You see only your family's case. You saw an unresponsive department that was not breaking the law. It was frustrating for you. But, there are many out there who are wronged by the department. For them a child is killed in foster care or by an evil parent. Or, their child is stolen for "gifting" to a more "desirable" adopt situation. These are not "fix it" situations. Consider yourself lucky. But open your eyes to the abuses of the system.)


DenisonPines said...

And then there are the courts who corrupt the law. Parents who have an appointed attorney from the Office of Public Defense (OPD) often have a hard time getting the attorney to appeal a judge's decision in a dependency.

Not everyone can afford an attorney to challenge obvious errors by a judge or court commissioner or DSHS.

There aren't enough pro bono attorneys who will challenge a judge's decision. Usually an appellant has to find an attorney who doesn't practice law in that county. Sometimes the DSHS assistant attorney general (AAG) will appeal a local commissioner/judge decision.

Judges can be appointed and then elected. Some are elected when a judge position is vacant. Some appointed judges never get elected but get fired by the voters. Court commissioners are appointed by the elected Judges. It's hard to fire court commissioners.

There is a process for filing a complaint about the judiciary in Washington State. More information can be found at the courts website:

Legislators need to know about judicial malpractice!

strawberryblonde said...

Same issues arise in guardianship cases.

Anonymous said...

CPS ignores and breaks all the laws!

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering if anyone has heard the use of:

"the parent just wants to win".

I'm sure it is written in the
"cps litany of complaints folder" that they hold tightly to openly lie, cheat, and steal with government approval, our babies..our families and destroy lives.

cps has now listed this as another excuse to keep my godchild from her family..

cps hides behind the police but even some of the police realize what they are doing. they can use the police as a drama tactic throughout the case and in the courtroom but I think deep down they really are afraid because THEY KNOW WHAT THEY DO!
We are human and deep down people have an animal instinct.
We also have the right to protect our young.

December 1, 2009 6:01 AM

Anonymous said...

Of course we all know that CPS breaks the laws EVERYDAY..but so far..not much is being done to stop them.In my opinion..I think we are ALL wasting our time being nice to them.I see those social workers upholding the law by breaking it & I think it's time that we back their asses into a corner and start DEMANDING answers!!!..enough is enough, it's time to get tough and take back what belongs to know, CPS took our strengths and hopes when they came into our homes and destroyed our families, NOW it's time to take it back!!

>Britnee Emberley

Christy said...

Yes I have heard "the parent just wants to win".
I have also heard "do you want to be right or do you want to win".

Anonymous said...

You are so right,Pam !

Anonymous said...

I am in awe of your courage and integrity! As A maternal aunt, fighting for my nephew, I want to thank you! We are in CA and just won an appeal that may help MANY families. I would love to email the published brief for your review. It may help some of the families that contact you.
Thank you again for aiding families.

Do No Harm

Anonymous said...

I was actually able to prove our case worker lied on the ISSP report. Our school secretary took notes. Things she stated the child said were actually things she told the child.

Our attorney chewed them up outside the courtroom. To my knowlege the Judge knew nothing about what she did.

However, we got what we needed.

Makes me sick! No accountability.

This morning I was told about a case where a newborn was taken from Mom & Dad in the hospital. The story I got was there was a very long labor after which Dad went home for rest and Mom requested the baby be in the nursery until she was more rested. They said she was a negletful parent. Evidentally Grandma has the baby now but now Mom and Dad are homeless because they lived with Grandma.

Friend of CPS Victim said...

The case about the newborn reminded me of what happened to my relatives. The nurse told the caseworker that Dad spent most of his time napping in the hospital room, and didn't seem interested in the baby. Well, yes, Dad was napping, because he was a night shift worker. He slept during the day so he could be awake with the baby at night, while his wife slept.

That was the full extent of any "abuse" reported by the hospital. In her report to the court, the caseworker twisted this act of kindness into evidence of apathy and neglect. She never even asked the the dad for his side of the story.

We need legislation that will keep caseworkers from abusing their authority. We need laws that hold them accountable for misrepresenting the facts.

But someone also needs to train our healthcare workers about what abuse is, and what it is not. Above all, someone needs to show them just how much damage their careless words can do. Nurses and other healthcare workers, please be careful what you say, because if you get it wrong, you WILL hurt an innocent family.