Monday, November 2, 2009

Where In The World Has Pam Roach Been?

Jim and I were gone for a few days....Can you guess where we were?

Pam and Granddaughter Sadie
OK...Josh suggested White Cliffs of Dover. He wins. This was a magnificent view. You have always heard of them and WOW. We toured the Cover Castle and found the underground tunnels in the cliff very interesting. The British directed many of the war efforts there. (Several wars actually...they were secret). The evacuation of Dunkirk was directed from Dover's cliffs. There was an entire communication center, hospital, and barrack in a series of tunnels.


Josh said...

Are those the white cliffs of Dover?

Anonymous said...

Where ever you were, I hope you enjoyed the time with your family!That's a beautiful picture,Pam.