Thursday, November 19, 2009

KOMO Tonight...Channel 4

Please see KOMO tonight at 11 PM. They are running audio trailers on radio about an investigative story that will be run tonight. They will focus on the hundreds of CPS child deaths each year. Please tune in.

Excellent coverage. Go to KOMO 4 News. But, only Cheryl can find it for me! I saw it live. One child dies a month under the "watchful" eye of the State of Washington.

Dreyfus promised accountability. Social workers were not responding to calls...even when over 400 new workers were hired. The was primarily under the watch of former Sec. Robin Arnold Williams and her sidekick Susan Stephonie. They are both gone.

To date...none of the things I have brought the the attention of the department have been rectified. and, I have heard of no consequences for deceit. I would like to know what happens when someone does not do the job they are hired to do.


Anonymous said...

I watched this and was horrified. There are plenty of children who really need help and little ones like Lilly being taken from loving homes.
I`m sure the job Secretary Dreyfus has is difficult but I believe the children and the elderly should be top priority. I figure it`s been 5 months since Secretary Dreyfus filled that position. Lilly is not home yet and neither are some of the other children falsely taken. It seems like the majority of us deal with only Randy Hart. It gets nowhere.
I was happy to hear it repeated throughout the komo 4 news story about laws being broken. That has to be the main focus. The laws are there for a reason. How about it DSHS? Can you try to follow the laws and see if it works? Maybe Wa. State could be an example for other States to change.

Anonymous said...

When you live in a small community, it's very difficult to find enough bad homes in which to take children, so, what is left? If not for the children in the good homes, there would be no jobs for CPS. They, CASA and the court are working hard to keep a paycheck coming in. So, you see, we are paying them to take our children through every tax dollar we pay. Sad but true. This only shows us how bad they need their jobs. I wish it were not true; think about it; no children, no job.