Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pam's Longest Christmas Day...33 Hours!

Outside Valkenburg, Netherlands, Christmas Market (by cave entrance)12-23-10...the socially liberal Dutch have no problem sporting a nativity which is directly behind Sadie and me.

Q. How in the world does Pam get more hours of Christmas Day than the rest of us? Does she have an "in" with Santa? Has she really been THAT good?

A. Well, on December 25th you start the day in Europe and chase the sun home to Seattle. Germany is 9 hours ahead of us.
...I just could not let more time pass before seeing Captain John and his wonderful I went to Germany to see them. We were snowed in for a couple of days. Their German countryside village home was decorated with tree, advent wreath, a soldier nutcracker found at the Katie Wohlfahrt shop, and handmade Christmas stars placed in the window. (Those German windows can open out like a door...very nice in the summer.)

Food abounds: gingerbread, chocolates, yule log sponge cakes, etc..

German families have pyramids. We were no exception. A pyramid is a nativity scene that slowly turns round and round on a vertical axle. The base holds candles that send their heat up to thin wooden blades. The blades are slightly tilted so put the whole nativity scene into motion as the candle heat rises. Think of a horizontal windmill! The blades are powered by the rising heat and the nativity scene turns round and round.

We went to two Christmas markets. One was in Bernkastil-Kues, Germany where this picture was taken last year. This year snow covered everything but the buildings. At this advent building, 25 window shutters are opened, one at time, until Christmas Day.

Below is a candle shop at the Christmas market.

We drove to Valkenburg, Netherlands, for another Christmas market. It was in an old coal mining cave that took visitors into the hillside and out of the freezing cold...Because of the continued snow it took five hours to make the 1 1/2 hour drive back to Germany.

It snowed in record depths. Europe was like our eastcoast is today. My flight out of Luxembourg was cancelled on Christmas Eve so I spent the night at an airport hotel (paid by the airline since their was no de-icer or runway salt). The next day I made it to Amsterdam and then on to Seattle. I arrived home by 2 PM and had Christmas Day with family here too!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Mother's Boyfriend Kills Toddler Over Soiled Diaper

(I am betting there is a whole lot that is not being reported on this one.)

Detective: Federal Way man killed child for soiling diaper. Purpose Goldsmith, 2, died of severe head injuries, wounds to body


A King County District Court judge has found probable cause to hold a Federal Way man accused in the death of a 2-year-old girl.

Sheriff's detectives arrested the 28-year-old man on Monday, a day after the girl -- Purpose Goldsmith, his girlfriend's daughter -- died of head injuries allegedly sustained while in his care. The man -- who'd previously been convicted in an attack on his own child -- has not been charged in the slaying but is suspected of second-degree murder in Goldsmith's death.

At 1 p.m. Sunday, deputies were called to a home in the 36200 block of 21st Place South after a caller reported that the girl was not breathing, King County Sheriff's Office spokesman Sgt. John Urquhart said in a statement.

Deputies arrived at the home, located in unincorporated King County east of Federal Way, and found Goldsmith gravely injured. She died en route to Harborview Medical Center.

"(The suspect) first stated he found Purpose unresponsive when he went to wake her and change her diaper," a sheriff's detective told the court.

The suspect later admitted to hitting the girl six or seven times with a belt after she soiled her diaper, the detective continued. He is alleged to have admitted to shaking her until she went limp, slapping her in the head; the detective added that the 2-year-old's head "felt like Jello" due to the injuries.

The girl's mother was at work, and the suspect, who is her live-in boyfriend, was taking care of the girl and her 4-year-old brother, Urquhart said previously. Investigators believe the boyfriend, who has since been arrested, called 911 after the girl stopped breathing.

Court records show the 28-year-old was sentenced to 9 months in jail in 2005 after assaulting his young daughter.

In that incident, the man's then 2-month-old daughter sustained seven broken ribs after he pushed down on her chest in an effort to stop her from crying. Writing the court, his attorney described the man as "quite shaken" after learning the harm he'd done to his daughter and pledged to "do what he needed to obtain help so this wouldn't be repeated."

He pleaded guilty to second-degree assault of a child, and was sentenced to the high end of the standard sentencing range.

The man remains jailed at King County Jail on suspicion of second-degree murder. He is expected to appear in court Wednesday; prosecutors have until Monday to file charges.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ethan Roach Petitions The NFL he wrote a letter with his single signature. But my grandson is showing early signs of wanting to make things better. Some ideas are better than others.

A league flag football player himself, Ethan has been listening to the helmet to helmet debate. He figured out a solution, sent it in to the NFL, and got a reply. Check it out!

"my name is ethan and im nine years old. I have a idea on how to stop helmet to helmet contact. Put reverse magnets in the helmets.

sincerly your pal Ethan"

From: Bowman, Michael []
Sent: Monday, November 22, 2010 2:22 PM
To: dan.roach@....
Subject: Your note to the NFL

"Thank you for your note. That is an interesting idea, but wouldn’t all the players on your team stick together? That could be quite a mess.

Thanks again for writing and glad you are thinking of ways to help keep players safe.

Michael Bowman


Thursday, November 4, 2010

What Are "They" Saying About My Reelection? #1

Did you hear this one?

Election day morning I received a call from one of the brightest political minds in the state and definitely the most mischievous. (No one in the Senate)

"Did you hear what Lisa Brown {Senate Majority Leader} said when she heard you were going to be reelected?"

"No," I answered. I am pretty sure he could tell I was smiling even over the cell phone.


I laughed.

"Did you hear what Mike Hewitt {miniority leader) said when he knew you were going to be reelected?

"No," I said.


(Heck yeah...the guy did everything he could to take me out of office and I got 67%.)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Vistitors From Honduras

One of the clinics I have helped in Honduras belongs to Dr. Noe Guardado. Since I last saw him the 31 year-old medical doctor has been elected mayor and represents 89 small villages the poorest of which I visited with him.

It has been a great treat to have Noe and his wife here for the week. (It must have been like walking around in air conditioning for them.)
Lt. Governor's Office
Friday we had a very productive meeting with the Lt. Governor's staff (Brad Owen was in Taiwan). We toured the legislative building and visited the Supreme Court.
Sunday at Dan Roach's we shared an American Halloween. At Dan's house it is really done right! Fire pits outside to keep warm, hot cider, pot luck inside, a haunted house next door, and hundreds of costumed kids! We pulled one-year old, "puppy" Charlie, in a wagon. Grandma took him to his first ever trick-or-treat house.

We watched the East coast returns from the farm and then went to Roach Gymnastics for the 8:15 first returns. The campaigns of Roach and Roach watched the returns projected on the wall and kids ran around the 21,000 sq. foot facility. Roach and Roach both pulled over 64%. OK...I out polled the younger guy. (I wonder if he noticed!)

Noe will be in his Congress someday. That is my prediction. He is a great leader and does so much to help his people. Our countries are 130 years apart...but we both value freedom and want to help people.

Election Night Thanks

Wow! When we started this race I had no idea the twists it would take. But, this race was one where I have never had as much support. Thanks so much to everyone who helped on my reelection campaign.

Husband Jim did a great job putting up the 50+ 4x8 foot signs that lined the highways of the district. It is actually fun finding the spots and seeing the signs up in the 15 hours of summer daylight! Hmmmm, I never asked Jim is this was fun for him!

Eileen, my CPA treasurer, was so wonderful. I was most careful to make sure everything was on time and correct. Rule: Keep your treasurer happy!

Opposition researchers: In the end it came down to iron clad info on the opponent. Someone has to dig up the sometimes hard to get records; reckless driving, black eyes to others, teacher reprimands, crimes against children, etc. Those that stepped forward did so on their own. And, the findings were stunning.

Community support: Wow! Pre-primary the endorsements from community leaders included five mayors and many local elected officials, State Attorney General Rob McKenna, King County Councilmembers, church leaders, state employees, farmers, working people and business leaders....I humbly thank those who stepped forward when caucus leaders were doing everything they could to take me out.

Major moving parts:
1.Consultants Minnick and Minnick (brilliant TV ads and tasteful hit pieces);
2.Self emergent bloggers ( won awards I heard), the Horse's Ass...thanks Goldie for the quote of the campaign, etc., campaign web guy for;
3.Press coverage (all TV stations, the Times, Tacoma News Tribune, (exception...two of The Reporter Papers had a policy that conveniently tried to help my opponent...subject for another blog entry),
4.Organizational endorsers (NRA, unions,local Republican leaders, etc., they move blocks of voters);
5.Doorbellers (Auburn Firefighters, Rainier School employees, personal friends;
6.July BBQ event planners (350 attended) and dozens of volunteers;
7.Fundraiser hosts and hundreds of contributors;
8.Representative Christopher Hurst, my twice former opponent attorney Yvonne Ward, Democrat Party official Karen Willard...these three prominent Democrats took the unusual step of endorsing me after the nature of my opponent became known.
The people of the 31st District became more important than the partisanship. Our ways may part over issues, but not on the final two choices in this race;
9.Those who were in the waiting...many people were willing to step up to defend me with testimonials;
10.And, I want to thank the voters. Our campaign team did all we could to get the word out. You informed yourselves, looked past the terrible and unfair attacks on me, and gave me your vote.

In return, I will continue to fight for your freedoms, our economic recovery, and our communities here at home. God bless us all.

Roach Crushing Richardson In Early Returns

I liked the headlines :o)

Roach crushing Richardson in early returns

Auburn Reporter News reporter
Nov 02 2010, 11:20 PM

In the bitter Republican-vs-Republican contest for state senator from the 31st Legislative District, 5-term incumbent Pam Roach easily rolled over her opponent, Sumner City Councilman Matt Richardson, taking 16,342 votes (67.26 percent) to Richardson's 7,954 (32.74 percent).

(The headline was part of a larger story...this was the gist of it.)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Campaign Notes

Here we are by Dairy Queen on Hwy 410 in Bonney Lake.

The campaign is made up of friends, gold and silver. I have been sign waving each day this week and all with volunteers who have called me wanting help. Thanks everyone!

Yesterday I was in Sumner with Pierce County Councilman Tim Farrell. He is a Democrat and wants me to win. Mayor Dave Enslow saw us and came over to chat. I had an umbrella in one hand and a sign in another! This is a muscle builder!

Today, eight Rainier School State employees met me in Buckley. They had just come off a shift and gave time when they must have been tired. Conversation makes the time fly!

Tomorrow I will be sign waving in Edgewood.

How else am I spending my time this week?

* Today I was on KIRO TV defending the content of my flyer. Seems my opponent doesn't like the truth:o) (see KIRO evening news...I will try to get a link.)

* I met with my treasurer to make sure we get everything reported.

* I make calls for donations and will be picking up another $500 on Friday.

* I read the papers, view the TV news, and try to keep up with emails.

* On Friday I will be in Olympia with Dr. Noe Guardado who is here from Honduras. He and his wife hosted my efforts in taking optometrists to Honduras last year. It will be so good to see them. We will spend Halloween and Election Night together, etc.

* The phone rings all day. Office work, campaign work, family members, and lots of polling. Once you turn in your ballot the poll questions I wait :o) I mean really, I would not have gotten a call from Sarah Palin today if I had already sent in my ballot!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Foster Mom Responds

(I just received this. Hey, gang! I don't know anything about the details of this case and likely will not pursue it. But, here you have a foster woman who somehow thinks I don't appreciate what fosters do. Indeed, there is a place for fostering and I understand that and I appreciate that. But, on the other hand, the state law says we are to place with qualified biological family first. That is the law. It is not always being followed.)

Mrs. Roach, It is obvious how one sided you are to post the above comment that has nothing to do with the Parks case and not post the comment I left yesterday. Please post both sides! I get that you don't like CPS and I completely agree. The system is so broken down and mixed up that kids will only continue to get hurt. However, there are great foster homes out there. We have not ever "bought" a child, any that we have sent back to family or the 2 we adopted. In fact, the $423 per month we receive for a child's basic care is almost laughable. That works out to about $1.50 per clothe, feed, drive to visitations etc. That also is how we are supposed to buy diapers and formula. Consider please, the hardest job you have ever much hourly did you make? Now, consider what I do...I take newborn babies through drug withdrawl. They scream in agony and can't handle stimulation. If they do get over stimulated they projectile vomit and tremor. I don't get paid bathroom breaks or lunch, no days off, no union protecting my rights. You get the idea.
You can't make a difference with a closed mind. If you want to see change you have to engage people and inspire them to also make a difference. In four and a half years my husband and I have talked with numerous people and have had 7 fellow Christian families...all wonderful people, get involved with the foster system. Please get past your negative view of foster homes and be thrilled knowing that at least some of the kids in the system are better off where they are then they could be anywhere else. "Kristen" is such a child. Did the Parks tell you that they don't believe the bio dad molested the girls, even though the older girls were who reported him and led to his conviction? Did they tell you that because they don't believe, they would allow him contact with "Kristen", potentially making her a victim of sexual abuse? Did they tell you that the foster family has been this child's home for nearly 2 years? Please do some research on attachment disorders; you will see that it would be detrimental to this sweet little girl's life to yank her out of the only home she knows. The Parks are being selfish; they want her and will do and say anything to get her. She is not a posession. She doesn't belong to anyone, but she at a very minimum deserves to stay with a loving home, with the people she calls mom and dad, to continue to grow and thrive in a safe environment. This is a reasonable family that engaged with the Parks and Louise screwed it up. Louise needs to step back and for once, put her niece first.


Look For A GAL To Lose Her Job

Dear Senator,

We also had a glowing home study, not once but twice, and one of which was done by the department themselves. The Guardian Ad Litem said what the state has done to our child was UNCONSCIONABLE.

Here is a comment out of the Guardian Ad Litem's report which Judge D. W. chose to ignore:

"Decisions were made to terminate contact between Shyann and her great-grandmother in spite of nine months of reports from Sydney Boren of the positive relationship the two had.

She now has no contact with the two adults who raised her from birth and has little contact with her brothers. She is now described by her current foster mother as the “most compliant child” she has ever met.

At age 6 she sucks her thumb, clings to her foster mother, and draws pictures of herself without arms – I suspect demonstrating a lack power.

She offers to help around the house and in the kitchen and readily forgives the other children if they do something to offend her – I suspect in an effort to make sure she is not plucked from this home and dropped somewhere else.

I am reminded of the Stockholm Syndrome. In my opinion, what has happened to Shyann
H..... since the Department removed her from the L_____t’s home is unconscionable.

I recommend that SHYANN ______ be returned to the custody of ______ and_______ as soon as reasonably possible and that their adoption of this child be granted without
further delay." (I have not seen any documentation on this case.. ED)

(Picking up where the writer left off.....) This Judge worked for CPS herself and is a member of the "Task Force for CPS." Would you say that it is a conflict of interest? These people are CORRUPT and need to be stopped once and for all. So even, when the GAL report is good, the judge and the department totally ignore it and want to adopt this child outside of her family.

We are talking CORRUPT, CORRUPT, and CORRUPT. We also have about 300 signatures from teachers, a doctor and priests ... all who know that we are good grandparents. But, the state wishes to make money off of these children, ruin families, and continue to lie in court.

We have had glowing reports from the supervised visits. I also have videos and pictures of my visits which were all good. The state is just plain EVIL AND IT WILL COME OUT ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. (Last line deleted...a word was missing. ED)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

WA CPS Unrestrained...Another Saga

From a reader:

To all that may be concerned:

I'm writing today as a concerned citizen. I'm concerned for our family and yours. This could be you. In Aug. 2008, Washington State legally kidnapped my niece. I've been fighting for 2 long years to bring her home.

At our last court hearing the state said, "THE PARKS EXERCISED POOR JUDGMENT IN REFERRING TO THEMSELVES AS THE CHILD'S REAL FAMILY." We are her real family! We are now, as of Oct. 4th 2010, COURT ordered not to refer to ourselves as real family. Unbelievable, you would think. Not for judge George Bowden, Everett Washington.

We must fight against this corruption. We are trying to reunite with our family and this judge and the state tell us the foster people are her family now. For 2 years I haven't been recognized as family. The closer we get,(passing home study after home study, meeting all compliance) to bringing our baby home, the harder they work to keep her with paid agents of the state. I'm a certified foster parent and I'm not allowed unsupervised visits! The state has court orders making me pay by the hour to see my niece. I only get one 4 hour visit per month and I live 16 hours away. I'm not allowed to give her gifts, or anything her real family sends. I'm not allowed to have her sisters or brother join the visits, or any other family.

We asked one time to have her cousin a Naval Officer (our son) visit, the answer was no. THIS COULD BE YOU. We need help. We have been told, by this judge' you'll get your day in court. I believe that the state is trying to stop us from ever making it to adoption court.

Have our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS been violated? When the attorney for our biological niece, Kristen ------ of Snohomish County Washington, her advocate, says we are not allowed to refer to ourselves as her REAL FAMILY? And the judge court orders it! We have been dealing with a corrupt department of DSHS (CPS) who are in the business of kidnapping babies for the purpose of fostering them out for adoption, so that they can meet their quota and receive the Federal funding.

We are her biological family, we have been there since the beginning. AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH US. The juvenile court rulings are based on lies, twisted truths, and statutes that don't exist. The state claims the foster people John and Tracey H---- are her family now. The bottom line is WE ARE HER REAL FAMILY. Has this happened to you? What can be done to stop this corruption? Is there anyone willing to help us fight this? Contact us at REAL FAMILY at Sincerely Ed and Louise Parks

(Dear Readers: This is happening all over the country. Very few escape the snare. And on the other hand, one child a month dies under the "watchful eye" of CPS.)

District Democrats have differing opinion of Roach endorsement

District Democrats have differing opinion of Roach endorsement

State Senate candidate Matt Richardson resigns from tribal school

State Senate candidate Matt Richardson resigns from tribal school

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Richardson Not A Veteran

Carole wrote:
"Really? A "small-v " veteran? As a real Veteran, I'm offended that he thinks
that his civilian position is "just the same" as real military service. A
civilian contract is nothing like a military contract. Richardson never made
the sacrifices that REAL Veterans have made, and should be ashmed to dissemble
as he has about the matter. this is an offense agains military personnel and
Veterans everywhere. If he'll lie about this, he'll lie about anything."

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nice Sign! Thanks Darlene Hamilton!

Darlene Hamilton, my King County Republican District chair has decorated her Hwy 164 (Auburn-Enumclaw Highway) property with a great message! Thanks Darlene. I sure appreciate your support.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

KING 5 Covers The Race

Senator Roach: I am anxious to watch the King 5 "Upfront" program tonight with Robert Mak. I will be really interested in how they spin his story. I read this weeks "Courier Herald" editorial about how the issues are not being discussed. I do not understand why they won't print what's really happening. All of his indiscretions, or whatever you would like to call them, are not being reported. I am being polite. He is doing a smoke screen to take the heat off of him. I believe that these multiple "Allegations", are returning to bite him in the backside. Constituents are only willing to believe these continuous and repeated past behaviors for so long. I believe the general consensus is that he is a man with multiple problems who believes his own lies and they have caught up to him. I do agree we need to get back to the issues at hand and not his tainted reputation that he caused for himself because of his chosen behavior. I will be watching and sharing this message with others who live in your district. Others need to see what kind of a person he is,notice I did not say a MAN. Take care, {signed}

He is certainly a person with "mulitple problems." ---Ed.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pam Supporters In Honduras Write

Note: It was the Republican Memebers of Congress who did so much

Marie wrote:
"Pam. we wish all the Republicans to win office during term elections in
November. May you be blessed with VICTORY. All governments need a check on the
balance of power, equilibrium, not total, absolute power to one individual. Let
God protect all Governments, let God appoint whoever He wishes to have in
authority, may God take away all power from those who abuse it, misuse it, or
use it only for selfish purposes. May God protect and save the world from self
destruction. Blessings and Victory from Honduras."

Amen, Maria
See you soon.

Monday, September 27, 2010

CPS Crimes Against Children

At a recent editorial board I was asked what I was doing to justify my reelection. I hope that the editors will understand that this blog has been a part of my efforts to promote liberty and justice; to support families; and to create openness and accountability in government.

Friday, September 24, 2010

How Do You Think The Kids Are Feeling Right Now?

Dear Ms. Roach,

I am borrowing a friends computer, so please do not respond to this email address. I would appreciate a response at, thanks.

On October 28, 2009, I took my daughter to the doctor at Children's Hospital for flu like symptoms. Upon weighing her and doing some blood work, I was informed that my daughter was suffering from malnutrition and her and my son were removed from my custody and placed in foster care.

When this action occurred I lost ALL income as they are receiving Social Security compensation due to my husband's death in July of 2004.

I have had my phone shut off, my electric may soon be shut off and I am over $2,000.00 behind on my lot space rent so may also be losing my home in the very near future.

I have tried every agency I know to try to get some help. I am scared because if I lose my home, I will also lose my kids.

Is there anything you can suggest for me to do, or someone that can give me a direction to save my home and my family.

I don't think I would be able to mentally or emotionally maintain employment. I am scared, alone, and I miss my children.

Is there something that can be done? Is there someone I can contact? I really am at my wits end as I have tried every available agency I personally know of to get help for this situation.



Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hell Has Frozen Over....

Democrats endorsing Pam Roach? Yes, hell has frozen over
Posted By Cheryl Tucker on September 21, 2010 at 7:00 am Share this

First we had Republican Steve Vermillion endorsing Democratic incumbent state Rep. Dawn Morrell over Republican Hans Zeiger in the 25th district. (Read about it here.) Now three of the 31st district's most prominent Democrats are endorsing a Republican for state Senate – and Pam Roach at that.

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It's not that they like Roach all that much; in fact, they call their decision to endorse her a "painful" one. It's just that they really don't like her Republican opponent, Sumner City Councilman Matt Richardson.

Richardson has been in the news lately for questionable use of city e-mail and a website set up by a Roach supporter detailing allegations of personal misconduct.

The three Democrats are state Rep. Christopher Hurst, Yvonne Ward (who has twice run unsuccessfully against Roach) and Karen Willard (who ran unsuccessfully against Pam Roach's son Dan for state representative).

In their press release announcing their endorsement, the three Democrats essentially say that even with all her much-publicized outbursts, Roach is the better choice for the Senate seat since the two Democrats running for it were eliminated in the August primary. (We co-endorsed both Democrats, Raymond Bunk and Ron Weigelt.) Hurst, Ward and Willard make some serious charges against Richardson that we’re uncomfortable repeating here.

Goldy Smacks Dems...Some Republicans Could Use A Little Of That

I just received a phone call from my seatmate, Rep. Chris Hurst. Goldy, editor of the liberal blog Horse's Ass, doesn't like Hurst much....Hurst is not a liberal Seattle Democrat. And, to say Goldy hates the likes of me would be a gross understatement. I am his whipping girl for everything I do and haven't done! Not only has "hell frozen over," but we just took a leap towards the second coming! (Warning: Goldy does not write for family audiences. I edited some.)

Satan dons parka as Democrats endorse Roach
by Goldy, 09/22/2010, 10:06 AM
The 31st officially became the stupidest, most pathetic and most completely dysfunctional legislative district in Washington state yesterday, as three “prominent” Democrats (you know, about as prominent as a Democrat can be in cousin-marryin’ country) issued a press release announcing their endorsement of too-crazy-even-for-the-Republican-caucus state Sen. Pam Roach. Really.

So what prompted Yvonne Ward, Karen Willard and state Rep. Chris Hurst to make such a “painful and necessary” decision? Well, Sen. Roach may in fact be a gun-toting, mouth-foaming, flower-avenging wingnut, but unlike her general election challenger, fellow Republican Matt Richardson, at least she doesn’t, um, “sexually assault” young girls.

You know… allegedly. The Tacoma News Tribune felt too “uncomfortable” to repeat the Democrats’ charges, but lacking an attorney on retainer to advise me otherwise, I have no qualms about reporting the public statement of an elected official:

....from Hurst, Ward and Willard...."After carefully reviewing the extensive documentation relating to the criminal behavior of Matt Richardson extending back many years, we conclude that if he were elected to the Washington State Senate, the safety of children would be at risk. Matt Richardson was charged with sexually assaulting two young girls over multiple years. He pled guilty to the charges. He then engaged in a pattern of seeking positions in schools with young children while hiding his history.

According to a criminal Affidavit of Probable Cause, Matt Richardson engaged in a persistent, ongoing sexual assault of two young girls. After this incident, he engaged in inappropriate behavior in public school classrooms. That pattern should stop at the steps of our Capitol...."

Um… ya think? Finally, an issue on which Rep. Hurst and I can wholeheartedly agree.

....Democratic State Representative Christopher Hurst, when faced with the prospect of a child molester in the State Capitol stated: “Spirited political debate is a healthy process in our system of self-government. However, there are times when a moral imperative becomes so great that it is necessary to set aside partisan differences in the interest of public safety. This is one of those times.”....

It certainly is. Though it’s a kinda ironic sentiment coming from a self-proclaimed “Independent Democrat” who tends to side more with Republican legislators than with his own caucus. Still, I think we can all join Rep. Hurst in his bold stance against electing child molesters to the Legislature.

As for Ward, who has long opposed Sen. Roach, and whose campaign for Roach’s seat I aggressively plugged here on HA in 2006, well, it’s hard to argue with her logic:

“I disagree with her on so many policy issues. But given the choice between a conservative Republican, and a conservative Republican with a history of sexual assaults against children, Pam Roach gets my vote.”

Hmm. Perhaps that should be Roach’s new campaign slogan. I can see the yard signs now.

Via email, Ward added that “painful” is too much of an understatement to describe her decision to endorse Roach; “torturous” would be more apt.

“Roach is like a cat with nine lives. Just when the stars seem to align so she can be ousted, her opponent turns out to be a child molester. Amazing.”

Yeah, I guess. But Richardson’s sexual assault conviction and classroom firing were public records, both of which have been previously reported in the press (so I’m not sure what’s provoked the TNT’s sudden disquietude), thus the bigger question here is… could the 31st LD Dems be any more incompetent?

I mean, when the Republicans put up a child molester and Pam F....(edited) Roach for chrisakes, the Dems might want to look at this as an opportunity to lock themselves in a room until they can agree to unite around a single Democrat, instead of suicidally splitting themselves between Ron Weigelt and Raymond Bunk the way they did. And then, once you settle on a Democratic challenger, you do a little goddamn opposition research and get this treasure trove of Richardson related muck to nasty-ass partisan bloggers like me weeks before the August top-two primary, instead of emailing me a press release weeks after.

Sen. Roach may be a shooting rampage waiting to happen, but at least she knows how to win a fucking election by cutting her opponents legs off at the knees and then sucking the marrow from his bloody stumps. Um, metaphorically.

And that’s a lesson the 31st LD Dems might want to learn if they ever want to send another Democrat to Olympia.


Prominent Democrats Don't Want Abuser In Office

As the News Tribune stated..."Hell Has Frozen Over"

September 21, 2010

Press Release: Prominent Democrats Ask Voters to Re-Elect Pam Roach

By Christopher Hurst, Yvonne Ward, and Karen Willard

Three prominent Democrats who have run for office in the 31st District, including Republican Senator Pam Roach’s two-time opponent, feel compelled to support Roach for the district’s Senate seat. This decision is both painful and necessary.

There were four people seeking the Senate seat this year, and now it is down to two Republicans: Senator Pam Roach or challenger Matt Richardson. Matt Richardson is an unacceptable risk to children and, in a highly ironic turn of events, we are asking voters to elect Senator Pam Roach.

After carefully reviewing the extensive documentation relating to the criminal behavior of Matt Richardson extending back many years, we conclude that if he were elected to the Washington State Senate, the safety of children would be at risk. Matt Richardson was charged with sexually assaulting two young girls over multiple years. He pled guilty to the charges. He then engaged in a pattern of seeking positions in schools with young children while hiding his history.

According to a criminal Affidavit of Probable Cause, Matt Richardson engaged in a persistent, ongoing sexual assault of two young girls. After this incident, he engaged in inappropriate behavior in public school classrooms. That pattern should stop at the steps of our Capitol.

Democratic State Representative Christopher Hurst, when faced with the prospect of a child molester in the State Capitol stated: “Spirited political debate is a healthy process in our system of self-government. However, there are times when a moral imperative becomes so great that it is necessary to set aside partisan differences in the interest of public safety. This is one of those times.”

Democrat Yvonne Ward ran vigorous campaigns against Roach in 2002 and 2006; the campaigns between them exceeded $700,000.00. “I and my supporters worked hard to unseat Roach,” said Ward. “I disagree with her on so many policy issues. But given the choice between a conservative Republican, and a conservative Republican with a history of sexual assaults against children, Pam Roach gets my vote.”

Democrat Karen Willard ran against Roach’s son Dan for the House Position 1, and has worked hard since then in partisan Democratic politics for Pierce County and the 31st Legislative District. “Nevertheless”, she says, “I’m going to ask the voters to vote against Matt Richardson as this isn’t a partisan issue”.

State Senators and Representatives enjoy the volunteer work of high school pages during session. Student groups of all ages make many visits to the state capitol every day. Senate and House pages, citizens and interest groups meet with legislative leaders behind closed doors as there is a high level of trust that we give to our elected representatives. We should not elect someone who is not worthy of that trust.

Monday, September 20, 2010

My Opponent Comes Out Of The Closet
This is a link to the Sumner City Council meeting a few weeks ago that is now making the rounds in that quiet small city south of Auburn, WA. There have been more hits on this meeting than all of the other council meetings put together. Go in just short of half way to see my opponent get verbally lambasted by an airline pilot who came home three days early from a flight to Asia. He found Sumner City Councilmember Matt Richardson in his bedroom closet!

This was not your typical meeting.

Why Can't DSHS Investigate Itself?

This is almost unbelievable. But then, it is DSHS.

SEATTLE - In the wake of a KING 5 Investigators report, the head of the state's Department of Social and Health Services is taking steps to stop the use of state-issued ATM cards at gambling halls through the state.

Susan Dreyfus tells KING 5 News that by working with J.P. Morgan Chase & Company, the state is shutting down the ability to get cash at selected gambling establishments by using the Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) ATM cards.

On Wednesday, the KING 5 Investigators released data they compiled about welfare dollars flowing through gambling halls across Washington State. They found welfare cash circulating in 113 casinos and card rooms in Washington in the month of July, alone. That’s nearly one fifth of the casinos, card rooms and bingo halls in the state.

The KING 5 Investigators analyzed public records that track the locations of all ATM machines accessed by welfare recipients. Cash recipients, generally the most needy, receive their funds on an ATM card. The investigative team cross-referenced the locations of all ATM transactions in July with the addresses of all casinos and card rooms.

Gambling with welfare money is one of the few limitations the program places on recipients’. It’s prohibited by state law.

In Wednesday’s story, Asst. DSHS Secretary Troy Hutson said he couldn’t assume that just because someone withdrew money at a casino they are actually gambling. He also said the fraud might be too expensive for the agency given the unprecedented budget cuts it is facing.

But DSHS Secretary Dreyfus said even the possibility that someone is using the state issued ATM cards to get cash to use at the gambling halls is not only "inappropriate" but illegal.

"I want to shut down every ATM in adult gambling establishments that has EBT access," said Dreyfus. "It's not ok to use state benefits to gamble. And if that is the perception, if that's the reality and if we in any way facilitate that by having ATM access within casinos and people are improperly using their EBT it has to stop. And, so I hope by taking away the access that's the first big step in getting that done."

The Washington Indian Gaming Association has thrown its support to the move. In a letter to Governor Gregoire, the association says it pledges support for the action, saying "the integrity of our gaming operations is very important to us and we work had to maintain it."

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

One Child A Month Dies Under The "Care" Of CPS

Today I will be going to the editorial board of the News Tribune in Tacoma. It is my job is to justify my existence to them. Hmmmm...maybe there should be an interview with CPS leaders. Are they accountable? Are they following the law? Are they lying in court? Have they brought down the death toll?

A reader wrote yesterday:
A child has been beaten to death here in Region 2 and the scuttle butt is there was a CPS referral made shortly before his death that he had a black eye and it was screened out.How many children must die before we do something to make a actual child protection system that works not the one we have now that just leaves in it's wake death and mass destruction to families

labor interview in Olympia
side trip to the Public Disclosure Commission
lunch in Tacoma with car dealers
interview with Tribune
gang workshop with the Attorney General, also in Tacoma
meeting at a coffee shop with potential donor
doorbell in Buckley

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Hims And The Hers Of Murder

Today I went to a funeral where it was said more than once, "We must remember Ella Walker not for how she died, but how she lived.

Ella was 84 and was known to all of us at our LDS ward in Enumclaw where she served as the librarian. Every Sunday the teachers went to her for classroom supplies. I really liked Ella. She always had a big smile for me and she loved me. With Ella it was easy to share a fun story or warm hello.

I wish she would have thought to call me. But she didn't. Instead she used her 84 year-old shaky hand and wrote letters to her son's doctor and to DSHS. The letters were ignored.

Her mentally ill son was living with her. He was growing more dangerous and she needed to have him removed. She went weeks without a response from either the doctor or the state.

Two weeks ago Ella's son was still living in her Black Diamond home. It was there he murdered her with a knife. If she had called, if I had only known, maybe she could have been spared.

In another case, tonight our State Supreme Court Justices are all "on call." If something changes they may be needed to act in the case of Cal Brown who will soon be executed for the torture, rape, and murder of 21 year-old Holly Washa over 17 years ago. Governor Gregoire sent a letter to legislators and others on her decision not to commute the sentence to life in prison. She did the right thing in upholding our law. (Ella's son will not be executed because of his documented illness.) Brown told the authorities that he would kill again if he could. No, Brown is not ill, but evil.

The church was filled today and we said good-bye for now. Ella had 9 children, 23 grandchildren, and over 30 great-grandchildren.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Government To Ask ME...How To Keep From Getting Sued!

Later today I will have Office of Risk Management staff out to meet me in the district. They asked to visit because I am the ranking member of the Senate Governmental Operations and Elections Committee.

This government agency wants to ask me how they can keep from getting sued!
I know...I can hardly believe it myself!

I will start with....FOLLOW THE LAW!

Monday, August 30, 2010

King County Republican Party Endorses Pam Roach

It was unanimous! Lori Sotelo, King County Republican Party Chair, had personally endorsed me weeks ago. Now the organization has done so. Thank you King County Republicans!

Pierce County Republican Party Chair, Bob Lawrence, has also endorsed me. The county party will meet to make its endorsement in a few weeks.

My Republican opponent in the general election has a prize too! The City of Puyallyp judge awarded him with a reckless driving, 1 year suspended sentence. Richardson was going 42 miles over the speed limit though town on August 1st. There was something to do with "road rage" too. I suppose he will try to blame this on me too.

Pam Roach TV AD

I am pretty sure you will have to cut and paste....The link never seems to work for me.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

From Jutiapa, Honduras


I gave a presentation to the Auburn Noon Lions on Tuesday...showed them my PowerPoint on La Escuela de Esperanza (School of Hope). I started out the presentation by thanking them. The Lions collect eye glasses for distribution around the world. I was able to tell them first hand about the distribution of 1,200 pair in the area that I serve in Honduras. The above congratulatory message is from the doctor and mayor of Jutiapa. Last year I took Washington optometrists to the area. (Please see previous PPR) I had no idea my friends there were watching my reelection.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Court Rules, Again, That It Is OK To Lie In Campaigns

I frequently read the military news and thought I would bring this article forward. So, from this we learn that it is OK to lie to the public...but better not lie in court.

A few years ago State Senator Tim Sheldon was lied about by his opponent in campaign literature. Tim took the issue to court and the WA State Supreme Court (more later...speaking today about my school...)
Court Rules Stolen Valor Act Illegal
Week of August 23, 2010

An appeals court panel in California ruled that federal law that makes it a crime to falsely claim valor is unconstitutional. The decision involves the case of Xavier Alvarez of Pomona, Calif., a water district board member who said he received the Medal of Honor. Alvarez pleaded guilty on condition that he be allowed to appeal on First Amendment grounds. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals sided with him in a 2-1 decision, agreeing that the law was a violation of his free-speech rights. The court said there's no evidence that such lies harm anybody, and there's no compelling reason for the government to ban such lies. Read the full article had received

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Radio Host, John Carlson, Endorses Pam Roach

John Carlson has his eye on the ball! He sees the good things that I do in the district and that I "VOTE the district."

Not all media makes endorsements on whether or not your votes cast match the will of the majority of the people in your district. And, not all media care what else you do as an elected official to "magnify" your civic responsibility. John does.

"Three Strikes and You're Out" and "Hard Time for Armed Crime" were two initiatives that I prime sponsored, first, as legislation in Olympia. Working with John and others, we started the efforts in Olympia...knowing that liberal Democrats would kill my bills. But, we also knew that the people wanted the measures passed!

Working with media activists like John, is just one way I have been able to make Washington a better place for families.

Thanks, John!

Pam Roach Supports Business...Business Supports Pam..

Today in my email:

Hi Pam,

Thanks for all your hard work!!! What would you think if all the small
businesses banded together and had a "brown out" for one day!!! We
would all slow down or shut down our business. My employment security
taxes has gone up 300% and my B&O taxes have gone up 20%, while my
work comp. rates have gone up only 7%. We are being killed by the
state government... That doesn't even count the $100,000 extra burden
for Init. 1029...


(I answered that businesses could instead donate the profits of one day's work to candidates and we would win another 5 seats!)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Controversial Emails Finally Shown

The good citizens of Sumner have tried to bring forward the numerous flaws in councilmember Matt Richardson who chose to run against me in a primary. The press suppressed the information during Richardson's unsuccessful run for mayor last year.

In this election he was endorsed by the South Sound Ronald Reagan Club where he is vice-president. And, he has been endorsed by the Mainstream Republicans (a group that grips that it is not included in the mainstream of republican politics...because they are liberal). In any event, neither group invited me to an interview. And, both groups knew of his police records, etc. I personally told Alex Hayes, executive director of the mainstreamsers, about the sex issues with kids when Richardson was a teen. Hayes recommended to his board that the group give an endorsement. He and Richardson are good friends, he said. Oh.

Before reading this editorial...what they don't say is that the woman receiving the emails ended up with a divorce over this. Oh well. She's not the first.

Published: 08/12/1012:05 am | Updated: 08/12/10 8:22 am

Matt Richardson was apparently aware that messages written on the City of Sumner’s e-mail system are public records – aware enough that the city councilman devised a code for communicating certain information.

“... conversations about business are good here,” he wrote in 2008 to a city volunteer. “Personal things like meeting me at the Seattle Westin room 1708 on May 10 at 3, could be broken down to SWR1708-5/10-3.”

Richardson wasn’t as clever as he’d hoped: He detailed his plan to evade public disclosure in a public document.

The Sumner councilman’s bumbling, brazen attempt at obfuscation is now among the e-mail messages being reviewed by the state auditor’s office for possible ethical violations. Sumner’s code of ethics bans the use of city property for “personal convenience or profit.”

The e-mails were brought to the auditor’s attention by Chris Clifford, a supporter of state Sen. Pam Roach, whose re-election Richardson is challenging.

Clifford alleges the e-mails detail an extramarital dalliance between Richardson and the city volunteer.

Perhaps, perhaps not. Richardson claims the two are just friends and liked to joke about their “affair.” The only two people who probably know the truth are Richardson and the woman.

Of greater public concern is what the e-mails bare about Richardson’s fitness for the Legislature.

Over a two-month span, he sent three dozen e-mails to the volunteer full of flirtatious riddles and teasing about “sexual tension.” That speaks to a troubling lack of judgment, no matter what was happening (or not) in his personal life.

Elected officials should conduct themselves in a professional manner, and they shouldn’t be looking for ways to circumvent public oversight of their work.

At best, Richardson used the trappings of authority to engage in a wholly inappropriate conversation with a city volunteer.

That kind of official conduct does not bode well for Richardson’s ability to effectively represent the 31st Legislative District in the state Senate. Voters, take note.

Comments (0) Actually, I was told that the comments got so bad they were pulled! Yikes...I never saw them, myself...but I heard Richardson lashed out...ranting and blaming and anything but taking responsibility. (Nice endorsement Alex.)PR

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Republican Richardson...All That Glitters Is Not Gold

My Republican primary opponent:

Sumner city councilman accused of improperly using e-mail
The state Auditor’s Office is looking into allegations a Sumner city councilman running for the state Legislature improperly used city e-mail for personal business.

Published: 08/11/1012:05 am | Updated: 08/11/10 3:15 am

The state Auditor’s Office is looking into allegations a Sumner city councilman running for the state Legislature improperly used city e-mail for personal business.

E-mails sent between Matt Richardson and a city volunteer in 2008 include requests by Richardson to use secure passwords and delete messages after reading. Portions of the content were written in code at Richardson’s request.

“So, although this is city e-mail and is subject to open records requests for abuse of city equipment or campaigning from city e-mail, conversations about business are good here,” he wrote in one e-mail, obtained by The Herald of Puyallup. “Personal things like meeting me at the Seattle Westin room 1708 on May 10 at 3, could be broken down to SWR1708-5/10-3.”

A complaint by a former aide to Richardson’s opponent, Sen. Pam Roach of Auburn, set off the probe. The Auditor’s Office says it’s investigating while keeping in mind that the claims are being made during campaign season.

The race has become nasty as the two Republicans trade accusations and all three challengers, including Democrats Raymond Bunk and Ron Weigelt, say Roach can’t represent the 31st District well because of the Legislature’s sanctions against her for conflicts with staff and other senators. It has even landed in court, as Roach sued successfully to force changes in Richardson’s statement in the state voter pamphlet.

The July 27 complaint also accuses Richardson of misusing his office to influence the sale of property in his neighborhood.

Richardson denies the accusations. He said public employees can use e-mail occasionally for personal communication and a few e-mails cherry-picked from the thousands he’s sent since joining the council in 2004 fall far short of any wrongdoing.

“You don’t get there when you have a couple or a few e-mail conversations with somebody who works for the city,” he said. “The conversation might go crass, it might go to a joke – that happens a lot of places.”

Auditor Brian Sonntag’s office will consider if Richardson followed Sumner’s code of ethics, which bans the use of city property for “personal convenience or profit.”

Unlike rules for state employees, the ethics code doesn’t make exceptions for occasional use at negligible cost. Sonntag’s office could recommend Sumner add such exceptions, auditor spokeswoman Mindy Chambers said.

The Auditor’s Office set the complaint aside at first over questions about its jurisdiction and whether the matter had already been investigated. The office later learned the city had never done an ethics investigation and renewed its probe, Chambers said.

In his complaint, Roach supporter Chris Clifford said the e-mails “set up liaisons at the Seattle Westin Hotel and indicate a liaison paid for by the City of Sumner at the Association of Washington Cities Convention. … Setting up an extramarital liaison with a woman does not constitute City business.”

However, the two appear to have never met up at the June 2008 meeting of city governments. Richardson suggested in an e-mail that she attend – adding “the city should pay for you to be there. Obviously no mention of me at anyone under any circumstances” – but she told him it didn’t work for her schedule. Richardson told The News Tribune he wanted his name left out to avoid rumors about his relationship with the woman.

A public document request to the City of Sumner by The Herald of Puyallup revealed about three dozen e-mails sent from Richardson to the woman in May and June 2008.

A June 16, 2008, e-mail warns the woman about the pending request by The Herald. “It is unfortunate that our long friendship and dry sense of humor could be misconstrued by someone that has no idea that we are making fun of our ‘affair,’ ” he wrote.

“… I strongly recommend you resist the disclosure on personal grounds.”

The News Tribune is not naming the volunteer because she hasn’t been accused of wrongdoing.

The two are just friends, said Richardson, who is married. He said the flirtatious e-mails full of codes, riddles and teasing about “sexual tension” are nothing more than tongue-in-cheek jokes.

Clifford also accuses Richardson of confronting a group of bankers thinking about buying a property across the street from his house on Rivergrove Drive.

Richardson told the potential buyers he was a councilman and said the council planned to make the vacant property’s zoning more restrictive, Clifford says, citing an account by the property owner. Efforts to reach the owner were unsuccessful.

Richardson said he has talked openly for years about wanting lower density on the few remaining large, vacant tracts of land in town, including the one across the street. He said he once asked surveyors on the property about the owner’s plans, and may have answered a question they asked about the property’s zoning, but didn’t talk to buyers.

“I have in no way ever involved myself in messing up any private business dealings,” he said.

The probe comes from a frivolous complaint meant to help Roach’s campaign, Richardson said.

Clifford worked in the Senate, including a month in 2008 as Roach’s legislative aide, and continued afterward to represent her on a state child-custody case she worked on, according to a Legislative Ethics Board report on the case.

But Clifford said he’s not worried Richardson will defeat Roach in Tuesday’s primary. His goal, he said, is to convince Sumner residents to recall Richardson or vote him out of office.

“I find this guy has no judgment,” he said, “and I find it shocking that he continues to run for higher office.”

Heather Meier, editor of The Herald of Puyallup, shared many of the public records on which this story was based. The Herald is a weekly publication and sister newspaper to The News Tribune.

"Lilly" Will Not Go Home

In a short email last week I learned that Lilly's mother will not be able to raise her. Lilly's mother was lied to by the department (tricked) into signing termination papers. As a baby Lilly's grandparents raised her until she was three.

Told the grandparents would be able to adopt Lilly, the mother signed papers.

Once the papers were signed...CPS called the grandmother in to the Mt. Vernon office ostensibly to get the paper work started for the adoption.

CPS took the 3 year-old...and placed her in a foster adopt home for a "quick adoption" to a 26 year-old single female.

I made a call to the very influential and wealthy great-grandmother on the deceased father's side of the family. I was right...CPS did back down on the out of family adoption because of the significant status of the great-grandparents who until that time had only seen Lilly twice. If they had not entered the picture....Lilly would have been adopted out to a non-relative over a year ago. Lilly's heritage and family rights have been preserved. That certainly was not the goal of CPS though it is the goal of the law.

The grandparents who raised Lilly should have been able to adopt her. They are working, have a new house, are younger than the greats. The young mother who was lied to has turned her life around...she is working and going to school...and should have been allowed to have her child.

The great-grandparents are nice people but unwilling to help Lilly in any other way but to "keep" her. There is enough sadness all around for this family. Hopefully, the greats will allow the grands and the mother to see their child. Hopefully, the greats will not leave Lilly unattended with their relatives who have drug problems. Very wrong there, folks! There is a reason that Lilly was not involved with the ex-con grandpa on the father's side. Now Lilly will see him regularly. Who will "get" Lilly when the greats are incapacitated?

I hope there will be family reconciliation for everyone. God bless this family. May there be healing and openness and pure motivations.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Campaign Updates...New Endorsements and Quality Supporters

"I like Pam. If I ever need it she will be there for me. It is nice to know I have someone in my corner who won't back down." ...... Andy Goman, Bonney Lake.

Andy's Sign:

There is something beautiful about a well done yard sign. Especially when they are all around the district. :o) Thanks for your kind words, Andy.


New Endorsements include:
Iron Workers District Council of the Pacific Northwest, Local 86;
Retired Teachers Association; and,
National Federation of Independent Business PAC.

In the news:

The Seattle Times rips into my "Republican" primary opponent. Reporter Kieth Ervin did a great job. It took a while. Apparently you have to run a few things by the attorneys when you report on abusers. Oh, well.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

National Night Out in Auburn At the Picketts

The Pickets, Mayor and Mrs. Lewis, and Pam
Thanks to people like Tim and Cathy Pickett, the National Night Out was a great success. Local law enforcement was on hand in Lakeland Hills to remind us of how to better secure our neighborhoods against crime.
Here in Auburn, as in many other communities, there are citizen volunteers who help local police watch over properties when residents leave for vacations. Check with your local department to see if you have these volunteers.

Cathy (event organizer) and I had fun doing TV spots. We all enjoyed picnic food. And, I had a great time meeting people who I actually doorbelled earlier last month.

Friday, July 30, 2010

DSHS Accountability Needed

I am one of a very few Senators to have been appointed chair of a committee in the freshman year. In 1991 I chaired the Children and Family Services Committee (which was dissolved when the Democrats took control). As chair I had purview over all of DSHS and many other things. I was the first one to propose legislation to break-up DSHS. It is not a new idea. And, it won't happen unless you have a willing governor.

A reader writes: I suggest you..Break DSHS up into 4 ( or more) manageable smaller agencies that will be accountable for its actions. The state of Washington agreed to pay more than $6 million to former foster children in the Delon home when Tyler Deleon was starved to death by his CPS approved foster mother, in 2005. This is a system so huge no one can manage it. The 6 million should still be in the budget and this little boy should still be alive..

A word of caution: Secretary Susan Dreyfus likes this idea. But, she would drive CPS into private hands. This would not be a good idea as it would remove the transparency that exists within government. Right now information can be gotten by the press and legislators who care to ask questions. That would not be possible in a private system. If you are in charge of CPS you would love this new system. Parents, families, anad voters will not have what is needed until families have standing in the courtroom and government people who lie are fired.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pam Roach BBQ A Great Success

"Thanks, Pam! This is not for public consumption, but it took double bypass to
keep me away from your event! I especially appreciate your prayers. May God's
hand be on your public life. You're working for a lot more than just your
district!." (From one who could not make the BBQ)

Well, it must have been pretty good cause the liberal press guy that was there said it was the best campaign "kick off" he had ever attended. OK. So he IS pretty young.

Lynx Records, a local recording studio had my favorite rapper, Tap-Tap, perform. He composed a Republican rap with my name in it! It was a very cool surprise. They are going to send it to me and I will post it!

We had over 350 people here. Rossi and McKenna spoke....I am going to go doorbelling right now and will finish when I get back....

Democrats And Republicans...Thanks Cat In Seattle

I am campaigning with several purposes. We need reform at DSHS and I want to be there to help. I talked about the Stuths and Willards yesterday at my BBQ. Thanks you Cat for your blog comment:

Pam, as a Democrat who loves you, I will be at this meeting. Ruth Kagi is my Representative and we have had discussions about this issue and my case. I am wondering if there is a way for people not in the Seattle area who cannot make it to this meeting to post questions I can submit to Ruth. I am active in the Democrats, so I would be happy to take my fellow citizens' concerns to this meeting no matter what their political affiliation, because I am a supporter of Pam's good work.

I want to tell all readers I have heard from progressive family court lawyers that Pam "gets it". They say they are glad Pam is there speaking because many progressives do not "get it" like Pam does.

I want you all and Pam to know that even though I am a Dem, I support Pam Roach and her supporters with all my heart! Pam speaks for us when my Dems have terrible on the issue of CPS and Family Preservation. Since Rep Kagi chairs the Children's Services Committee, it seems to me she is representing more than her district and I would be happy as a Dem to stand with ALL people concerned about Family Preservation and grandparents' rights.

Email me at: mntleo2 AT Yahoo DOT com, put "Ruth Kagi" in the subject line so I know who you are and ask away. I plan to make an appointment with Ruth soon and it would be good to hear from constituents to take with me to let her know that this time we do not want a "speaking to the choir" discussion with this Dave Wood.

The part in the meeting announcement that interests me is they want to discuss "troubled families" when so many kids who are taken are *not* in any "troubled family". If anything families become "troubled" when CPS and DSHS gets through with them after trampling on the Constitution after decimating children and entire families because they are so focused on getting funding off the backs of little kids, just as long as they pocket the $1000s of dollars in funding they get for every kid that is taken. Who cares about any stinkin' Constitution or kid when there is so much money at stake?

Cat in Seattle

Friday, July 23, 2010

A Message From Democrat Dave On Important Matters

The letter below came to me yesterday. There is no "standing" in court for any family except the troubled parent who is about to have their child taken. The law says biological family is first in line for placement. That state lies in the court room about relatives, takes the child, and adopts the child to an "oh, I want a blue-eyed one" foster adopt woman. Susannah Frame of KING 5 has exposed the lying in court. How about the rest of the press?

Take a look at a new website This is the Metropolitan
Democratic Club of Seattle, which will feature a discussion at noon on
Wednesday, August 11 between me and Rep. Ruth Kagi. I intend to use the
opportunity to plug for jury trials. No time for a bunch of horror stories,
though I want one clear example of lives not ruined if there had been a jury to
require provable facts and consider the entire story, not a one-sided
presentation by social workers and AAGs in front of a kangaroo "family" court.
The Wolcott and Tillett stories are classic examples. Would Timothy be willing
to tell a little of his life as a forced ward of the state? I will touch
briefly on the Tillett story, telling enough disgusting details to show why
Prosecuting Attorney Russ Hauge would not even attempt to persuade a criminal
jury to convict your brother and sister-in-law. Your family got no justice
either way. You lost your nephew forever, and there was no
"not guilty" finding to clear the family name. The MDC, founded originally by
a whole bunch of Democratic lawyers, should find this unbelievable and
intolerable. {Dave}

My thought on this? Be at the meeting!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Business Leaders Support Pam Roach...She Stands Up For A Strong Economy

The economy is the biggest issue of this campaign cycle. I have been endorsed by both business and labor...but right now I will focus on business. It is always interesting to me that organizations like the Seattle Muni-League and some newspapers never seem to look at or take direction from what ordinary citizens think about me. But, we know this....small business is the engine of the state's economy.

I received the WA Retail Assn.'s endorsement yesterday and they said:
"We believe you would protect the rights of retailers from too much government regulation and over taxation." Indeed, that is what I have been doing for my time in office.
I am grateful to the men and women who dare to open a compete in the free market place...who recognize my hard work for our economy.
Pam's endorsement's include:

Association of WA Business (100% rating)

National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)

Washington Retail Association

Seattle King County Realtors

WA State Veterinary Association

WA Restaurant Association

WA State Farm Bureau

Pierce County Sportsmen’s Council

Rental Housing Association of Puget Sound

Master Builders of Pierce County
Pierce County Affordable Housing Council
And many, many more!

Summer Without Grandkids

Hi, Davis. I miss you. I am doorbelling.

I am trying to protect people from a really bad man running for office.

I am planning a big party, buying ads, raising money, being everybody's punching bag...

I have the monkey for you that I promised. It is in a box and ready to mail.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

And What They Don't Know...YET

From a very nice grandfather who does not know yet. He writes to me:

"Thank you for your effort in assisting our family in this matter. We will be sending all of the pertinent information ASAP. As a family we are also interested in improving the system so other other families hopefully don't endure what we have to in the past five months. By the way, I have not be able to see my granddaughter since she was picked up in March. We tried and have been denied by CPS." {signed}

The Stuths were denied for months! No reason except for a lie on the part of the CASA.

Please attend my July 24th fundraiser. You may respond to this blog with name and I will include you. $35 for a couple/$25 for a single and kids are free!

Live band, petting zoo, and lots of promising elected officials!

Seattle Muni League...Stacked

If you run for office in King County the Municipal League sends you a Q and A and makes calls to learn about you...etc. OK. It is so liberal that years ago then Senator Kent Pullen of the 47th District led a Republican boycott. That shaped them up for a while.

This year I asked to see who was on the panel to interview me. They actually sent a response. Of the 8 or so...none were Republican. Most were self described ultra libbers. So, I decided not to go. (Actually, I had already decided not to go:o)Instead I made a few comments here and there as only I can do.

I won't spend time going into it. But, part of my theory after watching the group is that they will give a great rating to a Republican only if that Republican is already the projected winner. They will never give a Republican a great rating if there is a tough opponent.

The News Tribune had something on this as did the Times although I have not seen that yet. (Campaigning keeps your time focused on other things.) All this is somewhere in the press. And, this year there was encouragement on the part of the Senate Republicans not to participate until the League was more balance. a letter e Here is what one reader wrote to my email.

"Hi, Senator Roach. You're correct about the Muni League candidate ratings.

I was on their candidate panel in 1999 and became totally dismayed at the process. I dropped my interest and trust in the Muni League immediately afterward. They have zero credibility with me.

The Muni League selected the questions the panelists asked of the candidates.

For instance when Greg Nickels, running for re-election to the county council, came in he was was polished and slick and had snappy, refined answers. I could not veer from the list to ask a serious question.

I couldn't ask questions in an effort to convince me that Nickels - or the other candidates - were genuine, sincere, forthwith and deserving of a council position.

In other words, why bother with a live candidate evaluations? They could have done it by written and mailed questionnaires to the candidates.

In my opinion it was one giant, pre-determined process that is geared toward the Muni League's political goals.
Hi, Senator Roach. You're correct about the Muni League candidate ratings.

I was on their candidate panel in 1999 and became totally dismayed at the process. I dropped my interest and trust in the Muni League immediately afterward. They have zero credibility with me.

The Muni League selected the questions the panelists asked of the candidates.

For instance when Greg Nickels, running for re-election to the county council, came in he was was polished and slick and had snappy, refined answers. I could not veer from the list to ask a serious question.

I couldn't ask questions in an effort to convince me that Nickels - or the other candidates - were genuine, sincere, forthwith and deserving of a council position.

In other words, why bother with a live candidate evaluations? They could have done it by written and mailed questionnaires to the candidates.

In my opinion it was one giant, pre-determined process that is geared toward the Muni League's political goals."

Monday, July 19, 2010

Reformed Daughter And Wonderful Grandparents...Willard Case

Message from the Willards:
Our daughter's appeal was denied. We now go to adoption court against the great-grandparents on August 5th. Our daughter is appealing now to the Supreme Court of Washington.

I am campaigning. That means this will be short. But, the story is one of CPS charging forward with their minds already made up. Lying to the judges...they have absolutely no cares for what they have done.

The Willard's daughter was promised by CPS that if she relinquished custody of her little girl (Lilly as reported here) that her parents would be able to adopt Lilly. (That was lie #1. They can not make that promise and there was no paperwork to make them hold to that.)

The state took Lilly and put her in foster adopt with the 26 year-old single woman who had put in an order for a blond blue-eyed little girl.

I entered the seen. You know...just trying to help. The foster adopt filed an ethics complaint with the Senate (something that CPS probably said would be fun for her to do). I won. There is actually nothing wrong with a legislator trying to help a citizen from a lying bureaucracy. Personally, I think more should get involved. But then...I think government people who lie should be held accountable.

The state did a second home study replacing some lies (the grandparents stole a computer, etc) with other lies (Mrs. Willard was on dialysis and had breast cancer, etc.). Nothing happened to anyone because of the lies told to a judge. Nothing good was ever said about the Willards in the home study.

While all this was happening the MOTHER, sobered up, started school, and got a job. She has her own place to live. She petitioned to have her child back in a timely manner. Lilly never would have been taken if the state had not promised that Lilly would go to her young (45ish) grandparents.

With my intervention and some special political connection of the great-grandmother, Lilly was placed with the wealthy GGPs. That is certainly better than having her with the unrelated foster woman. So, that at least is a plus.

The court, today, ruled that Lilly's mother can not have her back and there will be a adoption hearing for the GGPs who have had "Lilly" for many months. The mother will appeal this ruling from the Court of Appeals. She is appealing to the Supreme Court of WA.

Please see the case that was decided in this court just a few weeks ago. The case of AB is reported here in PRR. The system is just fine with the lies. For them the end justifies the means. But the mother and the Willards, the hundreds of friends that the Willards have, and at least one that this monster of a government agency helps kill kids (one a month) on one hand...and takes kids and redistributes them on the other.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Any Court For Perjury?

Thank you readers for being patient. I have been doing lots of campaign work. The following article interesting. Notice there is a WA State Patrol assignment to CPS. Also, if there actually CAN be about lying to a judge?

Social worker pleads innocent to impersonation
Kristin M. Kraemer, Herald staff writer
PASCO — A social worker pleaded innocent Tuesday to allegations she posed as an employee of the Franklin County Prosecutor's Office in order to get a paternity test for a client's case.

Rhonda Lee Peterson Johnson faces a Sept. 15 trial in Franklin County Superior Court for first-degree criminal impersonation.

Court documents allege the 56-year-old West Richland woman called a Tri-Cities laboratory and, after answering a series of security questions, asked that the genetic testing for a particular case be changed to a "motherless draw" instead of one involving both parents and the child.

She misrepresented herself by implying that she worked for the prosecutor's office when she gave its account number in ordering the change, documents said.

Johnson's job reportedly was to represent children in foster care as a social worker for the state Department of Social and Health Services. She worked for the Richland office of the Division of Children and Family Services.

In this dependency case, she was trying to help a couple get custody of their grandchild, documents said.

It is not known if Johnson still is employed as a social worker.

The allegations that first surfaced a year ago led to a 2 1/2-month-long investigation by Detective Vik Mauro in the Washington State Patrol's DSHS Special Investigations Unit in Olympia.

The charges were filed in mid-June by Columbia County Prosecutor Rea Culwell, who is acting as a special prosecutor because of the conflict with the Franklin County Prosecutor's Office.

According to a seven-page investigative report written by Mauro, the potential father of the child in Johnson's case was known but the mother was missing after failing to show up for testing.

The Child Support Division of the prosecutor's office had sent mouth swabs of the father and the child to LabCorp of Tri-Cities, but still needed a swab from the mother to complete the request for all-party genetic testing. The lab waits to do the testing until all samples are submitted.

In order to move the case through the system, Johnson allegedly wanted the tests done "the sooner the better" and asked for a motherless draw.

A motherless draw involves only genetically testing the father and the child, and not the mother to the child. The process is more expensive and the prosecutor's office has a policy not to do a motherless draw, except in cases where the mother cannot be located, lives in a distant state or is dead, the report said.

Deputy Prosecutor Erica Davis was handling the paternal dependency case and reportedly knew that the mother was around, so on June 1, 2009, she asked for a bench warrant on the mother. Within days of the warrant being issued, a relative of the mother called Davis and agreed to bring her in for testing at a scheduled time.

In the meantime, Johnson called the prosecutor's office, requesting a motherless draw. She was told by legal secretaries during two separate phone calls that it would not be authorized and that a warrant had been issued for the child's mother.

A week later, Johnson called LabCorp to have the order changed so the mother didn't need to be tested, the investigative report said.

The lab's receptionist asked Johnson on June 16, 2009, several random questions to identify the case, including the account number which is needed to proceed, the report said. It is believed Johnson knew the prosecutor's account number for the lab from previous cases.

The lab later received the samples to test all parties.

The prosecutor's office learned that the motherless draw had been done when it received the genetic test results, the report said. The results for testing all parties came in days later.

That is when employees with the prosecutor's office called LabCorp and discovered Johnson allegedly made the change without an attorney's authorization.

Mauro contacted Johnson on Oct. 7 during his investigation but she wouldn't talk to him. "Johnson made an utterance that she had a court order to obtain paternity," Mauro wrote in his report.

Janelle Carman of Walla Walla, Johnson's attorney, called Mauro the following day and said she had advised her client not to meet with him "until they have a better idea of what the allegations are."

Mauro said he looked through the DSHS case file and didn't find a court order directing Johnson to obtain paternity directly from LabCorp.

Johnson is out on her personal recognizance.

* Kristin M. Kraemer: 509-582-1531;

Friday, July 16, 2010

DSHS Held Accountable In 3 Year-Old's Death

This story that follows is oft repeated. We need to redirect our resources to protecting kids rather than stealing them from good families to give away to others. How is it that the state lies about the Stuths and Willards to take their granddaughters...but totally...TOTALLY...ignors the reports of real abuse. No one EVER said the Stuths or the Willards were abusive in any way. And yet, the state moved to take their precious little ones. And, on the other hand, abuses are reported and the child is allowed to stay in danger. THESE ARE OUR CHILDREN! WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE OVER THE DEATHS UNDER THE "WATCHFUL EYES" OF THE STATE?

Wash. to pay $2.1 million for child's death

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- The state Department of Social and Health Services will pay $2.1 million to settle a wrongful death lawsuit filed in the case of a 3-year-old boy killed by his mother's boyfriend.

In Thursday's settlement in Pierce County Superior Court, the department admits no wrongdoing in the 2008 beating death of Michael Kekoa Ravenell and severe abuse of his younger sister by Noah Thomas.

The boy's father says the state ignored numerous warnings. Michael Ravenell says he reported suspected abuse to DSHS, alerting social workers to suspicious marks and bruising on his son's body.

Thomas pleaded guilty in 2009 to beating and strangling the boy, and throwing him against a wall and furniture, including a metal bed railing. He was sentenced to 50 years in prison

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Roach Wins Court Case

My press release...printed story follows. Mine was short just to get moving.
Immediate Release
Contact Pam Roach

Roach Wins Court Decision In Voters Pamphlet Challenge

Today State Senator Pam Roach won, in total, her challege to a voter's pamphlet statement submitted by a minor opponent.

Judge Thomas McPhee, Thurston County Superior Court Judge ruled that Matt Richardson's statements were "false and not true." He said Richarson's statements were with "reckless disragard," and that the statements met the level of "defamation per se" as referenced in the statue but went on to say they met the critieria for the highest standard (Sullivan Standard) of defamation.

Judge McPhee stated that Mr. Richardson was asking for different standards to be applied to a challenger than to that of an incumbent. The judge told Richardson that someone running for public office should have a higher standard of truthfulness and that his statements were false.

Roach sponsored the legislation that was argued in court today.

Judge rules in favor of Roach; Richardson forced to change voter pamphlet statement
Bonney Lake-Sumner Courier-Herald Reporter
Jul 09 2010, 4:47 PM

A Thurston County Superior Court Judge ruled Friday that Sumner councilmember and 31st District Senate candidate Matt Richardson's voter pamphlet statement is untrue and must be changed.

Judge Thomas McPhee wasted little time in making his ruling in favor of Sen. Pam Roach (R-Auburn) on all three counts she brought forward.

"The false statements fit the definition of libel and slander that are in the statue," McPhee said, adding that in the context of a voter's pamphlet the false statements work to deprive Roach of public confidence.

The case stems from a complaint brought forth by Roach challenging as false three statements made in the statement Richardson submitted to the Secretary of State's office for publication.

According to the Revised Code of Washington (29A.32.090), a candidate's statement "shall not contain false or misleading statements about the candidate's opponent."

The statement references sanctions the Republican Caucus leveled against Roach earlier this year. Roach was thrown out of the Republican Caucus in January because of "hostile behavior" toward staff. {It is really too bad I was not afforded a judge in this case! But, that's another story.}

In his statement, Richardson wrote “Unfortunately, the permanent sanctions against Pam Roach prevent her from contact with Senate staff, and more critically, from meeting with other Republicans.”

Roach challenged Richardson on three points: First, she states the sanctions against her are not permanent, but subject to alteration by Roach and the senior leadership; second, she states there is no sanction preventing her from working with Senate staff; and third, Roach states there is no sanction that prevents her with meeting with other Republicans.

McPhee ruled in Roach's favor on all three points.

Because the sanctions against Roach can be altered, McPhee ruled they were not "permanent." McPhee said it appropriate to mention the sanctions, "but to characterize as permanent is incorrect; it's false."

As far as contact with senate staff, McPhee also ruled that is false. Though the sanctions state Roach may not deal with members of the Senate Republican Caucus, she is not barred from talking to all staff. She is also not barred from talking to Republicans, simply from having a voice in the Caucus or entering the caucus room.

In an affidavit delivered to the court today, Richardson said he never intended to personally defame Roach, but argued that his statements were true in the context of the sanctions. Richardson argued that because the leadership has made no indication of removing the sanctions, they are effectively permanent. He also said that the statements about republicans and staffing are true in context of the sanctions.

McPhee dismissed Richardson;s arguments and said that a person seeking elected office has a "higher duty" than an ordinary citizen to make sure statements in the voter pamphlet are accurate.

Because Richardson "so obviously violated" these points, it amounted to "reckless disregard" and therefore meets the libel or slander standard put forth in the statute.

"The voter's pamphlet statement should be edited to withdraw or change the three statements I have identified," McPhee said.

Richardson immediately produced a replacement paragraph for the pamphlet, but McPhee made some minor changes to that before approving it. McPhee struck the word "continuing" before sanctions and added the word "republican" before "Senate caucus staff."

After the decision, Richardson said his original statement grew out of having to obey the pamphlet's 200-word limit.

"I think my statement is kind of a victim of having to use limited words," he said.

Richardson stressed that only two words had to be changed in his statement.

Roach called the decision a "pure victory" and emphasized that the judge used the phrase "reckless disregard" in describing Richardson's statement.

"There is a high standard if you're going to be an elected individual and he's demonstrated he doesn't do that," she said.

Bonney Lake-Sumner Courier-Herald Reporter Brian Beckley can be reached at
No Commentsemail letter print follow share

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I-1053 Will Reinstate the 2/3 Vote Requirement To Raise Taxes

Turning in 230,000 signatures, guaranteeing I-1053 a place on the November ballot are Sen. Pam Roach, activist Tim Eyman and Sen. Don Benton. Roach, Benton, Ken Morse (tea party leader) and 6 others are co-sponsors. The measure is supported by the Seattle Times, the Farm Bureau, the Association of WA Business, etc.

I fought hard this session the keep the majority party from removing the voter approved I-960 which first gave the legislature the 2/3 majority restraint to raising taxes. In the don't win when Democrats have 31 votes and Republicans have 18.

Sen. Pam Roach (R-Auburn), Tim Eyman, Sen. Don Benton (R-Vancouver)
"The measure would re-tie the straitjacket that Democratic state legislators wrestled their way out of this year, which kept them from raising taxes in Olympia without super majorities. 'It's going to pass in November and those safeguards will be reinstated,' Sen. Pam Roach said." (Tacoma News Tribune, 7-2-10 story by Jordan Schrader)
Yes...I got to keep the T-shirt

Three Doorbelling Stories

I love to doorbell. Good thing...since it is a BIG part of a campaign effort.

#1. Knock, knock...and who should come to the door but Yvonne Ward. Ward, a trial lawyer, ran against me in '02 and I guess that wasn't enough she ran against me again in '06.

2006 was a big year for Democrats. The WA Senate Republican Caucus lost six incumbents. They lost the largest percentage of any caucus in the nation! The '06 race with Ward could be likened to women's wrestling (if there is such a thing!) When it was over I was standing tall, my hands over-head and my heel on her throat holding her down.(That is the visual on this!)

So there I am on her doorstep!

We had a very nice conversation! Anyone listening would never have believed the battles. I like a fighter and I think she does too. No hard feelings.

#2. I doorbelled 33rd Pl. S.E. in Auburn on Friday afternoon. Today, I went back to the neighborhood to finish up and there were TV crews right where I had been the day before. Last night 2 women (one pregnant) and a man were shot in the one house I passed looked like anyone who might be living there was probably not a voter. According to the neighbors many shots were fired. Auburn police answered the 911 call and apprehended the suspects. It was a drug house.

#3. I had dinner on Thursday night at the Longhorn BBQ with supporters of the Auburn Foodbank. (I am a former board member.) While there I sat by a man I had doorbelled. "Yes, I remember where you live," I said. I took a pen and napkin...drew his neighborhood, and marked the house where he lived. I even mentioned what he had been doing:o) Your mind works like a map...I can go down the streets in my mind and remember the people, the conversations, the weather that day. It is like reading a book to think about it. Now...if I can just find my glasses!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Warm Wind For Roach and Others

"Conservatives, Republicans and Tea Party sympathizers are excited about voting in 2010; others not so much." (KING5 poll)

I was in the home of a Sumner, WA couple the other night. He asked me what I thought of the tea party. I smiled and told him I was a part of that 20 years ago.
Open and Responsible Government, Constitutional Principles, NO on within our means, individual responsibility....You can tell it at the door!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Another Theft Of A Child In The Making???

A reader writes:
.... if anyone can help me please. I am a single grandfather who has been the relative placement for his grandchild since she was born and this has been for several years. But I am being blocked and lied about and railroaded at every turn. I can not afford a lawyer and have no idea how to proceed without losing what is left of my family. If anyone can help me please!

The Stuth Case and The Willard Case (soon you will all learn the outcome) were cases that I documented from beginning to end. These were both brutal battles with a lying bureaucracy that aimed to move a child from loving, qualified grandparents into the home of a single woman. In both cases the child was a little girl aged 3 and she was non drug affected. Her grandparents did not have a great deal of money. I followed both cases...and put in much personal time in the interest of trying to "right a wrong." It is very clear that the heads of government have absolutely no intention of changing the way they do business.

If the grandfather who wrote this will contact my office I have a few questions.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Honduras A Year After Obama Assisted Attempted Takeover

Just a little over a year ago (see previous PPRs) I returned from a humanitarian effort in Honduras. Joined by Rep. Dan Roach and grandson, Ethan, I led Washington based VOSH to my project site. (Volunteer Optometrists Serving Humanity)

Dr. Chris Barry of Bellevue was the VOSH leader. His team provided much needed eye ware and screened patients for cataracts which are common in people much younger than we see them here in the states.

One week after our return there was a hurricane in the area. Two weeks after that there was an attempted takeover of the government by then president Mel Zalaya which was being aided by his buddy, Marxist Hugo Chavez. The Chavez effort was aided by the Obama administration. This was a stunning revelation of the Obama's Marxist leanings.

I wrote perhaps the first article published in a major U.S. newspaper, The Seattle Times,...sounding the trumpet for the peaceful defense of democracy in Honduras. That op-ed was circulated through the Internet in Honduras and helped spur discussion here in the United States.

The following is an update written by my Internet friend, Bill. I look forward to meeting him when the election cycle is over.

"We've lived a year now without least without his manipulating the State under his overbearing, direct, and very corrupt control.

No, things in Honduras are still far from perfect. Our continuing, and paternalistically inclined government remains broke. Taxes and bureaucratic salaries are still rising sharply. Regulations abound, and don't seem to be abating. Teachers continue to be on strike more often than not. That has been the norm since we moved here, 15 years ago.

But at least the worst abuses seem to have ended. Millions in cash are not being withdrawn from the Central Bank to be distributed by select politicians for dubious purposes. We have so far foregone a Socialist overthrow of the government. So, things really are better today in Honduras than I'd have imagined they'd be a year ago. That's when the Zelaya plan to turn Honduras into a Chavistic paradise was thwarted, at least for the moment, by appropriate action taken by the Congress and Supreme Court of Honduras.

Oh, anyone with a smattering of interest in Honduras knows that there are many activists who demonstrated and wrote about the "wrongs" of the transitional government, headed by Roberto Micheletti. The ALBA nations (aligned to Cuba and Venezuela) still insist that our current government is illegitimate too, because the free elections held here were conducted by an "illegitimate" government. I don't suppose those interests will ever be placated, no matter how much the ever conciliatory Pepe Lobo (current President of Honduras) defers to them.

Time to put the past behind us. Diminish crime. Create a climate attractive for investment, domestic and foreign.

I've been proud to live in Honduras, ever since we moved here. Things are handled well, especially when the chips are down, like they were after Hurricane Mitch. When the going gets really tough, Hondurans do what has to be done. Trouble is, then they relax. And then they want the government to resolve all problems, just like they've been taught they should do in the public school systems.

Trouble is, the "more government" solution never works...anywhere! (Right on, Bill! PR)Anyway, we're still here. We're still more or less free. Honduras continues to have a real shot at success, if she can muster a little confidence and the wisdom to be a little more laissez faire in policy.

I kind of wish other nations, like the United States and Spain would be more tolerant. Of course, I think we all need to be tolerant, and work together! After all, there's no perfect model. And we're all on the same boat!

We did the right thing a year ago. Thank God we didn't get sold the Chavez model.