Sunday, October 3, 2010

KING 5 Covers The Race

Senator Roach: I am anxious to watch the King 5 "Upfront" program tonight with Robert Mak. I will be really interested in how they spin his story. I read this weeks "Courier Herald" editorial about how the issues are not being discussed. I do not understand why they won't print what's really happening. All of his indiscretions, or whatever you would like to call them, are not being reported. I am being polite. He is doing a smoke screen to take the heat off of him. I believe that these multiple "Allegations", are returning to bite him in the backside. Constituents are only willing to believe these continuous and repeated past behaviors for so long. I believe the general consensus is that he is a man with multiple problems who believes his own lies and they have caught up to him. I do agree we need to get back to the issues at hand and not his tainted reputation that he caused for himself because of his chosen behavior. I will be watching and sharing this message with others who live in your district. Others need to see what kind of a person he is,notice I did not say a MAN. Take care, {signed}

He is certainly a person with "mulitple problems." ---Ed.

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Anonymous said...

Saw you on King 5 tonight. (Oct 10)Your opponent looked so stupid. He just needs to quit now. He seemed kind of "flat affect" so I do not understand how he made it that far.