Monday, December 29, 2008

Senator Roach Again Attacked By Foul Mouthed "Steal The Kid" People

A judge recently condemned Lisa's teen mother for the contents of a blog she did not write. I am told there was no swearing, just statements of fact presented in crazy cartoon fashion.

Emboldened, I suppose, by the fact that I don't print the few foul comments that come to this blog... supporters of the foster woman have sent a few very foul, sexist, angry (at me) comments.


Just what kind of friends and relatives does the foster woman have? Are these the kind of people we want to be around Lisa? Hmmmm...maybe the foul, angry, abusive tirade was actually from the foster woman!

There is absolutely no way someone could have been more crude than what was just sent on to the judges. I wonder who else will get copies.

New Court Date Set ... State Moves With Vengence To Place Child Away From Family

The new court date is January 6th and the state will again (as they have from the beginning) press hard for termination and placement, presumably, with the foster woman. The state has prevented placement with several good relative families and has done its best to alienate the Lisa's affections to her biological family. (From the KING 5 coverage we see that it hasn't worked!)

Who is the mystery person spends time at the house? The foster woman has told the state that she has no one else living there. Will the state, in its scheme to steal this child, level with the court?

Will the court see the medical records?

Will the court believe the state (or the CASA?) that the mother writes an offending (to some) blog? Or, will the state be honest and tell the court that the mother had nothing to do with the blog? (Must be a real feeling of power to seed the court with lies and know you can get away with it.)

Will the judge ask who writes the alternative blog? (There is a blog other than PRR that covers the case of the Stuth's granddaughter. Judge Schafer, reportedly, blamed the alternative blog on the teen mother. Because it was aggressive in attitude it was, therefore, proof that the mother was unfit.)

Will the "free" attorney tell the judge her client did not write the blog? Why didn't she defend her client on that matter in the first place?

I have taken the position that another individual's free speech should not be used against the mother. I also believe that if the mother DID write the blog (and she didn't) it would only show that she is fighting for her child and what mother worth her salt wouldn't fight for her child?

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Spreading The Message Of "Peace On Earth, Good Will Toward Men"...My Grandson, Drew

In celebrating the birth of Christ, Christians all over the world are spreading the message of "Peace On Earth, Good Will To Men."

Last night we had a family night to celebrate the birth of Christ. Son, Captain John, and his family were not here. (They are at an out of state military base preparing for their move to Germany and his deployment to Qatar. They made their Christmas trip home earlier this month.)

There was pulled pork and all the trimmings. Jim told his family story of Wee Bear, granddaughter Emily played the piano as we sang carols. The children listened pretty well during the reading of the journey to Bethlehem and birth of the Christ Child. Afterwards the cousins gifted the child whose name they had drawn.

In the background, there was the constant sound of a small DVD player. It played during the prayers. It played during the meal, and during the stories, and less noticeably during the gifting. It was our six-year-old grandson, Drew. He is autistic.

Drew...we may never really know you. You are smart. We know that. You don't like fireworks and probably never will...but you do like my Diet Dr. Pepper which you are not suppose to drink and I don't hide very well....You humble us all. My only son-in-law who has a pretty he-man job...talks to you gently. But, you won't look him or any of us in the eye. We try to come to you. But, you can not let us in. You are one of the innocents who will walk on earth with many who will reach out to you.

Christ reaches out to all of us. Sometimes there are special people who help us be a little more Christlike...a little better. Thank you, Drew. You are a wonderful Christmas present..every day.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Notes From The Editor

I have been asked a few questions:

Q. "What happened at the scheduled Monday hearing for the Stuth's grandchild?"

A. The hearing was postponed due to snow. We are not prepared for snow in Seattle. It just doesn't happen often so the courts closed. More later on the new date.

Q. (This is a comment in which the context has not been described.) "If you don't agree with others who are posting, you just delete their message? Great policy. I would categorize this as propaganda."

A. Don't be so ignorant. I am a pretty damn good debater and don't shy away from it. I haven't deleted anything on this end. I just haven't had the time to bring the negative comments (and there have been very few) up for response.

Q. (example paraphrased) "Why would you want to do something so stupid as have the Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs) fill out a {financial} disclosure form? Don't you know that could put them in danger?"

A. Anyone who asks a question like that is really not with the party. Rhetorically..."Why should they be the only 'special' ones who don't have to disclose?"
Legislators report, all legislative staff must report, all commissioners, mayors, city councilmembers report, all county staff reports, all judicial branch employees report, judges report...indeed...the only ones who do not report are the CASAs! Are they the only ones who would be in danger?
By the way...they are in very powerful positions...they can make very strong recommendations to the judge regarding permanent placement. Yeah...I sure DO want to know their finances.
Another rhetorical question: "What is a healthy, white, non-drug affected, under age three child worth?" A lot of money. And that, dear friends, is the reason we disclose. Disclosure is to avoid corruption. It is meant to keep government honest and clean. It would not keep a CASA from lying about whether or not they took money to place a child...but it would be a reminder of its illegality. I also believe that anyone who would be a CASA should let us know about themselves. Divorce? Two divorces? Restraining orders? Education? Biological Parent? Lifestyle? Age? And, these disclosures should be public. The public has a right to know who is placing kids in this state. Why would a CASA NOT want people to know that they are fit to make decisions?

This blog is not meant to be a debate forum. It is a source of information. It is a place to hear attitude. It is a part of an effort to make changes. It is a history for my grandchildren because I want them to know what I was all about. It is not going to be a waste of my time airing stupid points to which anyone reading this blog who is not a shrink already knows the answers.

Monday, December 22, 2008

We Are Out Of Milk And Snowed IN...How can I have my hot Christmas cocoa???

Hot Christmas Cocoa

2 heaping teaspoons of Nestle's Cocoa (I can spell that right because I remember the jingle)
1 cup of 2% milk (less than 2% just doesn't get it)
microwave in a Christmas cup for 1 minute
hang a small candy cane over the lip

I should have seen the emergency coming. Everyone who came to the door during this unusual snowing of the holiday got offered a cup of this fabulous comfort drink.
How was I to know that I would run out of milk? We cope. Jim dug out the powdered stuff and mixed it up. I took what was left of the good stuff and selfishly and quietly put it outside the door into nature's refrigerator. Thank goodness. It looks like we will make it until tomorrow's trip to the store. We will put on our boots and somehow make it to the truck down on the field and off our hill.

DSHS Head Robin Arnold-Williams Resigns

I liked DSHS Director Robin Arnold-Williams as a person. She came personally to my office when I had questions about how CPS treats relatives regarding placement issues. She always responded to my inquiries. (There weren't many. I catch on fast.) And, she was pleasant. But, as PRR correctly predicted...she was soon to be gone.

It is time for someone else to try to get control over an agency fraught with problems. Arnold-Williams came to WA four years ago to make changes. But, that is impossible unless you change the culture of DSHS. She did not do that.

There is still no accountability at DSHS. The mistake was in keeping the same core high-ups. We need new people...who want accountability...not the same old retreads who want to continue to hide from accountability and wield power just for the sake of it.

Arnold-Williams will take on the job of Director of Governor Gregoire's Executive Policy Office. I hope it will be the new policy to split DSHS into smaller parts for manageability. I hope there will be citizen over-sight for accountability. I hope the public will have input in helping the new directors. I hope there is a legislative over-sight committee because, sadly, there has not been enough of that.

Taxpayers should have more direct say in what this $2 billion dollar a biennium agency does with the directives the legislature gives it. DSHS needs to ask users, "How Am I Doing?"

Change is only good if it makes things better.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Russians In Cuba...Is This Obama's First Test?

As the Russian warship heads for Cuba one has to wonder. Is this what Joe Biden predicted (or precipitated)? Is this Obama's first test?

Obama said he would close Gitmo during the campaign but many think he will go slow with the advice of aides.

One of the doctors I work with in Honduras got her medical degree in Cuba. After the free schooling she was obligated to stay and work for a few years. She made $15 a month. It was barely enough to exist. Her apartment was a one room 10' x 12' walk up.

Whatever is on that ship will be welcomed by the Cubans. Food, fresh water, shoes....

The doctor ate bread in Cuba. Bread is cheaper than tortillas.

There are no U.S. ships bearing gifts for Cubans. Obama was criticized when during the campaign he said he would open talks with the Cuban officials. If he is going to let the Russian ship (and others) dock in Cuba then he had better know that he will have undermined U.S. strategy that has been in place since Che and Fidel. Is this the first unofficial act of his change foreign policy in one of the world's five communist nations...without firing a word?

The doctor married a colleague and the two of them lived in the little place. But..they did have $30 a month. They wanted freedom over anything else. My friend left for her homeland. Her husband could not follow. In Honduras she is the only one at the table that eats bread.

Visions Of M&M's Danced In Their Heads ...(These Are Modern Grandkids)

Tonight, three young children are asleep at our house...finally :o)

We are snowed in. Our hill driveway is a sheet of ice. So, Jim met our son at the bottom of the hill and helped carry the kids ages 4,3, and 1 up to the cabin where we live.

When it snows...we just shut out the rest of the world. Our farm is good for that.

The kids took their warm coats off and gave us warm hugs. I hugged my son good-by as he went back down to his wife left warm in the car. We are babysitting.

I thank God, everyday, for my many blessings.

To Contact The Stuth Family

Doug and AnneMarie Stuth live in Enumclaw, WA. Several readers of PRR have asked how they may be contacted.
please cut and paste

Pam Roach Report Sets A Trend

I always said I was a trend setter.

The Senator Blog is catching on. The News Tribune reports that WA Senate Majority Leader, Lisa Brown, will host a blog for session. Welcome to the senate blog scene, Lisa.

Since Brown is a Democrat I am wondering if she has inside information about Gov. Blogo's hair. What is he hiding under there???

Letter From The Aunt In North Dakota Documents Failure Of CPS

The Aunt in North Dakota Writes:

Senator Roach,

I believe there needs to be a few names placed out there who helped cover a predetermined placement.

On March 20, 2008 North Dakota ICPC office signed and faxed an approved home study and background check to Washington State ICPC office. This was an ICPC and home study Washington requested themselves to allow my niece to be placed with family. The fax was sent to Maya Brown at ICPC in WA, Sharon Gilbert in Risk Management, and Carmina Chang, the social worker.

While the office has 14 days to approve this home study for placement, it was not until July that an email was sent to North Dakota stating termination was not granted in June for the purpose of reunification with the mother. It also stated there would be contact with North Dakota in December with the next hearing.

I know as a fact our social worker has not heard from anyone.

Yesterday, I called the Interstate Compact Administration for Placement of Children in Washington, D.C. While each person could not answer many of my questions, not a single person is understating any of this. They, themselves, will be making inquires on what has happened and how the law has been over looked for so long by so many.
We truly appreciate all the work you have done.
{signed by our three-years-old's aunt}

(Note: I too asked for WA to pursue this. I talked with the State Senator in ND in the aunt's legislative district and he was very helpful. I also met with the aunt...she flew to WA and came to my Olympia office. She and I and the rest of the family want to know why their relative child was not placed with family.)

Court Appointed Special Advocates Are Not All The Good People They Are Supposed To Be

When the Stuth's first came to my office in February of this year, I believed that the state just needed to know the facts and that there would be an effort on their part to reunite this family. (At that point the grandparents were denied visits...or thought they had been.)

The state, however, last June presented the court with termination papers asking the judge to sign them BEFORE the hearing! The state has pressed for termination at every point. And, while the mother is not perfect, CPS continues to set her up for failure. CPS has always promoted a foster adoption (could have promised one) over the biological family.

I have always believed that the state was structuring a situation that would allow termination and adoption outside of the family. First take the child away from the family...then don't let them have visits. The CASA told the Stuths that a court had ordered them not to have any contact with their granddaughter. I asked for the order. There was none. It was then that they got monthly visits.

The point is that the state has always moved to alienate affections between the child and the grandparents or other relatives. They wanted the foster woman to be the only one with the "bond." Easy then to tell the judge that this child should not go back to the family. This is corruption. It is child trafficking.
That is why they have done their best to vilify the Stuths in front of the court.

This all started with the CASA who came up from the state of California to do (for free???) what he did down there. He worked with a few other attorneys and a judge to "help" children. Talk about should see what his former wife has to say about him and the issue of moving children. This, in itself, is a huge story, really. Given his background in CA I think this just got too hot for him. While he left little Lisa's case as month ago...he has a lot of questions to answer.

First would be: "Why didn't you tell the judges that there was an aunt and uncle in North Dakota that had passed a study and wanted their niece?" He yelled at the Stuth's telling them there was no way he would allow the child out of the state. Why? Well, he obviously wanted the child to bond with the foster woman. Why?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

'Oy Mate: Even Quidditch Has Rules!

1:21 AM

I have found out that once CPS starts a termination they don't look back. It seems to me that if facts are presented that it would be OK to change your mind. Apparently, not.

Harry Potter's rules to Quidditch are, I think, hard to understand. But, like any game...once you "get it" it all clicks in and you instinctively know the rules. In basketball, when you learn you can't "double-dribble" then you pretty much don't do it!

The rules to child placement are hard to understand. You think the playing field should be built on logic and fairness. It is not.

No situation is righted or "credit" given the family if there has been an error or wrongdoing on the part of the state. The way the game is played...only points can be taken away. And, only the state has the power to take away points.

There is no accountability. (Where is the referee?) If Judge Schaffer believes that the mother writes nasty blogs, and the mother does not write blogs...who told the judge that the mother writes blogs? Is there no whistle blown during foul play?(There seems to be no interest in asking who provided false information to the judge. God help us if she made it up. I do not believe she did.)

If the family plays two "Very Positive In-home Study" is it that the other team can legally maneuver around that play? It should be a double trump card, "Families First" and all.

Are there penalties when the CASA, CPS, the AG, and the court do not place within the family? No. That is not how the game is played. We know that Judge Schaffer did not know about at least one of the in-home studies. Is there any repercussion within the department when an employee, or an AG, or a CASA fails to inform the judge of potential relative placements? Apparently, not. No points for the family here.

Score: 9-0

When CPS hides from the judges the fact of a positive relative in-home study in another state...shouldn't someone be accountable for withholding information that might be important for the well being of the child? There is no penalty box in this game (except for the grandparents and the senator).

The state ignores rules: Point for the state.

Families complain: Point for the state.

Example of a special play card to be held and used at will by the state: The "Poor Foster Woman" card." (foster woman waiting for the termination...she is going through hell with the terrible wait and all..point for her). Oops, and another negative point for the family for the suffering of the foster woman.

Ask your State Senator for help: Negative 10 points.

Have a reporter cover the story: Game called! Enough of this. Take the prize (a three year old) and go home.

I asked the department why they kept the information of the positive relative placement to themselves. They said it was their policy to only mention family placement possibilities after termination. Does the legislature have to create law to have the department implement legislative directives? If the state can't follow rules set by the legislature then someone should be fired. This is real life here.

If the mother doesn't follow a directive a child can be taken away. If the state does not follow a directive...nothing happens. (This is why the department needs citizen over-sight...they can not govern themselves.)

In the case of the Stuth's granddaughter, the aunt and uncle in North Dakota had such a study done. WA held the information for months. I, myself, in a statement I read to the judge, informed the court about this positive study. The department told me later that they only give this information to the judge AFTER termination.

Senators Hargrove and Stevens may be right. They have worked these issues for years. If you want to win at this game, sell your house and get a good lawyer. If you are in this have to be rich to win. This discrimination is against white, blond, non-drug affected, young (no memories if you get them soon enough) children and their low income single mothers.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

DSHS Acting Fast To Steal Girl From Fit Family

This is a ver batum email I just received. The department knows the medical records are out and this is their answer:

"Pam, Just got off the phone with Gia. She is worthless! According to her, we are to blame for Alexis's failure to thrive. That is why she was not returned to us last August. I told her, if thats the case why did you give placement to us for the next ten months? And why were all the medical, social workers, and casa's reports glowing for the time period we had placement? She could not give me an answer for that. According to the new casa they are planning to get termination on Monday. They sent Lisa's (Lisa is actually the name of the mother. I have been using it as the name of the granddaughter) attorney adoption papers for Lisa to sign off stating sign this and get minimal visits, or go through trial and get no visits what so ever."
Doug (Grandfather)

Please see previous PPR for the link to the KING 5 TV coverage of this truly awful story. CPS is most certainly stealing this child!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Little Lisa's Medical Records Show Neglect and Possible Abuse

No surprises here. According to medical reports little "Lisa" has gained only 2 1/2 pounds in the 16 months that CPS has had her in foster "care." This is absolutely appalling! And, they try to hide it from the court. Apparently, neither judge has the medical records!

I had one person wonder out loud if CPS is starving the girl to keep her listed as special needs. I think there is more pay that goes out to everyone involved if that is the case.

I had a few computer problems last night and will have to wait to blog about the report. Not as a teaser...but let's just say the doctor suggests the bruises could mean abuse.


I asked Mary Meinig about the altered email wherein the childcare worker asked Lisa how she got her black eye. The email that I saw had the question put to the child and the answer was redacted. Meinig says she couldn't find the original email. It is there Mary....use your substantial powers to order it! Go to Childhaven and tell the supervisor you want that original email. It was an email sent to CPS BEFORE it went to the mother! Someone altered the email to protect the person named by the girl. Could that have been the social worker, S. B.? Did she alter the email before it was washed and sent out? How many other people in CPS have seen the email? Has Mr. Fox seen it? The supervisor admits the email was altered. Try again, Mary. The little girl is frail and not thriving under CPS control. Go find that email, Mary. You have the power. Let's open up government and see who is being protected. There is a "played with" email and a little girl who has only gained 2 1/2 pounds in 16 months. The fact that you have not found that original email only tells me there are some very relieved social workers.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pam Roach Report To Cover Legislative Events

I have been asked by many if Pam Roach Report will be covering the '09 legislature.

The answer is YES. I don't think I know of any other time when a State Senator has blogged about daily events as a legislator. But, I am sure it has or is happening somewhere.

I have always wanted to write a novel, with the Washington State Legislature as the setting. I would name it, "The Caucus." The blog may be the better option.

Over the years there have been many intriguing characters. (Of course, you have to change the names.) Republicans had a gay leader who used his computer to lure young men...then there was the ...etc., etc. The only thing is that to have an interesting novel about politics, I really think someone has to die!

I am not promising anything more than a "look in the life" approach. But, what do you bet my readership on campus increases?

Saturday Comments And Upcoming Events


Today, I want to just make a few comments.

First, let me thank so many of you who have been commenting on the blog. I do not know how to edit for length so some do not get printed because they are too long. Others are great comments but because I can not edit the entry I can not take out "that one comment" that goes over the boundaries of this blog.

I do not want a lot of anger in the blog. I am angry about what is going on in this unaccountable monolith agency, but anger gets in the way of the work that needs to be done to correct things. Many of the readers are angry. Relatives from all over the country are what I call "righteously indignant." And, there are a few really nasty comments that I have gotten from CPS defenders which I hope to get to soon. They are particularly angry. They always have the upper hand and don't like truth. No agency of government is always right. (That's why we have watch-dog government!)

KING5 COMMENTS...they are up to over 150 now. It is turning into a nasty debate. I would suggest short comments. I would suggest facts rather than nasty stuff.

Someone has commented to me that they didn't think I was the author of another blog on this case. That is correct. I have seen the other blog once. Strangely, Judge Schaffer has blamed the alternative blog on little Lisa's mother. The blog was a reason for sending the case back to Judge Ronald Kessler for termination. Some lying rat in CPS (oops...there goes my anger!) must have told Judge Schaffer that the mother writes the alternative blog. She does not. And, just like I don't have the temperament or the time to do something like that...I suspect Lisa's mother does not have the skills. Neither has anyone in the family written the alternative blog. I am appalled that a court would use a blog as reason to terminate parental rights. Good much for free speech!

KING5 has some more interest in the story.

A doctor has released medical information about little Lisa that will alarm everyone.

A rally in Olympia will be planned in support of families first law.

And, finally, today I will buy a Christmas present for my husband to give to me. :o)
It will broadcast in the 20 meter band and will be my hand held starter ham set.

Best wishes to you all. And, I mean that for the DSHS workers too. I mean that for the hundreds of good foster workers who we need to help truly abused kids. I want us to work together to right this system that has gone wrong. To do that...we need to open up CPS to review. Nothing to hid? Nothing to fear.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Pam Roach To Recieve DSHS Email Records Through Public Records Search

I have asked DSHS for the email records of bureaucrat, David Del Villar Fox, for the time period of the last year. Fox is the man who is charged with holding a hand of the tortured people who seek help through their legislators. He tries to make them feel better as he tells them "Get a lawyer or lose your baby." He is absolutely useless, really. He talks a good game and then stands by and watches as termination proceeds...even having the unmitigated gall to tell you that the department really isn't, actually, going for termination. It just LOOKS and SOUNDS like it in court when the state's lawyers ask for termination....What???? Yeah. No kidding.

Del Villar Fox has some 7,000 emails. I think by reading them I will have lots of ideas for legislation. I was told by the department it would take 90 days to get them. So, I suggested they start with June 2008 and go to the current date. Then, go back and provide Dec. '07 to June '08.

Most DSHS high-ups hide behind either "privacy" or "this is still an active case" excuses for not letting the public review what is done or not done in cases. We are supposed to be content in our reading about children in foster care who are harmed in some awful way. And, we are told we must just blindly accept the fact that everything will be secret ("to protect the child"). What cowardly behavior. They act like they could only discuss things if the name of the child is given. The fact of this blog only shows their excuses for what they really are: cover-ups.

CPS is a closed agency. We usually only see a rare glimpse from the press after the death of a child in state custody or after some monumental lawsuit has been lost and taxpayers foot the bill for an agency that "supervises" others but can not supervise itself. And, after the highly paid DSHS spin doctor gets the press release out there is as little dirt on the laundry. It is like bleaching the crime scene.

Fortunately, there is another way that may yield information from this hunkered down barricaded citadel without windows. And, that is through public disclosure.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Senator Roach To Bounce Messages Off The Ionosphere

Here at the house while others slept, or wrapped Christmas presents, or played Rock Band (really loud), I was up late studying for yet another ham radio test. I passed the "general" level and now the FCC says I can transmit worldwide by deflecting signals off of the ionosphere.

I reconfirmed that I can cram for a test. At my age that is also affirmation of no presence of Alzheimer's. NO ONE could pass this test with a short term memory problem. I memorized numbers, tables, and equations. And, strangely, I found it interesting. It was also a relaxing change of pace.

I didn't tell you about this because I wasn't sure how it would go. It was a major time commitment and even at that I missed 6 hours of class time. And, the subject matter was advanced. (There was literally a rocket scientist in the class!)

Two weeks after I passed the technician level ham radio operators test...the general level was offered. Why did I sign up? First because it was being offered and I wanted to do more than basically local transmissions. And secondly, I have been urging our state to have a more complete emergency management ham network so decided I would be a part of it.

I learned why electricians keep one hand in their pocket when they work. My dad was an electrician and I remember watching him work. In the early days of his successful small business he would sometimes work on weekends and take me along. I noticed he worked with one hand...the other straight down his other side. That is so if electricity passes through you it will go down the middle to ground rather than across your heart.

I also learned about power multipliers, data modes, sideband operations and geomagnetic stability, etc.

Now I will have to get a fantastic transmitter and a 200 ft. antenna. I want to be among the first to know what is going on in an emergency.


KING 5 Exposes CPS Wrong Doings

Exposing Lies Is An Important Element To Finding The Truth

It was absolutely damning to CPS to have Suzanna Frame of Seattle's KING 5 expose the lies that they tell. King 5 Investigates

CPS says that Doug and Anne Marie Stuth (grandparents) were not financially supporting their daughter and grand-daughter. Then KING 5 showed the check stubs of the hundreds of dollars the couple spent to help. CPS had said the Stuths had made no effort to see their daughter and grand-daughter.... Then the camera showed the log which was taken and the state's very own reimbursement records to the Stuths for their travel to the many visits!

Outgoing CPS Asst. Secretary Cheryl Steponme actually looked into the camera and instead of addressing this case she side-stepped the issue to just say there are many people who really care. (Nice coaching by $100,000 a year former P.I.editor Thomas Shapley who was hired to help cover the tracks and divert efforts at getting the truth.)
Favorite quote:
"I have never seen people so hell-bent on destroying one family."
Anne Marie Stuth

Favorite scene: Little grand-daughter with the biggest grin you can imagine greeting her grandma and papa. (Those things aren't staged!)

Ardent hope: That the judges saw this piece...because God knows they will not have any understanding of the truth by way of CPS.

Hopefully, this story will make the national press. It is fitting that WA CPS be held up to the national light. The same state that will not separate an atheist sign from a nativity "hell-bent" on separating a family. Is nothing sacred?

Monday, December 8, 2008

Tuesday Night, KING 5, "Foster Home Over Family Home?" An Investigative Report


Doug and Anne Marie Stuth, my wonderful Enumclaw, WA constituents who have been going through hell at the hands of CPS, are the subject couple in the Tuesday night KING5 TV airing of "Foster Home Over Family Home?"

It will air during the 10 o'clock (Channel 16 KONG) and 11 PM (KING 5)News.

Investigative reporter, Suzanna Frame, has been working on the story for about a month. She and a cameraman were here at the farm several weeks ago. She spent a couple of hours with the ombudsman (the person who would not demand a copy of the altered email regarding the child's black eye).There was so much to tell them.

This is a must see for all who have been following this blog. This is the kind of story that could end up on national news.

Please be sure to follow up with comments to the online version.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

"Its A Circus And We're The Center Ring" In WA State Atheists Make Declare War, Not Peace, During On Religious Holidays

"Its a circus, and we are the center ring"
(Pam Roach, Seattle PI)

Atheists knew what they were doing when they used the new "Washington State Compact on Capitol Rotunda Displays" to spread holiday hate. They are getting what they wanted...a national debate (O'Reilly, etc.) and a preferred battle ground (liberal led WA). That is a great set up. But, it is a national debate and also a very creative one. Lots of people are weighing in.

So, in a matter of days war was declared, the placard of unbelievers was erected and then stolen. The sign was found hours later. The sinning thief (who apparently sleeps during sermons) deposited the sign in front of a country music station. Presumably, that was so KMPS host, Ichabod Kane, could lead a county line dance over it.

The state last year set policy to allow displays apparently without an implementation plan. But, even when atheist leaders on KING5 TV stated, "We are attacking religion," the government placed the missile, (note: two definitions and each works here,) an attack on all religions next to the already placed Nativity scene.

Our Capitol building has more than 400,000 square feet. That's a pretty big sandbox! Separate the displays! Right now they are 10 feet apart. And... establish a policy to include no insults to others. If your message can't stand on its own...without bashing others... then it should not meet the criteria for display. Take it outside, put it on a stake, and march it in the rain.

There is no way that any of us would want hate speech in the Capitol on Martin Luther King Day. We want free speech. We don't mind differring speech. But, we want hate speech outside. It is not allowed on the floor of the House or the Senate. Why should it be in the rotunda between the houses?

While Jews (Hanukkah), Christians (Christmas), and African Kwanzaa unite in at least the spirit of peace, kindness, and moral values this time of year...atheists lash out with hate speech. They will get no converts...and only solidify those of faith around their beliefs. Why would you want this kind of publicity around your failure?

In part, the atheist's sign read:
"There are no gods, no devils, no angels, no heaven or hell....Religion is but myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds." (Do you think calling people stupid is inappropriate for the interior of our state's capitol?)

In any event, there will be a religious rally outside of the Capitol today at 2 PM. I am sure you will read about it.)

Monday note:over 1,000 attended

Saturday, December 6, 2008

KING 5 TV To Air "Little Lisa's" Story On Tuesday, December 9, At 10 and 11 PM....Be Sure To Watch

King 5 reporter Suzanna Frame has been investigating the story of little "Lisa" and CPS for the last month. I am now able to tell you that it will be aired on Tuesday, Dec. 9th. Do not miss the show.
In this, the resigning Cheryl Stephani, Asst. DSHS Sec. over Children's Administration, has been professionally coached with her answers. Sorry, I didn't note what came first....the announcement of her early retirement... or the interview.

In this, the names of the individuals involved will be reveled.

In this, you may see the grandparents at their home. They were videoed in their cozy Enumclaw, WA home. They showed the cameraman the bedroom where their granddaughter had slept. The door has been closed. The room has been left untouched since their granddaughter was taken.

In this, I may even have a few words.

KING 5 is promoting the piece over the weekend so tune in and you may get a preview.

(Ans. to reader's comment. will post the story. I will try to link but haven't had much luck doing so in the past.PR)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pam Roach On Bill O'Reilly FOX News Tonight (Friday)...

Roach On The O'Reilly Factor,"No Spin Zone" FOX News, Friday, December 5th.

Bill O'Reilly's producer called this morning and asked if I would be interviewed by America's #1 TV news commentator. Share a camera and mic with Bill? You bet!

I will attend a couple of Senate hearings in Olympia and then be picked up in a town car and taken to the studio in Seattle. I will give a full report to PRR Readers (to include my grand kids who should know what I do for fun)!

It's all in the eyes of the beholder and ear of the listener.

With my college degree I one time found myself working at the post office as a window clerk. The supervisor, Marilyn B., liked to give window clerk, Stephannie, a bad time. When I showed up Stephanie was really glad to see me because Marilyn liked giving me a bad time instead!

Marilyn didn't like a thing I did. Nothing would satisfy her. My cash drawer would justify better than anyone else's. I pressed my blue postal uniform (some didn't) to look nice. I was very nice to her (she was the supervisor, remember). She was on my back all the time. (I think this was when I joined the union and eventually became a steward!) But, what took the cake was when she complained about my voice!!! She complained it was too high!!!

Several years later I had to laugh at that because I had been hired by KIRO as a radio commentator...voice and all. Someone was actually paying me to talk! Life can be fun in the come arounds.

I love free speech. And, since you have been wondering, that will be the topic on O'Reilly's Factor

News Article On DSHS Departures Could Use Your Comments....Act Now!

This is a call to action!!!
Cut and paste...this is not a link.

Please log on and respectfully comment. Just speak from your hearts. Keep it brief. Mine was a little long but I tried to set the stage.

Arnold-Williams In Wonderland...Off With Our DSHS Head ?

Who the heck painted those white roses red? "Off with her head!"*

The queen may have pulled up the blade on the state's just used but often rusty guillotine.

DSHS Robin Arnold-Williams is reportedly on the platform.

Current DSHS head Robin Arnold Williams was summoned from the State of Utah a few years ago to pull our social service industry into line. I contend that the system is too large, too unwieldy, and needs to be broken into smaller pieces to make that happen. We also need to open CPS up to public scrutiny.

But, it looks like Arnold-Williams tried to paint a picture that didn't exist. For years Children's Administration has been without accreditation (out of compliance). Everyone has known that and good citizens around the state suffered because of it. Instead of fixing the problems they hired spin doctors to paint a different view.

The National Council on Accreditation in a letter dated February 15, 2008 to DSHS (That was right at the time I first met with Little Lisa's frantic family.) it states:

"When we met on December 7, 2007, I (President & CEO Richard Klarberg)requested that the department confirm in writing that it is committed to implementing all of the required standards and submit a proposed specific time frame for the implementation. This request was reiterated in a December 24, 2007 email to you and in our telephone conversation of January 9, 2008.

To date, we have not received any communication addressing our request.

Should the Department seek to have the accreditation process reinstated, it should send CAO a written request accompanied by a schedule detailing proposed dates for the implementation of the above referenced standards. If the request and schedule are not received by February 29, 2008, the Department will be deemed to have withdrawn from the accreditation process....While we regret having to take this action, we know that it is appropriate and in the best interests of the vulnerable children, individuals and families in the state of Washington."

The letter also states, "The Department's application for accreditation dates back to September 2001. In the years since, progress has been made by many of the regional offices {obviously not Region 5...ed.} There remain, however, a significant number of foundational standards relating to stakeholder health and safety that have not been implemented, including but not limited to timely visits to foster homes; caseload size (if they followed the law of "families first' they wouldn't have the caseload size...ed.};staff credentials;adequate kinship home studies (or ignoring the ones they have? ed.);stakeholder participation in the CQI process;and risk management reviews. Moreover, the Department has failed to adopt policies relative to the implementation of these standards."


(Asst. Sec. Steponme's to whom this letter was addressed, was forced to step down effective Dec. 31st. Arnold-Williams is/was her boss.)

*Alice In Wonderland (Readers of PRR...surely you aren't too old to remember :o)!)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

CPS Leader Abdicates Throne...

DSHS Cheryl Stephani, Assistant Secretary over Children's Administration has announced she is leaving her post effective December 31st.

All I can say at this time is that she will be making one hunk of money in retirement...over $100,000 a year so why stay with the program?

She leaves a department in shambles. There is no accountability. There is no openness to public scrutiny. There is no following of the legislative directive to "place with families first." She offered a draconian form of leadership that has no place in government.

And to Robin Arnold Williams.....Go back in and reevaluate the way you do business. I would be happy to bring along many of my senate colleagues who have been just horrified by the department's actions. While there are good people who try to help children in trouble...your policies have created a monster. Steponme's departure is welcome and overdue. She was past any understanding of what she was doing. She allowed some employees to lie (they did so to me!!!)without repercussion. She hid positive in-home studies from judges. She allowed an out-of-control CASA to over-step his authority and made no mention of it. She failed to bring public trust to the department. She never took responsibility for what her employees did. She was one disaster and caused so much anguish for innocent family members.

Robin...let's get it right. No more promotions from your institutions. Let's get new blood into this department. Let's get some citizen over-sight. My God...It is Christmas after all.

Adoption Bonuses: The Money Behind The Madness

In Massachusetts DSS and affiliates rewarded for breaking up families

By Nev Moore
Massachustts News

Please cut and paste to read.

"More Federal Money Coming For Adoptions".... Discussion Today Aired On WA TVW

Today there will be a work session in the House Early Learning and Children's Services Committee.

Guardianship and Adoption Incentive Dollars

House Hearing Room D
Olympia, WA

"Fostering Connections to Success and Increasing Adoptions Act of 2008"

This will be about the implementation of a new federal law. Lots of money will come along with this.

If you can not be there you may view it live on

Thank you to a reader of PRR for letting us know. My aide will monitor the hearing.

Monday, December 1, 2008

CPS Head Cheryl Steponme Preps For Press Interview At Taxpayer Expense

Could it be true?

Apparently, Cheryl Steponme, CPS honcho is being called into action. She must publicly represent the department in an upcoming interview over the case of little Lisa. It will be a public airing of the issue.

She is being professionally "prepared" to answer questions she expects to get. The prep is paid for by the taxpayers.

Let me guess.

Thomas Shapley, former editorialist for the Seattle Post Intelligence, is formulating questions he would ask from an adversarial point of view. Then he will tell her the answers to give that will make the department look good. (This will take a lot of coaching!!! But, then, he doesn't have much else to do until the next child dies or is maimed and he has to go into action...not even then as I bet he has HIS responses all prepared in advance too.)

As reported earlier in PRR, Shapley, the former ultra-liberal PI editor retired from that paper and was hired at nearly $100,000 a year to work as a press consultant and spin doctor for the department. He was first noticed by me as he was quoted in the story about an 11 year-old girl who after seeking asylum from her parents was sent back to them. The parents imprisoned her and were starving her. She was found at 14 weighing 47 pounds. Shapley made it seem like just a small oversight.

Shapley prepared and sent out a few, "It's really no big deal," sound bites to his former colleagues in the press. It is really unconscionable how fast that story went away. Good job, Thomas.

When I was running for reelection in 2006 I had not received an endorsement interview request from the PI. I thought maybe I had missed the interview and if you miss...they don't reschedule. I always like going in to the papers because I have so many accomplishments to talk about and because I am excited about serving my district. I go the extra mile in trying to help people.

I called Shapley to find out when my interview was to be held. "Oh, Pam," he said. "We never endorse you so we thought we would just save the time!" In other words...we'll just endorse your liberal opponent without even talking to you.

So, Shapley and Steponme are prepping for the interview like Obama and McCain were prepped for their debates.

I absolutely abhor government when it works like this to hide the truth from people.
All of these people are making over $100,000 a year and for some people...that will buy a lot of conscience.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Barn Owl and Great Blue Heron Sighted On Thanksgiving Day

On the way to Thanksgiving dinner at our daughters we saw a Great Blue Heron in the field just down the road from us. We used to see them quite often. We even had a heron nest in a big cedar tree on our farm. Our neighbor had dug a pond fed by the artesian spring that comes down the hill and runs along the front of our place. The neighbor stocked this pond with fish in hopes that his grandson would have a fishing hole. So, the heron wasn't in our tree for the likes of just had a bird's eye view over dinner.

But, on the way home we had a real treat! It was pitch dark, 10:30 PM, as we pulled onto the private dirt road that goes across our pasture and up the hill to the house. As we turned in, the car lights revealed what I thought was a big cat sitting on one of the fence posts. And, then we could see it was a huge owl!!! It was perched looking out into the field for something to move. We stopped the car. We just stared for the longest time. This giant bird with its white monkey like face turned and looked at us full-on several times. We inched a little closer and stopped. Jim and I have never seen a barn owl on the property. (I guess we need a barn!)

We eased forward a few more times, the headlights revealing more of its beauty.
Then it brought up its wings in a surprisingly large span and flew low off into the field.

I have seen great horned owls high in the trees down on the Nisqually delta where I took the kids for cold wintertime birding years ago. But, this owl was only 15 feet away...and caught doing what they do best...hunting at night.

A Reader Asks About Lisa's Father... And A Few Comments On The Money People Make Off Of The Misery Of Others

Lisa's father is a man several years older than the mother. The mother was underage,15, when she became pregnant with Lisa.

Strangely and very coincidentally, (because there are 53 Superior Court judges in King County)the grandparents said they had asked a judge to issue a restraining order against the man who was in his twenties and seeing their daughter. The judge said "NO" to the restraining order. The teen became pregnant. The man was a bad influence. Last Spring,Judge Kessler wisely prohibited the mother from seeing the guy. I understand she does not see the father and has no contact with him. According to the grandparents, the judge who denied the restraining order (not Kessler) is the same judge who just sent Lisa's case back to the juvenile court for termination. This case has some really creepy twists.

Who knows. Maybe there wouldn't be a little Lisa if the restraining order had been granted.

(I will be looking into this issue further. I am sure the judge had some legal reason for not complying. I know that it is relatively easy to get a restraining order for domestic violence, for instance. But I want to see what may have happened in this case. The fee can even be waived if a person does not have money for the fee. More on this later.)

In any event, the father is out of the picture. He has a state paid attorney representing his interests at all of the hearings. But, because he does not talk with his attorney...the attorney can not say anything in court. So, absent his client, the attorney sits in court, saying nothing, and doing nothing, helping no one...and we are paying for it.

This whole thing is quite the money maker....for a WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE. Counselors, judges, attorneys (for the CASA, the state, the father and the mother), two day care facilities, foster woman, social worker, court reporter, the support systems for the agencies and the support system for the CASA...even the guy who sells the gasoline to the social worker who runs around all day...makes money off of this travesty. Heck, DSHS is bigger than Boeing to our economy.
The only ones it terms of dollars...are the taxpayers and the grandparents. The grandparents have spent thousands trying to get standing in court, driving all over the two counties to help their daughter and granddaughter, missing work for their short visits, etc.

Two of my senate colleagues told me to tell the grandparents to sell their house if they wanted to get their granddaughter back. I said, "They have already spent all their money." One senator responded..."Then sell your house if you want to help them." These two senators have been trying for years to get accountability into this system. "Get a good lawyer and sell your house if you have to, to get the money." Maybe Michele Obama was thinking of DSHS/CPS when she said she had not been proud of America. This system is a racket!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

DSHS Anonymously Writes To Blog... They Are Very Angry

DSHS, a closed to the public agency, can say what it wants and give no explanations. No legislator, no member of the public, can sit in and review what they are doing. They do not want the public to hold them accountable. Isn't that true, Insider,? Let's just call this persoan, "insider."

I honestly believe this would be a terrible job (there is a very high attrition rate) but for the ones really making the decisions...there is a lot of money at the end of the day.

About two months ago I wrote about Lisa's black eye. This was something I reported to the police, myself. There was a cover up of what happened. Someone from CPS has sent this blog an anonymous message saying I am awful in what I have been communicating. (Instead of being told I am awful I would rather hear and see why you believe that is the case. Everything I say is in print in front of me or reported to me by two sources...standard reporting etiquette.)

About the foster mother:
What would she teach Lisa about "free speech" should she get her, (that all offending blogs should be shut down...that truth is relative?)
What kind of role model is she if she brings guys around with guns who need restraining is her judgement at 42?
How is it she dumps the child in back to back daycare and doesn't have the time to take her to the doctor (she sometimes has the social worker do it)?
Does the single woman have any support network but the state?
Who pays for the day care..the taxpayers..right? wouldn't it be cheaper for us all if Lisa were with one of the biological relatives if not her mom?
Who is the man who lists his address at the foster woman's house?
Who was the man that answered the door to the process server?
Who was the man listed in the phone book at the foster woman's residence? (Gee, David, if you don't answer the questions what am I to think? And, if you answer them only to the judge how do we know you have told the truth? Send me an answer...and let's put this aside.
Who are these male friends?
If DSHS has done nothing but have the foster woman fill out a simple form in order to have adoption proceed...certainly there has been no check on the other people who are clearly in her life.
What about the foster woman's family??? one knows.
There was just another multi-million dollar judgement against DSHS (see earlier PRR)for placing children in a house with "bad people." DSHS never ran checks. In this case they did not know about the restraining order and neither DSHS or one of the judges thinks this is a problem. I do. And, I think the public would be concerned. If the foster woman is fearful for herself and she has two children from the is a bad situation. It is a situation that goes on, everyday for many women. But, why would the state opt to send a child into this kind of risk? And...David throws stones at me!

David thinks I have terribly maligned the foster woman. And, yet, I get no answers. And, David, I am asking because part of my responsibility is to hold government accountable. That is not your job, I understand that. But it is mine.

If this were DOT or DOE for example...I could hold a public meeting and they would attend. For example, DOT would try to explain to the people of Enumclaw why they should have a round-about in the middle of a highway. The truth was they just wanted to experiment on a highway and chose a sleepy little town to do their work. The public spoke and there is now no roundabout. But, there are no public meetings with DSHS, David. You take poor people to court and needlessly go after their children.


Why didn't DSHS honor the positive in-home studies of the grand parents and the aunt/uncle? Why didn't you go first to the state law that says you place with relatives first?

Why, did you place this young mother in a house with 13 people and one bathroom?

Why did you place her in a basement bedroom and have to share the one room with another mother and her two older children?

Why did you have the mother and daughter placed in a home with two old, turned over refrigerators in the front yard?

Why did you leave everyone bunched up and without supervision and so little food that relatives had to take in a bed and were compelled to take in food?


Why was the original email about the black eye altered?

Why did you tell me in a recent phone call that cases like this one are never terminated and yet you keep pushing for it.

I have to think that was simply a lie...or that the taxpayers are paying millions and millions of dollars to bluff. And this is not a bluff. You want to take this little girl from a good family. AND, under your care she has diminished. Like so many others..and after a year has passed you want to tell the judge that is the mother's fault!!

What kind of credibility do you think CPS has, for heaven's sake?


There was an email that I saw. It was from the day care supervisor at Childhaven to Lisa's mother. The piece I saw was the original.It was later changed at least twice. A judge should demand to see the original and question the worker over this! Instead a study is made and the whole thing is quickly covered up. But, how do you dismiss this:

In the email the supervisor said a day care worker had asked Lisa how she got hurt (referring to the black eye). Lisa responded by pulling up her Capri's, pointing to a scratch, and saying she did it on the slide. "No, " said the worker. "What happened to your eye?" (The email said Lisa had a significant black immediate reporting....)Lisa's response to the day care worker was covered with a black felt tip. Instead of making that response known to the mother...they covered it up. Literally.

The version of the same email was altered. (You know this as I presented it to CPS high-up, Cheryl Step-on-me.)
Someone took out the question and the blacked out answer and it then looked like the question was never asked.
However...the person who doctored this email added a one sentence paragraph at the end of the email saying that parts of the email had been redacted for privacy reason. Really? OK...then we have an admission that someone doctored the email. Someone removed the direct question to Lisa about what happened to her eye.

Then, strangely, a third version of the same email surfaced. This one had little Lisa merrily coming into daycare that day and announcing, happily, "Oh, look...(all smiles) I fell and hurt my eye."

I have asked the DSHS Ombudsman (yes, "independent") to get a copy of the first email. She said she could not share it with me if she got it. And two weeks later said she was unable to get it.

Here is what we know about children, especially young children.

First: If they fall and get hurt....THEY SCREAM AND CRY REALLY LOUD. They are very self-centered at this age and cry first because of fear, then the actual pain, and then they cry until comforted. I raised five kids. I have ten grand-kids...I know this. So who the hell saw what happened to her? No one? This toddler is supposedly supervised every hour of every day. And no one heard a thing. I DON'T BELIEVE IT.

Second: You can change history through a child. The younger the better. Just alter the email and give the child a new memory. Tell her what happened to her...and that is what she will say. What she said the first time she was asked was what was important here...and that was conveniently removed.

Lisa's mother brought the black eye to the attention of Childhaven and demanded to know what had happened to her little girl. This was a Friday morning visit. (Please note that it was a Friday, if Lisa's mother had not been there this would have gone unreported and it would have healed by convenient.) It was the first thing she had noticed in seeing her daughter. There was a hint that DSHS and CASA wanted to blame the mother. But that was kind of hard. Blackeyes are red before they turn black. So, they couldn't blame the mother with a straight face (actually, come to think of it...they really only have straight faces.)

Lisa had not been to Childhaven the previous day. (It was closed for some reason.)She had spent the whole day either at Kindercare (her other haunt) home with her foster woman. This injury happened either at home, on the bus (yes, she was only 2 years-old and boarding a school bus...that, ALONE, is reason enough to take her from this situation!!!!!), or she was at Kindercare.

Note: DSHS tells me I am not the only one to report this. I reported it to the police. DSHS will not show me, again, the first email. We may never know whose name was taken out of Lisa's answer.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Is For Families

To My Readers:
...the good people who have had children taken by CPS without due DSHS (David and others who spend state time reading my blog and trying to get even with me through threats to the family) the press who monitor my blog (including the liberal Seattle bloggers) Lisa's extended family that has been needlessly going through my grown children who see this blog...and to Little Lisa who I have never met but love...

One of my greatest causes for thanksgiving is the liberty we have here in America. I have traveled the world and I love my country. I love the people. I love the rule of law.

This year I sat down with a despot in the Philippines. I reported my whereabouts to the Communist Chinese police. I gave school supplies and medicine to children in Honduras. I voted on the Senate floor. I had my picture taken with Ron Paul, worked for Mitt Romney, and voted for John McCain. I have hugged each one of my ten grandchildren and write this blog, in part, so they will have a remembrance of me.

But, life becomes really full... when you fight for something good. Isn't that what gives the living of life meaning?

I want a responsive government that is open to scrutiny by the people. I want government to be better than it is. I want simply to help people. And, for me, the best way to do that is to go after what is right and good. Fighting for the rights of others is a passion that, for me, is also a duty.

In our turning to God in giving thanks this holiday, let's pledge to keep moving forward. And, for you at the top of need to get a soul.

Little Lisa's Mouth Filled With Sores, Her Back Is Bruised....God Help This Litte Girl In The Hands Of Washington State CPS

I just received a phone call.

Little Lisa was just seen in a supervised visit. She has a big bruise in the middle of her back. She has sores in her mouth. Her gums are blood red. She has a sore or cut on her lower lip.

She cried when given a sip of apple juice because of the pain.

The social worker said, "She should not be in daycare right now. She is sick." (One daycare won't take her because of the blood laced diarrhea...the other one does.)

Lisa screamed when the visit was over and the social worker tried to get her into the car. So, the relative had to get her to the car. Lisa cried "hysterically" when the social worker tried to put the seat belt on the same relative had to buckle her into the seat.

I called the governor's office again. YES, YOU PEOPLE ON THE ETHICS BOARD....I AM TRYING TO HELP SOMEONE!!

We can only hope the mouth sores are not from sexual abuse.

This family had two very positive in-home studies (one with the grandparents and one with an aunt/uncle). There was never ANY accusation of abuse by the teen mother. In a time of budget deficits I have no idea how much money could be saved by having DSHS follow the law. They should place with biological relatives first.

"Get the child into the system and then crush them [the family]" Quote from a colleague in the Senate.
Crush the good families financially and emotionally, and then take their children.

Just think of all the money that could be saved to help kids who are really in need.

Seattle P.I. Publishes Pam Roach Op-Ed....DSHS Should Be Broken Down And Over-Sight Added

This is not a link. Please cut, paste, and read the following:

Thank You,

Monday, November 24, 2008

There Is Support In Olympia

A reader asks: "Do you have support in Olympia?"

Many of my colleagues have had similar experiences with DSHS. And, others understand the issues simply through their understanding of due process. Others have a respect for the powerful people in government who wreck havoc with unrestrained raw power that comes from having behavior shielded from public review.

Legislators are just like the rest of us. They come from every walk of life. They have families. They get joy from doing good work (as they define "good").

Some legislators side with big government. But, more and more they are questioning what government does without divulging its methods.

I have mentioned before that I am a member of the statutory "Sunshine Committee." It is made up of liberals and conservatives, legislators, an AG, a couple of newspaper appointees, and the Seattle City Attorney who likes to protect city information from public view but who has been fair in airing the issues. We are charged with removing exemptions from public disclosure. That means...the legislature passed a law and the governor signed open up government to the people. Laws that were passed through the years that seal up information will be removed. It will happen slowly. Government moves slowly. In matters involving government accountability it is never soon enough for me.

The greatest opponents of open government will be government itself. DSHS will urge committee chairs to kill bills before they even get a hearing. DSHS will hide behind the "need for privacy" as the reason to keep the agency closed to review. There is certainly no need to compromise privacy in making government accountable.

I talked today with three Senators who agree that the problems are great. They think the department lies to them (notice I am not using their names). They are appalled at what is happening.

One legislator was quick to say that over the years the law has been tightened to protect the public. Twenty years ago, for instance, Lisa's mother would have stood in the court without representation and without the right to participate in court. Progress is slow. Taxpayers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on the salaries of high level bureaucrats who lobby to keep the agency behind closed doors and unaccountable.

The governor, too, must allow the public the right to hold their government accountable. She has to make a decision. Remember, the legislature can pass the legislation but nothing happens without the governor's signature.

I called two of the governor's top aides today to try to get help for Lisa. They have not returned my calls. They responded the first time or two, but, when they know you are calling about a child "in the system" they stop returning the calls. Both of these people are good people. When I first described the situation they were appalled. But then...I am sure it was just easier to ignore the situation and decide that the decisions should be left to the department. (Meaning...even the governor doesn't hold them accountable.)

The department is so is so powerful...and they have the time to block all attempts at accountability. The governor's staff just doesn't have the time to deal with someone else's problems. I really don't think there is any control on this agency.

Only the courts can reign things in and that is hard when the department has total access and the relatives can't afford to get in the battle.

More later.

Rally In Olympia....They Need To Hear

I feel a rally in Olympia coming on....
I have talked to other legislators who have the same experiences.
What do you all think? Will you come to a rally in Olympia after session starts?
Will you lobby your legislators in mass?

You may email my office or post to the blog. I need your opinions.

Little Lisa Is Passing Blood And Has Part Of Her Colon Hanging Out

Instead of being home and under the comfort of her biological grandparents and natural mother, little Lisa (fresh out of the hospital) is back in daycare, generally.

She has had rotavirus diarrhea for over a month! Her diarrhea is full of blood!!! She has a protrusion from her anus. She is bleeding in that area. She turned three in August.

One of her two day care facilities will no longer take her. SHE IS SICK!!

She is using pull-ups again. Lisa was "potty trained" but not any more. And the diarrhea is a terrible mess...right there at the daycare.

Her mother went to visit today but no one had the courtesy to call her and tell her Lisa would not be in daycare today. CPS is really a rather rude bunch. They couldn't give a rats ass if someone has to take three bus transfers to see their child only to have the child not be there.

CPS wants this child. They are unrestrained in what they will do or allow in order to get her.

And, there are no apologies. It is just the way CPS treats people. No R-E-S-P-E-C-T. One of my colleagues says that the average CPS worker lasts under two years and then they move on to other government posts. Maybe attrition rates in this department should be studied. Decent people do not like adversarial activities when they know the department has gone too far.

Two More Children Die In Yet Another Foster Home Blaze

(I just had a communication from someone who knows the foster parents in this terrible case. The caller stated that they think I am "targeting" the family by way of this blog. Following tragedy is, unfortunately, what you do if you report on CPS. It is not "targeting" the family. Please read the blog. If there is something incorrect send me a message. If the state allows that many kids in a house the upstairs should have a special "way out." This home was a facility and being such...with this many kids...there needed to be special fire escape equipment: slides, outside stairs, whatever. How would you vote on something like that? What is on the state's safety check list? Anything?)
My sincere condolences to the family and those who loved those troubled boys. Each case like this should be thoroughly investigated so that a tragedy like this one will never occur a foster home...or a non foster care residence.)

When Saturday night's local TV News reported two children had just died in a house fire, I wondered if DSHS was involved. Specifically, I wondered if this was a foster home.

Sunday, November 23, 2008
The Seattle Times

Two boys died in a house fire late Friday, but their foster parents and six other children escaped.

The blaze had spread so fast, with flames shooting out several windows, that firefighters couldn't go inside to rescue the boys, ages 11 and 12, even though they had arrive just six minutes after the 911 call....

The firefighters said they think it was an electrical malfunction. I am not a fire investigator but am concerned about the reason for the fire and that this 4,000 sq. ft. house with ten bedrooms went up so fast. The article did mention that the foster kids were placed in this home through Compass Health which is "a local social-service agency that works with foster children who suffer from depression and other mental-health issues. (Like "setting little fires around the house?" Please see previous PRR)

We learn about this from the reporters who have interviewed the neighbors. DSHS will make no reports. We may see something after a settled law suit...but usually the details are sealed as part of the settlement.

This reporting is not aimed at failings of the foster parents. I understand that one parent is a juvenile court worker who takes in troubled kids and is a very kind hearted man. He is paid for this he and his wife make probably $80,000 a year to do what they do. But, this blog is about built in safe guards for the kids, use of taxpayer money, and lack of citizen oversight. Good people should have better support (home inspections, a definition of hotel v. home, full mental health reports, from the same department.)

What we will never know:

How many fire alarms were in this huge house that was being remodeled to provide more beds?

Was the reconstruction finished?

Were there hazardous situations on the premises because of the construction?

Was there a child in this mix that had a "little problem" in the fascination with fire department?

What was the report that CPS had on this home and its safely?

How much money was the foster couple making by taking in the kids with "mental-health" issues?

When does this house with ten bedrooms full of kids with mental problems move from being a foster home to a mental institution? (I guess it is all under DSHS so it doesn't matter.)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

ABC's Sunday Morning " Roundtable" Isn't Round...But Tipped

As usual, the George Stephanopoulos' "Roundtable" was really a lopsided three-liberal-democrat panel (including George S. who was the press secretary for Clinton) and one lone conservative...George Will.

If you study the dynamics...the thing tips. Think of the Olympic hammer thrower. As Will leans back to try to center things an elongation occurs. The table is not round and it is not even. Because it is a three-on-one debate and flys high and left, I think "round" should be replaced with "tipped." "ABC's Sunday Morning 'Tipped Table Report'."

George Will does a more than able job but only gets 1/4 vs 3/4 of the talk time and does not get to formulate the questions.

Never satisfied with these advantages the new administration will be going after talk radio that has been successful for so many conservative commentators. Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck are sounding the warning for government attacks on free speech. Government does have the nasty habit of trying to silence critics.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Better Butter Brownies....Stay Away From Trans Fat Says My Daughter

What would a blog written by a woman be if there wasn't a recipe!!!

I have a very health conscience family. One of my daughters-in-law is an Olympic athlete and watches her diet. Another daughter-in-law has a master's degree from the University of WA in dietetics. But, it was my daughter who taught me about evil trans fat.

The only brownies I eat must be homemade. NO box brownies for me! I am much more selective about what I eat to gain weight. I do have my standards. No sugar soda. No pastries. No straight butter. And, NO BOX BROWNIES.

However, my favorite "from scratch" recipe called for shortening (full of trans fat).

The definition of learning is: a change in behavior. And,I was pleased that with one simple explanation I changed my recipe for a better butter brownie batch. This shows I do learn...I do care...and I will do anything to please my wonderful daughter!!!

For a 9x13 pan...Here...In Time For the Holidays is:
Pam Roach's Relative Pleasing Better With Butter Brownies

1 cup butter
4 oz. unsweetened CHOCOLATE (Food of the Gods)
4 eggs
2 cups sugar
2 tsp. vanilla (the real stuff I get in Honduras is what I use)
salt to taste
1 1/2 c. white flour
1 cup nuts (let's understand how the nuts work. My family doesn't like them. So...I take their share and put the whole damn cup in my 1/4 of the pan.)

Bake in flour dusted buttered pan for 35 minutes (or so) at 350 degrees.
These things are so rich you have to buy an extra gallon of milk or you will run out.

And, God Bless America for it's liberal cocoa importation policy.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Washington State Taxpayers To Pay $6 Million After Another Child Dies Under CPS Abuse
And....drum roll....

Dateline 11/20/2008

Here is yet another horrendous story about CPS/foster adopts in WA State and hell for kids. Several kids were harmed and a 7 year old is dead of starvation.


One bruised, beaten and starved to death boy...

Other children terribly abused but able to survive though ruined for life (money doesn't fix this stuff folks)...

$6M from the taxpayers...

Court costs in the hundreds of thousands...

The defense attorneys for the state (what do you want to bet they were the best in the state... no free attorneys here...

Hopefully, the cost of a long prison term for the foster adopt hell woman the state failed to check out before entrusting with our vulnerable kids.

Please take the time to read it and then ask yourselves why this happened..


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Congresswoman Tracy Eide???

With Obama comes the changing of the guard.

The word is that democrat Congressman Adam Smith (WA-9) will be stepping up to a spot in the Obama administration. That leaves his congressional seat up for grabs. But, no grabs here.

State Senator Tracy Eide (D-Federal Way) may just have a lock on Adam Smith's seat. Republicans will have to fight for it. In a US Senate vacancy there is an appointment by the governor until there can be an election. With a US House seat in a situatuon where a house member vacates the seat there is a vacancy until a special election can be held. We do not fill US House seats in this state very often.

I'm a fan of watching Democrats mix it up. It would be much more fun if King County Councilwoman Julia Patterson and State Senator Jim Kastama would join in the fight.

Eide is the Senate Democrat Floor Leader. She generally has a nice temperament.

(I have to watch it when I say something nice about a Democrat. In an earlier PPR I mentioned that I thought Senator Marilyn Rasmussen (D-Eatonville) was a person of integrity. I was criticised by some Republicans for that (without talking to me) and one was telling people that I was not supporting the Republican candidate. One and one is three?)

In any event, I am sure Eide will be an even-tempered though liberal member of congress. I hope she likes the long red eye to D.C.

Then the 30th District can look forward to a war over Eide's senate seat in the fall. Could we have an appointed Mark Melosia (D)defending against attorney Jim Ferrel(R)? After the tax increases that could be a race!

Will Mayor Michael Park (Republican at this point but with many in the Korean community who would urge him to run as a "D") jump in the race? Or, would he go after the vacated Melosia seat?

Update On Lisa

Now having left the hospital, our little three-year-old heroine is now back at the foster adopt's house. She is still very ill. She has a protruding intestine due to rotavirus and persistent diarrhea.

I understand the daycare is not too happy that CPS did not tell them that one of the little playmates has a highly contagious illness.

The mother is not allowed to visit her sick daughter and give her comfort.

In fact, the mother has had a great deal of trouble in that department. She was directed to find a place where both she and her child could over-night together. That was a very good sign. But, the mother could not find a "residence" that was set up for overnight stays that would take her. The reason for that was because the mother did not have the child. The judge blamed the 19 year-old mother for this.

Why wasn't she just allowed to have visits with her child at the home of the grandparents? This situation defies any reason at all.

By the way...the in-home studies for the grandparents and the aunt/uncle have expired. The relatives are not allowed to re-submit their applications without a request from CPS. So...if you are don't tell the judge the studies exist, let them expire, and then just don't ask for a new one.

The department makes small and insignificant motions so they can say they want to reunify...but just look at their behavior. I learned a long time ago you don't listen to what someone look at what they do. The likely outcome of activity tells you what the real goals are.

I actually talked with David Davilar Fox of the department a few weeks ago when things were looking positive.

Fox said, "We were never going to terminate in this case."

Me: "Oh really, then why did you shove termination papers before the judge even before the hearing was held? And, why do you push for termination in EVERY court proceeding?"

Fox: "Oh, that doesn't mean anything." him it obviously doesn't.

There Are No Natural Allies to Protect Families...They Are On Their Own

(I have received over 20 comments as of 11 AM today. Some are too long to print and I read them for background. Thank you. I will see if I can free up some time to comment on the comments!)

Another of the troubling things here is the fact that CPS is the only agency in government that has no natural predator.

If you are the Department of Natural Resources you have builders or logging companies who, through the court, will hold you accountable. If you are Labor and Industries, big business or labor unions will keep you honest. If you are Education...the WEA will keep you in line, etc. And, there is money at stake.

But, if you are mom and pop with a regular household are really on your own. As yet, I do not know how the Hispanic man (see earlier PRR) who has his termination case before the State Supreme Court got help. Attorneys generally only take a case if there is a pot of gold in sight. And, by that I don't mean the fees they charge...I mean the 30% they get when damages are awarded.

In any event....

The People have no over-sight of this area of government.

There is no motivation for anyone to help "troubled families" 'it must be their fault...they must have done something wrong.'

And, assigned free attorneys are no match for experienced government lawyers and the highly paid private firm lawyers that help the CASA (who can be hostile to the biological family for no reason at all).

Angry CASAs Descend On Senator Roach At Public Hearing

The state has a "Sunshine Committee" to review laws that restrict information available to the public. I am a member of that committee.

Last week the committee held a hearing on my proposal to require more information about CASA volunteers and to make that information public.

After all, I reasoned, all government employees at the court and legislative branches at all levels must declare financial information. And, I felt that just knowing a person was not a felon was really not enough to know if they were fit to be a CASA.

Talk about angry!!!!
[Are they therefore unfit? Please see PRR of yesterday.] The King County CASA coordinator, a judge, the state CASA honcho, and a few other defenders of the closed and secret citadel made it very personal.

"Pam Roach wants to kill the CASA system." The judge even said, "If people have to declare their financial status there will be no volunteers. It will kill the CASA program. It will no longer exist."

No, really, that is what they said.

And, they didn't really stick to the subject. The committee already voted at the last meeting that it could, under its purview, discuss the openness (or lack of it) regarding the CASA program. That has already been decided. The defenders of a secret government arm were just plain livid at the thought of anyone knowing more about their program. What is there to hide?

(Even the judge had to give up her financial information to run for office, for goodness sake. I see a lack of judicial candidates but it is not because some lawyers are afraid of giving up portfolio information...they actually make pretty interesting reading, by the way).

Monday, November 17, 2008

Judge Recommends Termination Based On False Information

Today, Judge Catherine Schafer, in King County Superior Court declared Lisa's mother to be unfit. The reason was a blog (not mine) that has been exposing the CASA and the system. Apparently, the judge was told that the 19-year-old mother had written the blog. Someone must have lied to the judge because the mother did not write the blog.

Apparently, if you are the state or the one has to prove anything to a judge. All you have to do is say something and it becomes fact. I will assume that the mother's court appointed attorney stated that her client did not write a blog at all. But, without proof, the judge apparently (I was not there) decided that someone was writing a nasty blog and that it must be the teen mother. And, the writing of a blog proved the mother to be unfit.

So, the mother is accused of writing a blog that said bad things (at least someone thought the bad things were true) about the CASA and the state. She did not write the blog (neither did I, for the record) but because the judge thought the teen mother had written it....she was declared unfit. Writing a mean blog meant she was unfit to be a mother! I guess the judge thought the mother must be angry, or something.

However, the foster adopt did not like me writing this blog and in anger...filed an ethics complaint against me demanding that I stop writing. So...she is mean and angry and stupid and gets to keep the child that is not hers.

The state attorneys were seen laughing as they left the courtroom.

Little Lisa Is In The Hospital/ CPS Keeps Her Mother From Her Side

Everyday there is some awful new development in the case of little Lisa. There is no way to keep up with it all. The department wants the child.

Today, Lisa is in the hospital with rotavirus. A person gets this from contact with feces. The biological mother has been refused visits. That's right. Her 3-year-old is in the hospital and the department will not let her see her mother. They want the child to bond only with the foster adopt parent.

A Senate colleague of mine has a case in another part of the state where the parents took twin three-year-olds to the hospital because they were very ill with diarrhea. (A small child can die fairly quickly of dehydration. Rotavirus causes sever diarrhea.) In this case, CPS was called in. The state took the twins into custody. The father has had his wages garnished to pay for the foster care and has nothing left for an attorney. So, the state wants to terminate parental rights when parents take their kids to the hospital. I guess they didn't get them there soon enough. How does a parent know when that point is reached? They are not doctors. They did their best. So, as a reward for being as responsive as they knew how...the kids have been taken. (Seems the state likes the young memories, you know.)

But, in our case... no problem. The "annotated foster one" still has the child. Same problem...different reaction.

I understand that the staff coordinator for the Senate Republican Caucus monitors my blog.

"Hi, Jim (Senate Republican Staff Coordinator and sometimes advisor). Maybe the Senate Republicans could work to open up government. CPS could be a start. Do Republicans just sit back and let the state go at it? There is a caucus reorganization meeting coming up. You will be taking notes after someone asks 'What we should prioritize?' Why don't we prioritize having CPS investigated?"

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Letter From My WWII Veteran Father

Veteran's Day is big in our family.

This year we again polished up the red CJ jeep, decked her out with flags and loaded up a few grand kids. I shook hands with veterans as I walked the parade route. The Auburn Veteran's Day Parade is the largest west of the Mississippi. The governor attended. Newly reelected Congressman Dave Reichert was just ahead of me in line. Notably, it didn't rain.

(On several lines of my family, relatives fought in the Revolutionary War and for the Union Army during the Civil War. My dad and husband are Army veterans. My son is in the Air Force.)

I have always felt that the legislature is the battlefield of a free nation. We battle our issues with words and alliances, votes and public support, with the free press and talk radio reporting the play. The chamber floor is ranked with people who have fought "campaigns" to win their seats. We thank our veterans for this freedom. Gladly, our family stops it's daily activity and attends the memorials and remembers.

I was going through some storage boxes this weekend and ran across a letter from my World War II veteran dad.(I am documenting it here for my children and theirs.) My dad passed away in 2007 at age 82. He was a perfect father. I won't lose this letter again. I want him by my side.

March 6, 1994

Dearest Pam,

Gosh---I can't remember the last time I wrote a letter to you. As you know it's not one of my favorite things to do. But, I just got thinking the other night what you mean to me, and how much I love you.

It's at a time like this that I run out of the appropriate words to use.
I look back at my life and wonder what it might have been like without you. The thought doesn't even register.

There are many reasons that I love you, and many reason that I am proud of you.

I remember when you were a teenager, and you came home from school angry. Seems one of your teachers was teaching HIS political beliefs to his class. I can't remember whether you confronted the teacher, or reported it to the principal, but you thought it [he] was wrong and you stood up for your beliefs. I knew then, that you would cope with life and people, because you stood up for yourself.

I wasn't wrong.

You do set standards and maintain them. All I have to do is to talk to any of your children to see that you do not waiver from your standards.

You and your husband are truly blessed with wonderful offspring, and of course they are a reflection of you and your husband.

You must take great satisfaction from your accomplishments and the respect that your fellow politicians have for you.

Pam, I don't believe that a day that goes by without my thinking of you or talking about you. I'm so proud of you dear, and I want you to know how much you mean to me. I love you very much. Just thought I'd take a few minutes and tell you of my feelings.

With all my love,
Your happy father,


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Reader's Suggestions For DSHS Reform

One PRR reader has suggested that CPS not do both the investigating and the enforcement.

Pam: "Good idea. Most of us agree that the police do the investigations and the prosecutor's office does the charging. How would it be if they also did the judging (and without a jury)? There are other institutions that do the investigations, prosecutions and are the trier of fact. The Senate Ethics Committee and the WA State Judicial Conduct Commission proceed in that fashion."

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Legislature Has A Responsibility To The Public In Reigning in DSHS

With the consent of Senate Leadership, a committee chair can actually use subpoena power to hold senate investigative hearings. In the case of CPS and its repetitive egregious "mishaps"...the committee chair should consider such hearings.

The legislature needs to fully grasp what is happening and not happening in this huge and powerful monolith. It is too big. There are no checks and balances. And, they work in secrecy.

This year, as a consequence of my sharing the experience of Lisa with the family, I will be introducing legislation to open up government in the area of DSHS.

I believe the agency is too big and should be divided to allow for more accountability within its own workings.

I will be proposing the creation of a "transparency board" made up of legislators and the public. The board would review cases and make recommended policy changes to the department and to the legislature.

State Auditor Brian Sonntag did a performance audit and found many things that needed to be addressed. The transparency board would watch dog DSHS to see if they are willing and in the process of making the institutional changes necessary to provide better service.

I have always thought it would be good for government to give out "satisfaction" surveys to users (citizens and taxpayers). Fat chance of that when it is so much easier just to ignore criticism and go after your critics.

If ever there was a need for a bipartisan is in fixing DSHS.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Senator Roach Attacked Again

Excuse me, I have to look over my shoulder....

Yep, the Senate Republican Caucus and the Senate Ethics Committee and yep...several DSHS workers at high levels read this blog and are documenting what I say.

They are really glad I am blogging because they want to use something...ANYTHING...against me.

Today, I called the attorney for the Senate Ethics Board. He told me that after he received a complaint from the foster mother that the board would have to look into whether or not my trying to help a constituent was, in fact, unethical.

(Note: The foster mother's complaint was about what I was saying...I never used her name...but she thought I was talking about her and just didn't like free speech. Her name was used in open it was public...but I never used it. The Ethics Board with Senate Republicans agreeing---without asking I know this---have decided to expand the complaint on their own. They want to find me guilty of unethical conduct for helping a constituent and fighting tyrannical government. That, by the way, is what I do when government wants to take away rights. God forbid an elected official who battles for rights. That is so passe.)

I guess it is OK to help...sometimes. For instance, the Department of Transportation wanted to put a round-about on a rural state highway in my district. Most of us felt it was a bad idea to put cattle trucks and logging trucks (essentially big semis) in a round-about. We also thought that it was wrong to take the private property it would have required to put in the round-about when they would not have had to take any private property to put in a traffic light at the same spot.

I fought hard to influence government. After all, they serve the people and the people did not want any of what they were dishing out. And, today there is no round about.

There is, by the way, no manual that is given out when you become a state senator. You work for the people you represent.

In the same area of the round-about (Enumclaw) DSHS took a child and has ignored the law that says family should be the first consideration for placement. They actually had two positive in-home placements for relatives (the grandparents and an aunt/uncle). DSHS actually hid the fact of the aunt and uncle from the judge. That's right. They did not want the child with relatives so they withheld information from the judge.

And, as I have been told...DSHS has almost totally ignored a court order to let the grandparents see their grandchild. For months and months, in fact...they were told (a lie) by the CASA that they had been ordered NOT to see their grandchild by the court! Imagine how they felt when they found out they were lied to all those months.
Where the heck is an ethic board when the attorney CASA lied to these people?

So, now the Senate Ethics Committee wants to attack me for calling it like it is. Surely, there must be something wrong when a Senator fights for an individual family. Why would anyone spend their time that way?

I have asked only two things from DSHS...that they follow the law and the court orders.

Oh, and, yes, after the fact, I expressed my displeasure that they put this mother and child in a home with 13 people and one bathroom. Oh, I certainly did tell them about the restraining order that the foster mother had against her old lover. It would have been irresponsible if I had not done so. And, I certainly did report and demand an investigation when little Lisa showed up at daycare with a black eye! That was not happening without me! People who care about kids do not put them in danger. (Let's see...wasn't it DSHS that put the pyromaniac teenager back in the home with four other children...only to have two kids burn to death?)

How about it...I am being persecuted for trying to help people against an agency that forces a child to stay with parents that are starving her!! (Pls. see earlier PRR: the 14 year-old who weighed 47 pounds.)