Friday, December 12, 2008

Pam Roach To Recieve DSHS Email Records Through Public Records Search

I have asked DSHS for the email records of bureaucrat, David Del Villar Fox, for the time period of the last year. Fox is the man who is charged with holding a hand of the tortured people who seek help through their legislators. He tries to make them feel better as he tells them "Get a lawyer or lose your baby." He is absolutely useless, really. He talks a good game and then stands by and watches as termination proceeds...even having the unmitigated gall to tell you that the department really isn't, actually, going for termination. It just LOOKS and SOUNDS like it in court when the state's lawyers ask for termination....What???? Yeah. No kidding.

Del Villar Fox has some 7,000 emails. I think by reading them I will have lots of ideas for legislation. I was told by the department it would take 90 days to get them. So, I suggested they start with June 2008 and go to the current date. Then, go back and provide Dec. '07 to June '08.

Most DSHS high-ups hide behind either "privacy" or "this is still an active case" excuses for not letting the public review what is done or not done in cases. We are supposed to be content in our reading about children in foster care who are harmed in some awful way. And, we are told we must just blindly accept the fact that everything will be secret ("to protect the child"). What cowardly behavior. They act like they could only discuss things if the name of the child is given. The fact of this blog only shows their excuses for what they really are: cover-ups.

CPS is a closed agency. We usually only see a rare glimpse from the press after the death of a child in state custody or after some monumental lawsuit has been lost and taxpayers foot the bill for an agency that "supervises" others but can not supervise itself. And, after the highly paid DSHS spin doctor gets the press release out there is as little dirt on the laundry. It is like bleaching the crime scene.

Fortunately, there is another way that may yield information from this hunkered down barricaded citadel without windows. And, that is through public disclosure.


Anonymous said...

Hi Senator,
One of the biggest problems from my point of view is the local judicial rules. They are clearly biased - so much so I wonder how they have gotten away with it for so long. It is impossible for any of them to sit on the bench under "innocent until proven guilty" with their rules written the way they are as it pertains to CPS cases.

Anonymous said...

A person of interest (I noticed David is with the SW dept at UW) is Mark Courtney PHD. They just hired him and brought him in from Chapin Hall. I researched Mark a bit and discovered that he used to be a family advocate and now he champions adoption. The UW subscribes to the "adopt them out" philosophy these days. Mark recently testified before the House although I didn't find out yet what he said. I just know we need to keep an eye on the UW Social Work department because they are cranking out students with this foundation of thought.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of short term memory loss, I can't remember if I just sent this to you or not.

Dear Board of Regents,

Recently King 5 news along with Senator Pam Roach are uncovering the mishaps of Child Protective Services and their imbalanced views on family preservation and extended family placement. The department's clear violations of the law coupled with coverup activities leaves the public very vulnerable.

Your Social Work department has David Del Villar Fox (DSHS/CPS admin) in its administration along with Mark Courtney PHD, also another family hostile. I have no reason to believe with individuals like this running the SW department that the students are getting a solid view of the issues and are graduating with the appropriate tools and point of view to adequately serve the public good.

There are, of course, various schools of thought regarding what serving the public good means, but government running ramshod over families in poverty hardly seems like an educated, polished service. I have some real concerns over what this department might be cranking out and the overarching principles and values used to do so. I firmly believe that in the next year more will be revealed in terms of CPS activity.

I have filed my concerns with Senator Roach along with other activists in the State of Washington asking them to contact you with these concerns as well. None of us want students with a family hostile venue and shoddy values heading to the streets looking for work. The students deserve better than this. So does the public. Consider this a formal complaint.

Jan D. Smith
Washington State Extended Families
Citizens for Family Preservation

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you Senator!You my dear,will go down in history as a crusader and supporter of family rights.Screw them to the wall.

Anonymous said...

You are so right Pam they use the excuse its a privacy issue or its still an active case. But, if you release the name of the family or your child in order to get help then they throw the book at you. They go after you even harder and its like they are trying to get back at you for daring to tell their secrets to the world. Please don't stop Pam you are the hope and prayers of so many people in this state alone and it seems now other states as well are hearing of your good works for those who need you. You are our Hero.

Anonymous said...

Have you started getting any of those 7000 emails yet? We are all here to help read through the sharpie if needed!