Monday, December 15, 2008

Little Lisa's Medical Records Show Neglect and Possible Abuse

No surprises here. According to medical reports little "Lisa" has gained only 2 1/2 pounds in the 16 months that CPS has had her in foster "care." This is absolutely appalling! And, they try to hide it from the court. Apparently, neither judge has the medical records!

I had one person wonder out loud if CPS is starving the girl to keep her listed as special needs. I think there is more pay that goes out to everyone involved if that is the case.

I had a few computer problems last night and will have to wait to blog about the report. Not as a teaser...but let's just say the doctor suggests the bruises could mean abuse.


I asked Mary Meinig about the altered email wherein the childcare worker asked Lisa how she got her black eye. The email that I saw had the question put to the child and the answer was redacted. Meinig says she couldn't find the original email. It is there Mary....use your substantial powers to order it! Go to Childhaven and tell the supervisor you want that original email. It was an email sent to CPS BEFORE it went to the mother! Someone altered the email to protect the person named by the girl. Could that have been the social worker, S. B.? Did she alter the email before it was washed and sent out? How many other people in CPS have seen the email? Has Mr. Fox seen it? The supervisor admits the email was altered. Try again, Mary. The little girl is frail and not thriving under CPS control. Go find that email, Mary. You have the power. Let's open up government and see who is being protected. There is a "played with" email and a little girl who has only gained 2 1/2 pounds in 16 months. The fact that you have not found that original email only tells me there are some very relieved social workers.


Anonymous said...

It is time for an emergency hearing!This public defender needs to move quickly.Lisa needs true medical attention outside of contracted DSHS doctors.

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing of deleting emails from a computer. There will be digital fingerprints, and the unaltered email in it if the computers are taking to a forensic expert.

Anonymous said...

I hear Nancy Grace doesn't have much use for CPS either.She and Dr.Phil were talking about the boy who had been chained and tortured today.Have you or King 5 contacted her?This needs to be blown up NOW!Did you know that Dr.Phil actually supports the CASA program?!I sent an email letting him know what a joke it was is King county and contact information for the program so they could contact them if they'd like.

Anonymous said...

IF..I were the Grands..and IF I had a copy of the medical reports..

I would make copies of the documents..many for myself to keep..March right into the clerks office and file those documents on the case..You will need to write the dependency case # on all your documents..Have them stamped and received.

If the mom's attorney has not already done this..I am praying that she has..but I would not take the chance either way.

It will end up on the very top of the file..the judge can't miss it.


Anonymous said...

I will add to that..that the Dr. gets subpeoned.

Lawdoll said...

OMG, they are going to kill this child...If I was the Grandparents and I don't know if this will work, but I would try it anyway. I would get those medical records and a sworn statement by the doctor who says that the bruises could signify abuse and I would file for emergency custody. And if that didn't work I would take those record directly to the news people and let them do a story on it, so that everyone would know what is going on.

Enough is enough, are they just going to stand back and let this child die, instead of admitting that they made a mistake?

I would also hire an attorey as sue them for neglect, failure to protect, and child abuse of this child.

CC Tillett said...

Will you punish the parents even if it hurts the Children?

The Alabama “System of Care.” This is one of the most successful child welfare reforms in the country. The reforms are the result of a consent decree growing out of a lawsuit brought by the Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law.

The consent decree requires the state to rebuild its entire system from the bottom up, with an emphasis on keeping families together. The rate at which children are taken from their homes is among the lowest in the country, and re-abuse of children left in their own homes has been cut to less than half the national average.

The Bazelon Center also has published a book about the Alabama reforms. Paul Vincent, Child Welfare Policy and Practice Group, Montgomery, Ala. Mr. Vincent ran the child protection system in Alabama when the lawsuit was filed. He worked closely with the plaintiffs to develop and implement the reform plan.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully,while the Senate Ethics are reading this,they also see the true issue.If any of them have children,grandchilden,nieces, nephews or godchildren they must realize it could be them looking for someone to demand answers.You took a stand that is hard to come by.The system is unaccountable,and that is nothing short of a disaster.You are a ray of hope.Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Imagine that! Jail cells should be reserved for all involved that neglected to act on this one. And all the other cases that are the same. What can we do to make jail sentences the outcome for these all to common cases. Two jail terms would change the entire system. Word travels fast amoungst white collar criminals. Who should we talk to on rhe Judicary committee that might listen?

Anonymous said...

Heres another lawsuit from Washington.Not once but twice for this kid.And still,no accountability.

Anonymous said...

Here's yet another example of the fine work our government does to protect our children.

DSHS settles case of boy's death; lawyer asks how state lost track

Robley Carr Jr., according to his lawyer, was a victim of the state Department of Social and Health Services' (DSHS) mistakes. He was a victim not once, but twice. In 2003, state and federal authorities paid $5 million to settle claims that Robley and three siblings were horribly abused in foster care. Now, the state has agreed to pay an additional $320,000 to settle a claim that it failed to protect Robley even after that. He died at age 15.