Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Notes From The Editor

I have been asked a few questions:

Q. "What happened at the scheduled Monday hearing for the Stuth's grandchild?"

A. The hearing was postponed due to snow. We are not prepared for snow in Seattle. It just doesn't happen often so the courts closed. More later on the new date.

Q. (This is a comment in which the context has not been described.) "If you don't agree with others who are posting, you just delete their message? Great policy. I would categorize this as propaganda."

A. Don't be so ignorant. I am a pretty damn good debater and don't shy away from it. I haven't deleted anything on this end. I just haven't had the time to bring the negative comments (and there have been very few) up for response.

Q. (example paraphrased) "Why would you want to do something so stupid as have the Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs) fill out a {financial} disclosure form? Don't you know that could put them in danger?"

A. Anyone who asks a question like that is really not with the party. Rhetorically..."Why should they be the only 'special' ones who don't have to disclose?"
Legislators report, all legislative staff must report, all commissioners, mayors, city councilmembers report, all county staff reports, all judicial branch employees report, judges report...indeed...the only ones who do not report are the CASAs! Are they the only ones who would be in danger?
By the way...they are in very powerful positions...they can make very strong recommendations to the judge regarding permanent placement. Yeah...I sure DO want to know their finances.
Another rhetorical question: "What is a healthy, white, non-drug affected, under age three child worth?" A lot of money. And that, dear friends, is the reason we disclose. Disclosure is to avoid corruption. It is meant to keep government honest and clean. It would not keep a CASA from lying about whether or not they took money to place a child...but it would be a reminder of its illegality. I also believe that anyone who would be a CASA should let us know about themselves. Divorce? Two divorces? Restraining orders? Education? Biological Parent? Lifestyle? Age? And, these disclosures should be public. The public has a right to know who is placing kids in this state. Why would a CASA NOT want people to know that they are fit to make decisions?

This blog is not meant to be a debate forum. It is a source of information. It is a place to hear attitude. It is a part of an effort to make changes. It is a history for my grandchildren because I want them to know what I was all about. It is not going to be a waste of my time airing stupid points to which anyone reading this blog who is not a shrink already knows the answers.


Lawdoll said...

God, Senator Roach...I love you. You are by far the most honest politician I have even known or even heard of for that matter.

You are direct, to the point and honest and I admire you greatly for it. True you do not have abs like Obama...but hey we can't all be perfect..too much hot Chocolate on cold nights does a body gooooood..

You just keep doing what you are doing...we appreciate you, I am not even in your state, but I root for you because of the good you are trying to do, it takes a lot of guts to do what you are doing and I am sure your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will be proud of you for it.

Anonymous said...

You have more support than you'll ever know.There are too many families out there looking for some hope and you are bringing it to us!You've taken a stand not many were willing to and for that we commend you.Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

These CASA's should be the first people to be examined from top to bottom. With their power they can suggest anything to a judge. Why shouldn't we know what these people are all about. Especially in the finances department. What are they afraid of, more Elliot Spitzers? or something worse than what Spitzer did? Stop being ignorant people, THIS CHILD WAS STOLEN!. So tomorrow on Christmas when your with your family, imagine your children and grandchildren being stolen from you. You would want exposure too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being there for us. You rock!

Anonymous said...

Hello Senator,
I have an announcement and I would like it very much if you posted it. If not, for whatever reason, that is OK too.

I am going to register three petitions. Because there is no financial backing, I am going to try something new. I will need some help. I am calling this new method the 5/20 petitioning method and it is based on multilevel marketing techniques. Each participant needs to find five people who are willing to duplicate the process and find five other people that are willing to find five others etc etc. Then each participant will also need to get 20 signatures. Each participant needs to have the 20 signatures and five new people in seven days.
So, it looks like this:
"I will find five people within seven day who are willing to do what I do, then I also obtain a total of 20 signatures on the petition. I will register the five I found on the website and keep track of their success."
To organize the process, I am setting up a website where people can register their five so the paperwork won't get lost in "petition land." Once the petition paper has the needed signatures, it will need to be picked up or sent to a designated location.
The three petitions will address the following:
1. Appointed positions that have major public impact becoming electoral instead of appointed
2. The ability to vote out of office judges who have nobody running against them along with commissioners
3. DSHS being fined $1000 for removing children who are not emminent and the collected funding placed in family preservation funding
If you want to be a participant, please write me at washingtonstateextendedfamilies@live.com